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Lovie says Alex Brown should check out fine with ankle sprain

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When Alex Brown limped off the field during the fourth quarter Sunday afternoon at Soldier, unable to put weight on his left foot, it didn't look promising for the defensive end.

But the veteran vowed after the Bears' 17-14 victory over Pittsburgh to not miss any time, and it looks like that will be the case.

"Alex Brown has an ankle sprain,'' coach Lovie Smith said at his press conference this afternoon. "No more than that. He should be good to go.''

Brown, a fourth-round pick in 2002, has not missed a game in his professional or college career because of injury. He could be in the running for NFC defensive player of the week as he had two sacks and helped force an interception with a pressure of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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Does Seattle have Walter Jones back?

If he is healthy and playing, it may not matter much about who plays DE on the right side of the defense and how healthy they are. That guy is about as good as they come at left tackle.

So we are going to believe Lovie on injuries??

Great Game! Alex!!!

Da Bears runnin w/ the Devil

They should rest him enough to help it heal but keep him active. He's playing well, no need to push him too hard this week. Seattle is banged up too. We can win that one without him playing the whole game.

It's good to hear Alex Brown isn't going to miss a lot of time, Chicago would have been in trouble had it been a high ankle sprain. If Brown goes down, there's really no one else that could fill in and be as effective on the right side. I like Mark Anderson as a third down pass-rusher, but not as an every down end. Brown is more stout vs the run than Anderson and seems to be stronger at the point of attack, Anderson's game is all about speed. Also, you gotta like A-Browns durability, he's been a very dependable player over the years for Chicago.

I see up on the twitter Lance Briggs had a team high 9 tackles, he's headed back to the pro-bowl. If so, this would be 5 straight for Briggs. Briggs is another defender that has proved to be very dependable for Chicago over the years like A-Brown. People can talk Briggs down all they want as just a "system guy," but I think he is nonetheless one of the league's better defenders, and its hard to argue with 4 straight pro-bowls. Ultimately, its the players and coaches that decide who goes to the pro-bowl, and I think they know what their talking about. Lance Briggs is a legit NFL linebacker, one of the leagues best GO BEARS!!

Melton, anyone?

Brad. what is your take on what has been going on with the running game so far and do you think the ball will start going into Forte's hands more often?

Looks like the Seahawks might be missing both Offensive I really hope that Alex makes in back for the game. The D-Line could really establish some confidence next week, especially some of the younger players who haven't gotten to the QB yet.

Walter Jones is still hurt, not to mention he is 35 and is following the Pace career path. He was a great player but he is no longer that player.

SEA will come down to communication on offense. The Bears will need to run the Ball.

Alex Brown is a good, underrated, all-around player, and he's vital to the D's success. I think Marinelli has given him a boost too; he's playing better than he did last year. You hope he gets some recognition somewhere down the line.

According to Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago, Jim Mora Jr. (Seahawks HC) confirmed that left tackle Sean Locklear and cornerback Josh Wilson suffered high ankle sprains against the San Francisco 49ers and that fullback Justin Griffith is dealing with a sprained MCL. Also, veteran offensive tackle Walter Jones is working his way back from recent knee surgery (I think he may be a little rushed because of Locklears's injury). Then there's the status of middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu, who started Sunday against the 49ers but had to leave the game early with a hamstring injury.

But beware of Mora's replacemnets for the LB & QB positions. David Hawthorne, a former teammate of Bears safety Danieal Manning at Corsicana High School in Texas, recorded six tackles in Seattle's loss. Dickerson also says he saw a few of the local Seattle media members refer to Hawthorne as The Heater. Seneca Wallace is another solid backup that can be plugged into their system. He had about 1500 yards, 11 TDs, & only 3 INTs during Hasselbeck's last injury recovery stint.

Geez Kevin, I thought you would have more faith in Anderson. You know, now that Marinelli's our defensive line coach and everything. First you say Marinelli is making a positive difference with the guys on the d-line then you say you wouldn't trust Mark Anderson (4th year) in the starter role. Yeah, ok.

By the way, the Steeler's line gave up an average of one sack per every ten pass attempts last year. This is the exact same line Kev, same players as 2008. With Roethlisberger throwing 30+ times last Sunday, we fell below the average with Brown's two sacks. Tennessee brought him down 4 times in game one. The Pack? Our line again had two sacks (4 total from team) but Creighton pointed out repeatedly how weak their right side looked in the preseason and he was spot on.

The real difference has been Lovie's play calling. He's calling stunts and blitzes and giving opposing offenses different looks. He's the one making the difference as far as defensive pressure is concerned. I've been tough on him in the past but he's doing a pretty solid job at coordinator. Although, it's not that hard to look good when Boob Babich was the guy in charge last year.

Your idol Rod isn't having much affect on this d-line. Maybe you think that because he gets extra camera time while on the sidelines. These are the same guys, doing the same things, who've looked good against poor lines. They'll probably look good against Seattle too but just wait until we face a team with a formidable line.

The Bears should win and that is making me nervous. Seattle is wounded and just suffered a tough loss. The Bears on the other hand have a shot of confidence having knocked off the champs.

Sometimes we forget these guys all get paid and are really all incredible athletes. Banged up teams can sometimes hunker down and play really tough. That's what I expect in Seattle.

How can you say Marinelli isn't having an effect on the D-line? Sunday was the first time Brown had a multi-sack game since 2006. Ogunleye had two sacks against Green Bay and was on Rodgers all night. No, GB's RT wasn't very good, but at least Ogunleye didn't have 0 sacks against a RT that isn't very good. How many was he supposed to have 6? Give me a break. The D Ends are getting good pressure. Anderson has looked good at times, but if he was good all the time he'd be starting. And he's not. Lovie's play calling has some effect on the pressure, but a lot of it is effort from the D-line and that effort is a result of Marinelli's coaching. If you don't see it I'm not sure what game you're watching.

When I see Goon get sacks against a good RT - Then I will believe in Goon, not untill.

GSH, your spot on with your analysis. But your wasting your breath arguing with Mike, he's always right...end of story. If you do choose to have your own opinion, and I'll say it again for emphasis, "your own opinion," he'll simply come at you with what he thinks is a clever insult. Probably to try and make himself feel better, look right, and to just plain let everybody know his OPINION is the only one that matters....because he's always right.

Mike, the fact that your saying its Lovie Smith's play calling that has improved Chicago's pass rush actually proves a couple things with your great Marinelli debate.

a. Your admitting Chicago's pass rush has improved.

b. Your saying its because of a coach by saying its Lovie Smiths play calling. But yet all off-season all you've been saying is that it doesn't matter who Chicago has coaching, with the current personnel, the pass rush will never improve no matter who is coaching. Now all of the sudden the pass rush has improved, and what do you know, Chicago has the same personnel, and its because of a coach...O.K. Thats just a tad bit hypocritical don't ya say? Especially when your whole argument all off-season has been it doesn't matter who is coaching, with the current personnel Chicago has, their pass rush will never improve....yeah guy, you just keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better.

c. As far as your Lovie Smith calling blitzes is what is improving Chicago's pass rush argument. My question is, what does that have to do with the fact both defensive ends have had double digit sack games in back to back weeks? Something they didn't do a year ago. Blitz or no blitz, the defensive end still has to beat the player in fromt of him, again, not a good argument.

Now Mike, show us all your maturity and come at me with any insult you want, but the fact of the matter is this. Chicago's pass rush has improved from a year ago on the defensive line, and its been with the same personnel with Rod Marinelli as their coach, now GO BEARS!!

Creighton, you've been spot on with your analysis. But your wasting your breath arguing with Kevin, he's always right...end of story.

And Kevin, don't give me the "oh it's just my opinion let's all play nice" crap. That's usually what people say when they can't back up their opinions like you reasoning that if the team gets a sack, all praises must be given to Marinelli. I gave you stats, I explained them to you, and you simply covered your ears and went, "Lalala...Marinelli is the best....Lalala...Go Bears!!"

Let's waste some time shall we?

"Mike, the fact that your saying its Lovie Smith's play calling that has improved Chicago's pass rush actually proves a couple things with your great Marinelli debate.

a.Your admitting Chicago's pass rush has improved."

The lines we've faced were still poor. However if you strategically bring a few extra guys on the blitz to pressure the quarterback, the pass rush should improve. But how does credit go to the d-line when extra guys are coming in to help? Especially in the Cover-2 where the front four is expected to generate most of the pressure? You know, the same Cover-2 Rod is such an expert in?

"b. Your saying its because of a coach by saying its Lovie Smiths play calling. But yet all off-season all you've been saying is that it doesn't matter who Chicago has coaching, with the current personnel, the pass rush will never improve no matter who is coaching."

That's false Kevin. I made the distinction that a position coach would make little to no difference in the pass rush. For a guy that gets on Creighton for allegedly making things up or stretching the truth as you claim he does, you're using the exact same tactics.

"c. As far as your Lovie Smith calling blitzes is what is improving Chicago's pass rush argument. My question is, what does that have to do with the fact both defensive ends have had double digit sack games in back to back weeks? Something they didn't do a year ago."

Wale faced a tackle that fell backwards without being touched. The Steelers are notorious for having a bag of garbage for their line. Everyone gets sacks on them. Again, they faced bad lines. Again, just like Creighton has pointed out. Again, were you impressed by last years St. Louis game?

"Now Mike, show us all your maturity and come at me with any insult you want..."

Tempting. But I'll let Creighton handle that. His Bumstead parodies of you are sufficient.

I heard the only reason Daniael Manning got a safety on Aaron Rodgers is because Rod Marinelli willed him to do it ...

It's still way too early in the season to be evaluating Rod Marinelli's impact good, bad or indifferent. So far two guys - in two different games - have provided all the sacks. Goon beat a very bad tackle like a drum. Brown beat a below-average tackle like a drum. Still no signs of Tommie Harris, Marcus Harrison, Jarron Gilbert or Mark Anderson. I want to see the line improve, but so far no one in their right mind can tell me that they are better than last season when the inside playmakers and sack specialist have been MIA.

Guys I am not trying to start a debate. It was game two of the season. I was just pointing out some things I see. Not a big deal. Look has Harris improved his play from last year? No, he looks bad. Has Anderson improved his play from last year? Again no he looks bad.

Are they getting pressure? Yes, but the question is will teams adjust? The answer is yes. At one point during the game Lovie blitzed 16 times in a row. Thats never a good sign. I said before the season started they could go 2-0 in there first two games. GB does not impress me and PIT is not as good as they where a year ago.

All I am saying is wait till the Bears play a decent O-Line before you say they are improved on the D-Line. You all did it last year after the Colts game. You where telling me how great the defense was against a great Colts O-Line. Nobody wanted to admit that the Colts where starting 4 backups with only a week of work together and an injured Manning who had not practiced.

It's really not a big deal, they don't play much in terms of solid O-Lines this year anyway. DET x2, STL, GB, SEA(I cannot believe they are favored), CIN, CLE, are all bad O-Lines, ARZ has a decent O-Line, along with PHI, BAL has a good line and so does SF, and MIN has a real good line. If the Bears line plays good against MIN then you know they are better. But as it stands they have done ok against 2 really bad lines, so for me that does not tell me much. I do know they are blitzing a lot and Lovie himself has said that they are in trouble if they have to blitz to much. As it stands the front 4 are not getting a lot of pressure rushing just 4 or even 5. The Bears are blitzing 2 inside to help them out.

I will say i was glad to see Bowman, I can only take so much of Vasher giving away a win. Just stay healthy.

By the way a big shout out to special teams should be in order.

My biggest concern, is where are the takeaways? My second is that while some feel you don't need to run the ball. I feel it is very important. Your QB will have bad days and there will be times when weather will not permit a passing game. I am pretty sure Forte is not the problem. O-Line is a problem. Last, PIT has a bad running game, mostly because of there really bad line, but they showed with there really bad line that you could run at Harris and Goon with success, that will be a problem against the Vikings, 49ers, BAL and even CIN.

As for play calling by Lovie he is calling games the same way he always has. His play calling is an improvment over Babich but that is not hard to do.

By the end of the season I figure the will finish with a top 20 defense and a top 20 offense and will probably be in the middle of the pack. I think they are decent but that is it. If they beat Atlanta, then you are talking a playoff team. They should be 3-1 when they play them. If they don't make the playoff's with this scheduel Lovie and Angelo should be chased out of town. If they loose too SEA and CIN, then there is a problem.

The Bears are not a bad team, but they are not close to being a great team. They have the QB but I don't think they have the lines to be a dominant team. That does not mean they are not a threat to win every game. It just means that outside of teams like DET and STL its hard to lock them in for wins.

I think the next step for the team is to improve communication with the offense on the road. That was what I saw as the biggest problem in GB.

I am not in the mood to argue over nothing, I just got back form Vegas and I am dragging. It's not a big deal. I am sure if I am right everyone will blame me for the problem and if I am wrong everyone will be thrilled I was wrong about something. Either way it's not going to get rid of my jet lag or the 6 days of abuse I just slammed into my body.

How about we all just root for the Bears this week and hope PackerBacker gets molested by a Deer. It would be nice for the deer to give instead of recieve for a change.

By the way where is that chicken s###?

hear hear Da Coach
exactly. We have played good D and I expect us to play better D than last year, but where are some of the players? Goon? gimme a break - wasn't that a rook? and what about this week? No Goon at all?? That stuff is not what championships are made of. I really like the D play calls by Lovie, (not funny Creighton, lol) and we are a lot improved over last 2 years but lets not get too excited yet as I remember the Colts game and here's hopin we don't pull that stunt again. But the guys have looked better, Adams, and Harris (who had the take down) were in there, the DB's look better especially with Vasher out and no doubt Tillman had a incredible play, call it luck but it looked like a veteran move to me that saved a sure TD. So there are improvements over last year. Anderson did no better than Goon (even worse if thats possible) HH had a good game but we all saw the holes on the left side of our D. (Goons side) This team looks like a work in progress, which means wew will continue to improve in my opinion. But I felt some excitement on the D players didn't you? Didn't see that last 2 years.

oh yeah Go Vote for Knox for Rook of the Week!!!

I am trying to figure out who to drop so I can pick him up in FF, dude looks that good doesn't he??? Maybe I'll drop Hester, lol

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