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DT Anthony Adams fined $5,000 for facemask penalty

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Defensive tackle Anthony Adams has been fined $5,000 by the NFL for the facemask penalty he was called for in Sunday's victory at Seattle.

Adams got the facemask of quarterback Seneca Wallace when sacking him on the first play of a drive in the third quarter.

"Of course I'm going to appeal,'' Adams said. "I've got to try to save my money."

It's expected that linebacker Nick Roach has also been fined. He drew a 15-yard facemask penalty two plays later when he grabbed the facemask of running back Edgerrin James. It's not known how much Roach was zapped.

The Bears will start practice in a little less than a half-hour.

Expected to miss practice:

LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, right knee
DE Alex Brown, left ankle
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, rib
LB Lance Briggs, foot

Expected to be limited in practice:

RB Matt Forte, knee
DT Tommie Harris, knee
DL Israel Idonije, knee
TE Desmond Clark, rib
LS Pat Mannelly, lower arm
DT Anthony Adams, knee

Expected to have full participation:

LG Frank Omiyale, ankle

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Brad: What happened to Briggs? This is news to everyone. Say we are not going to be down all 3 starters this week. That could spell trouble, even against the Lions.


I don't understand how you can fine a guy for and unintentional facemask, it's just part of the game and when you are trying to make a tackle you don't have the time to be subjective rather you are simply trying to get the opponent down. I can see a fine if the player was purposely facemasking another player or if the facemask itself was extremely violent, but in the case of Anthony's play it was neither of those two things and was probably one of the most simple and unapologetic facemasks you will see. This just seems like the NFL saying to themselves that we will simply put a fine by EVERY facemask we hear about regardless of the extent or harm which occured which is ridiculous. You have got to think that the economic times we are in plays into this lack nature of fines as well, since the NFL is obviously looking to make a quick buck. I f they actually reviewed the play they would see that it was a simple facemask and that Anthony did not yank or twist the mask violently once he had accidently grabbed it. To expect thst in the game of football, particularly at the NFL level, that these players can somehow completely avoid grabbing the facemask altogether is ridiculous. The 15 yard penalty in these type of situations is more than enough.

Both holding penalties killed Chicago's defensive effort sundy. The Bears defense had Seattle stopped, and both holding penalties gave the Hawks new life. Chicago has got to cut back on the facemask penalties. Adams can appeal all he wants, but we all saw the re-play, Big A had his hands all over Wallace's mask.

And wow, Chicago's linebacking core just can't catch a break this season. Now Briggs has a foot injury? I was kind of hoping Tinoisamoa would be back, looks like he won't be back till after the bye. The really scary thing is both current starters Nick Roach [assuming Hillenmeyer is still out], and Jamar Williams have had durability problems in the past. This is why the resigning if Darrell McClover was a good one, he at least has some experience in Chicago's defense, hopefully the Bears won't get down to him.

I see everyone is in panic mode over Matt Forte. I think he'll be fine, long term wise. But as for this season, he seems to be hitting the wall, the same wall every back hits after carrying the ball close to 400 times a season in back to back seasons. And I don't care if he only played at Tulane for one of them, getting hit hurts no matter what level of football your playing on. The guys only human. Also, the fact he caught the ball another 60 plus times in the pros didn't help. Also, not to beat a dead horse, but 3 new starters on the offensive line doesn't help Forte's cause much either. Forte's probably not gonna be the same back this season as he was last. I think he'll be fine next season, but thats not gonna help Chicago any this year. If I were Chicago I'd be getting Adrian Peterson more touches a game to take away some of the wear and tear from Forte, and also, Peterson hasn't looked bad when he has come in. And like Forte, Peterson can catch the ball out of the backfield and is pretty good in pass protection. Chicago had to of seen this coming as far as Forte hitting the wall, thats why they gave Jones the contract like they did. Also, Chicago probably told Jones he was gonna get a lot of carries this year. Jones then went down. Alls not over yet, Peterson actually looked better than Jones during the pre-season, I've always liked Peterson's ability as an inside/between the tackles type runner. Giving Peterson a couple drives a game might not be a bad idea. Oh yeah, ol #6 can make it happen with any back behind him anyways, he proved that in Denver last season when they went through all their backs, I think Chicago will be fine GO BEARS!!

I understand the league sets a fines for game penalties. In light of recent developments in the leagues efforts to suspend players for violating the substance abuse rules,wouldn't it make sense to fine players who choose to take the league to court ? Perhaps $100,000. per infraction would convince players to man up and accept the Commisioners(?) decision.

Kevin is right on about Adrian Peterson. That guy has been very reliable. I've always wondered why he couldn't be a primary back, but I suppose he is one of those players in a role that won't succeed if he's a primary back. I don't know...but nonetheless, I think it would be great to get Peterson a few more touches every game.

Didn't he grab and pull on the facemask more than he should have? I think so! Come on Adams. Be glad I'm not the coach. You'd have to pay my fine too. Take it like a man and pay up along with an apology to your team and fans. While you're at it thank the NFL for taking the correct action to improve player safety. If you want to save money don't do such a stupid thing. Btw, don't do it again simply because you hurt the team. Forget about the money. I'm sure you get paid more than you deserve. Friggin crybaby.

Even seemingly intentional facemask penalties are not always intentional. The one time I grabbed one, I was playing linebacker and reaching to tackle the running back. What I reached just happened to be his facemask. I let go as soon as I could and the ref didn't see it, but the back was angry.

BBB --

Clearly, you never played football.

As W F B stated, you sometimes just grab onto the facemask when chasing down a player, especially when you have to go high to grab him.

Adams, it appeared, was going full speed after a very mobile quarterback, and happened to catch his facemask trying to make a play.

It's unfortunate, but he certainly shouldn't have to the fans because he's not taking player safety seriously.

Get off you high horse.

I just repicked Briggs up in FF. Is he playing or what???

Idc - wrong! I played football in H.S. and youth football and I coached 5 years. I taught my players to not do it. They never did. All you have to do is let go so you don't hurt your team or the other player.

Pull your head out!

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