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Mark Anderson receives envelope from the NFL

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Defensive end Mark Anderson got a special delivery today. It was one he was hoping to avoid.

It's a parcel from the NFL office, and chances are, oh, really good that it contains a notice that he has been fined for shoving Pittsburgh tight end Heath Miller after a play in Sunday's game. The Bears were penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play as Miller spilled into umpire Butch Hannah after he was shoved.

"I didn't even open it,'' Anderson said. "It's thousands. I don't even wanna know. I've got to appeal."

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Um, any word on fines for the Steelers? How about Alex Brown being twisted down and injured? Carter leaving his feet and leading with his head TWICE into Olsen? Any apology from the league for not calling an obvious take down on HH on that 39-yard run that setup a TD? I'd like to see something said about those plays thank you very much.

I'm with you Jason, all I saw Sunday was a dirty team who get a pass from the Refs cause they took home the trophy last year. I watched the game again today and saw a facemask on AB while pass rushing- NO FLAG !, and as Jason pointed out,that 'hug' on HH was so obvious.Carter should be suspended for a game for using the crown of his helmet as a weapon !

I felt several times the Steelers were getting the SB treatment from the refs. Is there a site we can complain at ourselves? Has Lovie sent the NFL game film of those cheap shots?

i was at the game on sunday and i cant believe that carter wasn't fined for both of those hits on olsen if the league wants to be tough then be tough on everybody not just some you cant fine a guy for pushing then not fine a guy for an illegel hit that just makes no sense

NFL didn't want the Bears to win, it's part of the Mafia Conspiracy

What's tough is Anderson isn't making millions of dollars like other players in this league are at.

He's getting paid his fifth round draft pick rookie contract money. So a ten-thousand dollar fine is a huge chunk of his pay.

I know cry me a river on NFL players losing money, but you feel bad for Anderson in this case.

Yes, but you have to admit that Anderson's was a senseless retaliation for getting shoved in the back at the end of a play. It cost the Bears 15 yards, and probably had an effect on the Steelers being able to break off a long run on the very next play. Life isn't fair, but you have to be smarter than that.

Go Anderson! Go Bears!

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