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Tillman to be questionable for Sunday's opener at Green Bay

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Charles Tillman will be questionable for Sunday's game at Green Bay when the injury report is released later this afternoon.

Coach Lovie Smith said that the decision will rest in the hands of medical people, but at this point, two days before the start of the season, you would have to imagine a decision has been made. Tillman had back surgery in July, and just returned to the practice field on Monday. He completed his fourth practice this afternoon, and he and fellow cornerback Zack Bowman were the last two players on the fields behind Halas Hall.

"Either way,'' Smith said when asked if he didn't know or just didn't want to say. "What difference does it matter? Don't want to say, don't have to say, what I have to say is give you a questionable for him and that's what I'm saying right now and why would I want to say anymore.''

Tillman, well coached on the matter, said his gut feeling is ... what else? Fifty-fifty.

"I'm in the paper all week long,'' Tillman said. "What the hell?''

Tillman said the difference today as opposed to earlier in the week is he is no longer sore.

"It's really not about me pushing them to make me play,'' he said. "They're going to make their decision and the doctor is going to make his decision regardless of what I say or what I do. They have the green light to whatever it is I need to do. I'm just prepared if I get it, prepared if I don't get it. That's why I've been saying 50-50 all week.''

Smith said the Bears have already erred on the side of caution with Tillman, who had shoulder surgery at the start of the offseason and also suffered a hyperextended knee during the offseason program. On Thursday, Smith seemed to indicate that all players would be available for the game.

"I think we've erred on the side of caution when we put a player back out on the football field,'' Smith said. "Once we put a player on the field we feel pretty good. You can always re-injure something, but you can't think in those terms. All of our players, the ones we put on the field, we feel comfortable they can make it through and we're not expecting them to hurt themselves again."

If Tillman doesn't start, the best guess is Zack Bowman and Nathan Vasher do start.

*** Defensive lineman Israel Idonije (hamstring) will be listed as probable. Wide receiver Devin Aromashodu (right quad) will be questionable.

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Well if he doesn't play it's bad news for the GB game, but the good news is, when the Steelers come to town Troy P will be on the bench with his own injury. Now if Harrison and Woodley would just sprain something in practice the Bears would be set. For the season the Bears need to win one of there first two games.

"I'm in the paper all week long,'' Tillman said. "What the hell?''

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I'll say it right now. There Bears are going to win this game, and then return home and upset the Steelers. And then this town is going to go crazy, crazy, crazy for the Bears

To me, it sounds like Charles Tillman is gonna start, especially with him and Bowman being the last two players left on the practice field. Tillman should be fine, Bowman is gonna be the one to watch as far as how a player performs. Hopefully his ability as a play maker will carry over to game time, when it really counts, stay tuned in to find out I guess. If Bowman can come on, Chicago's secondary is all of the sudden looking pretty strong.

I love the fact Brian Urlacher came out and said the Bears are the best team in the north. If Lach is healthy, he's gonna probably get back to form as a side line to side line tackling machine. Again, you gotta like the guys confidence. Lach will tear up some yellow and green come sunday night. If Chicago's defense can get back to form, along with Jay Cutler, Urlacher is probably right, the Bears are the best in the north.

The game last night was a good one. The Steelers either have a bad offensive line, or the Titans have a really good d-line, and thats without the $100 million dollar man Albert Haynesworth. The Steelers couldn't run to save their lives last night. I think its a little bit of both as far as the Steelers having a bad o-line and the Titans having a good d-line. I will say one thing, without Big Ben, the Steelers wouldn't have an offense. Chicago can beat the Steelers, their not unbeatable. Only time will tell GO BEARS!!

Maybe even better for us next week if Timmons is still out...Harrison and Woodley are dangerous, but all 3 are not a good thing for our O-line to deal with. Keyaron Fox is a much more palatable linebacker for us to handle.

I think we need to broadside the Pack Sunday night right out of the gate. Big play on the opening drive, or jailbreak blitz against Rodgers to see if we can force an early turnover, anything.... If we get into a shootout with them, I don't think we can count on a stop from our secondary, especially if Tillman doesn't play.

Olsen, Clark, Forte, and Cutler are enough to keep us in the game, and all Hester, Bennett, and others have to do is move the chains a few times. If we get an early score (how about a D Manning KO return for a TD to start the game?), we can use the inside running game to churn up time and yards. I think if we stay inside, we can have success running the ball. Pickett is big, but he doesn't demand the double team. As long as we can get to Barnett and Hawk with McKie and/or a guard, we can pick up first downs all game long.

I think the key to the defense's performance will be the Nose tackle (Adams and Harrison). If they can move the pocket back against the younger, inexperienced Packers interior line, then Rodgers will have to think about it, and not be able to step up and deliver strikes down the field. If we can't press the pocket, he will pick us apart, Tillman or not.

I'm ready to watch the game now! Waiting until Sundays sucks....

"Wide receiver Devin Aromashodu (right quad) will be questionable."

When did DA get hurt? I don't remember reading anything about that injury.

Joe I am not worried about Timmons, Harrison and Woodley key that defense and are a mismatch for our tackles. Kevin likes to talk about how great Chris Williams was in college, well he wasn't so great when he played against Woodley. That was Woodley with his hand down, this is Woodley comming faster and wider. Pace struggled against Dumervil and says he has a problem against the smaller 3-4 RLB's, well Harrison is the best one in football so that is a big problem. I am worried about in the PIT game, that will also be on new turf which gives the advantage further to smaller quicker players. The good thing about PIT is the O-Line cannot run block, PIT is a passing team now, they lack balance, they can Pass Block pretty good, but if we don't have to stack the box against the run then we will be better defending the pass, they need to be clever with blitzing, not that mug up garbage.

The GB game is a tough thing to pick, I picked the Bears earlier in the week and I hope they win. But sunday night at Lambeau is no joke.

GB has a lot flaws like the Bears do but it is not a great matchup for the Bears. Your right if they want to win they need to get exotic and surprise the Packers. The Packers O-Line is not very good, and the defense is overrated all ready. They are a passing team and a pass defending team, thats what they do well. I don't like how are recievers match up with with there corners, they are going to Jam, and we need to beat the Jam. Problem is Drake never showed our WR's how to beat the Jam, he actually had to have Hoke come over and show them how to do it during training camp. Something I have been saying for year is the Bears recievers cannot beat the Jam, and at least now I know why.

I think Forte and Clark are going to need to have big games as every team will be trying to shut down Olsen. If Hester keeps running routs the way he has then he is never going to pull the Safety away from Olsen, not to mention if the recievers get jammed on the line then Olsen and Clark will get doubled. Forte is the big key to the game. If we can run on GB at will and control the clock, we can keep Rodgers and his recievers off the field. Our O-Line has to beat there D-Line. If there O-Line beats the Bears D-Line then the Bears will get smoked pretty bad.

Oh I have to chase a Squirrel out of the enclosed back porch where I am typing this, and he is stearing directly at me. How bizzare, it must be a spy from Brando, probably has a squirrel cam attached to it. And now my two dogs have just realized there is a squirrel in the back porch and have lost there minds, and certain young woman is now screaming at me, thats nice. She wants me to stop typing. Now I have to save the Squirrel before the back porch gets destroyed and my dogs eat it. I blame you for this Joe.

Whether Tillman is in or out won't matter if the D-Line doesn't get pressure. Here's to Marinelli making a believer out of me.

This doesn't have anything to do with Tillman. I just noticed on the player roster that you show Kevin Shaffer wearing #77. This number was retired as it was associated with Red Grange. What gives???
Keep up the good work.

I'm back, losers! We will kick your a$$ Sunday! Aaron Rodgers MVP. Sit back and watch, swiss cheese defense. You need more than Dillman to stop us! are the biggest loser of all and the rest of you "Bear" fans should get together and kill that moron. He gives you all a worse name then you had before! What a clown. I'm glad he's not a Packer fan. BIG RICHARD!!!!!!

"I'm back, losers! We will kick your a$$ Sunday! Aaron Rodgers MVP. Sit back and watch..."

ZZZZZZ. Oh, my apologies for dozing off PackerBacker. It's just that, well, we Bears fans really don't give a hoot about you or the Pack. You guys went 6-10 last year. 6-10. Maybe if you were a Vikings fan we would at least care.

Oh and you want us to kill Creighton huh? You lonely boys up north like e'm 'nice and still' don't you? Well, I think that's sick. Keep your time-honored Packer traditions to yourself.

Anyway dude, come back when you're at least somewhat relevant in the NFL or at least the division. Maybe Lions fans will give you the time of day, go try and incite them.

Packer Slacker:

Take you and your limp bratwurst back to the hole you came out of in cheddar cheese land.

The Bears are going to come into Rush Limbaugh field tomorrow night and pulverize the pathetic and soft Green Day Whackers.

In Mr. Rodgers neighborhood there will be bedlam and fear as the Bears of Chicago will soon be there to wreck havock similiar to when Ghengis Khan rampaged and pillaged through parts of the world.

The Whackers new defense will look like Swiss Cheese when the Monsters of the Midway have their way with them. Cutler will carve them up and Cut them down. Forte will move the chains and Olson will make them pay. Hester will score on them to.

The Chicago D will again take their deserved role as the best Defense in the Norris division and NFC if not the NFL with Urlacher and Company causing havoc and confusion to the pathetic Whackers of Green Bay.

Oh, by the way, running one of the best QB's in the history of the game out of town (particularly on the way it was handled) should earn Ted Thompson a demotion to the position of selling limp bratwursts at the game on Sunday night.

Go Bears kick the shiot out of the the Whackers.

Well, being blamed for invading squirrels is a new one....

The jam is our achilles heel at wideout. I am hoping Aromashodu and Bennett at least know how to get off the line of scrimmage from playing in the SEC. As long as they can get into their routes, Harris is vulnerable as he can't maintain speed for long, but Woodson on the other side is pretty well rounded in all aspects of his game.

Raji being limited or not playing helps us as far as the running game, because while he is learning how to play end in the 3-4, he still knows how to blow up his man and move the line of scrimmage back 3 yards. If he can't do that, we have a better chance of running the guard trap run that is the staple of our offense...

Instead of Hoke, maybe Marinelli would be a better candidate to teach our wideouts how to use their hands to get off the line. He is certainly focused on getting off the ball, and clear of your opponent. Lots of the same techniques will work. Basically you are trying to get their hands off you, and get past them. We have a lot better bulk at WR now, with Aromashodu, Bennett, and Iglesias that can all line up outside. The last guy we had who could beat a jam was Moose, and he was so slow in his route running that the QB couldn't afford to wait for him to get into his break before having to unload the ball. It will also help if the running game shows up, which will encourage the CBs to play off a few yards, so they can read run and crash to support it.

Should be an exciting game. I can't wait....

Tillman not playing would hurt, but what's more important is that the Bears apply consistent pressure on Rodgers and stop the run.

For some reason I'm getting a bad feeling about this game. The Bears should beat these guys if the Bears are going to be serious contenders, but whether the Bears are and what either team's defense will look like is unknown.

By PackerBacker on September 11, 2009 11:40 PM
"I'm back, losers! We will kick your a$$ Sunday! Aaron Rodgers MVP. Sit back and watch, swiss cheese defense. You need more than Dillman to stop us! are the biggest loser of all and the rest of you "Bear" fans should get together and kill that moron. He gives you all a worse name then you had before! What a clown. I'm glad he's not a Packer fan. BIG RICHARD!!!!!!"

Wow Brando I didn't know you left. So your saying Bear fans should kill me because I make Packer fans like yourself so angry? Ok that makes little to know sense.

I do have a problem with people throwing around the word kill though. You know there are some people who have had to actually do that in the course of there life. Maybe someone who served in the military, or a cop, or even judge. Be careful when you decide your the guy who gets to deal out death and judgment, someone might not think its a game and take it personal. Not me of course, I figure anyone who is stupid enough to caps and over use the exclamation mark on the name "Big Richard" for what appears to be no reason at all is not all there.

Anyone am I missing something with the whole "Big Richard" thing? Should I type something back like "DIET COKE!!!"?

Anyway Packer fan don't be such downer, and watch it with the threats, some states go after Online threats, in a few states what you just did was a class 1 misdemenor. So watch it with threats ok. Look I know you are a big time internet tough guy who is not affraid on anyone as long as you can hide behind your key board. But I am not hard to find, if you need to find me. Be cearful what you wish for, you may just find your Huckleberry, walking over your grave.

Now isn't that precious the packerslacker is back!...Just in time to take his azz kickin like to little fudgepacker he is....we will be ready to play (slacker) and I hope your boy Rodgers is ready for a beatin......this is what it's all about your rival thinking they are better than you and we come in to slackerland and soundly defeat you...I will be watching with two cold ones and BEARS paraphinalia on, you make certain you were your rotten cheesehead packerslacker so you can stink like the limberger cheese your team smells like....GO BEARS

dali, Creighton way to keep the watch out for vermin on our site.

Now for the serious side of things, our defense will have to show improvement from the start, we need to come out the gate no less than 2-2 with the tough schedule we have to start the season with, I see Lovie rotating the defensive backfield to let the players themselves decide who should be on the field. Gilbert at end could help us maintain contain on the edge, which we do not get from Anderson, I think he plays a pivotal part in the gameplan against the Steelers next week. Harrison is the key to Sunday's game if he plays well we win, he will give us additional push up the middle on the pass rush and looks like he can be our version of the williams boys against the run.

OMG has anyone seen that thing they just put up at Soldier field for the US concert? The grass is toast man. That monster must be sinking 2 feet into the ground at the support points. Are they insane, a week before the game opens up they put something like that on the field, it's massive. Given the amount of time it will take to break that thing down and clean up, they will be putting new sod on the field like 3 days before the game.

They are so stupid.

Oh and Joe it is your fault. Had I not had to reply to your post, I would not have been in the backroom with the door open so my dogs could go in and out. See its your fault, and I should be killed by Bear fans because Packer fans hate me. Don't you see the logic? I will say one thing, that Squirrel had some big nuts(Walnuts Brad get your mind out of the gutter). I know that was lame but it had to be said, you just can't pass up a good squirrel joke when its right in front of you.

Hey Packerslacker(Brando), I just wanted to say thanks for your insightful post. Your knowledge of football is mind bending. Your right I make Bear fans look so bad when I go on a rival teams blog and instead of talking football I suggest the fans of the rival team kill one of there teams devoted fans just because I don't like him. Yes I really have no class unlike you. You really have shown how smart you are.

By the way how come you don't post on any Packer boards, I posted what you said on several of the GB blogs and no one had heard of you? They did however find your post in poor taste to say the least, I even got several apologies on behalf of Packer fans. They actually showed some class, unlike you. You really should think about what you say, fun and games is one thing, wishing death on people over a football team is another. Perhaps you shouldn't go on another teams board and insult everyone and not excpect a reprisal.

Look if you got mad because I called you a " 400 pound Gender challenged hermaphrodite Sasquatch who dresses like a girl scout and sells rancid cookies in order to raise money for a sex change operation" Well then I am sorry, I forgot the proper term is Yeti and what lovely fur you have, you must be the envy of all the other Sas.... I mean Yeti's. Would you like some beef jerky, would that make you feel better?

However Packer Brando, sense you went to far with your post, you are now grounded from any responses from me until I see fit to let this slide. So now you are back to everyone ignoring you. I hope you are happy with yourself, now go to your cage and think about what you have said.

chitownbear, couldn't agree more about Marcus Harrison. I've always been a big fan of Harrison since Angelo brought him in, and like the size he adds to Chicago's front four. But don't forget about Anthony Adams, he's a very effective run stuffer and also has a high motor. Harrison and Adams will both give Chicago a nice rotation at nose tackle. I like them as a combo at the nose.

I also agree containing Big Ben is gonna be key in the Steelers game. I just don't know how much of rookie Jarron Gilbert we will see to help Chicago do that. I think at end its gonna be Brown and Ogunleye, with them both being spelled by Anderson. But it is gonna be interesting to see how much time Gilbert gets on the field. Chicago seems to be grooming him at left end, a position he likes. I like him inside myself, but if Chicago like him outside, he could be effective there also. The guy does have all the tools, certainly the athleticism.

Creighton, guy, calm down about Chris Williams. I still feel Williams is gonna be a very good tackle for the Bears, and yes, I did like him coming out of college. He was good in college, why do you think he went in the first round? Maybe Williams did have a bad game in college, happens to the best of them. Remember Jake Long had the bad game vs Vernon Gholston? Some people out there are probably asking who is Vernon Gholston? Bottom line, don't judge a player by one bad game in college. Also, Creighton, notice I have never called Mendenhall a bust like you constantly call Williams one. Creighton, again, player development. You of all people should know you don't judge a draft class till after their 2nd season, some experts say 3rd. Creighton, your just gonna have to live with the fact Angelo made the right choice by going with Williams and Forte, its turning out to be a nice draft class. Can't wait till sunday night GO BEARS!!

Hey guys, I came across this article regarding Chicago's special teams. Yes, it's from the Packers site (I'll make sure to shower three times at least before I go to bed) but it really drives the point home on just how invaluable the Bears' STs have been.

So for all the people who b*tch and whine about keeping Rashied Davis over Brandon Rideau, or keeping Garrett Wolfe on the 53, guess what? We don't put one of the league's top special teams unit on the field year after year by wishing and hoping. Props go to Dave Toub as well as Lovie Smith for recognizing the importance of the third, and often overlooked, phase of football.

So expect a big play or two from STs this Sunday. That goes for you to Packer-I-Take-it-in-the-Back-er. Be it a blocked kick, fumble recovery, return etc. Something "special" will come from our special teams on Sunday and it might just clinch the game with a 'W' for Chi-town.

I hate the Packers but agree with suck Cry-ton in a bad way. You are an embarassment to us REAL Bear fans! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....that's all you're good for Cry-ton, Crapton, LoserTon. Get lost!!!

Joe, I saw Bennet as you did, get off the line in that Denver game pretty durn good lolol. Just knock em down and keep going.

Tripper I agree - u suck in a bad way, please leave the blog to people with something about the game to post - ahole
First off ahoe you agree with a Packer? on our Blog?? get the f outa here! Then you start callin one of our lifers a name?? what a load u are - please go to the Packer board and write with ur friends!

We will be fine w/o Tillman as long as our Dline gets that push, I really like Adams/Harrison maybe we won't see alot of Harris after all, if he doesnt do much early. i would like to see Gilbert in there a little right at the beginning so he can get a few reps early.

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