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Five random thoughts on Bears-Seahawks

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SEATTLE--Five random thoughts on the game this afternoon:

1. The Seahawks will be wearing neon green jerseys for the first time. It's called rave green, and if the pictures do it justice, it will be unsightly. The Bears' alternate orange jerseys, which they will break out this season Nov. 1 at Soldier Field against Cleveland, don't look much better. These Seahawks jerseys are downright hideous. It's too bad because a lot of the alternate jerseys are great, especially the AFL tributes being worn this season. The Patriots looked sharp in their season opener vs. Buffalo, and the silver numbers on the white Oakland throwback uniforms were also cool. That's my fashion police warning for the day.

2. Great point by Michael Lombardi at the National Football Post this morning. What were the Seahawks thinking when they passed on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the fourth pick in the draft? Sure, it's real easy to have 20-20 vision on a draft in late September, but Matt Hasselbeck suffered from a back injury much of last season. Seneca Wallace isn't the future for the Seahawks, although he's not bad for a No. 2 option. The Seahawks had better hope linebacker Aaron Curry is very good.

3. You can't go anywhere, even on the streets of Seattle, without getting questions about Matt Forte and the Bears' running game. I'm not expecting Forte to have 207 yards like Frank Gore did last week vs. Seattle in San Francisco, but the Bears should be OK. Remember, Jay Cutler is the quarterback now. That little saying Lovie Smith likes to use that the Bears "get off the bus running," I don't think that is the case any longer. Cutler developing some chemistry with the untested wide receivers that he's unfamiliar with is far more important in the big picture of the 2009 season than grinding out the ball in these early weeks. Besides, 30 carries last Sunday vs. Pittsburgh might have netted 90 yards. The Steelers have a remarkable run of being a terrific run defense. It was smarter to attack with the pass.

4. I've got a hunch that Greg Olsen has a big game this afternoon. It's just a hunch. First, Seattle is missing middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu and LeRoy Hill, another starting linebacker, will be sidelined. Second, the Seahawks have some decent safeties but they're better known for their skill as run defenders. Third, when a reporter was asking Olsen some questions earlier this week about his slow start, whose head snapped around? Cutler's did. I look for the quarterback to get Olsen the ball early and perhaps often.

5. The Qwest Field is one of the loudest in the league and the architecture of the building serves to keep the noise in. But if walking around downtown Saturday is a good indication, there will be a lot of Bears' faithful at the game. Both Seattle and the Bears will be watching the game in Minnesota today too. The 49ers and Vikings meet in the only battle this weekend between two 2-0 teams.

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I have a hunch Devin Hester will have a big game. Just a hunch, thats why I am starting Knox cause it's just a hunch... :)
seriously, I look for Ron to call Hester's number early. We have to get him going as well as Forte, and one will live off the other.

But that was a good point on Cutlers attitude about the reporter questioning Olsen

ESPN says:
He covers Housh/Rod at the bottom.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: It won't be official until later in the morning, but Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck (ribs) is out and Seneca Wallace will start. The Seahawks were gashed last Sunday by Frank Gore (207 yards) and Chicago's running game, which has a long run of 15 yards this season, will test that defensive front with Matt Forte.

Bears QB Jay Cutler is starting to get comfortable with his new receivers and should be able to go deep against Seahawk CBs Ken Lucas and Josh Wilson. One good aspect for Wallace is that he should have T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch and Nate Burleson healthy. But look for TE John Carlson to be his favorite target against Bears MLB Hunter Hillenmayer.

CZAR'S SCOOP: What is so funny about Houshmandzadeh ripping into Bears GM Jerry Angelo for not offering him more money is that Housh should know that Angelo and Seattle GM Tim Ruskell used to work together in Tampa Bay. I'm sure Angelo always knew what he was up against when bidding for the ex-Bengal's services. Seattle has been known for over-paying players at that position, considering the contracts to Branch and Housh. Besides, the Bears look like they may have found a young receiver in rookie Johnny Knox. Cutler went in his direction a lot against the Steelers.

There is no question that Rod Marinelli's arrival has helped the Bears' defense, which is now designed by head coach Lovie Smith.
Go Knox!

Good observations, Brad. I would love to see this game, but unfortunately it is not telecast in my area. I agree with your hunch about Olsen, but I hope Cutler doesn't get fixated on him the way he did on Bennett in the Green Bay game.I also would love to see Forte break loose on a couple of long runs either by hand-offs or pass catches.I'll predict that Forte breaks off at least one good run right up the middle, possibly on a fake pass and delayed hand-off.

Brad, I think you're one of the best around, but who said the Mark Sanchez is going to be the long term answer for anyone? Maybe they didn't like Sanchez...

The Bears had BETTER win this game! Seattle barely has enough healthy bodies to suit up 45 for the game, and they're missing a bunch of starters, including QB, middle linebacker, and offensive line, the latter of whom might play hurt. My biggest concern is the Bears being overconfident. The Bear running game should get going this week. Another bad game on the ground will cause all the alarms to go off.

Why not just shoot the other foot while we are at it?
Harris is a non factor, Stupid calls to start the game and downhill from there.
The Seahawks are not winning - we are losing

Forte really looks like he lost a step....

JFC! We never ever play as good as we should since Lovie came here. He's a soft coach and our play reflects it every week. And don't talk about last week because without the missed FGs we lose that game.

Good call on Olsen Brad.
Hester is really looking like a WR more and more. If Cutler learns how to time Hester look out!

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