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Does Lovie tip his hand on Tillman for Sunday night at Green Bay?

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Did Lovie Smith tip his hand on the plan for Sunday night at Green Bay?

We're going to have to wait until we get to Lambeau Field to find the answer, but Smith at least seemed to indicate that veteran cornerback Charles Tillman will be on the field against the Packers.

Smith was asked how tough it has been to prepare the secondary through what has been a series of injuries. Tillman didn't return to practice until Monday after missing all of the preseason, training camp and the majority of the offseason program as he had back and shoulder surgeries. Cornerback Zack Bowman missed most of camp and three preseason games with a pulled hamstring. Projected free safety and nickel back Danieal Manning was in and out with a hamstring pull, and now looks like he'll just play the nickel, at least to start the season.

"Well, I think it is a good thing though because now we have all of the players that we started training camp hoping would be on the field, we have for our first game,'' Smith said in answer to the question. "That's a good thing. Players tell you who should start, who should dress. We have a pretty good idea of how we will play our players this week. We are confident they will play well and again we have a good group to choose from."

His answer would lead you to believe Tillman will be ready, but it remains to be seen if the Bears will want to use him after just four practices. They could play him part-time. If Tillman doesn't start, the best guess I have is that Bowman and Nathan Vasher line up as starters.

Stay tuned on this one.

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ahhhh..tillman is a BUST! can you believe how this looser gets injured al teh time? geez wehn i play madden on my xbox i NEVER gets injured!!! and dont even get me started on BOWMAN taht guy is a wlaking BUST-O!!! ans you now waht? we would never have this problem if taht looser NAGELO drafted that scrumptchious mendenhall. ohh mendenhall....waht a dream he is for me...

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I don't see a problem with a vet not being at preseason, they know the system and the routine. It's not like he has to learn a new system.

Has a team ever won or lost because the opposing team did or did not know whether a player was going to play? If Tillman is on the field, Green Bay will account for him. If it's a replacement, Green Bay will try to take advantage of it. I don't see how it matters for more than a play or so; the Bears will not be able to disguise whether Peanut's playing once the defense is on the field, and it's not like Green Bay would have wanted to devise special plays if he's not there.

This CIA-type stuff before games regarding injuries is comical. I think Halas started it a long time ago, and it has now turned into a game within the game.

Crap-ton get a life loser.Your name says it all CRAP

Wow Brandy I really got you worked up about something. What did I say this time? Your all over the board today. Oh I know what it is, its cause I said something that you had to agree with, I new that would drive you nuts.

Do you have any idea how bad you make yourself look with the whole Crap-ton thing? To bad for you I am in a good mood, and it is only getting better now that I know I really got you upset.

By the way I never bashed Tillman. I like him, he's a good player, I hope he heals up. Do you want me to hate him? Do you want all real Bear fans like myself to hate on our players like you do? The way you Bash Cutler.

Go ahead tell everyone how much you like Cutler, think of it as a direct order from me. I order you to tell everyone how much you like Jay Cutler, my favorite player.

sometimes youse guys are just plain wrong

Yeah, but then again maybe it works, I mean really screws with the other team's preperation. Don't know. I feel it sounds kinda silly but who knows? Like unless Lovie is having T Harris fake it, the other team already knows.

So... wonder how Bobby Wade's doing after trying to stir up the Bears this offseason?

Oh yeah, cut by the Vikes.

AFTER trying to take a paycut and restructuring his contract.

I'd like to see Charles Tillman play sunday night. Tillman's one of my favorite players, and Chicago's best corner. Missing time in the pre-season didn't help Tillman, but it did allow him to hopefully heal up while remaining fresh for the opener. Tillman's played long enough to where missing a pre-season shouldn't hurt him to much. A young player like Zack Bowman needed the reps more than a seasoned vet like Tillman. If Tillman's healthy [which it sounds like he is], he'll be fine.

With Chicago, its anyone's guess how the secondary will look sunday night. My guess would be Tillman at left corner, Bowman at right corner, Payne at free safety, and the rookie Al Afalava [sporting his new #24 jersey] at strong safety. With Danieal Manning coming in at nickle.

The mystery player, and the one I'm most interested in checking out is 2nd year corner Zack Bowman. We've heard nothing but good things on Bowman coming out of camp and during the OTA's. And you gotta love the pick he had vs the Browns. Bowman was a straight up playmaker during the OTA's and camp, he had 9 picks throughtout the OTA's. Now the question remanins, can he do it when it counts? Mike Ditka said it best one time during a pre-season game, he said, "either a guy can cover or not." We'll find out sunday night if Bowman can or can't? If Bowman pans out, Chicago will be looking pretty good at corner with him and Tillman. I'm ready for some Bear football, bring on sunday night and GO BEARS!!

first of all there is nothing wrong with telling crapton where he can take his comments. Anyone who thinks he has anything smart to say is a idiot. tillman will be fine as long as the line gets a good rush. he is a vet he knows what needs to be done.

So thr question is what happens to Vasher if both Tillman and Bowman are fine... personally, i remember Vasher his rookie season comin in as a nickel and picking off that pass for a pick 6 vs. the 49ers on Halloween night! i think he's a great nickel more than a fulltime corner, he def has ballhawk skills so why not let him be a nickel or dime corner exclusively, either way he's gettin paid!


If the Bears can generate some pressure on the passer, almost any d.back will do fine. I watched the game last night, and when Ben R. had the time, he killed one of the bast secondaries in football. Pressure forced him to make mistakes and miss open receivers. No matter who is at quarterback, he can kill you if he has enough time. Every quarterback in the NFL can throw good passes or they would not be there. I could not figure out why the Titans allowed him so much time with just a four-man rush almost the whole fourth quarter and overtime. They had been doing great with blitzes up until then. I understand how they could get tired, but wouldn't the blockers be just as tired? I think I would chalk that Titan loss to the coaching.

Bears/Packers preview

kill the pack kill the pack (to the tune of`kill my landlord' by Eddie Murphy)

Rather than try to play cloak and dagger with who starts at corner, Lovie should concentrate on important things like game management, clock management and making adjustments at half.

This decision has as much bearing on the game as Lou Piniella trying to set his rotation for the playoffs.

I am not as concerned with the secondary as I am with the D-Line, if they stop the run without blitzing every other play it will be all right if they need the backers close to the line it will long night.

Rather than try to play cloak and dagger with who starts at corner, Lovie should concentrate on important things like game management, clock management and making adjustments at half.

This decision has as much bearing on the game as Lou Piniella trying to set his rotation for the playoffs.

My guess is that Lovie is going try to ease Tillman in. He is going to definately play and probably start. When he is on the field Green Bay will test him. I don't think he will get all the reps at corner for this game.

I hadn't heard that about Wade. That is ironic, especially given the competition. The Queens drafted a guy and have Berrian, but if they are deep at wideout it slipped by me.

K-M, I share your confusion about Vasher. Maybe it's just mojo, but it looks to me that he has lost something physically. The explosive player we saw his first couple years is not showing up. As you said, he's a good coverage nickel because of his field awareness. However his best position is cornerback. He doesn't have the size to do everything you would like to see at nickel.

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Hey Lovie,

You got a guy on your team named Corey Graham who's pretty good at covering people.

Creighton I don't know what the hell you are talking about. Just keep the posts about football alright?

Corey Graham seems to be the forgotten man I have not heard much since the move to safety was discontinued. The front four have got to do their jobs so the linebackers can stay home. If the LB's are crowding the line of scrimmage the slant will keep them reeling all night. Packer WR's are to good in the YAC to give up that slant all day long, and lastly DT's must move the pocket back to Rodgers for success against the pass.

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