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UPDATED: Our list of Bears players who will be cut

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The following players have been informed they will be released:

G Dan Buenning
C Donovan Raiola
FB Jason Davis
DE Joe Clermond
WR Eric Peterman
CB Rod Hood
WR Brandon Rideau
LB Kevin Malast
LB Darrell McClover
LB Mike Rivera
LB Marcus Freeman
G Johan Asiata
OT Cody Balogh
FB Will Ta'ufo'ou

Check back for updates. Names will be added to this list when they are confirmed.

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That's a bit surprising to me. I had Buening making it as they kept 9 lineman in my projection. If I was wrong, I would have bet my money on Cody Balogh (I have him making it) to be cut before Buening. I wonder if Balogh made the cut or if there's some surprise guy coming out of the o-line? I can't imagine they would cut down to less than 8 lineman so you have:
Kreutz, Pace, Williams, Beekman, Garza, Omiyale ... That leaves at least 2 more to go so who are they? Shaffer and Balogh?

man total bummer about Brandon Rideau, i really hope he catches on somewhere i really feel for this guy and i think he could be good if given the chance.

Hey Brad, any clue on a possibility that the Bears would pick up WRs cut by other teams? From what I hear teams such as the Giants and the Eagles are loaded at WRs and some are going to be cut. Examples: Tyree and Branch. Any chance Angelo is going to swing a deal by them?

Also, in reference to my remarks I understand the speculation is that Lance Louis may make it but I thought he was a project and better slated to the practice squad. I figured that Balogh was a project and would be much further along then Louis ... Interesting so I'll just keep hitting refresh and listening to The Score.

Thanks Brad.

I agree with PhilD, i had a good feeling about this being Rideau's year, he was dominant last preseason albeit it was against 2nd and 3rd stringers but i feel like he has something the bears receiving corps didnt have, something i wish Justin Gage coulda stayed around to be, that tall jumping threat as both hester and bennett are barely 6'0. on top of that ,he just seems like a hard worker but i guess with the emergence of Devin A., that spot will be filled but yeah, i hope that guy the best, be funny if he goes somewhere else and beast out, i mean look at Gage, he was the man in Tennessee last year and they are primary running team as well! Que sara i guess.... go bears!

well shaffer has to be at least one, and balogh is huge, so was troy reddick though lol, hopefully its shaffer and balogh.

Why cut McClover?

Special teams are 33% of the game.

There is a big surprise coming...

rod hood????????/ didnt they just sign him? sheesh what a blunder if its true on that one!! must have been that blown coverage in the cleveland game..

Why cut Hood and keep Mcbride, I think Hood played pretty well for someone who was only on the team for a day. Yeah he got beat on a couple plays,but Mcbride has been getting beat for years with no real starting experience. What is up with Lovie's obsession with this guy too short not athletic enough!

Okay. Let me think:
Raiola: Bears have got Kreutz and Beekman
Jason Davis: They still have McKie and Ta'ufo'ou
Clermond: The Bears have a lot of D-Ends.
Peterman: He was a long shot anyway.
Hood: Suprising, but they have Tillman, Vasher, Bowman, Graham, and McBride.
Malast: The Bears have plenty of Linebackers.
Rivera: Ditto.

The three biggest mistakes are the cuts of Brandon Rideau, Dan Buenning, and Darrell McClover. In the case of Rideau, he should have made it while Rashied Davis got cut. Davis is horrible and Rideau is great. The cut of Buenning puts a big hole in the line's backups. Right now the only backup guards are Johan Asiata and Lance Louis, both Rookies. As for McClover, while he may not have made the team for being a Linebacker, he is a good Special Teams player. It's the loss of Ayanbadejo all over again.

I don't think they cut Hood for getting beat, it was HOW he got beat. By a 13-year vet on the first play and by a rookie on the second play. Back-to-back. With a 4th-string QB throwing ... I saw that coming as soon as I saw those 2 plays.

WeezleBeezle, you need to lay down and rest your head because I think you have something wrong with you.

Davis is horrible and Rideau is great???? What are you talking about?

I agree that Davis isn't a very good reciever, but Rideau isn't any good at anything. Davis at least provides value on special teams, knows the offense well, and can be a decent slot reciever when called upon. Rideau is 165 lbs soaking wet, and not good at running routes, blocking in the open field, and getting off bump n run coverage. There's more to being a reciever than being tall and fast.

I'm glad your not a scout, or making any football decisions for the Bears.

WHAT!?!? Rod Hood??? the guy was on the team for like 4 days!!! i think he did well vs the wth is lovie thinking..

I don't know how to break this to you Weezle, but Rideau is not great. I like the guy and watched him closely this preseason. The fact is that he got exposed when he went from playing in the second half vs the first half of preseason games. He is a good guy and a good football player who isn't quite quick enough to play with the ones.

Davis is a 5 year NFL vet who has never had a secure job going into camp. That's five times he has competed successfully against a whole string of Rideaus. He may not be HOF, but "horrible" is a hard sell to anybody who knows anything about life, let alone football.

Don't really understand cutting Hood and McClover after just picking them up. Maybe Jones being out for the season forced their hand on one of them.

Rideau is not great. I would have like to see the Bears keep another big receiver, but I think they are planning on using Olsen split out as the big receiver anyways. So adding Olsen in the mix at WR along with Aromashodu and Iglesias, your fine with size on the outside. So Rashied was kept for special teams. Move on.

Still interested in seeing what going to happen with the TE's. I can't see them keeping 4. So Kellen Davis or Michael Gaines?

What about Deleston, Burgess, & Hamilton? I'm sure they got cut too, right? So I'm 2 assume that Bullocks survived the Turk's visit to Bourbonnnais?

We need to trade for moss! Get moss!

Okiay (and yes, I did right okiay on purpose), maybe Rideau isn't all that good, but Buenning and McClover's cuts were still bad moves. Plus, now the Bears have cut Marcus Freeman. Do the Bears have that much faith in Jamar Williams and Hunter Hillenmeyer? The Bears other recent cuts of Ta'ufo'ou, Asiata, and Hamilton aren't too much to worry about, but Asiata's cut puts yet another hole in the second team offensive line (do they expect Louis to backup both spots, or will one of them belong to Beekman?)

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