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Lovie responds to Cutler critics Martz, Mora Sr.

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Lovie Smith said he has not spoken to his former boss Mike Martz, who lobbied hard for Smith to get a head-coaching job at the end of the 2003 season, about the remarks Martz made Monday night on NFL Network about Jay Cutler.

Martz and Jim Mora Sr., on the debut episode of "The Coaches Show'' stirred the pot when they were critical of Cutler in his postgame press conference Sunday night at Lambeau Field. Cutler didn't do anything out of the ordinary, he's typically short with media, especially in postgame settings.

"I'm trying to get ready for Pittsburgh,'' Smith said when asked if he had spoken with Martz. "I'm talking to my wife, a little bit, right now. Everyone else is a little bit lower on my list."

Smith was familiar with the comments made by Smith and Mora, who said that someone in the organization needed to talk to Cutler, that Cutler was not being accountable and that Cutler needed to understand he represented the entire organization.

"First off, you have to look at the setting a little bit,'' Smith said. "We had just come off of a tough loss to one of our rivals. I looked at Jay's comments that he made, and it's a little disappointing especially coming from a couple of former coaches to make those type of comments about Jay. Everyone that has been around him, his teammates, former coaches, they know what type of player he is, what type of person he is.

"He represents our organization well. We're glad he is on our football team, but at the same time we cannot be concerned about criticism coming from the outside. Right now it's easy to dogpile us because we didn't play well. But how you get rid of things like that is to play well. That's why we're anxious to play Pittsburgh this week and go from there."

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Interesting coming from a Coach who CANNOT keep a job(Martz), be it an assistant or head coach. And a coach who(Mora Sr.), as a GROWN MAN GREY- hair and all, had the most REFERENCED post-game press conference of all time. (EVERYONE remembers Mora's rant- PLAYOFFS??) or the infamous comment of "diddly-poo".

The problem is,- THERE IS TOO many UN-EMPLOYED coaches paid to (NOW) run their MOUTHS instead of coaching.

You tell it as it is Lovie. We're all with you and god willing you guys will show them how wrong they are in all their critiques.

Fish wrap fodder, anyone who would take the time to actually write about what those two have to say about anything is beyond me. I am only concerned about what JC's Chicago peers say and JC himself. It was only 1 of 16 games on the schedule and a hard fought game at that. I look forward to watching this team get better each week all the while knowing that these idiots talking trash now will be eating thier words. GO BEAR!

It is time to kick all the over-the-hill ex-coaches who are playing at being an expert sports reporter UNDER THE BIG YELLOW BUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Have Martz or Mora ever seen an Urlacher post-game talk? Jay is obviously representing the team well based on those standards. Keep your hat low, don't make eye contact, mumble when possible and give short, quick responses. Big deal.

Good response Lovie! I liked that "I'm talking to my wife..." joke too.

There all right. Cutler looked like a complete crybaby after the game and that looser cost us the game bigtime. I told you all that I have had enough with the chicago bears. I have been a fan all the way sense 2006 but I have had enough of Angelo. He is the worst GM ever and this teams SUCKS. The pitsburg stealers on the other hand is an organization that knows how to build winning teams. I've always liked there 3-4 defense sense they stop everyone that comes there way. So I am now officialy a Stealers fan and proud of it.

So long loosers! Lovie is such a tool. Oh and get ready for a big dose of big M aka Rashard Mendenhall this Sunday. He'll put Forte to shame!! Hahaha!

Would you rather go through this with Cutler or have Orton???? ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!BEAR DOWN!!

See ya Creighton. Keep your word.

ok cutler whined big deal and he was nervous.Besides the fact that he has rookie rec. and devin which is a project by far.criegton they just spent all that money on penut urlach,briggs harris and vasher.they took them to the bowl i would have too who know vasher would loose speed urlach would b inj and harris would inj himself bad.come on.and they just got a very good QB .i think hes gonna be better than any Qb weve had since kramer.but i do think they need to trade urlacher,dump harris and vasher and start over agin.I also think they need to get rid of ron turner...and babich...

I have a feeling that there is a Creighton impersonator or a drunk Creighton or possibly both. Multiple misspelled words: looser/loser, pitsburg stealers/pittsburgh steelers, there/their, sense/since, Stealers/Steelers, loosers/losers.... sheesh.

Whoever you are, I agree the Steelers are a first rate team with a first rate coach and a first rate GM and a first rate owner.... and I frickin hate them and their fans. Jealousy? You bet. Respect them? Always. Root against them? Count on it.

Creighton? FAIL!

Wasn't Mora fired because he couldn't get along with Peyton Manning? I bet he feels vindicated ripping on Cutler now. Wasn't his playoffs rant based on trashing Manning's ability to win football games?

No one gives a crap what Martz or Mora have to say ! If they're so smart, why aren't they coaching somewhere ? Besides, Mora is the LAST one who should point fingers about post game comments. Lovie had better step it up, or next year he'll be sitting next to them on some lame ex-coache's show !


Agree 100%. Except we shouldn't hate anybody.

I will say though that if the real Creighton wears his outfit, get's the ink, and holds his sign like he said? All he has to do is hang with the Pittsburg fans and nobody will be able to pick him out of the crowd.

Also, Tony Dungy said Cutler was a bad fit for the Bears because he was very immature.
Who died and made him the authority on players.

Creighton? Seriously? Seriously?!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go back to your D&D game. Your facebook page is the funniest thing I've seen all year. I'm guessing you wouldn't know a football if it hit you in one of your many chins. Also, if you're going to criticize, do us all a favor and learn how to spell. Public school has failed you my friend.

The Bears will be fine. Lovie's right. And since it's his paycheck on the line, I'll take his word for it. Despite last week, I'm very optimistic about our chances this year. Urlacher is hurt, but save for one play, our defense brought both the noise and the funk. The playoffs are in our future. I have foreseen it...

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