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Green Bay triplets start of tough stretch for Tillman, Bears

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Ran down the list of Pro Bowl quarterbacks and wide receivers that the Bears face in the first eight games of the season in the print edition this morning.

Pretty impressive list.

Sept. 13 at Green Bay Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver (3)
Sept. 20 Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger (1), Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward (4)
Sept. 27 at Seattle Matt Hasselbeck (3), T.J. Houshmandzadeh (1)
Oct. 4 Detroit Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson
Oct. 18 at Atlanta Matt Ryan, Roddy White (1)
Oct. 25 at Cincinnati Carson Palmer (2), Chad Ochocinco (5), Laveranues Coles (1)
Nov. 1 Cleveland TBA, Braylon Edwards (1)
Nov. 7 Arizona Kurt Warner (4), Larry Fitzgerald (3), Anquan Boldin (3)

(Pro Bowl appearances in parentheses)

You have to figure Rodgers and Ryan both have all-star games ahead of them as brightly as they began their careers last season. I think you could put together a case for the Packers presenting the most challenging group, too. Cornerback Charles Tillman was asked Monday if the Packers' receivers are among the best in the league.

"Driver and who was the other one, Jennings, Greg Jennings,'' Tillman said. "They get a lot of YAC after the catch. I think they do a great job of catching the ball and going north and south. They don't dance around. They go north and south. They do a good job of turning up the field and getting as much yardage as they possibly can. So we've definitely got our hands full.''

Tillman, who is no lock to play in the game, pointed out that Rodgers bring a different dimension to the Green Bay offense than Favre did. He's less prone to errors and threw just 13 interceptions last season in 536 attempts. Only one quarterback, Peyton Manning, had more attempts (555) and less interceptions (12).

"Brett Favre was just a gunslinger,'' Tillman said. "I think Aaron Rodgers does a great job keeping down the INT's. Most of the time we played Brett, if he was going down, he would still kind of throw it. It was still a 50-50, 60-40 chance he would complete it/we might get an INT. But Aaron, I think he's a little more disciplined in just taking the loss of the down vs. just getting what he can get. He'll take that loss. So just trying to get some INT's it will be pretty hard against him.

"I give Aaron a lot of credit. I give him his props. He's worked hard to get to this stage of his career. Obviously, he doesn't want to be remembered as Brett Favre's backup. It's his team now.''

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David Driver? I don't exactly follow the Pack, but isn't it Donald Driver?

Anyway, did anyone see the article on the Bears site about Wolfe? Supposedly he's pegged in at the #2 RB spot. We'll see what happens but I'm hoping in his third year, he can make some magic happen and do the things he did at Northern. But whatever happens, this will be a very interesting season. I'm especially anxious to see what Zak Bowman does against these pro-bowler receivers. Dude looked like a shutdown corner in his limited preseason action. Again, very interesting season.

It's DONALD Driver you turd. GO PACK GO!!!

This is going to be a very tuff game for us. Our D must pressure Rodgers and tackle those WR after the catch. They will catch the ball, it's the yac we have to control and Rodgers. Our Offense will have enough but only if our D does something more than last year.

Not only are we looking at dynamic receivers, but many of these teams also have a strong commitment to the running game. The entire defense will be tested early and often.

--Green Bay has Jennings, Driver, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Jermichael Finley, and Ryan Grant, not to mention an aggressive defense led by Dom Capers

--Pittsburgh has Holmes, Ward, Sweed, and Parker/Mendenhall, and Heath Miller to throw a curve in there. Another highly aggressive defense to contend with.

--Seattle has TJ, Burleson (finally looks healthy), and a young star at TE in John Carlson. the running game is bolstered by Edge, in addition to Duckett and Julius Jones. And Hasselbeck is healthy, which is a dangerous thing for opposing defenses

--Calvin Johnson, Bryant Johnson, Brandon Pettigrew, and Kevin Smith will give Stafford a chance to have early success delivering the ball.

--Atlanta added Tony Gonzalez to a pretty impressive young offense. Norwood, Turner, White, Jenkins, and now Gonzo will be tough to cover.

--Cincy has a healthy Carson Palmer, Coles, Ochocinco, Chris Henry, and a young TE in Chase Coffman who I think will surprise early. Our old pal Ced will be in town too.

--Cleveland has Robiskie, Massaquoi, Edwards, and Martin Rucker to complement Jamal Lewis/Jerome Harrison/James Davis...

--Arizona has the three 1,000 yard receivers, and has added Beanie Wells to Tim Hightower

The defensive line will make all the difference in these games. If we are getting pressure on the QB without a lot of blitzing, then we have a chance. We have to stop the run with seven, and pressure the pass with 4. Our offense should be good enough to move the ball and score points, but this defense needs to win at least 3 of these games.

We need 2-3 sacks, and 2 turnovers each game to have a legit chance to win 6 of these 8 games.

We can beat the Lions, Bengals, and Browns. We have a good chance of beating Seattle and Arizona. We are going to struggle with Green Bay, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. That will require excellence, and we do not have that on defense yet.

Kind of a worthless story. Suprising as this may be to me and my fellow Bear fans most teams you will face in any given year are likely to have a pro bowl receiver on the field. Its just a given. The fact that you face a pro bowl QB is really the statistic to look at but then again though we haven't seen one in 25 years their are quite a few on NFL rosters.

It's not just how well we cover Green Bay and the Steeler's receivers, it's also about whether OUR receivers can get off the line of scrimmage. It seemed like Green Bay's corners beat the crap out of our receivers at the line of scrimmage last year. That means we probably will have to use our TEs more (at last). The other question will be whether Orlando Pace can keep pace with Green Bay's speed/edge rushers (and, of course, the Steeler's). I hope so, otherwise, the Bears might be using Hanie a lot earlier than expected.

We could be just totally blown out of the water in any one of these games, and will have to fight tooth and nail. Which makes for a very exciting season! Go BEARS!

I am a long time Broncos fan and a huge fan of Jay Cutler. A lot has been discussed about Jay's win/loss record in Denver, but few also mention how bad the defense in Denver was during that time. Your defense has a very tough road ahead of them and it will be you defense that gets you back into the playoffs, not Jay Cutler and your offense. What Jay brings to you is the ability to win the close ones, that's what great QB's do. But it has to be your defense that allows him to have the oportunity to win it for you. Good luck to you. Really a bummer that we lost Jay, but that is the price you pay for stupidity.

I agree with Ed L. The Defense has to play well this year; especially the pass rush and Tillman and Bowman need to stay healthy; I think the corners are the key; Jay will win us some close gains for sure. I really like Pisa; think he is going to have a good year.

This game is going to be tough, no doubt about it. For us to win, we have to hold GB to no more than 24 points and hope like hell Cutler lights them up. I wouldn't pay much attention to their stellar preseason games. If our Defense believes it can knock the snot out of Rodgers et al, we'll be in the game. And I do believe Cutler can stand (or move) and deliver. It should be one hell of a game.

Thanks Ed L
I would hate to lose a QB like that as well. Hope Orton proves he can do it for you.

I have never been a firm believer in rushing 4 - I always liked rushing one more than they had blockers. But I'm not the Coach. Hope someone can use those doubles on Adams and get there. Thats where I don't feel we use our speed at LB to our total advantage. Speed rush one of those LB's and we get quicker throws at least.
Yeah, I want to see how Bowman does as well.
Remember we killed Indy last year and then nothin, so we need to think first 4 games this year.

Hey Helmutt:

Put on your helmut and go back to your cave in Green Bay. Are you referring to Donald Duck or Driver?

Pack sucks and will lose just like they did last year in the division. Rodgers is over rated, if he was such a hero why did the Pack suck last year. I know the defense sucked as well but how come Mr. Rodgers did not save the day a few times last year, he folded like an old bratwurst.

Come on no excuses, just the facts.

No one gave Vanderbilt a chance to win at the Swamp in 2005.
Vandy should have won that game. It would have been the first time since 1948!
Jay took Vandy to Double OT. Jay can flat out play. Myer said after this game speaking of Cutler "that is a pro qb". Everybody is talking up Green Bay this year. If Chicago defense shows up look out. It will be tough but I will take Cutler in a dog fight against any QB.

Godspeed Cutler and Bears!

Please don't buy into Chad Johnson's insanity by calling him Chad Ochocinco. The guy's ego is already big enough.

Hey Helmet... Donald Driver you turd? Shouldn't it be Donald Driver You Turd? ...with the 'y' and the 't' capitalized? Or did you mean Donald Driveryouturd. That I could understand. But don't get me wrong... even though I'm a Bears kind of guy, I really like and respect the Pakers. -LH

Aaron Rodgers is gonna be remembered as Brett Favres backup/replacement. He's basically their Neal Anderson, a lot of you guy's that have been watching Bear football for awhile know what I'm talking about. Anderson proved to be a pretty good back for Chicago, but he didn't make anyone forget about Payton. Heck, I bet a lot of 17-23 year old Bear fans don't even know who Neal Anderson is. Same thing with Rodgers, he's good, but I don't see him making the Pack fans forget about Favre in ten years here. I see Rodgers having durability problems in the future, he has in the past, and he will again. Bottom line, he's not gonna last as long as Favre and won't make anyone forget about Favre, just one Bear fans opinion on the over-hyped Rodgers.

As for the game, its gonna be a tough one any way you slice it. Chicago needs big games from both corners Charles Tillman [if he plays] and Zack Bowman. And not to beat a dead horse, but Chicago has got to be able to put pressure on Rodgers with their front four. Thats gonna be the key to the game. Chicago needs players like Tommie Harris and Mark Anderson to bring their A games, pressure is how you beat Rodgers. If Chicago can get in Rodgers face all night, It will make him ineffective. Pressure from the front four will also open things up for Bowman to show off his ability as a playmaker, again, pressure from the front four is the key to the game for the Bears. Can't wait, it should be a good one GO BEARS!!

ALL this rhetoric about how good G.B. receivers,and every other team receivers we face is ridiculous. Last I check the Pittsburgh Steele-rs won the Super Bowl so they are the only team I will give respect; and that's at a bare minimum I am giving them.

The fact that we (The Bears) have so many weapons on offense poses the same threat for those teams as you all are saying about us. I realize Jay, and Devin have not connected yet but the mere fact that teams know that we have someone who can get the ball to Hester will make them think twice about man to man with him this should leave our tight ends do much damage.

I pray that their DB's try to jam Hester with a mobile Jay Cutler this mean we win by 3 touch downs instead of 2.

As a Bear Fan no team scares me period; especially the ones in our division. Man up Bear fans this is a 6-10 team you all are talking about. Green-Bay is who we think they are "Garbage".

Let Go Bears!

I've watched Donald Driver catch those slant passes against the Bears so many times for first downs on third and long that I always thought the Bears should double team him every play. He is simply a terific receiver. One can only hope that he has lost a step or two.Ordinarily the area he gets hit on those slants are Urlacher's responsibility. I hope the big U. rather than the big P.U.shows up Sunday and that his former back problem was really the reason he;s been so poor lately.

Cutler's impact on the Bears time of possession will help the defense. one of the biggest problems the Bears have had is their inability to keep an offensive drive going. how many 3 and outs have I watched for the last couple of years. how good can your defense play when they are on the field most of the game? I think much of the wear and tear this defense has on it is because they have had the constant pressure of trying to win games in spite of the offense. Cutlers 98 yard drive was impressive and ate up clock time. control the clock and keep your opponents talented receivers on the sidelines.

Who says that Green Bay has a D? What have they proven? There O-Line is average at best, the Defense is young and unproven and in the middle of a transition. They don't have the players to play a 3-4 the right way. Rodgers chokes, Grant only looks decent because of the passing game. Who says they can stop the Bear offense. Lets see a safety shut down Olsen now that he has a Qb that can place the ball. The only thing Green Bay has done to there team is change there defensive scheme, thats it. They where a 6 win team. Now they are a 8 win team. If the Bears can make there offense one dimensional, they can beat them no problem, Adams will help shut down the run this year.

The Pack will try and Blitz early and often, just like Denver did. The Bears will start out a little slow, and by the half they could be up. But it will be tough, that is there home opener so they will be up for the game.

Any of the three top teams in the noth can win it this year, or loose it. It's one of those years, the Bears can be anywhere from 6 wins to 11 wins, same for the others except Detroit. But none of the teams are that great or that bad and all of them have major concerns.

PIT on the other hand is gonna be beast to beat. They can throw it or run it, and that is what a 3-4 defense looks like.

But SEA and TJ Whosyourmomma, sorry but they are getting crushed.

CLE is just bad

CIN has no O-Line to protect Palmer and an improved but average defense.

ATL will be tough.

As for DET, they have Metgatron, and thats all they have, Petigrew looks like he will be good too, but they have no defense, a bad O-Line and rookie QB who has looked bad.

Don't forget we have the best special teams in football, Cutler is gonna start at the 30-40 yard line a lot of times this year. If Hester is back to form on Punts then teams are gonna find it real hard to stop Cutler and the offense from moving 30-40 yards to get a score.

Then again, is it ever really good when I am optimistic? The strange looking 666 birthmark on my head is really itching of late.

What the heck I will do it for one game. Bears 27, Packers 24. "SO LET IT BE WRITTEN, SO LET IT BE TOLD"

You know Brando is writing this down, don't you. Brando now you actually have to hope I am right. It really does suck to be you.

It will matter a lot less how well the secondary plays if the D line gets consistent pressure. If it doesn't, the Bears are in trouble no matter how well the secondary plays.

Spot on as far as the pass rush. That will be the difference between 23 points per game allowed, and 30... I figure the offense can score 24 per game, maybe a little better than that with Cutler, Olsen, Forte, Clark, Hester, Bennett, and co. We need 2 sacks, and 2 turnovers to maintain a less than 24 points allowed average.

By the way, I normally don't like Morrissey over at the Trib, but he had one of the best quotes of the offseason this morning...when talking about Tommie Harris:

"And whoever Tommie Harris is these days, he's not Tommie Harris, circa 2005. He's closer to the Miller High Life delivery guy."

I spit soda all over my screen on that one. I will never be able to see Tommie Harris without thinking about that guy....Frickin classic....

Either way, I am tired of talking about the upcoming season. It's time to play! GO BEARS!

awright you stole my numbers, so I'll go instead with
30-24 Da Bears

Hopin Lovie has a surprise as well.

Yes, Guys I too expect a tough battle in the game Sunday, afterall the slackers are our main rival, I hope the d-line has a good game if they do we have a chance to win. I agree Creighton, I'm not convinced the move to the 3-4 will be an instant hit for the slackers, they looked good in pre-season, but the games start for real this week. One of the things about that defense is discipline, and in this game that goes out the window a lot of times, that will be the slackers downfall to me in the game. Once they get emotional it will allow us to take advantage of there mistakes when they over react to try and get in on the play.

Rodgers is solid but he is not clearly better than Cutler, in the past the slackers had a clear advantage at that position, no more...I also feel the receivers we have will surprise the slacker defense since they at this time do not respect them or there abiity to play the game. Kevin you make a good point about Rodgers being over hyped...they have more to lose than we do its a home game for them....BEARS could send the league a huge message with a WIN....I say BEARS 24 Slackers 16.....Go BEARS

Others have said it already.

DBs in the Cover-2 get too much credit and blame.

Essentially, all they are suppose to do is backpedal, stay in their lane, keep the plays in front of them, and tackle.

They don't press much, they don't play man.

Lovie tends to blitz a bit more, but the concept is the same.

In the end, if the front four are generating pressure -- with maybe some help from a fifth, the DBs shoudn't have to worry much.

If they get no pressure, that's when the Cover 2 breaks down, because four or five guys are running through every soft spot in the zone coverage.

With pressure that won't happen. And that is why the Cover 2 has generated some of the top Ds in history.

But it's also why people don't run it that often anymore. You NEED a Dline.

The word is fewer, wordsmith.

OK.....Let's say they shrunk all the Bears down to three feet tall. Mini-Bears versus Paaaackers. Who would win?

"OK.....Let's say they shrunk all the Bears down to three feet tall. Mini-Bears versus Paaaackers. Who would win?" - Todd

No, no, no! Wait, I got a better idea, man! Let's say we shrink your brain down to the size of a breadcrumb so you like, lose your sense of reason and, like, say idiotic things all the time, man. Oh dude, that would be so totally gnarly!

Oh whoops, too late.

"Who says that Green Bay has a D? What have they proven? There O-Line is average at best, the Defense is young and unproven and in the middle of a transition. They don't have the players to play a 3-4 the right way. Rodgers chokes, Grant only looks decent because of the passing game. Who says they can stop the Bear offense. Lets see a safety shut down Olsen now that he has a Qb that can place the ball. The only thing Green Bay has done to there team is change there defensive scheme, thats it."

First, let's address your lie/ignorance: Young defense?? I'm not going to take the time to do your research, but off the top of my head, the only starters on defense with less than three years of experience are Bigby and our two first round draft picks, who might not even start. I suggest you ditch the "young defense" argument and take up the "old and aging" argument.

Hiring Dom Capers will have a larger impact on the defense than any one new player would have had. Only a casual fan can't understand how important a well-coached scheme is to defensive success.

However, we did add players. Nick Barnett, Cullen Jenkins, and Atari Bigby all missed the majority of '08, so there's three additions. Throw in two first-round draft picks and that's five impact players who weren't on the team for at least most of the year.

Who's Cutler going to throw to?!?!?! I don't think Greg Olsen is going to catch 20 balls for 250 yards every game. Your starting WRs would be 5th string guys on Green Bay. If you had our #3 and #4 WRs as your starters, than I might be worried, but I don't think Al Harris or Charles Woodson are losing any sleep at night worrying about lining up opposite a glorified kick returner!!

If you guys want a preview of Sunday night, check out the highlights of the last time the Bears "showed up to play" at Lambeau. LOL. And don't give me the Orton/Cutler excuse, cause I don't think Cutler is good for an extra 35 points a game!!

Hey Bears Still Suck:

You do know the Packers didn't get their nickname for packing cheese, right? Anal leakage baby.

Down to business:

You don't know for sure. And neither do Bears fans. Frankly, neither do the Viqueens. I'll take Cutler over Crybaby Farve and China Doll Rodgers anyday.

Everyone in the media is saying Rodgers is awesome and Cutler hasn't proven anything. Cutler had better numbers AND a better record than Rodgers did last year.

Don't give me this nonsense about the Bears not having weapons. They don't have a loud-mouth jackass playing WR. SO WHAT.

Tom Brady hasn't won a Superbowl with Randy Moss.

We'll talk at the end of the season.

Hey fudge-packer backer Cutler has been fed a steady diet of 3-4 defenses and I'm sure your LB's will get a steady diet of Gaines and McKie. As for the claim Pace has trouble with speed edge rushers the fudge-packer Lb's are all over 6'3" no-trouble there he has trouble with short fast guys lasty look at the attention that corners will be under the officials are supposed to pay closer attention to the contact, so fudge-packer backer have a brat and cheese on me and watch the whuppin.

LOL. Scoreboard. Awesome trade!! I would hope that two first round picks a third rounder would net my team something better than FOUR INTs. LOL. Scoreboard!!!!!!!

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