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Hasselbeck, Tatupu doubtful on injury report for Seattle

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It looks more and more like Seneca Wallace will be the starting quarterback Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks.

Matt Hasselbeck was held out of practice Friday for the third consecutive day with a fractured rib, and the team has listed him as doubtful. Middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu, who has a pulled hamstring, is also doubtful after missing practice for the third consecutive day. Those will be major losses for Seattle, although one source who played under Seattle coach Jim Mora when he was in Atlanta said he is aggressive when it comes to waiting until game time to see a player can play through an injury.

Still, it's a long season and the Seahawks need to make the smart play with Hasselbeck in Week 3. Wallace provides a little more mobility for the Seattle offense, but the Bears have generally played well vs. athletic quarterbacks.

Here is the official report:



LB Pisa Tinoisamoa (right knee)--DNP, DNP, DNP


TE Dez Clark (rib)--DNP, DNP, LIM


DE Alex Brown (left ankle)--DNP, DNP, LIM


DT Tommie Harris (left knee)--LIM, FULL, FULL
DL Israel Idonije (knee)--LIM, LIM, FULL
LG Frank Omiyale (ankle)--LIM, FULL, FULL



LB LeRoy Hill (groin)--OUT
RG Sean Locklear (ankle)--OUT
CB Josh Wilson (ankle)--OUT


RB Justin Griffith (knee)--DNP, DNP, DNP
QB Matt Hasselbeck (rib)--DNP, DNP, DNP
LB Lofa Tatupu (hamstring)--DNP, DNP, DNP


DT Brandon Mebane (calf)--DNP, DNP, FULL
CB Ken Lucas (groin)--LIM, LIM, FULL
LT Walter Jones (knee)--FULL, FULL, FULL


WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (back)--DNP, FULL, FULL
WR Deion Branch (hamstring)--FULL, FULL, FULL
CB Travis FIsher (hamstring)--FULL, FULL, FULL
C Chris Spencer (quad)--FULL, FULL, FULL

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Brad why is Harris on the injury report? Is it because he is 100 percent if your local media, but only 80 percent if your national?

Rod and Lovie have both said he is not hurt, yet he is on the injury report. So what has he injured other than his pride? Cause his kneee is fine, Lovie said so, and if Lovie said it it must be true because he would never lie.

I'm off the subject, but any of you notice that Manning, the best KO returner in the league, was taken off duty so he could become a weak-tackling mediocre starting FS. Terrible move.

Creighton I think that is just Lovie's policy. Instead of doing a Belechik on the injury report, he just goes by whether or not the player practices.

If they don't practice on Wednesday, but do start practicing Thursday and go the rest of the week, they are probable. If they don't on Wed, and Thursday, but do on Friday, they are questionable. If they don't practice on Friday they are doubtful. Even when they just give a veteran the day off on Wednesday, they put them on the injury report, but then sometimes take them off before the game.

I picked up on this a couple years ago. It's been like that for quite awhile. It seems like Lovie just goes with that as a policy he can defend with the NFL and it gives him one less thing to worry about.

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