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Tillman, Vasher expected to start at cornerback

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GREEN BAY, Wis.--The Bears announced that Charles Tillman will be active and is expected to start at left cornerback.

Tillman warmed up on the field two hours before the game with Lance Briggs, and had a short visit with Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The surprise is that Zack Bowman, who the Bears raved about all spring and summer, has not supplanted veteran Nathan Vasher at right cornerback. Coach Lovie Smith hinted strongly during training camp that the Bears were holding starting spots for Tillman and Bowman while they were injured, but Vasher gets the nod.

Smith said Vasher played well in the second and third preseason games.

We'll see what kind of role the team has in store for Bowman.

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Right now Cutler looks terrible, he just needs to settle down, I blame the play calling they have not proven they could stop Forte yet! Let's got there !

Cutler looks bad because he is running for his life. O-Line is not picking up the blitz, recievers look lost, they keep pulling up on there routs, they are not finding any open zones and lots of times they are getting stuck at the line cause they can't beat the Jam. Forte is getting stuffed almost everytime he has the ball.

The good news is I was right about the right side of the Packs Oline. Something nobody else picked up on in preseason. The Bears defense looks good, but the offense is a joke. You can't let the team fluxh the QB at will and the Cutler needs to just take the sack, cause your recievers are not going to help you. 1 Pick was a legit great play by Jolly the other two are on him. Chris Williams should have tried to sell that play instead of jogging up the field.

The Packers offense is not that good, we should be winning this game, balance out the offense. The recievers need to finish off there routs and help Olsen get open, and Kruetz and the boys need to give Cutler a freakin pocket in the second half.

Drake needs to be fired, and Angelo can go choke on a stick, these recievers are not ready to play and the O-Line is getting smoked.

End of three and defense has been stout! Stay with Forte he opens things up for everyone else, Cutler can then have easier reads, and then exploit with his arm. He does not have to force anything!

anybody else here although ticked not surprised that Cutler is throwing like Groseman? This goes back to my original statement for the longest time: GET AN EXPERIENCED WR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I am sick after watching that game. Has any reciever on the Bears ever heard of finishing there damn routs. You don't just stop when you think you are open. Knox, Bennett, Clark, yeah we don't need any wide recievers, my @$$ we don't. Angelo you freaking moron. There is no timing with these guys, and none of them know what they are doing.

You know what the difference was between the Packers and the Bears tonight? Jennings. A legit reciever who stepped up in the clutch. Vasher gets smoked, of course, and the Bears loose a game they should have won. Manning bit on that play fake by Rodgers, Vasher got left one on one with Jenning and boom easy TD.

What do the Bears do? Run a short inside slant and the reciever stops half way through his rout, how many times did I have to watch that tonight. Do Bears recievers not know QB's lead there recievers. What a shock Cutler has the worst game of his career with a bunch garbage recievers and a mediocre offensive line who thought it would be a good idea to see how mobile Cutler was. Not saying Cutler had a great night, but three of the picks came on recievers cutting short there routs for no reason, they would just stop. Who does that? Oh and Harris is done, Goon had a field day on the right side of that line and Harris couldn't get passed his man and was 1 on one all night. Chris Williams wasn't bad tonight, he wasn't good but he wasn't bad, had a penalty and got lost on some screens and ran into Forte and Wolfe a couple of times , but Pace and Omiyale are going to get Cutler killed. Omiyale blows and Pace is slow. Wait till PIT gets there hands on that line. If you think GB has a good defense. PIT will be flying around The Bear tackles.

This is what I get for having a little faith in the Bears. Oh and the offensive line should learn how to run block cause we can't even do that anymore. Forget running to the left or outside. At least Hester stepped it up, to bad the defense got hung out to dry. Different QB same story.

Cutler earned a lot of his own mistakes tonight, but you know what, if I could, I'd stare right at Ron Turner right now and shake my head. Too often he seems completely out of touch where his QB is psychologically on the field and fails to adjust when a QB's morale is spiraling downwards. Everyone in the football world knows that Jay is mistake prone, and it's not rocket science to know that if a QB experiences bad route running, dropped passes or bad blocking on the previous play, he's probably more prone to mistakes on the next one. It's Ron Turner's responsibility to anticipate this happening and not put Cutler in a position without a reliable outlet pass or short hot route on the next play in case that pressure comes again and he's tempted to heave the ball out

Blame Cutler all you want, but Nathan Vasher is the reason we lost...we didnt cover anyone ALL night long. Lovie Smith is an idiot. We have known all off season that Vasher was horrible, and he left him in there the entire game. WOW.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!I told you so!!!!!! I thought you losers cut Rex Grossman! hahahahahahaha

You know, a couple of my freinds wanted me to play Dungeons and Dragons with them and i said sorry guys but the bears are on and theres no way I'm missing that. What a mistake.

I got a chance to watch the game again on my Tivo. The oline was brutal the hole night. They couldn't run block, they couldn't pass block, why did tehy even take the field? Pace who i liked is over the hill. Omiyale was terible and Beekman should take his place even thouhg he's not much better. Chris Williams stil hasnt showed me anyhing so sorry Kevin but I'm stil calling him a bust. The defense looked good exept when it counted like usual.

Manelly, wow. I would cut him right after the game. And seriously, give me Orton, no, give me Rex back over Cutler. Cutler sucked so bad i could here a suction noise.

I'm done with the Bears. I have been a fan all the way sense 2006 but I cant take it anymore. guys have a sick 3-4 defense and a quarterback who can make plays when they count. You guys have it all. I hate to say it, but its time for some change i can believe in.

I Creighton and now and forever a Packers fan.

Go Pack Go! Bears Suck!

Wow, we waited how many months for THIS? And we were all wrong: the defense was fine, but the offensive line and receivers were awful, except for Hester. I don't understand the line. It's much better on paper, but I don't remember it ever playing this poorly last season. We can only hope that this nightmare was a result of not playing together long enough, though that's not what I saw.

As far as the receivers, this is the fault of everyone from ownership on down who didn't want to sign free agents who are clearly better than anyone the Bears have. And even though the defense played well, the Bears also should have signed a cornerback or two considering the injury problems Tillman and Bowman have. The Bears have a ton of salary cap space, there's no excuse for not signing needed free agents.

I hope the Nathan Vasher era ends today ! He lost this game for the Bears, not Jay Cutler. Yes, Cutler had a terrible game, but the Bears had the lead with 2 min. left, the defense has to hold them. Just like last year, no lead is safe with these DB's.Sit Vasher, start Bowman. Earl Bennett still looks lost out there, Knox had his moments, but looked like a rookie. Jerry Angelo paid alot for a big gun and forgot to buy bullets !!

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