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More than a fashion statement, Bears to go pink on Sunday

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All Greg Olsen had to do was ask Jay Cutler to come in style for Sunday's game against the Lions, and the quarterback agreed.

Cutler and Olsen will be among a handful of Bears, including linebacker Lance Briggs, who will wear pink as part of the NFL's "A Crucial Catch: Annual Screening Saves Lives" breast cancer awareness campaign. There will be pink cleats, like the fancy one I snapped a picture of with the camera on the Blackberry, pink wrist bands, pink towels, pink hats, and pink C's on the jerseys for the captains. There might be even more pink, just no pink footballs.

Olsen's mother Sue Olsen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and is a survivor.

"I know it means a lot to Greg with his mom,'' Cutler said. "So he asked me probably a month ago if I'd wear the pink cleats. It should be interesting."

It does mean a lot to Olsen, who has talked openly about his family's situation since the Bears drafted him in the first round in 2007.

"I think it's great what the NFL is doing,'' Olsen said. "They've really picked it up even more so than last year. They've got a lot of cool things I think the fans are going to get a kick out of. Anything you can do with the platform we have and the amount of eyes that are watching our games, the amount of opportunities we have are endless. So we have a few cool things with the cleats and the gloves and what not but the bottom line we have to go out and play well but at the same time we also have a few things that will make it fun and pay our respects and do anything we can to help the cause.

"It kind of keeps everything in perspective about what's important. We all think this is life and death. Obviously, this is very important. But there's other things outside of what we do here. So it just shows if you can continue to fight through like she did and other people, you can fight through. Adversity is going to happen. So it teaches some lessons that kind of correlates with football. Things are going to happen on the field that aren't going to go your way early and late. You just have to keep going and if you continue to work and push through you'll come out the other side all right."

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Well pink shoes. Go to a good cause. Maybe Creighton can buy some of those to support his pink panties with his pink lipstick, his pink cutler #6 jersey, his pink Chicago Bears hat and his highlited pink and blonde Mullet hair cut.

Eeeeeewwww, GROSS!!! How about just donating to and otherwise raising awareness without these disgusting colors. Sheesh, their orange jerseys are bad enough.

Why not go the whole way with some pink jerseys?

From a marketing standpoint, they would sell like beer in a college town, at least for women.

And that would be the funniest game in history.

Cutler marching down for a decisive touchdown, decked in pink.

Well Jimmy if it was for a good cause and helped to raise money, I would do just about anything legal. To bad I can't say the same about you I guess.

Guys it's for a good cause, the color means nothing. Don't question it, support it. Anyone who would compalin about having to wear a color like pink or purple over this has an issue. What, none of you would wear pink if your mom got Breast Cancer, or your wife, or that special lady? It's just a color and it's for a good cause if the Bears players don't have a problem with it, niether should you. Shame on the haters who would rather people die from Breast Cancer, Jimmy, than raise awearness by wearing a color. Man some guys get their manhood threatened so easily. Guess you gotta be a little soft.

For a good cause I would humiliate myself in a second. I am surprised some of you humiliate yourselves for nothing all the time. Might as well do it for something that means something.

By the way Jimmy trying to use a blog about Breast cancer to try and insult me is pretty disgusting. You showed no concern about the cause and just looked to take an easy shot for no reason. Thats sick. No reguard for peoples lives, just looking to take a shot, using Breast cancer to make a joke. That is so F##### up. You have zero class.

Wrigley shame on you too. It's not about the color it's about saving lives.

As someone who lost someone very dear to me to this terrible disease, I applaud their decision. I hope someday we don't have to worry about any form of cancer...

Well said Creighton; my hats off to you. It saddens to hear grown men take pot shots at something that is so serious and dear to me. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 22 years ago. She fought it tooth and nail and I'm very glad to say that she's a cancer survivor. Fellas!! GET A GRIP AND A CLUE. It's just a color. You mean to tell me that it would hurt your manhood that bad if you wears a pink shirt or a pink tie? I'm just wondering, if you found out that one of your family members has breast cancer would you still act like this?

Creighton, you have to understand that some of these guys are 12 year old kids trying to get through jr. high. They aren't mature enough to understand what a cause is or what raising awareness means. Self-sacrifices to benefit others are too far from the noses past which they cannot see.

I've learned over the years things like the fact that sometimes it takes a real man to carry a diaper bag with pink puppies on it through a public place.

In this case it takes a real man to wear pink on a football field.

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