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Houshmandzadeh gearing up for big game vs. Bears

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T.J. Houshmandzadeh is preparing himself for a monster week against the Bears, regardless of who plays quarterback for Seattle.

Starter Matt Hasselbeck was sidelined with a fractured rib at practice Wednesday, and Seneca Wallace took the first-team reps in practice, but that hasn't stopped the veteran wide receiver from fashioning big plans. He has 10 catches for 110 yards through the Seahawks' first two games and pointed out those are the types of numbers he's accustomed to producing in a single week. After the Bears didn't give him so much as a sniff in free agency, he's prepared to show them what type of mistake they made.

"Ah, man, the Bears ain't hollered at me, man,'' Houshmandzadeh said on a teleconference with reporters. "Jerry Angelo probably didn't think I could play, so I'm going to show him Sunday."

Houshmandzadeh has started doing his homework too, reciting that second-year cornerback Zack Bowman, a fifth-round draft pick, is from Nebraska.

"I started watching film yesterday,'' Houshmandzadeh said. "Obviously, last week was his first week starting against Pittsburgh. He did fairly well. For him, it's just kind of getting out there and getting a feel for it. Obviously, coming from Nebraska, I am assuming when he first got to Nebraska they were probably a run team and they kind of evolved into a passing team, so he probably got better as his college career went on.

"But, obviously he has corners he can learn from. Vash [Nathan Vasher] has got great instincts and [Charles] Tillman is probably more the guy he would want to learn from because they're similar in size.''

The Bears probably would have been interested in Houshmandzadeh, 31, if he wasn't the only top-flight wide receiver that was in free agency. That drove up the market for him quickly and he signed for $40 million over five years in Seattle with the key number being $15 million guaranteed. He's a big target, which is one thing the Bears are lacking.

"That's their choice,'' Houshmandzadeh said. "That's what makes America great. You have the right to do what you want to do and they chose not to do that. It is what it is.

"They've got good receivers there. Devin Hester is going to develop into a pretty good receiver. He has great quickness, great lateral movement, great speed, great hand-eye coordination, so he should be able to develop into a pretty good receiver if he has a coach and they open up the pass game for him."

Houshmandzadeh is just focused in on his game no matter who lines up across from him, Bowman or Tillman.

"My game plan? It doesn't matter who it is,'' he said. "It can be inexperienced, it can be Champ Bailey, it doesn't matter. I feel like I am going to get open and if the protection is there, it doesn't matter who it is. Sometimes those guys that are inexperienced are the ones who are going to make plays on you because they don't realize what is on the line, they just play real freely. So, it doesn't matter, man. The boy is big, he can play, he can run. You can't take nobody for granted in this league because as soon as you do, that's when you will get put out."

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Say what?

Is it just me or does that guy sound like he is about half a bubble off of plumb? Maybe he is trying to answer the questions with rap lyrics or something?

Maybe Angelo did try to hire him but he just couldn't find the place for his interview.

TJ is a reliable but aging possession receiver who benefited greatly from playing with Ochocinco and Carson Palmer.

he was not worth more than ten mil per year, and frankly, I'm not remotely worried about him Sunday.

He'll get his catches, but he is not a threat to burn anyway.

Haha my thoughts exactly MS. looks like we missed out on a real intelligent fellow. I for one am glad Angelo looked the other way when it came to signing this clown. This guy is a season away from being Moose Muhammed.

Couple thoughts on Sunday. Afalava is looking like me might be a beast. great closing speed, sure tackler. Pretty much the opposite of what danieal manning is looking like. that guy seems to wait for the ball carrier to come to him, rather than attacking. his hideous display on the rothlesberger touchdown is a prime example. i agree with Lovie that manning is a gifted athlete, but i'd just like to see some more of the mean side, i.e the safety in week 1. Hoping to see some improvement in week 3, otherwise House might prove me wrong after all.

Hell of a game from hillenmeyer on sunday. that was reassuring. and i already like Omiyale better than beekman. faster and meaner. GO BEARS

"half a bubble off of plumb" LOL

(for the Brits this means: "Two sandwiches short of a picnic")

Yeah, we definitely didn't need this guy. We got Johnny instead!

Go Bears!

TJ running his mouth off again? The guy who raised a big stink about his Madden ratings awhile back? Maybe if he spent more time practicing his skills on the field, instead of his gaming skills, he'd be a top 10 receiver (& not a top 20 WR). Man, I wish all receivers were like Holt or Harrison (humble & quiet!) and less like Owens or Ochocinco (it's actually pronounced Ochentaicinco, Chad! You're just saying eight-five instead of 85!!).

I didn't have a problem at all with what TJ said. Sure, his manner of speech is a little urban, but that's not at all unusal in the NFL these days. Try reading Devin Hester's tweets some time. But getting past the language, I thought TJ was very respectful of the Bears' corner backs (I'm not used to the Bears' secondary getting praise at all). I thought it was kind of unusual that he called out JA by name. Maybe that indicates that he really had hoped to be able to play for the Bears. But overall, I don't have any problem with what he said, and I'm not going to judge him on his syntax.

1)Based on Houshmandzadeh's comments it sounds like he really wanted to play for the Bears and consequently is disappointed he has to play for the Seahawks. This would be quite the disservice to he current team.

2)CTgobears: From what I understand on Rothlisberger's TD he came over late on Jamar Williams' man. Jamar Williams missed his assignment not Danieal Manning

-Maybe Brad Biggs can confirm or deny point 2.

"his hideous display on the rothlesberger touchdown is a prime example."

Brad covered this in depth earlier in the week. Manning was not assigned coverage on the tight end on that play, it was Jamar Williams that made the bad read and came after the other tight end in motion, who Tillman was already assigned coverage on. Manning did not blow that play, he held the middle zone coverage like he was supposed to, and chased the open man when Williams made the bad read.

On TV, it looked like Manning got lost and was chasing his guy from afar. In reality, he was trying to make up for someone else's mistake and couldn't get there fast enough.

Look at the 4 plays article for Bigg's input. Manning has his share of blown coverages over the last 3 years, but that wasn't one of them.

Super Fan,
I think you meant Harrison and Bruce, not Holt. I wouldn't call a guy who gave himself the nickname "Big Game Torry Holt" a humble guy who just does his job quietly....

But your point is solid. These guys are ridiculous. The best receiving season in NFL history was still less than 10 catches per game, yet you would think these guys are the only reason their teams have any chance to win....Funny thing about wideouts, they don't get stats if their QB doesn't throw to them....

hear hear Le Roy
I saw no problem with it and I sure as heck am not goin to hate on someone just bc he talks different than I do. He wants to beat the team that showed no interest, that pride! That tells me he is someone that cares about his work. Cutler could really have used him.
Some times people get caught up in `hatin' on this site but all in all it's a da.. good site. Hopefully it's all in fun.

And yes, I though Afalava was very good along with Bowman, Could we actually have a decent backfield??

I wouldn't judge him on his syntax, but I'm not sure what Bowman being from a running college -- Nebraska -- has to do with anything. He plays defense, T.J. But let's be generous and assume he was talking about practice reps.

dasuperfan88: "Man, I wish all receivers were like Holt or Harrison (humble & quiet!) and less like Owens or Ochocinco (it's actually pronounced Ochentaicinco, Chad! You're just saying eight-five instead of 85!!). "

I'd rather Harrison be more like Johnson and Owens running his mouth than running around shooting people, but I maybe I just have a different value system. I get mine from my parents and even through church, you apparently get yours from rap videos.

// I keed, I keed ...

Wait people here are surprised that a reciever is running his mouth???? Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors. He knows Tillman likes playing bigger slower recievers and has good games against them. He is trying ot draw attention to himself. Maybe he thinks Tillman will be off his game because he missed all of camp.

If Hasselback plays and the O-Line holds up against the Bears pass rush he could very well have a big game. But Wallace is going to start, there line has been pretty good so far and they have the 12th man but really Wallace is your QB. Maybe if it was William Wallace and the game was being played in Scotland.

Communication will be the problem the Bears need to overcome to win this game.

By the way quiet recievers that just do there job and are not a problem. Try Andre Johnson, there is none better in the NFL.

Da Coach is on it

Yeah, I got that idea Mike, he was really thinking on Da Bears, I wanted him (still do) but you never really know who spurns who, now we know.
And it's not like JA gets/knows only the best players people, `would you buy a used car from this man?' or we woulda done won the SB.
TJ wanted to play for Da Bears? before Cutler?

ok ok you went there
I'd rather Harrison was more like Plax - then he'd be runnin around shootin his own self.

2)"CTgobears: From what I understand on Rothlisberger's TD he came over late on Jamar Williams' man. Jamar Williams missed his assignment not Danieal Manning"

"-Maybe Brad Biggs can confirm or deny point 2."

Brad already talked about this and it is true. However when a player is in position to make a play, you make the play. Any player will tell you that. Manning was in position to make the play and he whiffed big time. Reminded me of when Urlacher whiffed on Brady, yo ugotta make that play. What I really don't like is Lovie and other guys making excuses for missing open field tackles, this has been a huge problem under Smiths regime. Manning has not stood out and teams are not afraid to go at him. He really should be the nickle.

Manning was in no position to make that play.

The TE had a running start. Not even Manning is fast enough to run down an open receiver in a tight space like the end zone.

There was no tackle. It was a catch and six.

He's the best option they have. None of the guys have great instincts, but he is the most athletic.

Let's not forget the last time the bears visited qwest. A WR of similar stature to houzh (dj hackett) dissected the bears 2ndary and basically won them the game (grossman helped too). The 2ndary needs to be sharp this weekend. Bear down!

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