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Jay Cutler Unplugged: The QB in his own words

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They can't say Jay Cutler didn't put his best face forward this afternoon when he walked into the media room at Halas Hall and addressed the Bears' disappointing 21-15 defeat Sunday night at Lambeau Field, one of the worst performances of his career from the standpoint that he throw four interceptions. We're not going to interpret any words or slice up any quotes or spin this, we'll just put out parts of what said, particularly in relation to the game and the fallout from the game.

They said on TV you were nervous before the game, was that the case?

"I think everyone's nervous before the game. If you're not nervous, it means you don't care about it. It's probably time to hang it up. I think that whole locker room was nervous. Everyone had a few butterflies. It was the first game. It was the kick off of the season. It was a good nervous though."

So you were not more nervous than a typical game?

"No, not at all."

Were you satisfied with your composure during the game?

"Throwing four picks, it's tough. There's a lot of ups and downs. Normally in a game there are a lot of ups and downs. But the way we were coming on and off the field, I thought we did a good job of bouncing back. Even whenever I put the defense in a hole the way we did, the guys bounced back, made some plays and gave us a chance at the end."

Do you have to balance expectations for the receivers knowing they are young and inexperienced?

"We're young. That's no excuse, though. They know what to do. We practice it all week. We go over it. They know exactly what they're doing, and I thought they did a great job on Sunday for us. We'll continue to get better and better with those guys and I'll get better too."

What do you make of the analysis of everything from your facial expressions to sideline demeanor and is that expected?

"You expect it, and when you lose that stuff gets magnified even more. If we win that ballgame and I play a little bit better, it's going to be a lot better outcome. I'm sure some of the columns are going to be a little more positive. When you throw picks, you're going to get criticized, you're going to get picked apart a little bit, and that's as expected."

Are you being misperceived?

"I don't know. I haven't really read anything this week or previous weeks. I'm worried about the guys in the locker room; this offense, this team and how we're playing on a week-in, week-out basis. We're worried about the Steelers right now."

Are you familiar with the comments by Mike Martz and Jim Mora Sr. regarding your press conference? Have you heard them?

"I have not. I heard briefly about it. Like I said, we can't worry about that. I can't worry about that. Just worry about the guys in the locker room and getting better."

Was it one of your most difficult weeks?

"I'm disappointed. The locker room's disappointed in the loss. I'm disappointed in my performance. I let the guys down, four picks. But we can't dwell on it. I can't dwell on it. We've got to keep going. The city obviously is probably a little bit disappointed as well. We're going to bounce back, I'm going to bounce back. We're going to get better. That I can promise you."

More on Cutler later.

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It's refreshing to see someone taking snaps that actually gives a $hi# about the games that he is playing in. If I threw four picks, I'd be furious and super disappointed too. The media should see this as a guy who is obviously better than this, but had a tough day at the office.

It's amazing how so many in the media are running Cutler down. He had a tough opener. However, he made throws we haven't seen in Chicago in a long time. He threw deep to Hester on the money. He threw deep to Knox on the money. He threw short outs over LB's but under CB's. He threw to the WR on the line 2x's for big gains when the CB was too far off.

In 3 games he's going to start getting in sync with his WR's and then everybody who says he doesn't have leadership skills, or heart, or whatever it is they can say to run him down, will have to shut up or look like the fool.

Good direct comments from Cutler. I hope he is right about getting better because Pittsburgh is going to crash the line like madmen.Their all-pro defensive guy is out, but their pass rush is still tough, even without his blitzes.I hope the Bears can run the ball and take some pressure off of the passing game, but Clark being out hurts in that regard.

Does that sound like an immature guy? I don't think so. People are too hard on Cutler. It's going to take time for him get in tune with his receivers and vice verse. I am glad that he does not pay attention to the media dissecting his every word and facial expression. Media always looks for controversy; it sells.
Be patient; Jay is going to be great. I am more concerned about the injuries on defense; Urlacher out for the year; we need Pisa back soon, and Vasher looks slow. Why wasn't Bowman in there at the end?

The media again and the media circus act. I remember it with Ditka, I remember it with Neal Anderson, I remember it with Jordan, I remember it with Pippen, with the Big Hurt, with Sammy with just about every sports figure here.

My god can we move on now to the Steelers and talk football and not nonsense?

This is worse than is a tabloid. Nobody, not even Green Bay, Red Wing or Cardinal fans are worse and more spiteful than the Chicago media.

Yeah I can read it all in there. Petulant, out for himself, not accountable, immature, throws his teammates under the bus. It's all in there.

Duh. Are we really that gullible?

What people fail to understand it that the "expert" ex-coaches and players that are being quoted are members of the media now. They are getting paid to generate material that promotes interest and sells advertising space in whatever media outlet that employs them. The material they generate is OPINION. Opinion is like an editorial, you don't have to be supported by facts, you just say what you think, or even what you think will sell and promote interest. They don't have to be accurate, they just have to be interesting.

Most of the people they are quoting are ex-coaches. They are experts in critiquing players and are members of the coaching fraternity. They are going to be very reluctant to side with a player who is at odds with another coach. Just for starters, the coach has the power to say "alright nobody on this team talk to Mora....cut him off or get fined". No player has that power so they are sitting ducks.

"Cutler's a good guy and a good quarterback" is not going to be a best seller. It's my opinion, and I don't have anything to sell.

I agree with Tony C and wmfights. Jay is a passionate player. I have not figured out why the old, over the hill, used up former coaches have such a problem with Jay's facial expressions. We know when Jay is happy, when he is frustrated, and when he is mad. That has nothing to do with his playing. And Jay's yelling at the receivers (if you want I will list their names for the fans who do not know how to read)....THEY DESERVED IT!! They were not running their routes, they were turning in the wrong direction, and the rookie tripped over his own two big feet and fell down going for the ball. If Jay doesn't yell at them who is?? And they better listen to him or he won't be throwing the ball to them. Blame the coach and GM for not hiring experienced receivers. The Bears will never make it to the playoffs with the receivers that they now have. And this Cr#p about Jay not wanting to talk to the media....who cares!! Jay and all the other players should just start saying "NO COMMENT" to all the media questions by sport reporters...they are nothing but back stabbing, attention seeking, money grubbing, 2nd rate journalists! Whatever happened to "integrity" in reporting? Why the so called sports media decided to pick apart Jay is beyond me....I am a Jay fan from Denver and I will continue to be one. When Jay is on his game he is beautiful to watch..he has passion. Everyone has an off game...even the great John Elway. He had five (5) interceptions in one game when he was young like Jay and look how he turned out. So suck it up Bears fans and quit listenings to the biased sports reporters and the over the hill, looking for attention, supposed to be friends with Lovie, ex-coaches. Jay has played one game with the Bears, give him at least one season before you pick him apart.

Why are these coaches dumping on Cutler?

Have you ever seen T Owens on the field or a sideline when he rips a QB for not throwing to him more?

Ever notice the impact it has on the team?

Ever wonder why teams keep telling T.O. to move it along after a few years?

Peyton Manning might be the most intense QB of this decade. At times, it is clear he has been frustrated on the field with his and others' performances, but I don't recall him being so demonstrative that TV caught it... and questioned it.

Or Ben Roethlisberger.

Or Tom Brady.

All of these QBs have won Super Bowls. Cutler doesn't have a .500 record as a starter, but HE can dump on his receivers?

He hasn't earned the right to be so vocally critical when he has been far from perfect.

As a QB, those conversations take place on the sideline, face to face with the receiver.

Otherwise, all we are going to get is another "Zambrano."

The Cubs are ready to run Zambrano out of town because of his antics. Cutler's in-game antics were no less of a concern, because if left unchecked, they will only get worse.

Game Face? Whats a Game Face?
Seen Coach Knights media room - `Whats a Game Face', funny as the one about `A Nose for the Ball' lolol

Here's a link to some of Coach Best

Coach tells the media exactly what he thinks of them! lolol

maybe Jay could go to the Bob Knight School of Media Room Comments

But its true guys (Mora) can do what they want but as soon as they turn Media - look out

I lived in Denver for two years and that is just they way the kid is. The x-coaches are right; he just doesn't get it. Get used to it Chicago.

anonymous who lived in Denver,

You're such a idiot-jackass. You don't know him - and you're just jealous because he left the Broncos.

Troy Aikman was known for grabbing face-masks.

Manning has had melt downs in the media and the sidelines.

Anyone remember John Elway when he refused to play for, who was it, the Colts? He was a pretty immature when he first went to Denver.

Mike Singletary pulled his pants down during a half-time speech for the Niners! (I love it, by the way LMAO)

What about Chris Collinsworth's video that has recently resurfaced?

What about Albert Haynesworth maiming another player with cleats?

What about Ray Lewis being charged with accessory to murder?

What about Rod Caruth killing his pregnant girlfriend?

What about Najeh Davenport defecating in his girlfriends laundry basket?

What about Buddy Ryan punching Kevin Milbride?

Some of those guys are legends - others are maniacs.

But the fact is, Jay Cutler doesn't have to act like "sunshine" after he throws 4-picks. He's doing just fine.

Get the f**k off the Jays back and let the man do his job.

All these people jumping on jay is so rediculous. HE HAD A BAD GAME. On Nov. 16th of last year San Diego played Pittsburgh. Phillip Rivers'line: 15-26, 164yrds, 0td, 2 pics, 44.4 rating. Hmm. he has bad games too?(and he has a good offense around him). On Dec. 14th The giants played Dallas. Eli's line: 18-35, 191, 0td, 2 int, 43.9 rating. Dec 7th the Cowboys played pittsburgh. Romo's line: 19-36, 210, 1td, 3 int, 44.9 rating. Nov 30th Colts Vs. Browns. Peyton's line: 15-21, 125, 0td, 2 int, 46.8 rating. I can go on and on. Here's the point: every QB has bad games. and these guys are all guys that all these writers would say they would love to have on the bears and they all had terrible games just like Cutler did. As for this criticism of hi Post game press conference. Absolute stupidity. Jay had just played the game he'd been waiting 5 months to play and stunk it up. Of course he is going to be ticked off and give short answers. these media guys will jump on the bandwagon when he has game where he throws 4 tds and no pics, which will happen. Criticism from Martz and Mora, who cares. From Dungy? He sees nothing wrong with Michael Vick but has a bug up his butt about Cutler? Please. Jay can play, and at an elite level. He will struggle sometimes, I just showed you they all do. But, he is going to do great. He'll be fine. Problem is when his contract is up he'll leave, so he doesn't have to deal with these ignorant chicago media people. The media in this city is rediculous

the fans in chicago are behind jay,and il bet this game will put some fuel on the fire,a 26 year old will make mistakes but if you dont make mistakes you wont learn from them,jay will come out swinging in week 2,and even though he had 4 picks,i seen things in that game that iv never seen from a chi qb,we need to give jay more time to throw and the receivers must run the right routes and improvise when the play breaks down,be physical with the defensive backs and not get knocked off there routes

Personnaly, I do not think that the Bears or any team will beat the Steelers. They are the power house this year! I just hope that Jay and the Bears make a good showing against them. If Jay keeps his cool and doesn't throw interceptions, if the receivers run their routes and do not trip on their own feet, if tight ends remember to get on the bus for the game, and if a certain defensive player remembers not to leave the field before the game is over then that is the most we can hope for against the Steelers. No one in their right mind would expect the Bears to win all 16 it is better to lose at the beginning and learn from your mistakes then lose in November and December and have no time to correct the problems. Go Jay and the Bears!!!! I remember John Elway and yes he was booed by the Denver Fans...but after 13 years he finally won his first Super Bowl game. I think the Chicago fans should at least give Jay one year before they let the vultures pick his bones clean!!!

So if the BEARS fans really back Cutler as I think the majority do, why don't they absolutely boycott the Chicago media. We have all known for years that they are the worst media idiots anywhere. RIGHT?

I live in Indy and Peyton Manning wore his heart on his sleeve with his facial expressions for a LONG time.

My wife, no football fan, even used to mock Manning. "There he goes, shaking his head again!" after he'd miss on a 3rd down play.

Jay will get into a groove soon, hopefully this weekend against the Steelers!

Get off the guy's back !!

Jay keep slingin it and do what ya gotta do!!

While Chicago is the greatest city we gotta a bunch of moronic clowns in the media!! We have tried for years to get rid of them but can't.. anyway just win which I'm sure you will do and they will be forced to be quiet!!

Well said by most but still the recievers made him look worst by being in the wrong place or not hanging on to the ball. Looking at this bunch they do need a experienced mentor for these youngins, Harrison maybe old but he knows, Jones maybe be a risk but he knows. Maybe it's time to revisit this, I was one of the biggest backers of keeping the young ones but after watching them last Sunday I might be re-considering my stance.

Big unit,

Do you remember 2007, when P. Manning threw 6 picks to the Chargers? Just wanted to add that one to your list, because it is the best comparison. You could add in Roethlisberger's amazing first Super Bowl win too (9 for 21 (42.9%), 123 yards, 0 TDs, 2 interceptions, QB rating 22.6). Or Ben's 4 interception game against Oakland, followed the next week by his 3 interception game against Denver in 2006. He took a week off before doing it again against Cleveland two weeks later. And you know what? He yelled, a lot. How about his 4 interception meltdown against the Giants in 2008? Must have been a bad year for him right? Brady had 4 against Denver in 2001 must've been an awful super bowl season. Not to mention his 2003 opener against Buffalo (also 4 ints, also a Super Bowl season)Miami game in 2004? 4 ints. 2005? KC, 4 ints. 2006? Colts, 4 ints. Jets, too.

Quarterbacks have bad games. Anyone seen the 60 minutes with Brady? He is intentionally a hyper competitive *** too. Not ashamed of it one bit. Has anyone else ever read an article about "the Manning face?" It is a tracked phenom by William J. "Bill" Simmons from ESPN. Peyton and Eli both do it. It is their face of utter disgust, disbelief, and contempt when stuff goes wrong in a game or they get too much pressure put on them. It looks a lot like, I don't know, like they are getting upset.

Same crap. Cutler's "problem" is 100% a phantom problem. The media locked on to suggestions by a coach that a player over reacted after that coach blew a situation. Strangely enough, a month later, yet another offensive star under that coach had to be suspended for his problems with said coach.

Suddenly, all the ex-coach paid media analysts want to follow and hound the QB that got traded (while talking about it being unprecedented, as if Eli Manning and J. Elway didn't pull far worse crap by being VOCALLY against playing for the team that owned their rights, while Cutler kept his mouth shut.

Sounds like its called be an aggressive demanding player at an elite level of competition to me.

great comment brendan H.
So brady has thrown four picks five times in his career. hmm, that's interesting. I bet the media over there didn't analyze every facial expression he made the next week or whine about his press conferences. Just look at the games for all the top QBs, they all struggle sometimes. I really don't know what these writers want from Jay. They want him to act like orton I guess. Orton didn't call people out or get emotional cause he was just thankful to have a job. It's jay's job to tell guys when they mess up. And he took responsiblity in his presser on Wed. for his own play. Neil hayes wrote a great column on it today. Those whiney babies at the tribune(haugh and morrisey) are all bent out of shape that Jay scratches his back while he answers questions and won't make eye contact with them. They are professional jock sniffers who know nothing about real quarterbacking. Little whiny babies.

I think someone has already mentioned this, but it's worth repeating.

What the hell is Tony Dungy doing commenting on Cutler's maturity when he's become Mike Vick's public advocate?

According to the law, Mike Vick has paid his debt and therefore has a right to return to work and once again become a multi-millionaire.

That said, he's a despicable human being who's been convicted of multiple felonies and some pretty heinous crimes. Yes, I said it. Torturing and killing domesticated animals en-mass is a heinous crime. It ain't up there with murdering and raping humans. But I think it's pretty freaking heinous, and I'm a deer hunter.

And on the same Football Night in America Broadcast, Tony, in his disgusting arrogance, bashes Jay Cutler and defends his continued advocacy of Mike Vick.

Disgusting. Tony Dungy has just been downgraded to jerk-off on my list.


Jay you know Nashville loves you!

The Bears need to know how to catch? Who was the TE who dropped the TD pass!

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