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Quick reaction: Bears' resolve highlight of big road victory

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SEATTLE--I have to hot foot it out of Qwest Field pretty soon here to catch the red eye home, but wanted to put together some quick reactions to the Bears' 25-19 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

1. The most impressive element of the victory, greater than even the effort by Jay Cutler down the stretch, was the ability of the Bears to weather the storm. They fell behind 13-0 and had an interception in the red zone by Cutler and a missed 53-yard field goal by Robbie Gould. They also had an 11-yard punt by Brad Maynard that set the Seahawks up with prime field position. Through it all, they hung in there. Yes, Seattle was missing nine projected starters because of injuries, but it's a difficult place to play and this is the kind of game that would have doomed the Bears for sure last season.

2. Matt Forte wasn't much more productive than he has been as a runner--66 yards on 21 carries--but he caught six passes out of the backfield for 40 yards to give him more than 100 yards of offense. Once again, the running game was good enough to provide balance and the Seahawks sure loaded up vs. the run by routinely walking safety Deon Grant down into the box. The thing that was surprising was the third-and-one handoff to Garrett Wolfe early in the fourth quarter after Wolfe had run the ball twice. He was stuffed for a one-yard loss. Asking Wolfe to run up the middle is not playing to his strengths.

3. Johnny Knox continues to look better on kickoff returns, and early in the game that was the Bears' best play. He didn't hesitate running Olindo Mare's kicks out from eight yards deep in the end zone, and gained 53 yards on the first return of the game. Sometimes he tries to make a few too many moves. If he can reduce some of the shake and shimmy and do more one-cut-and-go, he'll probably break one at some point. The blocking has been solid.

4. Cutler did a nice job spreading the ball around, and you'll say that any time a quarterback throws touchdown passes to three different receivers. He really locked in on Brandon Marshall at times in Denver, and he's been getting everyone involved. Earl Bennett made a couple nice plays and should not be overlooked as it was Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Greg Olsen who made the scores.

5. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner said the Bears figured they were five to seven yards from field goal range when Cutler hit Hester for the game-winning 36-yard touchdown pass. There was 1:52 to play, and the Bears, who trailed 19-17 before the touchdown, were trying to take as much time as possible off the clock. For some reason, some thought the Bears should have tried more to score a touchdown last week when Robbie Gould's 44-yard field goal with 15 seconds remaining propelled them to victory over Pittsburgh.

``We were trying to get yardage,'' Turner said ``We still had a lot of time to still go down and score a touchdown. I mean, that was our first thought, but at least get it in field goal range. We thought they would probably be up trying to stop the run, put eight guys up to stop the run. So we gave Devin a chance to make a play.''

6. Defensive end Alex Brown started on his sprained left ankle but wasn't his active normal self. He was credited with just one tackle in press box statistics. The pass rush, aided by the blitz, was steady. Lance Briggs, Mark Anderson and Anthony Adams all picked up sacks to give the Bears nine after three games. In the final three games of last season, the defense had one sack.

7. Cutler had never played here before and afterward acknowledged that the crowd noise is every bit as loud as it is cracked up to be. The Bears had three false starts--two by Chris Williams and one by Frank Omiyale. Seahawks' opponents average 2.85 per game at Qwest Field. Yes, they keep such a statistic.

8. The Detroit Lions will come to Soldier Field this coming Sunday on a one-game winning streak, which is a huge burden off the organization. The 19-game losing streak, of which Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli was present for 17, is in the books after an upset of Washington at Ford Field. My thinking was now with a victory the Lions will not come in with the massive motivation to snap the losing streak against their former head coach.

"We were not worried about that,'' center Olin Kreutz said. ``Just personally for me, I'm glad Dom [Raiola] won a game.''

Raiola, the Lions center, is Kreutz's best friend. Donovan Raiola, his younger brother, is on the Bears' practice squad.

9. After the 36-yard game-winning touchdown catch, Lovie Smith reiterated what he's said time and time again.

"Devin Hester is a No. 1 receiver,'' he said. ``And I hope we can put him in position to make plays like that.''

10. The Bears managed to hang in there despite losing middle linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer to a rib injury in the third quarter. It's not expected to be a bad injury and help is on the way. Pisa Tinoisamoa could return from a sprained right knee this week, and if not this week definitely after the Week 5 bye. The Bears will toss around the idea of Derrick Brooks again, but if the preliminary reports hold accurate, there is a good chance they will pass again. Remember, Brooks had a Hall of Fame career playing weak side in Tampa. That is where he's at his best. The Bears have their best defensive player at that position in Lance Briggs.

10 a. Because it was the most interesting thing anyone said afterward, check out Seahawks coach Jim Mora Jr. on his kicker Olindo Mare, who missed field goals from 43 and 34 yards. Both kicks were wide left and it's the second time in as many weeks the Bears have benefitted from the opponent missing two field goals.

"There' s no excuses for those," Mora said. "If you're a kicker in the National Football League, you should make those kicks. Bottom line. End of story. Period. No excuses. No wind. Doesn't matter.

"You've got to make those kicks, especially in a game like this when you're kicking and scratching and fighting and playing your tail off and you miss those kicks? Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable."

So, planning any changes, coach?

"We'll look at changes everywhere," Mora said. "We're not going to fight our asses off and have the field goal kicker go out there and miss two fields and lose the game. It's not going to happen."

10 b. Rookie third-round draft pick Jarron Gilbert dressed for the game after being inactive for the first two but he did not get in on any action.

10 c. Wide receiver Devin Aromashodu was inactive for the third time. He wasn't able to make a splash on special teams in preseason and that is holding him back because the Bears will not dress more than four receivers each week.

10 d. Tight end Desmond Clark could return from a fractured rib against the Lions after missing only two games.

10 e. The last time the Bears won in Seattle? 1976.

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I'm glad for the win. The Bears played fairly well in the second half. However, the Seahawks are not a good time by any means. The Bears, if they were as good as they seem (on paper, talent wise), should have beaten them easily. The defense still shows no evidence of returning to the dominating form of a few years ago. The run defense has taken a turn for the worse without Mr Urlacher. Their tackling still seems shaky.

It's funny, everyone was worried about our receivers before the season began and they are fine. Whether we go to the post-season in any shape to go far, will depend on the defense improving quite a lot. I'm not holding my breath......

Go Bears.

Some writers were calling last week for the Bears to demolish the Seahawks with the running game. Yeah right. Think again. What does come out of this contest and the previous one is that this year being down double digits in points doesn't mean a loss is inevitable. With Cutler and the WR group they can come back. There's a feeling growing among these guys that no matter the score there's always something to play for.

From the Much Ado About Nothing department: Hate to point this out (not really), but after OTA's in June, then again in July, and again in August I was instructing the masses (in writing) that getting a vet wideout would have been a stupid thing to do. Stupid. It didn't take much research last spring to figure out that this team's collection of pass receivers does not drop the ball. The TE's, the WR's, and the running backs, they all can catch it. Consistantly, under pressure, and with the clock winding down, they don't drop the ball (just so long as R. Davis stays on special teams). And if one's not open another one will be.

Lets not get over excited. There was a little bit of luck in winning these last two. Minnesota, especially in their dome, is going to be a heck of a lot harder to beat then either Seattle or a 'Troy-less" Pittsburgh team. Certainly this team's still not playing as a tight unit, and they will get better with experience, but for anyone thinking Superbowl... not quite in the cards yet. The defense needs more talent to compete with the elite. Only if the Vike's Peterson fails to get 100 yards in either game this year will I alter this opinion. -LH

After going 2-1 in our toughest three game stretch of the year, I really think that 12-4 and a first round bye is possible. Before the season, I had the Bears going 11-5 with losses to the Packers, Steelers, Eagles, Viqueens and Ravens. With the Steelers win, I count 12 and let me explain the others:
We should sweep the NFC West after winning our toughest challenge Sunday although the 49er game is looking a little more daunting (but not much)
Of course we'll sweep the Lions and should get both of our home games against the Pack and Queens (considering how great we are at home under Lovie)
We really should beat the Falcons considering we'll have two weeks to prepare and you know the team and especially Lovie will be extra motivated after what happened last year
Our second-string team could beat the Browns and although the Bengals look better than I thought they'd be, they're still no match for Cutler & Co.

And a few more observations:

1. Sorry Lovie, but we now officialy get off the bus passing - as it should be with #6 behind center.
2. Anybody still want us get a veteran receiver? We may have the best young 1-2-3 wideout combination in the league. Seriously!
3. I'm still amazed at how D. Manning has been abused and shuffled by the Bears. Both Vasher and Graham would be just as good and probably better than Manning at nickel. Let him focus on FS and also get back to returning kickoffs.

Still waiting for the O-Line to gel. Wow Omiyale and Williams with the penalties what a surprise. Anyone see number 74 on the Hester TD play? He misses his block and then dives after his man and misses him again. That line does nothing but catch block, the guards can't pull to save their lives and and there is zero drive blocking going on in short yardage. My biggest problem with theline is they keep letting the franchise get hit. Lots of Credit to Cutler he knows it is comming and sits in there and takes the hit while making the play. Olsen may be his buddy but he will get Cutler killed, please learn how to block a little.

I didn't think the defense played great but they played with a ton of effort. The offense is getting them some rest and it is paying off.

The D-Line looks decent but they are nothing special, they can't get to the QB without the blitz. But Lovie is doing a good job of play calling, this is the same stuff Rivera wanted to do and he and Lovie argued over it. Now Lovie is doing it. Still there where some strange calls again this week. A 53 yard field goal attempt, anything involving Wolfe.

A good effort by the Bears as a whole but they really do need to get better, because better teams are coming thier way. That running game better show up for the cold weather it will be a difficult second half.

Oct 18 @ ATL
Oct 25 @ CIN
Nov 12 @ SF
Nov 22 Phi
Nov 29 @ MIN
Dec 13 @ GB(Bad news for the Packers)
Dec 20 @ BAL

The Bears need to win 3-4 of those games to make the playoffs and sweep the really bad teams, cause MIN is a legit contender and the race for the DIV and the wild card are going to be tight.

Final thought on the game. WTF is Brad Millers problem? I am watching comcast after the game and the only thing he can say about Cutler is he had a pick. And it wasn't even a bad pick, he got pressured as he threw the ball and twisted. Last week Miller didn't say a good thing about him either and he has been critical of him sense the Bears got him. At least he didn't mention Orton this week.

Brad Miller look upset by the fact that Cutler had another good game, he actually looked down. Some people actually sent in text's about it and they where read and shown. Miller is a b**** game manager who could only dream of having Cutlers talent.

These close games are exciting, but I'm in favor of a laugher or two coming up once in while. The Bears looked too careless early and were lucky to pull out a win, just as they were last week against the Steelers. That luck cannot hold the whole season, so they better get their acts together and play solid ball from the initial kick-off on. Detroit finally won one, so they'll be high for the Bear game. The Bears should not approach that game over-confident.

I actually agree with Creighton, this O-line is terrible ! Can't pass block, can't run block. C.Williams looks like a bust, I hope Pace makes it through the season because I hate to think of what would happen if Williams was guarding Cutlers blind side. We all worried about the WR's before the season, but I'm worried Cutler will get beaten down by this lack of protection. Watching the 49er's - vikings game, I think we're in trouble having to face 49er's on the road, and AP will run all over this "D" . Look what J.Jones didon Sunday, and he's not half the RB Peterson is.

I agree with Creighton too - except I think Chicago's pass blocking is at least average.

The run blocking is an absolute horror show.

IMO, the Chicago D-Line and Jay Cutler are holding the line and winning these games. Cutler still has a lot to prove, but his arm, pocket presence, and 4th-quarter poise have been great thus far.

Can someone tell me what Cutler's contract status is? If he is unrestricted next year, shouldn't Chicago lock him up now?

If Shanahan ends up in Washington DC - I can totally see Dan Snyder throwing the bank at Cutler.

Will someone please set my mind at ease? And please, I don't want to hear about how great Caleb Hanie looked against a bunch of practice squad players in the preseason.


Good win yesterday for the BEARS. I am glad to see some improvement from our younger playerrs on defense. That was a great game by Roach, he played two positions and was all over the field, he was a key in ensuring that Jones did not make the catch on 4th down to end the game. Got solid play from the DB's, who kept everything in front of them and were solid for the most part except for the missed tackles by tillman and Hunter on Jones touchdown. Improvement each week is the task of this team and the coaching staff, I think it's time for Angelo to go out and get the best available body at LB to bring in Hunter looked badly hurt yesterday, the lineman pile drove him into the ground and then landed on him with all 300lbs to add to the injury, he could be out for 6 weeks if the ribs are broken, and Pisa is still down, get someone now and use the bye week to get them up to speed. Anderson was solid yesterday which is a plus, he stayed home on the end-around attempt and actually seem to hold his point in contain most of the game. Idonje was close all day but just never could get his hands on Wallace whose feet kept the Bears from a few more sacks they would have gotten had Hasselback played. Manning and Harris also solid in the game, as the young defensive players improve hopefully one of them will have star potential and help to get the d back in the top half of the league, this with Cutler means the Bears have a chance to win every game, its been a long time since we could say that!....Go BEARS

ahhhh....this oline SUCKS! forte is BUST!!! teh dline is made up os LOOSERS! ans...oh teh bears won? umm uhh well we should win BY ATLEAST 50 POINTS EVERY GAME OR I WILL BE ANGRY AND RANT!!!11!

oh ans can you loosers beleive brad miller? he is so negitive even wehn the bears win. i HATE people like that!

but yopu guys now me old crap-ton..just trying to be posative...

p.s. i HATE wehn my mommy turns off my xbox ans tels me to get a real job!1! :)

It was an ugly win and SEA was missing there starting QB and 6 other starters. But Cutler looked good again. Not his fault the Bears are loosing the battle at the line of scrimage over and over. I give the recievers credit, against really bad CB's they looked good with a Pro Bowl QB throwing them the ball.

You know if we had a better line, and could open some holes for Forte and get the running game going, then we could actually do some play action. Which happens to be the best part of Cutlers game. The fact that there is no play action tells you how bad that Bears line is. Its not like Turner and Lovie don't know Cutler excells at play action. God forbid we use his best skill in an actual game. I am sure it is fun in practice but I don't by the hype that the Bears are waiting for later in the season to start running the ball, the only time they have success running is when the other team is playing prevent and rushing only 3-4 players and everyone else is dropping back.

I have been waiting for play action and now I know it will never come with this line.

Chi I don't really agree about the D-Line, they are playing with lots of heart but lack overall talent. I did forget about Roach, he did step up. But if you want to see a good pass rush, watch the Giants. Out of 150 or so plays the Bears have had about 6 really good plays out of the front 4, the rest is all blitzing. I will say I did enjoy watching Adams get airborne and bat that pass down. He reminds me of Kieth Traylor and Anderson was one of my guys I said would step up this week and he did, but this is a bad team. I saw Harris getting beaten by a TE yesterday. What I did see was that the Bears defense could not maintain contain this week. Wallace broke free to often and a better QB would have hurt them. Wallace pretty much sucks and he stil had a solid day. The Bears D-Line has not faced a dominant O-Line yet. ATL, MIN and SF will put the Bears line to the test. I don't think they are bad but they are not a dominant line, like they once where.

Well at least the Bears get the Lions next week. Thanksgiving is comming early to Chicago.

Some points to ponder... and reasons to fear !!!

-Cutler looks great.. in fact hes the QB we all wanted for so long. Hes a fiery leader with a fabulous arm. I love it when hes out there yelling. He may not make the pro bowl this year, but who cares. Hes good for 3-4 wins by himself. He is a franchise QB!!

-Veteran WR!?!?! Anyone? Dont need it. This group is very good. Knox is a true #1 in the making. Bennett is just plain reliable. Not flashy, but he makes the grabs. Hester very quietly is becoming very dangerous. He had a quiet game only to kill the Seahawks on that last drive. Hes become a true team player. Plus the TE's make this group even better. Although note to Lovie, Greg Olsen is not a great pass blocker.. hint hint..

-Forte, well hmmm.. He looks like hes in the 2nd year slump for sure. Hes not hitting holes, hes dancing. Good thing hes still great catching balls out of the back field. Im sure its not all him, but he looks tentative when running into the hole. Compared to AP, AP was attacking the hole when he got the ball.

-The O-Line is a disaster. This great strength/depth of the team is old and slow. They cant move the pile at all. In fact, that whole group needs to be replaced. I like Olin, but he is no longer a starting center. Pace is also too old. Hes getting pushed around wayyy to easily. His pass blocking is as bad as the run blocking. Frank O'by-the-way is still starting for reasons unknown. Hes a joke and a pure waste of an OG spot. Garza (cough cough) is the best of that group. Chris Williams should be at LT. Hes got great feet and hands, but hes not the road grader/mauler you need at RT. We know lovie will not change the line up so we are stuck with this group. The OL will cost us if we make the playoffs. Next years draft has to have 2 OL in the first 3 picks..

-The D-Line is heads and tails better then last year. They all look energized and Mark Anderson gets the come back player of year so far. Hes not getting sacks, but hes all over the field especially when hes moved inside on passing downs. Tommie had a better game this week. I only hope that continues. The only player that concerns me is Marcus Harrison. He looks slow and unmotivated at this point. And if they want Idonje at DT, why did they make him cut weight to 260? Another Lovie mystery.

We will see if Lovie is a real coach.. is that OL continues to come apart with the running game, will he make changes? He better.. If this pattern continues, the changes should be.. Williams to LT. Beekman to LG. Schaffer to RT. Beekman holds his own compared to that revolving door O'by-the-way... In any event, we are seeing some good, some very good things and some o-@&^% things..

Ugly win, but a win is a win.

I have been the first to say that a vet widereceiver would make a huge difference, especially in the playoffs. But I have to admit that the receivers are better and played better than I expected. Knox is pretty exciting and Bennett seems to have some great hands and runs good routes. Hester is turning into a better receiver than many thought and he seems to be pretty clutch under pressure. Olsen is very good and getting better.

Seattle had a lot of starters out, this game should not have been so close, the Bears should have won handily.

The O line gets no push for the running game, Forte hasn't really had any holes to run through in the 3 games this year. The running game is a problem and it needs to get better. Also Cutler had pressure a lot during the game, pass blocking also was not the best.

The tackling was poor both in the first possession when Seattle scored when two Bears defenders, Tillman and Hillenmeyer did not wrap up and bounced off of Jones who scores on a long run. Also throughout the game wrapping up on Jones was a problem, he should not have run like he did through the line and linebackers and into the secondary on numerous occassions. The Bears got better when it counted in the 4th quarter but Seattle simply should not have run so easily on the Bears.

Two last thoughts.

The Bears are getting to many penalties in their games. Many of these penalties are lack of discipline penalties. This part of the game has to improve, if they are truly going to be champions.

Play calling on offense was good overall but the Wolfe running on third down was a pretty bad call. An arm tackle took him out like he just had run into a tree. When you need multiple yards you either give it to a runner like Forte or get Wolfe some space but no way do you run inside the tackles on such a big third down play with a back that is not a dominant inside runner.

A win is a win. To quote the immortal words of Lovie Smith, "any win is a pretty win." And he's right, the bottom line yesterday, Chicago got the job done when it counted.

How about Jay Cutler, for the second week in a row he completed over 70% of his passes, had more than 2 td passes, and made some clutch throws when it counted. The guy is the real deal, he's currently on pace to throw for over 4000 yards. Whoever thought the words 4000 yards passing and Bear quarterback would ever be used in the same sentence?

Overall, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner called a pretty good game. However, he did leave me scratching my head in the second half with the two straight passes to receivers standing on the line? That play works on third and short to kind of throw the defense off when they think your gonna run, but not twice in a row, especially when it didn't even work the first time? And the drive with Garrett Wolfe? Wolfe is probably the Bears worst runner, add in the fact Chicago's line couldn't run block to save their lives yesterday, and they turn around and run him three straight times in a row, the result, three and out! Also, Turner needs to be more aggressive, especially in the fourth when behind, come on Ron, you got one of the leagues best guns, use him for petes sake!

Changes are needed on the offensive line, I still would like to see Josh Beekman get another shot at left guard. If Omiyale doesn't pick up his play by mid-season, they gotta make the move. Also, like I said last week, move Chris Williams to the left side and bring in Kevin Shaffer on the right, run blocking is his strength and Williams would be more effective on the left side.

The defense played a pretty good game, they allowed the big run by Jones, but thats was because Tillman went for the strip when he should have went for the tackle. Zack Bowman scared me when he went down, glad to see he was all right, he had a pretty good game with 8 tackles. Also, say what you want about Bob Babich as a defensive coordinator, but the guy is a heck of a linebackers coach. Chicago was down to their 3rd mike linebacker sunday, and Roach didn't miss a beat. Kudos to Babich's for keeping em well coached. This is a good team, the offensive line is the weak link. I realize they might need more time to gel, but I wouldn't wait till seasons end. With the way the o-line is playing right now, I'd hate to face a team like Minnesota! Hopefully they'll get things right up front GO BEARS!!

Had to just listen on the sat radio yesterday. Really hoping NFL Network does a replay this week on the game.

This was a good win. I said last week that Seattle would play tough and it sounded like they did. They give up a 200+ yard rusher last week and everybody says the Bears are going to run all over them? Seattle's players can read too.

Qwest Field must be a real snake pit. They said on the radio that Cutler could not hear the plays coming in on his headset and had to get them from the sideline. If you think about it, that noise level when the play is coming in would be the "lull" between plays, not when it's really loud. Makes it tough to play O-line when you don't have the advantage of the snap count.

I think one thing that would help both the running game on offense, and the secondary on defense is a LEAD. Kind of like my bank account, the Bears have been clawing back from deficits all year. This allows the opposing defenses and opposing offenses to follow their game plan.

If the opposing D coord is already down 7, he is less likely to take a chance playing press-man and putting 8 in the box. One big play and he is down 14. It makes is a lot easier to run the ball and throw underneath if the safety and linebacker types are worried about losing the game on one play. Lovie's defense is no different. They will tend to get more sacks and turnovers if they a lead and don't have to worry as much about one big play.

Brad, have they said anything about trying some things to get out of the box a little better?

Still no points in the first quarter. We need to script our opening series better than that. Cutler is getting better and better, and we see the difference talent makes at the position. Orton basically had the same amount of time to throw last year, but the difference is Cutler will keep focusing down the field and buy time with a few subtle moves (and some not so subtle) in the pocket to buy an extra second or two.

and WTF was Turner doing running Wolfe 3 times in a row? He can't break tackles, and basically all three were delay handoffs, when they can see it coming. At least use Peterson, who is capable of running through arm tackles if that's all they can get on him. Wolfe is not especially elusive, he's just small. He disappears behind blockers, but our blockers are getting blown up so badly that there is no consistency to our blocking.

Omiyale is getting abused left and right by DTs all three weeks. Beekman at least would keep them out of the backfield. He might not drive them off the ball, but at least they weren't nearly taking the handoff from Cutler.

Williams did ok against the pass rushers he faced, but he is not playing as well as we need him to. After his performance against Justin Tuck in the preseason, I thought he was going to be solid, but he is simply average.

We are going to be in trouble if Hillenmeyer is struggling with a rib injury. Having to go with Roach and Williams worked this week, but as a consistent tandem, more pressure will fall on Briggs and the secondary, as they just aren't at the level of the guys they replaced. Tinoisamoa needs to get healthy in a hurry, or we could be in trouble.

I still can't understand how easily our DBs let guys get open. We have got to stop playing to not lose the game, and start being aggressive in coverage. We are blitzing like mad, but instead of using our physical CBs to play man, and angle for the INT when the throw comes early, we bail and play Cover 3 to prevent the long TD. Bend to the point of snapping, and then hope for a lucky break...Bowman and Tillman are both physical enough to jam and disrupt at the line, and Graham can also do that if you need a rotational guy to join in. When we blitz, we should press and jam. That is where turnovers happen. Other teams do it to us all day, and our receivers are always covered when they blitz us.

Just some thoughts. Big win, but again, we had to get the lucky breaks of Mare missing twice, and TJ talking a little too much before the game, and not being able to back it up. We continue to make Burleson look like an All-Pro, no matter who he plays for, and if I see Tillman go high on another running back with the strip without securing the tackle first, I will put my foot through the TV!

We had better be geared up for the Lions, as they will be gunning for us now that they have a win under their belts.

w/o The mistakes in the first half we win this game easy, with a 2 TD lead early, but the fact (as Brad said) that we came back from bad plays/calls (53 yd FG??) says alot about this team, Aint it weird - last year the D was supposed to be good and the O bad, and it was the exact opposite, this year the opposite on both counts.
Very Big Win! Considering the ramifications if we lost. Nice drive w/ Cutler huh?
Yeop, happy with the WR the Oline is the weak link amazing.
Roach filled in nice!, Briggs is playing his ar$ off!

Eight in the box, eight in the box and eight in the box, that is what the Bears faced for each of the first three games this year.

Tied for dead last in the NFL for yards allowed per carry at 2.8 yards. It is not Forte that is the reason the Bears are tied for dead last. It is the offensive line and it is kinda offensive right now.

I agree with Kevin, if by mid season the holes do not start to open then Beekman and Shaffer need to be looked at seriously and Williams moving over to replace Pace, who albeit is a true all pro of the past but is not resembling average pro at the current time. I agree by midseason they have got to produce or the Bears will be faced with 8 in the box until the playoffs and Cutler will take a beating.

Pace, we still respect you as your name alone creates images of your past total domination of the defensive ends and defensive tackles you matched up against. Pace, you set this expectation because of who you are.

Lovie, what happened to getting off the bus running, the run game has to be established. Yes the Bears will probably do better with the run this week since Detroit is coming to town but lets see where they stand by mid season?

Kevin why would Williams be better on the left side? The right is easier to play and you usually face lesser talent. Williams wasn't playing Kerney and he struggled again. For run blocking the play calling decides which direction to run not who is at tackle. But don't worry Kevin Williams is a Bear first round pick, which means they will give him 5 years to prove himself even if he sucks. Look how long Metcalf lasted.

One problem is the style of blocking the Bears are doing, the other is that everyone is getting to the Bears O-Line players chests, guys are getting under them and pushing them back. The thing that has always bugged me about the Bears Oline is the style of blocking. They never have decided if the want to zone block or play man and power block. Right now they are not very good at either. Jack of all trades and master of nothing.

A lot of people keep saying wait till the line Gels, but it's their technique that is bad: Pulling guards who don't block anyone, letting guys get under their pads, catch blocking instead of drive blocking. When they play zone they lack speed and tech, when they play man they lack power and drive and let defenders get into them.

Maybe the Bears will get Lucky and Jahri Evans will not be signed by the Saints or McNeill in SD, but I doubt it. Daryn Colledge out of GB is a good LG but and the best player on the Packers line by far. As far as the draft, Rutgers Anthony Davis, ND Sam Young, Texas Adam Ulatoski, Auburns Lee Ziemba is going to be a good player with time. At Guard Bamas Mike Johnson, or Sergio Render. They will probably go D-Line with there 2nd round pick but they better fix that line.

I did forget to give shout out to Hester who showed improved hands. Hester, Knox and Bennett still need to prove it over a season, GB gave those guys fits and if you want to mess up GB, then running the ball and using play action will wreck them. If they can't do that the recievers are going to get jammed.


Gotta disagree with a few of you. The O-line has 3 new starters and has went up against 3 agressive, blitzing defenses. Facing GB at lambeau, Steelers, and at Seahawks was about the worst scenario that could have played out for the oline. I am waiting until the middle of the season to reserve judgement on the oline. I think the O-line will be a great position of strength for the Bears later in the season. I am extremely pleasef with how the season has played out so far. The Bears should be 3-1 going into ATL, the Packers have already lost and they play at Minn next week so the Pack will either have 2 losses or Minn will have a loss too. Either way, the Bears are in great position considering all the changes during the offseason. To be 3-1 going into ATL is great and sets up well for the rest of the season and pushing towards the playoffs. The secondary has been a nice suprise, D Manning looks like he is going to be a good safety, Bowman looks good, and Tillman is Tillman. The only position of concern to me is defensive ends.

Oh no Brando the hermaphrodite Sasquatch is upset again because the Bears won and Cutler played great. Is it temper tantrum time looser? Oh I guess it is, time to break out your Crap-Ton character. Go snif Rodgers jock you Packer loving fake.

I am in such a good mood after back to back wins and a nice trip to Vegas. You know what Brando? I once again give you permission to post here again under your real name. Now don't blow it and play nice with the other boys and girls. I called your cousin the real Brando, Brando Schrute and he will be keeping you in line. Now go ahead and post. Here I will make it easy for you and give you some topics I know you love.

Which Bears like Harry Potter

Why the Bears and Battlestar Galactica are awsome

Why Creighton is better than you in every way

How many ways to say the packers suck

Cutler the Golden arm of the North

And last your favorite all time topic, why you suck so bad and will never be better than me.

Oh and no more song postings, this is a football board and you doing that is just to gay for words. This is a music free blog.

Now I know you are excited because I spoke to you but try not to waste all your lotion you sick twisted puppy. I don't know if anyone else saw the Movie "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with Steve Martin back in the day, but thats who you remind me of. Martin when he is playing Ruprecht. Yes you may go to the bathroom.

Attaboy Josh!

Remember how bad the line was last year? Remember St Clair? For that matter, do you remember Grossman/Orton, Booker and Lloyd?

The Bears not only have a reworked line, they basically have a completely new offense. This offense is head and shoulders more talented than last year. Given time the line will start clicking with each other and with Forte.

There is both good and bad to take from this game and the season so far. On the good side, the Bears got a win on the road and in a hostile environment. Cutler played very well for the most part and the young receivers are getting better, including Hester. Now for the bad news.

This game should have been a blowout; Seattle was without around a third of its starters. The Bears were not mentally prepared to play the game and didn't wake up until late in the first half. This is on Lovie Smith. The Bear lines have been beaten in every game so far, including in Seattle by second string players. Tommie Harris, manning the most important position in this defense, is still nowhere near where he needs to be in order for this defense to be any more than ordinary, though he was a little better in this game. If it weren't for opponents' missed field goals, the Bears would be 1-2 or 0-3. And the Bears have been outgained in their last two games, in the last game by in large part second stringers.

Hopefully, the problem with the offensive line is that between trying to learn Ron Turner's offense and learning to play with each other, the linemen are playing tentatively, which will improve once they learn both of those. If not, this season is going to be a disaster. You won't win many games in which you get outgained and in which the opponent rushes well but you don't. I agree with Strass that the Bears should draft linemen in the first two or three rounds. Unless there is a Walter Payton available or the team is well set at those positions, linemen and quarterbacks are the only positions that should be drafted before the third round.

The BEars were flat for the first half which is on Lovie and they could be 0-3. The Bears have been lucky so far, some good and bad plays but lucky.

If they play unispired against Detroit, just do not count this as an automatic win. The Bears should win by at least two touchdowns against a team like the Lions and Wrigley is right on stating that the Bears should have blown out the Seahawks, but they could have lost this game.

Kevin, you must be huffing glue. First you say that Turner did a good job calling plays and then you write an entire paragraph criticizing his play calling. Again, do you read what you write?

And Creighton, I agree with you on Williams. They guy looks lost out there and it's apparent that he's thinking of what to do rather than just reacting. That can be remedied with playing time.

However, he also had the chance to bowl over a cornerback and instead lightly pushes him out of the way. The guy's a softy and if he's our future then uh-oh. He needs to learn to play with a chip on his shoulder.

By Creighton on September 28, 2009 8:04 PM- "Williams wasn't playing Kerney" I'll stop right there.

Auh Creighton, you do realize Patrick Kerney plays left end right? You also realize the right tackle goes against the left end...right? I don't know what game you were watching, but Chris Williams was going against Patrick Kerney, and didn't do that bad of a job against Kerney. Chris Williams would be more effective on the left side because he would be up against more speed rushers being on the left side. A lot of the time when Williams gets beat, its vs a bull rush. With Williams quick feet, he'd be better suited on the left side going against speed rushers. A tackle with some power like Kevin Shaffer would do better vs left ends who are usually bull rushers that rely on their power. Thats all I was saying as far as moving Williams to the left side.

Creighton also said: "I did forget to give shout out to Hester who showed improved hands." Auh Creighton, weren't you the same guy who kept calling Devin Hester stupid? Over and over again? I guess now that Hester is coming on its all right to root for him huh? Creighton, what did I tell you about being a fair weather fan? Here's what Jay Cutler had to say about Hester after the game.

Cutler said: "When I first got here, they said he didn't know the playbook, he couldn't get out of cuts, and he had trouble catching the ball, and all thats been FALSE since day 1."

Hmm, I guess Creighton isn't the only fan who has absolutely no understanding of the term PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.

You see Creighton, instead of calling every young player on the roster who isn't an all-pro straight out of college a bust, maybe you should give these guys some time to actually develop, ya think?

Creighton, I see your getting on Brando about the crap-ton character, you don't like that do you? Funny thing is, now that I have argued with you, the Kevin Bumstead character will come out....whatever floats your boat I guess? Oh well, GO BEARS!!

Creighton: You make some good points on the o-line, I think they need to go more drive blocking technique myself, why else would you want to get bigger if you you are not going to be trying to get a push. I still think the jury is out on Williams though, he has only started three games in his career, first we want him healthy then we want to see if he can develop. Here is where you and I disagree as Bear fans, this team is not a great team but has potential, the players must develop and the coaches must develop the talent they have to work with, you seem to feel that a player is a bust if they are not an immediate star in the league, the only guys who should have that kind of pressure are first round picks at the skill position, as for Williams, he is in the same league as Otah-Carolina and Adams-Dallas, they both looked terrible last night, but are servicable players on the line.

My concern is with playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, Hester, Knox were second day picks who have developed for us on offense, on defense we have players like Harrison, Payne, Manning, bowman and now Alafalva, who are getting playing time, if any of these guys become pro-bowl caliber players we could contend deep into the playoffs, this is where the BEARS can make major improvement in my eyes. The players we have at that level are getting older and need to be replaced, otherwise we may have to go into major rebuilding mode in a few years.

Not sure whether Creighton is merely a foil, but he does reflect a trait common among Bears fans - impatience. Honestly, I was rather shocked that the boo-birds we not all over Cutler by the middle of the 2nd quarter in the Pittsburgh game.

The notion of player development is really rather alien to most of the Bears fan base - at least that portion of them that participate in the various online "communities" I've visited.

Hey smart Mike, maybe its you who should read what I write, or should I say, actually understand it before jumping all over me?

If you actually read what I write, I said OVERALL Turner called a good game, which he did. My paragraph was about the COUPLE bad drives he called. Do I have to spell it out for you? Turner called a good game O-V-E-R-A-L-L...nice and slow now. I.....was...just...talking....about...the C-O-U-P-L-E bad drives he called. I wasn't criticizing his O-V-E-R-A-L-L game called,'t....agree.....with....OK Mike, you get it????????????????????????

Speaking of sniffing glue smart Mike, I see on four down territory your going on about Turner. I don't get it? All off season you basically say the coaching doesn't matter as far as Marinelli. You would go on about how it doesn't matter who is coaching the d-line they'll never get better with the same players. So basically the coaching didn't matter to you with them huh? Now all of the sudden with the offense the coaching matters with you? Hmm...Elmers right. Oh yeah, just for you GO BEARS!!

I heard this on one of the shows the other day and it makes a ton if sense, "they call it mid season form for a reason". We're going into week 4, give the team time to come together and be happy we are 2-1 after 3 tough games. I don't care how many starters were out for the Seahawks, that stadium is tough to play in no matter what. We also had 2 starting linebackers out, 2 d linemen playing injured, 2 DB's who were injured all of training camp, and an O-line that has never played together. Our 3rd WR has been injured all season but we had Knox step in for him. Injuries are just part of the game.

Yes Kevin, I saw the "overall" the first time around. But when you say that you thought overall Turner did a good job, and then write an entire paragraph on plays you disliked and criticize Turner's methodology throughout the game, then it seems like "overall" you didn't like the playcalling.

And one more time Kevin, I have repeatedly stated that a position coach would have relatively little effect on the d-line. I have never said that about a coordinator or a head coach. I know you'll completely disregard that and continue to accuse me of speaking the words you put in my mouth. Supposedly it's ok when you do it but if Creighton does it to you it's the end of the world.

Anyway, you need to chill buddy. I haven't seen you this worked up since the Bears cut Derek Kinder. This one's for you Kev:

Derrrrr.....duhhhhh....sniff sniff.....hmmmm....gooooo bearsssss!!

I know he's just the kicker, but jeez, way to throw Mare under the bus, Coach Mora, to the press corps. Now that's a lot of class: the guy is dying anyway and you're going to dump on him. I wonder how that went over with the rest of the team. Who's next?

I agree with what bob k and some other of you are saying. Talk about immaturity during a press conference! I'd love to hear what Mora Sr. and Martz have to say about that. Take a little responsibility why don't you, instead of trouncing on the obvious scapegoat. I think the Seahawks are doomed for the rest of the Mora era with a HC like that. RIP.

Seattle is always tough, and you want to run it down their throats, score early and stop the Seahawks early to take the crowd out of it. So the Bears run twice for little gain, can't connect with Hester deep, and Gould can't connect from 53. Then a missed tackle turns into a TD for the Seahawks. So none of it materializes for the Bears and you have the makings of a tough game.

But you take a step back and you realize aside from that fluke of a TD, the Bears only gave up 4 FGs, hung tough under tough conditions and came from behind. So that's a pretty good team effort.

I have to admit that Roach, whom I have never been high on, had a good game. He's no Urlacher and he's no Tinoisamoa, but he played a lot better than against the Steelers, with a lot more confidence, speed and reckless abandon; he actually started hitting guys. He couldn't bring down Julius Jones one on one, but he did good. Having said that, we need Tinoisamoa back like now!

The D-line and LBs got a lot of pressure on Wallace who is a fleet-footed QB, one pressure causing the Briggs interception. I thought Anderson made his presence felt, Adams is quietly having a very good start to the year, and even Harris looked alive. But the front 7 needs to do a better job of stopping the run. Allowing Julius Jones to gain 6 yards a carry is not very good.

Manning and a Rookie are not my idea of safety, is what I said a couple of weeks ago, but I stand corrected. Afalava looks like the real deal. He's a really good tackler and can make plays on the ball. I'm impressed. I'm still not sold on Manning, although he played better than against the Steelers. I hope these two keep getting better as the season progresses. The CBs look good. Burleson got 109 yards, but they got nothing long, and were shut down when it counted.

On offense, the O-line continues to struggle. Some of it is understandable; Seattle's noise factor is tough on O-linemen, and you knew that the Seahawks were going to try to stop the run no matter what with everybody talking about how Forte was going to have his break out game. And it's not one guy; it seemed like different guys were getting blown up on each play. But incrementally, I think they're getting better. I'm willing to wait until they play the Lions.

And with the line struggling, Forte really needs to hit the hole like Peterson sometimes. Peterson had 12 yards on 2 carries, and 15 on 3 the week before. Some of you are focusing on Wolfe's 3rd run, which was blown up because Garza got pushed 5 yards deep into the backfield, but it's the 2nd that we should focus on. He gained a quick 6 yards right up the gut. He's deceptively quick through the hole, and really is a good change-of-pace guy. But we need to stop expecting him to play like Sproles or Washington, which he is definitely not. I'm beginning to think the Bears rushing stats would be better with Peterson and Wolfe playing more than they are now. I know I'm only seeing a few plays here and there, but I think the struggling O-line calls for it.

Knox, now that is some quick feet. But he only caught one pass though; well covered, couldn't get open. Good day for Bennett and Hester. But I'm wondering why Bennett, even after catching the ball, looks like he doesn't know where he is on the field (after the reception on the sideline where he was all alone and on the 2-point conversion). Odd...

Knox used his speed well in KO returns, but I still think Manning was better.

Need anybody saying anything about Cutler now? Wow... Go Bears! Sorry for the long post.

How about that Jonny Knox, Earl Bennett and Devin Hester. The wide outs to this point have been a surprise. yup even that football stupid Devin Hester as Creighton would say is doing just fine. Creighton what you rip on players all day all night and even in your dreams. When they do good you just move along to the next guy and will say he sucks. You will never go against your word and correct yourself because your ego is way to big and your football smarts is at such a miniscule microscopic whif of a fart.
You making fun of Bears fans cause they call you out is pretty childish also. One other thing Mr.FootballStupid Creighton if your gonna make fun of someone dont make fun of them on what they watch on T.V. when in fact BattleStar & Harry Potter are your passion.

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