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Indications are that Hillenmeyer does not have fractured rib

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All indications are that Hunter Hillenmeyer did not suffered a fractured rib in Sundays victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Hillenmeyer was originally injured on a run play in the second quarter, and then he tried to continue playing before taking two more hits in the same area on his torso.

He was examined at Qwest Field, and in cases like this the team always gives the player an X-ray. Following the game, a source said the injury was not that serious, and coach Lovie Smith backed that up today at his press conference.

"We'll see how that plays out the rest of the week, hopefully he'll be able to go [Sunday vs. Detroit],'' Smith said. ``It isn't as serious as [tight end Desmond Clark's] injury, so hopefully we'll get good news on that front.''

Clark suffered a fractured rib in the opener at Green Bay, but he returned to practice for limited duty on Friday, and it's his hope that he will play vs. the Lions after missing just two weeks. Still, the Bears are going to have to consider adding some help at the position. They are razor thin at linebacker. Pisa Tinoisamoa will probably test out his sprained right knee in practice this week, and there is a possibility he will return to action against Detroit. Like Clark, he was injured in the opener. But when Hillenmeyer went down, the Bears were left with only one reserve linebacker--recently signed Tim Shaw. Nick Roach moved from strong side to the middle, and Jamar Williams took over at strong side.

"We'll keep all of our options open like we do,'' Smith said about seeking help. ``We'll evaluate the situation.''

With the bye following the Lions game, it's possible the Bears will stand pat. If Hillenmeyer, Tinoisamoa or both can return this week, they could give it a go instead of having to cut a player, probably a defensive back, to add a temporary reserve linebacker. The Bears already considered the possibility of adding veteran Derrick Brooks after the opener in Green Bay when Tinoisamoa was injured and Brian Urlacher was lost for the season.

Stay tuned.

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I would not risk either Hunter or Pisa versus the Lions. The core we had playing at the end of the Seattle game with Roach, Williams and Briggs will be more than sufficient and ensure that both Hunter and Pisa are 110% ready to go for a good Atlanta squad. I am not against the idea of still bringing in Derrick Brooks for help either, maybe it would give us a solid chance to see exactly what he has left. What the Bears need to concern themselves with more is the sense of urgency. They needed to put away and injury riddled team like the Seahawks and they did not. A little more aggressiveness from the offense early in games would be nice to see instead of waiting to have to come back. Many times it seems as if when the Bears are tied or up by 3 or 7 points they act like they are up by 2 or 3 scores. Someone needs to tell the coaching staff that it's ok to have a killer instict to put teams away early and stay on top of them. There conservative approach may have snuck out a win yesterday versus a star injured team, but pull this crap on a more talented team and there will be no chance for survival.

If Hunter and Pisa can't go vs Detroit I would wager that they bring back Marcus Freeman to fill in as a reserve/ST player.

Freeman was cut after the final pre-season game and at least has played in our system in all 4-preseason games plus a full set of OTA's and training camp. He would make sense over a street Free Agent at this point....

Either way we need to let the wounded heal up this week and during the Bye... Detroit will play us tough but we shouldn't have too much trouble dispatching them at home without players like Hunter, Pisa, Clark ect....

Go Bears !!

Oh man, we can't get a break ! The def. played better without him , Roach did a great job.

I cracked a rib one time skiing and didn't take a deep breath for 2 months. One wrong move and it would feel like a body punch from a heavyweight. You kind make a subdued grunt, sit up straight and freeze. It makes you afraid to make any kind of sudden move for a couple seconds till the pain eases away.

Boggles my mind that these guys are trying to play pro football with broken ribs or any kind of rib injury.

Brad: Good news about Hunter, but I'm still a bit skeptical myself that unless we let this thing heal all the way he will be hurt for the entire year, something we can not afford on this young defense. Other than Derrick Brooks,and Zac Thomas what other veterans are available who could play inside LB and help the BEARS a little on special teams? If we bring someone in it should be a younger body that we could possibliy use down the road, bringing in a grizzled vet is only a band-aid at this point, and with Brian's latest injury we need to be thinking about a long-term replacement in this position.

Freeman is not coming back. He is on the Buffalo Bills practice squad since last Tuesday.

Interesting story in the Southtown on Sunday that mentioned Napoleon Harris as a possible add for the Bears. He's a Chicago guy, and more importantly, he's a cover-2 guy, and unlike Brooks, he's a MLB. And he's still in shape, according to the writer.

ohiobear --

You can sign a player from anyone's practice squad onto your active roster. Not that I want Freeman back.

Frankly, I hope Hunter sits, because I would like to see another game of Roach at MLB.

He simply has more athleticism than Hunter, and seems to get off of blocks better. If he can handle the job, he should stay there.

In terms of signing someone, I would see how little Brooks is willing to take. They have cap room, and he can likely back up all three positions.

He played in the system for over a decade. I think he can pick up what little wrinkles Lovie put into his own cover 2

Bill, I can't believe I'm saying this but I totally agree. Turner is a total dope and he consistently handicaps our offense. We deserve better! Brian Griese where are you!?

Mike shame on you.

Bill you said you great friends with Angelo, and you said that you where the guy that convinced the Bears to get Cutler. Just have your best buddy Angelo get a new OC.

Lovie is the head coach and this is his style of play. Turner has no problem airing it out and has proved that in the past, like in 1995. Lovie is a conservative coach. He learned it in Tampa, a team that used to sit on 3 point leads for a living and would run the ball more than pass it even when they where down by 2 scores.

Who hijacked this thread?

It was a story about Hunter and who was going to play LB. And now we have people commenting on Cutler and OC Turner. It is not as though there aren't other stories to post those comments on.

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