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Source: Running back Kevin Jones has torn ankle ligament

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Running back Kevin Jones suffered a torn ligament in his left ankle in the first quarter of Thursday night's game at Soldier Field.

Jones has been informed that he will require surgery to repair the injury, and the rehabilitation process will take up to 10 months.

This means the veteran will be out for this season.

Garrett Wolfe and Adrian Peterson will serve as the backups to starter Matt Forte. This increases the chances tight end Michael Gaines will make the roster, although the Bears could go out in search of another back.

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Does this take Adrian Peterson 'off the bubble'?

WOW !!!

Just WOW !!!

What a terrible break for Jones. My guess is that Angelo kepps AP and Wolfe and adds a young, waiver wire player to the P-squad in case something else happens.

I do hope that if a proven Veteran ends up a FA that Angelo kicks the tire on the guy. I don't like the depth behind Forte very much. AP is a game but Wolfe still hasn't shown enough to me except when he is running with the second team. When he played with the Ones he looked very pedestrian.

Go Bears !!

This is very disappointing. He was looking like he was all the way back from his previous injury, and was really starting to exhibit that burst through the hole. Now we are stuck with Wolfe and Peterson (again). Maybe there will be a surprise cut that we can take advantage of this weekend.

Nothing against Peterson, but this means Forte will have another 350-400 touch season, which does not bode well for his health....

shaun alexander is still out there if im not mistaken, he may be older and out of work for a while but who knows maybe hes still got a good year left in him especially if hes splitting the reps. just a thought.

Warrick Dunn?

Yikes, not good. Hope that some good running back gets cut tomorrow although Peterson still can carry his own and works hard.

Does anyone know if Ryan Torain is doing well with the knee rehab? I'd love to see him in a Bears uniform for cheap. He's a tremendous talent and would be ready to go early from what I hear about the nature of his injury (PCL sprain).

That would be a scary backfield.

PLEASE pick up Isaac Redman, who the Steelers just cut. Undrafted free agent had a MONSTER preseason out of Bowie State.

This is really tough for Jones and the team. I wish him a speedy recovery. Some guys just can't catch a break.

On the other hand, I think AP and GW will be able to get the job done, if only the coaches will be smart in giving them enough reps and giving Forte a rest. AP can be the main backup and we can scatter GW in there 3 to 5 plays a game as the change of pace guy. Both AP and GW are reliable ST players so there are no wasted roter spots in that sense. Go Bears!

this is terrible news. Anyone who thinks Adrian Peterson lite and the other guy can give Forte the spells he needs, and not just take up time on the field, are seeing something I have never seen. The Bears better scour the cuts from other teams ASAP and get a dependable backup.

It would be nice to have a real backup QB too. If Cutler goes down for any time the Bears will not win those games, unless of course they are with Detroit.

What a blow to the squad! KJ was just what we needed. Why did he leap 10' in the air on that paly? Especially since he was heading out of bounds.

I like the idea of Alexander, although there's no telling how he's let himself go physically. Dunn would just give us an older version of Wolfe...not a good idea. I guess we'll have a better idea of who's available come Sat, but who else is out there now? I'm with the camp that feels Wolfe needs to go, but only if there's a realiable backup to be had.Forte can go it alone, but he needs to be fresh down the stretch. BEAR DOWN!

@bearsfan69, no disrespect, but a monster preseason doesn't mean much (look at Justin Rideau) and what exactly is Bowie State? Your alma mater maybe? I'll take a proven veteran who can log maybe 10 carries a game and get the job done, that is, not just give Forte a spell, but actually pick up yardage. And for heaven's sake, what happens if Forte gets hurt. We are finished, that's what, is you think AP lite and the little guy can contribute on a weekly basis. Peterson is simply too important on special teams and he's just not an every down back.

just took a look around and see where Selvin Young was let go from the Broncos earlier this preseason. he was plagued with groin and back problems last year but still managed 1,000 yds on 200 carries...he can rest up for the first 4-5 games, learn the O, and spell Forte going into one of the Ohio games...i hate to keep dissing on GW, but there's no way he'd average 5 yds/carry...

I don't know about Alexander, but they need to look for another running back. The idea of a salary cap casualty vet with some tread left on the tire is worth looking at.

Unfortunately there are other teams looking for running backs too.

The good news is that Peterson is the picture of a reliable backup. He's not very explosive, but he will not hurt them.

By bearsfan69, Isaac Redman is a Fullback, he weighed 268 at his proday. He went down to 235 for the Steelers, the only pre season game he looked good in was the 4th one. He looked good in camp though.

Jared, Selvin Young had 300 yards last season not 1000, he has a 1000 yards for his career. He does not really fit what the Bears want.

The Bears run a power O run game out of a WCO. Forte is a perfect WCO RB but not a true power back as he lacks the size, is too tall and runs to upright. Not to say he can't do it. They wanted Jones to be the power back though, thye have a scat back already, they need a power back.

The word is the Browns are going to cut Jamal Lewis, he would fit what the Bears need, but the only way to get his is if another team does not pay him to start.

I feel for Jones but once again I am disappointed in the Bears for relying on players with major injury concerns. Jones was suppose to be a major part of the offense and help Forte make it through the season. By the way why on earth did he jump? He wasn't jumping over anyone, he just jumped. Now it's all on Forte, I am glad to see AP back, he is a Special Teams standout, he should have never even been considered to be cut, he is more important on Special Teams than Wolfe or Davis.

Anyway I am trying ot take a break for the boards, so please Bears stay healthy and don't give me a reason to post. Bowman I am looking at you.

Apparently Chester Taylor is an unrestricted free agent after this great would he look in a Bears uniform? Doubtful that Minnesota would let that happen though. Plus Taylor may want a starting job somewhere. But he's almost 30 so who knows.

53-man roster will probably end up as such:

QBs(2)- Cutler & Hanie; RBs(4)- Forte, Peterson, Wolfe, & Mckie; TEs(3)- Olsen, Clark, & K. Davis; OL(9)- Pace, Omiyale, Kreutz, Garza, C. Williams, Shaffer, Beekman, Buenning, & Louis; WRs(6)- Hester, Bennett, R. Davis, Aromashodu, Knox, & Iglesias; DL(10)- Ogunleye, Harris, Adams, Brown, Anderson, Idonije, Harrison, Gilbert, Toeaina, & Baldwin; LBs(6)- Tinoisamoa, Urlacher, Briggs, Roach, Hillenmeyer, J. Williams; DBs(10)- Bowman, Vasher, Manning, Graham, Payne, Afalava, Payne, Moore, Mcbride, & Hood; ST(3)- Mannelly, Gould, & Maynard

NOTE: Tillman WILL remain on the PUP list (just wait & see) or, at the earliest, return before Week 2 vs Steelers. Jones & Melton will be placed on the IR. McClover's only shot at makin' this roster is another Bears injury before 4 p.m. on Saturday OR Da Bears riskin' Louis through the waivers period (same goes for Rideau/Gaines/Malast/Balogh/Clermond).

missed that on the Young stats...maybe he's not the right guy

Forte only averaged 3.9 yards per carry last year... not good for a starting running back. Garrett Wolfe has proven that he can play in the NFL. Did you guys see him breaking tackles last week and bouncing off of the defensive lineman? The blocking for him was definitely not good. When Wolfe gets his chance, he will prove to everyone he can play in the NFL. AND this preseason Wolfe averaged more yards per carry than Jones, Wolfe averaged 5.0 yards per carry and Jones average 3.2 yards per carry. Last year Wolfe averaged 4.6 yards per carry and Forte only averaged 3.9 yards per carry. Garrett is a small guy with a big heart and a lot of determination.

Why not D. Rhodes - just released by the Bills?

Forte averaged 3.9 because he had to face 8 and 9 line fronts because no one respected Orton's arm. Forte has the goods and will only get better with Cutler because teams will respect our QB. Sometimes you have to understand the ripple effect of having a weak-armed QB. If no one respects you they cheat up to the line and take away the run. Why not. It's shorter field to defend with a QB who can't throw 20 yards accurately. Forte doesn't have to play that much and will get better yards because of the respect of Cutler. Last week, I didn't see Wolfe bounce off guys. I saw some 3rd string guys who are getting one-way tickets back home who couldn't tackle. Some of Wolfe's yards last year were because in passing downs they handed off to him and caught everyone far enough off the ball to get yards. He does nothing in space and really doesn't make people miss. He's not fast like scat backs should be. And he isn't strong at all. My opinion. He did nothing against first string players along with Jones against Denver. Even AP got his yards against the scrubs. Remember. That's just my opinion.

Get Redmond who just got cut by the Steelers.

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