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Four Down Territory coming Tuesday

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Submit your questions now for an edition of Four Down Territory on Tuesday.

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ahhhh...hey brad why wont you do a story on my pal staley da bear? he is my best frend brad ans he gives me a baloon wehn i saw him wih my mommy. staley is warm and fuzzy ans i like it wehn he hugs me. it makes feel special.

ans brad why wont you addmit taht forte iss a bust ans mendenhall is the best? he lokked better then forte wehn the bears played teh stealers so taht means mendenhall is the best like i said he was. i now im right sense i am always right ans i only give facts.

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be posative..

p.s. i hate taht cheery happy go lucky BRRRRANDO!!

Who should I be rooting for next Monday for The Vikings vs. The Packers?

Do you think the offensive line is still trying to learn the offense? Are they playing tentatively because they don't know it yet and are not yet used to each other? Or do the Bears just need better linemen?

How long until the Bears admit they have wide some receivers, but no offensive line? If Cutler didn't have the pocket presence and mobility he does, he would be on his back half the game.

Hey Brad, How many snaps did beekman play so far? and did he perform any better than Omiyale for same amount of snaps for both run and pass blocking? How are wolfe's stats in special teams I dont remember hearing his name called in special teams plays watching on tv. I think he is a dead weight on the team, if he is not even contributing well enough on special teams or turner doesn't know how to use him, as he certainly isn't a third down back, what do you think? Thanks for your news and updates on Bears. GO BEARS!!

Why do they say "passes defensed" instead of "passes defended" it drives me absolutely nuts. Is it even a real work?


Brad Plz do something On how bad the run game has been the last 3 games?i know there r a few new guys but Williams is looking better and Garza and Olimaye are horrible at runblocking!And Forte Dosent look at all like he did last yr.i dont know if its the line but he dosent look like hes seeing the field well either? whats up with that?

Brad Also ,Where has Juaquin Iglesias and Devin Aromashodu been? Are they inj?Knox is great dont get me wrong just wondring.

I thought the defense looked better with Roach at middle linebacker, is there any chance that change could become permanent?

With Pisa coming back at least by week six, who is better able to be the middle linebacker for the Bears? Roach, seems to pack more of a punch than Hillenmeyer but Hillenmeyer seems to be more adept mentally for the position?

Looking at the BEAR'S last two victories and the opponents' head coach's reaction to their kicker missing two FGs, is it not pretty clear why Mike Tomlin at such a young age has already won a title and Jim Mora Jr is merely Jim Mediocre? You hear Chicagoans complain that Lovie "has no fire" and they'd rather have a "Ditka" like coach. Look how a coach "with fire" Mora, throws his kicker under the bus. A kicker who did make four FGs out of six attempts -maybe if his team could have gotten into the redzone ONCE and maybe scored he wouldn't have had the chance to kick so many. Lovie, like Tomlin, wouldn't do that to his players regardless of their position and that is what separates them in this league as really good coaches. Agree? hope that made sense, thanks

How did the offensive line grade out against Seattle? It certainly seems as if Cutler's under an immense amount of pressure everytime he drops back. Is this due to missed assignments, lack of communication, or are our guys just simply getting beat? Is there an individual up front who has struggled more than the others? Is there somebody who's excelled?


The team has started every game poorly. What has been the cause of this problem?

Is Dominic Rhodes still unemployed and other than Brooks are there any decent LB's availible?

Who is out there besides Derrick Brooks? Seems like all these other teams can find impact players available when needed. And why can't this line block for run or pass plays. If they keep this up Jays going to get killed.

Your thoughts on Chris Williams?

Hey Brad, why wasn't Kellen Davis a factor in the passing game. He seemed to step up against the Steelers. Also do you think the Bears will run a WILDCAT with Hester under center & Knox as a WR? Go Bears!

In an earlier article someone pointed out that Peanut is great at knocking the ball out of ballcarriers' hands or arms. I wonder about that approach. What do defensive back coaches think about it? I have seen a lot of attempts at that result in just missed tackles and big gains, such as the one by the Seahawks against Peanut Sunday. Is the turnover possibility worth the risk?

Seems to be a great deal of questions concerning the offensive line. In looking at game film on Orlando Pace do you think he's lost his will to play considering how speed rushers are playing him. That interception to Knox from Cutler in Seattle came off a missed block by Pace.

Brad, pretty gutsy of you to do the Q&A again. I mean, the first time you tried it resident blogger Bill Holland erupted into an incendiary rage over the notion that anyone not named Bill Holland could be answering questions about the Chicago Bears. But in all seriousness, thanks for doing these.

My question is simple: Why the heck is Ron Turner calling offensive plays on this team? I wouldn't trust him as a Halas Hall janitor let alone a coach in the NFL. Case in point: All day against the Seahawks the offense was pathetic in running the ball. So on a 3rd and 1, he runs Garrett Wolfe up the middle. Huh? Your best back (Forte) had trouble getting yardage all game so you run your scat back up the middle to convert a third down? Then there's the issue of receiver screens that he almost seems to have a fetish for. I can see that play being called twice a game at most but anything beyond that is absurd.

And we've seen throughout the years how if the team is up, by even a point, he seeps into a mental daze and calls the best plays to ensure a three and out. And that's why we're forced to witness all these last minute comeback drives. What's wrong with driving up the field and putting the other team away?

Lovie demoted his treehouse pal Boob Babich, do you think he'll can Turner for someone more competent? Will Brian Griese entertain offers for a coaching gig?

Adrian Peterson has looked the best running the ball, and has also performed on speacial teams. To think the bears may have considered not keeping him on the roster is unbelievable.

I hope Gregg Olson can have as big a game up the middle of the vikings defense as Vernon Davis did.

Haven't heard much about Danieal Manning lately - is that good news because he hasn't been getting burned, or bad news because he isn't making plays? Any sense of whether he's viewed as the long-term answer at free safety (especially since his contract is up this year)?

Hi Brad, this is Creighton from Chicago, I sometimes post on your blog. Brad Jay Cutler is an amazing talent. But I was wondering why the Bears are not taking advatage of the strongest part of his game, which is play action?

Brad: I'm with Mike on this one. Please answer why we take out our best back in Forte to run Feather Wolfe up the middle on 3rd and 1. Does Ron get his plays from his brother because that play was the same one Sproles ran up the middle where Ray Lewis lit him the f$$% up last week. Wolfe is no good. AP runs harder and blocks better. I have no problem when he's in. Who cares if you need to get a player touches when you take out your 2 best RB's to put in the Human Feather.

I am also wondering about receiver screens. Good God Turner is that the only play you know? Its like when you play Madden and can run the same play against the computer over and over again. What a joke Turner is??


I several questions for you.

First why do you let Creighton post? I order you to ban him from my blog.

What is your favorite tv show, Stargate SG1 or Battlestar Galactica? There is no wrong answer of course.

What movie did you like the best this summer; Star Trek(awsome), Transformers revenge of the fallen(Optimus Prime Rules), or the always excellent Harry Potter(Harry IS SOOOO HOT).

Brad why is this blog about football? When I first found it, I thought it was a blog about Bears. There was a a picture of a large, hairy, bearded man named Brad and the link said it was for all topics Bear related. Well I was very excited as I am very into Bears, and then I come to find that this is not even gay website. WTF Brad who cares about football, I am search of a large hairy man aka a Bear.

Ps. Brad you have pretty eyes, "giggle".

Pss. I hate Creighton, why is he always talking about football? Plus what is up with his chisled good looks, and clean shaving awesomeness. Nobody should be that funny, handsome and smart. Its not just not fare for people like me. I hate him.

As always Brad, "EXPECTO PATRONUM"

Corey Graham played adequately last season while subbing for Vasher. Yet he seems to have disappeared from action this season. Why has he not been given the chance to play more this season?

Brad, do you remember how know it all Bears fan Creighton made a bet that if Angelo did get Cutler, he would parade around Soldier Field in his pink panties? I have the quote below.

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck...First home game and I will also paint myself orange and blue get a tattoo that says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

He really stuck his foot in his mouth with that one Brad but the thing is, he never did what he said he would. So Brad do you think Creighton is a coward, a chicken or a big fat pig who lives in his mom's attic and was afraid to step away from his computer and be seen in public? It's mind boggling Brad especially since he attacks other bloggers and calls them out for being wrong on things when he is wrong most of the time himself.

Sure I am wrong Brando? You know if I am wrong why are you to ashamed to post under your own name. I would say that is the sign of a true coward, which you are. To afraid to post under your own name and begging people to help you and protect you from Creighton.

You know your afraid of me, thats why you hide behind other names. Everytime I have asked you if you want to meet up and settle this you run and hide. You are a big fact chicken #### coward who wishes he was me. Your a looser, a liar, and a P####. All you ever do is project you own self loathing on me. If not for me you would not even exist on this board. You are a joke I like to tell to the crowd for a cheap laugh. I keep you around for a laugh and to let my inner super villian have some fun.

Do you actually think anything you say to me bothers me? I laugh at you everytime I read your posts, I laugh when I type responses to you. I am laughing at you right now. I often show people your posts, and we all joke about what a nut you are. Just like I joke with people on this board about how crazy you are. You notice nobody likes you? I am the only one who will even speak to you, and that is only because you amuse me. Your a running joke Brando, and your the only one who doesn't know it. Everything I say to you effects you and when I don't talk to you, you have no purpose.

I am basically the closest thing you have ever had to a friend. You think I don't notice that you have zero social skills? That you try to make friends but people don't like you. That you are crying out for attention. I know it drives you crazy when I don't post for awhile and people on this board start asking where I am, and ask me to post. You can't figure out why people like me because you know nothing about being liked. You have no clue how to act or what to say.

Your so worried about following the pack and trying to fit in that you don't understand someone like me. Someone who is at the head of the pack and does not care about fitting in or worry about what other people think. There are two kinds of people in this world kid, those that make the rules and those that follow them. You are the last follower the guy all the way at the end of the line, you almost are not even part of the pack, an outsider desperate to fit in. Your so sad, your watching the people trying to learn how to fit in, how to act, what to say and you just don't get it. Look how you copy the stuff I say, you often pretend to be me. You literally are trying to be me you even post under my name and try to mimic what I say. You know why you like to fight with me? Because it makes you feel like part of the group.

Now do yourself a favor, stop acting like everyone owes you something. Start posting under your own name, try talking about the Bears and football and stop focusing so much on me. Try to act like a man and not a chick who just got dumped, grow a pair, and learn to think for yourself.

Stop trying to be someone else and try being you. Does your life suck so bad that you hate being you that much?

That has been your lesson for the week Brando, I hope you learn from it.

I may be able to answer that, (and maybe not) I saw that Forte was running very slow Sun. Not sure if it was injury or what. Now why Wolf instead of A.P. - who was running great, I don't know. But I would have ran A.P. all day as Forte was not good, for whatever reason.

Yeah, Erik, where was Davis???

DUANY, totally agree with you. The question is, why was the media so happy to pick on Cutler after an allegedly poor press conference outing, but not keen on picking on Mora Jr's immature performance which was as bad as their throw up jerseys. Kickers are people too, as Rich Eisen used to say.

Hello all Im new to this board. I dont watch football. Read abot football, but always enjoyed listing to Brandon, aka Brando talk about the Chicago Bears, Bulls, Soxs and Cubs.I remember him talking about a forum site called Inside the Bears. I was trying to read some of his old post to have some rememberence of him.

Creighton I came across alot of your post talking about Brando. Talking about him like he was still here with us. Sorry to say Creighton on June 29 2009 Brandon was hit by a drunk driver and past away on July 1 2009. Creighton you and your personal attacks, calling him gay and just being down rite degrating has only shown how much of a self-center shallow of a man you are.

Brando left behind a 2 week old baby boy, a 4 years old and his wife of 5 years.

God rest his soal

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