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Desmond Clark suffered a cracked rib at Green Bay

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Tight end Desmond Clark will have to heal from a cracked rib before he can get back on the field for the Bears.

Clark was injured at the end of a 23-yard catch in the third quarter Sunday night at Lambeau Field when he was hit from behind by reserve safety Aaron Rouse. Clark was taken to a hospital in Green Bay before returning to the stadium. He said on Monday that he was fine, but this is the kind of injury that could keep him on the sideline for a while. The Bears are fortunate because they were one of six teams to open the season with four tight ends, and Michael Gaines, who was inactive at Green Bay, will be able to fill in. Kellen Davis, the second-year player from Michigan State, will have to step up also.

"I'm sore right now,'' Clark said on his radio show on Voice America Sports. "It hurts. I'm grimacing when I move.''

In six previous seasons with the Bears, Clark, 32, has missed just two games. Due to the nature of the position, he could be out a few weeks. It will probably be up to how he handles the pain.

Starting tight end Greg Olsen was covered well by the Packers. He was targeted by Jay Cutler on six passes but caught just one and dropped one.

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Hopefully the injury bug bit early and now the Bears can move forward. I for one will not complain about Cutler. Jay is the Bear QB for many years to come and I can guarantee you there will be many games when he will wow us all. For all the guys bitching about him, are you really Bear fans? Are all the supposed commentators who bash Cutler just picking on the flavor of the week? What are they going to say when Favre has his melt down? Are all of you going to praise Cutler when the Bear O gets it together? Maybe this year is not going to be a playoff year, give it time! Good things come to those who wait! It will happen! Go Bears!!! Beat the Steelers and make the naysayers eat their words.

I love what you're saying Plank 46. I think Chi fans are waaaaay too critical. Cutler has his issues, but I think he'll be great in the long run. Take a pill Bears fans. Enjoy the game. I think we will be a squad this season who improves as the season goes on, so if we do make the playoffs, we will go in strong rather than backing in. And may as well get these nasty opponents out of the way now while were getting it together than later on down the road.

I'm glad Clark will miss this game.....then he can't make Cutler look bad anymore!!!!!

ahhh.....i told you loosers taht clark was a BUST ans waht do you nows????? man iam always right. i cant beleive tath WIMP woul leave the game just sense he got hurt. weh n i play madden on my xboxb my players NEVER get cracked ribs. oh eya...cutler is BUST nas its al ANGELOS fault....olsen is a BUST..WILiams is a BUST sorry but is true kevin BUMKstead. if i was teh gm teh bears would go 16-0 ans win teh SUPERBOWEL jus like i do in madden on rokie mode!!

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be posative...

p.s. i was a MARINE! i was in teh corps!! shoe me some respecT!!!

Will the Bears ever wear their blue pants on the road anymore? They wore them the year they won the Superbowl. I think they should wear them now!! It can't hurt. I'd like to see blue jerseys with blue pants at home too!!!

Tripper your and idiot, enough said!! Dez Clark has done more for the Bears than most on this team over the years, and Cutler should be proud to play with such a great tight end and someone who represents solid character for the team. 2 mistakes by the way in terms of personel that the Bears did. One was the fact that they put in Roach over Jamar Williams who is a much more physical and playmaking LB. Secondly, Corey Graham should have been in there over Vasher, Graham has proven that he is a solid starter for this secondary. Everyone talks about Bowman, but last time I looked it was Graham who started most of last season across from Peanut and did a heck of a job.

I agree, the Bears need blue pants on the road. At home, I do like the blue and blue look also.


Now that Basket is released from the Eagles what do you think the chances are of the Bears signing him?

Crap-ton, you forgot to take your medication AGAIN.

DC has always been one of our most dependable players. He had a off (wayyyyyyyy offff) night Sunday and I hope we see him back on the field asap. And hopefully he will finish routes and catch the damn ball.

Thrty4 as soon as we saw them take the field in the all white surrender flag uniforms we knew it was going to be a long night.

Why aren't we trying to get Hank Basket and his hot wifey.... or Derrick Brooks or Zach Thomas or the Pope he's wicked on the Hail Mary's... but seriously folks. Try the veal.

Thanks Brad for the quick response. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning. That's it. I just hope to wake up.

But It would also be nice to see that the Bears actually made a move to get Hank. Knox looks promising but he also looks confused and lost. You can't blame a rookie for that.. He's just young. We need somebody out there with some experience.

Hester - 1 year, Bennett - year 1, Knox - Year 1.

That's concerning to say the least. Cutler is not the miracle worker. We saw that 2 days ago.

Brad I can't agree with your position on the recievers, first of all of them Knox is the one with upside. The Bears recievers played 1 on 1 most of the night. Olsen was doubled all night long. GB basically said we are going to take away Olsen and we will take away Forte and you try and beat us with your recievers. I agree Cutler tried to go down field to much. But Bennett had a nice big penalty and none of the recievers know what they are doing out there. Many people have pointed out that they where not finishing routs and running the wrong routs. Hester got jammed at the line several times, and Knox looked lost half the time he was out there. They all made some plays but they made some huge mistakes as well.

If one of our recievers can not pull a double team or pull the safety off of Olsen then that tells you nobody is affraid of our recievers. Do any of them scare you Brad? I can forgive some things in terms of wha the recievers did, but for a bunch of guys not finishing there routs, that is unforgivable. Also watch the audibles and watch how the recievers do not change there reads.

By Customfish on September 15, 2009 10:53 PM
"Crap-ton, you forgot to take your medication AGAIN."

Hahahaha, you have no idea how much medication he has skipped. It's about to get a lot worse. But costom just a few things, Hester is not in his first year as a reciever, he is in his third year, second year as a full time reciever, Bennett is in year two as well, though this is his first starting.

Bill forget about Williams at any place other than WIL. I know it sounds strange and I don't feel like explaining it again. But he is a WIL and that is all he is. Same for Briggs. Just ask either one of them.

By Plank46 on September 15, 2009 10:32 PM
"I agree, the Bears need blue pants on the road. At home, I do like the blue and blue look also."

Agreed as well. That would look tight.

Brad: I agree I thought the receivers were not that bad, but they were out of sync with Cutler in how they handled to scramble drill. It looked like the receivers were hooking up and staying in a spot expecting to get drilled with passes from Cutler, while he on the other hand felt he had the arm strength to lead them into more open areas. They had no opportunity to work on this in pre-season against all the vanilla defenses they saw, I expect to see improvement going forward this season from all parties involved.

Bill Holland good points on both Dez Clark and Graham, I'm not sure why the BEARS do not use him (Graham) more he has proven durable and a reliable open field tackler. It seems like he is ready for some game action and to be productive. We need some of these guys to step up and become play-makers for this team. They have been getting playing time and should now be able to make impact plays. I'm talking about Payne, Harrison, and Anderson. I also think its time to get Williams on the field, let's see what he can do especially since we need to look for another backer soon to get ready for age replacements for Brian and Briggs........Go BEARS


No, Dez Clark did not have his best game, but his presence will be missed. It seems like every week he makes a big catch over the middle and gets a tough first down. That mistake he made in the end zone was unusual for him. I've never seen him do anything like that.

I don't think people are giving Hester enough credit for a good game! He showed sure hands (something I didn't think he had), blew right by a HOF cornerback for a big gain, and caught a TD pass. Maybe he got jammed a lot at the line of scrimmmage, like Creighton says, I don't know. But overall he seemed like a steadying presence.

And "steady" is what Cutler needs to be more of. He just looked a little freaked out that first half, but I think that will improve. He looked WAY different from the 3rd Q on.

Last word: can someone please stop Lovie from making these ridiculous, desparate challenges? He's losing timeouts right and left! Anyone could see that the 12th man was CLEARLY off the field by the time Mannelly snapped the ball. If it's someone from the Bears' booth that's to blame, then they need to talk this over.

If there ever was a time to sign a veteran receiver, that time has come and gone. The Bears have developed their young receiver corps to the point where the only way they will continue to improve is to play. Play in games.

There is a limit to what they can do in practice and preseason. The receiver/QB problems we saw on Sunday were almost all "reads" where the QB/receiver combo has to see the situation the same and the QB throws before the receiver makes his move. The final bit coordination it takes to develop a trust in each other takes reps, and eventually the reps have to be in game situations. When they screw up they can come back, watch film together, and get better. It's probably going to be a little painful, but this process will improve all year and will continue to develop even longer.

People talk about Harrison. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison played together for a couple years in developing that initial trust and coordination. Then they practiced every day for years to keep it and continue to develop it. Would Harrison be able to develop that kind of relationship with Cutler? He probably would be able to do that in a shorter period than somebody like Bennett or Hester.

The problem is that to do that, a ......36 year old?, Marvin Harrison would have to get most of the reps to make it happen. The players like Bennett and Hester would stagnate in their development.

I don't buy it. Had they started in the OTAs it might be different, but not now. If Harrison was still capable of Harrison production you can bet he would still be at Indy. He is not known as a mentoring type. If they bring a guy like that in now, they stunt the growth of their young guys.

Cutler and the receivers all started together from scratch this year. We have to give them a little time.

Dez Clark didn't have a particularly good year last year either (a certain fumble and dropped pass in the endzone come to mind). But we have promising talent at TE with K. Davis and Gaines. They'll do fine, and Dez may not have a position to return to. But the TEs need to block better.

The passing O will get better, but for now, we'll have to live with those rookie-ish mistakes. Bringing in a veteran WR at this point won't immediately solve any problems, and is therefore of no use. It's probably better to wait for the young players to mature.

But one thing: we didn't get Cutler to dink and dunk it to the RBs and TEs. He's looking to go long, and we'll live and die with it. Ron Turner needs to mature in his play calling; use the run early and effectively to set up the bombs to Hester, Knox and even Olsen, go no-huddle and use a lot of swing and screen passes against heavy blitzing teams, even if they don't always work, and use pick plays with the WRs so we can get Hester and Knox the ball in space without asking them to be world-class route runners.

But get well soon Dez! Go Bears!

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