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Source: Bears expected to sign LB Tim Shaw

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The Bears will sign linebacker Tim Shaw to a one-year contract provided he passes a physical, which he is expected to do, a league source told the Sun-Times.

Shaw, a fifth-round pick of the Carolina Panthers in 2007 from Penn State, is at least part of the solution for the Bears, who found out this morning that middle linebacker Brian Urlacher will miss the remainder of the season following surgery on his right wrist. Strong-side linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa is also out about a month, maybe a little more, with a right knee sprain. The Bears could need special teams help as well with Trumaine McBride signed.

Shaw, who was released by Jacksonville at the end of the summer, is flying in tonight. He will likely sign the contract on Tuesday.

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What happened with possibly signing Derrick Brooks? I think he'd have been a much better fit. $$$ issues?


Could be right that's money issues however we are about $20 million under the cap. So that might not be the case.

The person we sign should be able to play special teams as well as backup LB. Since Hunter will now be the MLB he probably will beb part of the ST packages. So finding someone who can play ST and backup LB -- while learning the defensive system -- is important.

So Shaw being a ST as well as a backup LB might be the answer -- for the season.

I agree Sub. I liked Herm Edward's suggestion - sign Brooks to play his normal position, weak side 'backer, and slide Briggs to the middle spot.

Tim Shaw will be a nice fit, back in 2007 he was second in special teams tackles for the Panthers. He'll be a nice addition to Dave Toub's unit. Chicago isn't gonna find a starting caliber linebacker on the streets this time of year, so Shaw makes the most sense.

I'm not big on Brooks, he's 36 and won't help Chicago any on special teams. The only real change to the linebacking unit is Hillenmeyer for Urlacher. I can't see Brooks being any better inside than Hillenmeyer, and again, he won't help Chicago on special teams. Outside Chicago basically has the same players as last season, Briggs on the weakside with Roach on the strongside. The loss of Urlacher was a major blow, but I think they can get by with Hillenmeyer, he didn't look bad last night when he came in. As far as the change on the strongside, I liked Tinoisamoa's play during the pre-season, but I wasn't big on the signing because of his durability problems, Roach should be fine in his absence. Shaw was the right move GO BEARS!!

Now, it's time to see if Lance Briggs can play the middle better than Urlacher. And, if Briggs isn't moved there, then why bring in Derrick Brooks as he's an OLB?

I don't see Hillemeyer starting in the middle, as he's too slow to drop in pass coverages and he's a 'catcher' as an LB

Two possibilities for the Bears, if they don't sign Brooks or Zack Thomas, which would make sense are:...

1. Briggs at WLB, Jamar Williams to SLB, and Nick Roach to MLB.

2. Briggs to MLB, HH to SLB, and Roach or Williams to WLB

And, I if Shaw isn't signed, I would resign Rutgers LB Kevin Malast

You guys wanting to put Briggs in the middle are nuts. Why do you want to take the prototypical weakside LB and try to make him a middle LB, and have two positions weakened in the process? This is not Madden or a video game!

Brad, why is no one talking about Jamar Williams? Is he injured? WHat is his status? Can he play the middle?

Just a thought, Napoleon Harris is a free agent, knows tampa 2 why not try him out? Younger than Brooks, could possibly contribute on special teams. I know the raiders cut him, but they also traded away randy moss for pennies, so I dont think anyone puts much stock in what they do.

Start Williams in the middle. He'll be better in pass coverage than Hillenmeyer. Leave Briggs and Roach at the Weak side and Strong side. If Williams makes so many plays in the offseason, let's see what he can do when it counts.

Walter, you have had some pretty funny posts in the past. Please tell me this is just another attempt at being humorous: "Briggs at WLB, Jamar Williams to SLB, and Nick Roach to MLB."

Roach is entering his third year in the league and was slated to be a backup outside linebacker. You want him filling in for Urlacher? Again, if you were being funny then haha! If not, then I give you an unhappy face ---> :(
Stare into his sad, disappointed eyes if you dare.

mike, cool name bro. So much better than some dumb names out there like Brando, Bill or William. You take Briggs off the weakside and another hole is created. It seems like great Mike's think alike!

Brad, what's up with Jamar? He was supposed to be the next guy called in if any our LBs went down. What's up with him?

A Williams-Hillenmeyer rotation might be the best answer, leave Roach where he is and let him settle into a spot. Williams was a high draft pick and should be ready to get on the field, he may be small for the middle, but does have speed to the ball. My only worry with him is durability, but it is time to see if Jamar can help us. We need to get some younger playmakers on the field on defense anyway, why not now, and the schedule gets easier later in the year, get them the experience now and hope they can contribute in the right way for a late playoff run.....GO BEARS

Guys the only real MIC on the Bears is Urlacher. None of these guys can cover like him. People always hammer Urlacher, but the Bears are 0-7 without him. Briggs is a system WIL, end of story so is Williams, you have heard Briggs state this over and over. He is not a MIC. Hunter is the next closest thing they have to a MIC. Roach can't cover none of these guys have Brians range or speed. I know everyone is going to want to get Brians replacment.

By the way if you go back and check, I pointed out after Orton had the luckiest pass I have ever seen for a game winner I basically said watch Karma punch Cutler in the face. God hates the Bears.

At least we get PIT next, thank god they don't have a great QB, really good recievers and an awsome 3-4 defense.

What's the matter dork? Your mail order bride left you for the Nazi soup guy? You mad again because your lawsuit against Urkel for stealing your fashion sense got tossed again? It's hard out here for a geek, I guess. Mike why do you waste your time with the stale jokes that no one else laughs at. You keep agreeing with people who you are afraid will make you look bad like I always do. Why is it that you always agree with Creighton on everything but use that stupid Crap-ton character to get your counter-point across. Anyone with half a brain knows that that person is you. You're the main one trying to be a comedian. But you always take the most annoying path to do it. Don't you know that no one reads that trash because it's not funny? Typical goofball. Hardee-har. Bet you are laughing yourself to sleep every nite. Alone. And it shows. Show of hands; Who thinks Mike is funny? Can someone quiet those crickets I can't hear anyone answering.

Creighton, that was great play by Orton. People like you thought it was a busted play because you're just not capable of recognizing godlike genius when you see it. It's another cheap shot, just like a couple weeks ago when you suggested that Craig Steltz wouldn't make a great quarterback.

Losing 2/3 of one of the best LB corps in the 1st half of the first game really hurts. Pisa lasted all of three plays. Thank goodness it's only for a month or two.

I'm not high on Roach. I don't see him making any plays. Sunday in GB, on one play, Ryan Grant ran straight into Roach, and he couldn't bring him down or slow him down. I just don't see what the coaches see in him that is so start-able.

I like Hillenmeyer better, but like him better as the SAM LB. I want to see Jamar Williams in there at MIC, but only because I haven't seen Williams being ineffective as I've seen Roach.

But this is exciting in a different kind of way. Who's going to show up at LB. Go Bears!

The loss of Urlacher is huge but not a death blow. Hillenmeyer is probably better suited to the MIC than strong side. Hillenmeyer is smart, he won't make many mistakes and he is a player. Certainly not as physically gifted as Urlacher, but who is?

The D will be OK and still may even be pretty good if the D line continues what it started at Green Bay. The pressure and run D was good overall.

Lovie is really proving that he is an average head coach at best, what with the preparation of the team, his choice of coaches and his poor challenges.

Vasher stumbled but Payne had deep responsibility, go back and watch him get sucked into a run mentality by the play action while Jennings blew past him as if he was standing still. Payne should have been right there contesting with Jennings for the ball but no Jennings was open by 15 yards because Payne blew the play, plain and simple.

All summer I have been pleading for the Bears to get a proven vet wide receiver, to no avail. All is not lost but it is going to be a long year watching the young receivers make mistakes. IF the Bears can be still in the race by mid season, even at 4-4 record they should be good for a strong finish because hopefully by then the QB and receivers will be on the same page.

The WR coach should have been fired a long time ago and this further proves that Lovie can't make difficult decisions that might hurt someones feelings. Lovie Dovie needs to make tough calls like Parcells, Belichek, Cowher, Lombardi and other great coaches and replace coaches or players when they do not perform, plain and simple.

A strong finish may allow for the team to still win 11 or 10, make the playoffs and who knows from there.

Now is the time for Cutler to stand up, be the man and make this his team, plain and simple as the leader.

Go Bears!!!!

Wow, Sir William. You know for a guy that dislikes me so much you seem to zero in on my posts, examine them with a magnifying glass and then jizz and soil your pants in ecstacy. The name William is the full name of Bill, n'est pas? I was talking about another guy. Didn't even think of you and I'm sorry if that breaks your heart.

Who thinks my posts are funny? What about all the guys on Roman's old blog who told me they were funny and that it made their day? You probably saw those responses through your monacle and instantly became filled with rage.

And for a guy that criticizes me as trying to be a comedian, you're the one making "clever" references to Seinfeld and Family Matters. Oh no! Guess you have to hate yourself now and write long, boring posts of dissent to yourself.

Oh and Creighton, mystery solved. According to His Highness, Sir William R. Donald III, who now goes by WRD, Crap-ton is really me. Sure, I know you're thinking everyone knows it Brando, why he's even admitted it, but it was really me the whole time. You can thank WRD for the fine work he and Scooby-Doo have done in solving mysteries. Though there really never was a mystery now was there?

Anyway Creighton, I think Jamar Williams has a perfect chance here to replicate the success he had in training camp. Hunter will be OK at the MIC position but Jamar has been waiting in the wings and knows all the LB positions. He's younger and faster than Hillenmeyer and I want to see the dude fill in and step up. We know what we have in Hunter and it's so-so. Maybe Jamar has the potential to be better than that.

Mike the problem with Williams is he is a little slow and I am not talking about his speed. I heard him on the radio with Briggs talking about the MIC and he said he was a WIL in this system and nothing more.

And Mike you are very funny, most of us enjoy your posts. But ignore the the nut job he is all over the board today having a fit and pretending to be me. He is mad because I said I was going ot ignore him for awhile and now he is freaking out. He is attacking everyone on the board.

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Oh I forgot, Mikey. Why is it that you say things like monacle and make those stupidier remarks that women make like n'est pas and want to call me whatever it is you call me. I'm sorry but NO one else uses those phrases without wearing pink panties that say spank me. And for your valued information I don't, nor have I ever watched Seinfeld. I am aware that so-called genuises think that show was the bomb. Stooped to your level is all. And Urkel was funny to me. Now go n'est pas that in your panties, lonely boy.

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