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Plenty of football action ahead today at Halas Hall

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There will be plenty of football to get to today at Halas Hall.

I am sure the running game, or lack of a running game, will be a popular topic. It's probably worth pointing out right now that take away a Jay Cutler interception or two at Lambeau Field in the season opener and the Bears are 2-0 right now with the same ground attack. There's been scrutiny of the offensive line, and I'll get into more of that later, but keep in mind John St. Clair was a starter for 16 games on this line last season. Most believe the Bears upgraded and when a team changes three starters, it's going to take a little time for things to mesh.

Hopefully, we'll get a better indication of how defensive end Alex Brown's left ankle is, but all signals point to him playing Sunday at Seattle.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said on Monday that he hopes to be able to play with a fractured rib. It's unlikely Seattle will shed any light on that situation today, but we'll see. If the Seahawks provide Hasselbeck for the conference call this afternoon, he's always entertaining.

I'll Twitter some tidbits from the Jay Cutler press conference and that will start at noon. Check back later on.

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The Bears coaches spend all of their time making fancy game plans but Jay Cutler is the QB and he dictates what is going to happen on the field. He already has changed everything. He decided who the receivers are going to be by tossing to who he likes. The Bears are now capable of plays deep down the field and that's what Cutler looks for first (like a real Probowl QB should). We will get off the bus passing no matter what Lovie says. The Bears are now a passing team with a totally new look and you know what, it just might work. He is an extraordinary passer.

I think it is clear that the Steelers missed Palamalou more than the Bears missed Urlacher. Things look good for the Bears after a pretty tough beginning schedule. Atlanta should be a challenge down the road, but Seattle and Detroit should not presnt all that tough a competition.

Love your blogs. Keeps me informed on the greatest pro team in the history of sports.
I did not anticipate the Bears doing much this season with all the new faces in different places. I found it quite ammusing at training camp hearing some of the fans chanting SuperBowl, SuperBowl everytime they seen Cutler.
This season is going to be a getting to know you season. Yes the defense is another year older and we do not know what Urlachers status will be since he is out for 09.
With Cutler and the "young" recievers getting to work together this season and the O-ine the same, with the few new comers (Gilbert, Afalava) on defense that should be more of a force in 2010 I think next season is the year of the Bears!
What are your thoughts on that??

I'm not sure that the Bengals' o-line is any less a work in progress than the Bears' o-line, yet they still put up huge running numbers against the Packers.

I admit, I've been a little impatient with Chicago's offensive line so far this early in the season. But Brad is right, sometimes it just takes a little time for an offensive line to mesh. I noticed Frank Omiyale looked a little better sunday, hopefully he will continue to improve. Omiyale along with tackle Chris Williams are two key memebers, long term wise, on the offensive line. Both of these guys getting better as the year goes on will be key for the Bears moving forward.

As far as the running game goes, teams seem to still be stacking the box vs Chicago. I don't think its anything against Cutler as much as it is teams aren't afraid of Chicago's receivers. If rookie Johnny Knox keeps coming on, and Cutler can tear up a few more secondaries, you'll see that eighth man come out of the box, and things will get easier for the running game, its just gonna take time. Also, Pittsburgh has a very good run defense, and like Brad said, as far as the Packer game goes, the 4 Cutler ints killed any chance of Chicago getting their running game going, its hard to run when your behind. I still have confidence Forte and co will get things going GO BEARS!!

That is a good comment seedy! The guy everyone said was a bum had that many yards against the same team we could not run against.

AP looked very good - everyone is keying on Forte, I think some swing passes, pitchouts and some actual holes would help.
Never thought I would say AP looked great.
Ced looked great as well :)

I would say the lack of holes seen on running plays are what worry me. I think it worries Forte as well as you see him in the backfield standing there looking for them.

Pace is not close to being the run blocker he once was, and Williams never was a good run blocker, Williams looks like he plays better when the bears are playing zone blocking but struggles in the man scheme. Omiyale has looked bad, real real bad, everytime I see him he is flat on his face, he is a leaner and off balance most of the time. St. Clair was a bad pass blocker but a better run blocker than Pace at this point in his career. Garza and Tait only played one year next to eachother Brad. Last year you had 3 guys playing different positions for the first time as well. Even when old and injured Tait was a better run blocker than Williams, in his prime he was a much better run blocker.

I would like to point out ot you Brad that Williams is not a new player, you pointed this out yourself this offseason when you said there was no such thing as a red shirt season in the NFL. Williams is not new to the system, only Pace and Omiyale.

Which INT was the one that cost the Bears the game Brad? Was there a sure TD or score with any of them? I know Vasher giving up a TD when the Bears had the lead with like 2 min left in the 4th cost them the win, but which INT do you feel did? Not saying they helped, they all hurt, but which one cost them the game exactly?

The line has also made Jay move around an awful lot, but to his credit instead of scrambling he stepped up and took some hits while delivering the ball.

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