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Cutler can't imagine how Hasselbeck could play with cracked rib

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Matt Hasselbeck is not practicing with a fractured rib today for the Seattle Seahawks, but the Associated Press reports that coach Jim Mora said he will be the starting quarterback Sunday against the Bears at Qwest Field provided he is medically cleared to play.

It could be that Hasselbeck is held out again Thursday, but he could still get the green light to play. Hasselbeck has vowed to fight through the pain and be on the field for the game. The Bears have never won at Qwest Field and their last victory at Seattle was in 1976, the first year for the expansion franchise.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was asked about the prospects of playing with a broken rib.

"I can't imagine,'' Cutler said. "I've never had one. I've had bruised ribs and been sore. As much torque as you put on your body, and throwing the ball and your hips and stuff, it would be tough. It would be really tough. We'll have to see what happens with him."

Hasselbeck isn't the only serious injury the Seahawks are dealing with. Left tackle Walter Jones missed nearly all of training camp and all preseason with back spasms and arthroscopic knee surgery, but he could make his return Sunday. It would be in the nick of time. Fill-in Sean Locklear is out with a high ankle sprain. The Seahawks could also be without middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu. He has a pulled hamstring.

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On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!

Janosz: He is Holland! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

That pathetic insect Hasselbeck better not be on the sidelines with something as insignificant as cracked ribs. I've been poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered and I'm STILL KICKIN'! He has DA PASSION so he will play. But, does he have the PASSION to beat MY Chicago Bears? I doubt it. MY Bears team will crush him like the flea he is and we will be victorious come this Sunday!

But don't kid yourselves and think the victory will be due to you weak-willed ants on this blog. When MY Bears win, it's all because of ME, ME, AND ME ALONE!!

Let's say it all together now: "Yes, Mr. Holland. You are my infallible overlord." Good.

Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back.

THE #1 Bears fan, Bill are the supreme tool! Go Bears!

Ghostbusters II, eh? Never thought I'd see that particular movie quote, well, anywhere let alone a Bears thread.

Bear Down!!!

WTF?!? Did somebody take a break from Dungeons and Dragons? :D

Let him play.

I'd play eight-in-the-box, blitz the blindside relentlessly, and tell everyone who gets close to go for the body.

He's either going to get hit, or he's going to have to unload passes very quickly, each of which will stress his rib.

And if the team can someone get an early lead, that would be even better.

it's a dumb move on Mora's part, but I'd much rather see Hasselbeck than a mobile, healthy Wallace.

Question: Do you know how to tell if an NFL team is lying about the real condition of an injured player on Wednesdays?

Answer: Watch and see if their lips are moving.

Move that timeframe back to Saturday if the player is a starting Quarterback.

I am so lost, I do not speak dork. Can someone translate please.

As for the Seapigeons, Walter Jones is back for the game but Anderson killed him the last time they played eachother, so maybe it's his turn for a 2 sack game.

Most of SEA injured good players look to be back. TJ will probably play but that is a good matchup for Tillman, Tatupu is back and that is a bad thing.

Key matchups: Pace/Kerney, Redding/Williams, SEA is not very good, it's time to run the ball. Should be interesting to see how the Bears play against a 4-3 for the first time. The Bears should wreck this team, they are not good.

I don't think SEA is very good, and I would like to see the Bears blow them out. Wallace should be running for his life.

By the way today Kruetz said the O-Line has not played very well and that they need to block better. Forte also stated he feels the line needs more reps and needs to get better. So I guess me and several other bloggers saying they don't look good and Olin and Forte backing us up ends the so called debate for now. Sorry Kevin A, but its not your day.

Intresting note entering the PIT game the bears where 7-27 in 4th quarter come from behind wins under Smith. Enter Jay Cutler.

Picks to Click: Matt Forte, Garza, Mark Anderson(if Jones starts), Greg Olsen and Tillman.

Idc the Bears will not keep 8 in the box. They will play less cover 2 more man and blitz two on the inside, Hunter and Briggs.

You forget who is running the defense.

Lovie Smith is notorious for blitzing defensive backs from the edge.

If Hasselbeck is in, and Walter Jones rehabbing still, it only makes sense to bring pressure from the blindside, since it will likely represent a weak point for the team.

And I see it happening with Manning, who is by far the teams best blitzer. Briggs and Hillenmyer have never been known for their ability to rush the passer.

They can afford to do this, because the WRs for seattle are bigger, slower guys.

They may not exclusively play eight in the box, but I expect to see the safeties walking up, especially if Hasslebeck is in.

We agree that this is not a good team.

Hasselbeck is not going to play... it's just a front to get Lovie to prepare for Hasselbeck instead of Wallace... but we are too smart for that... We will be prepared for which ever fool is behind center @ Seattle !

Actually IDC the blitz the Bears have been using the most this year is bringing Hunter and Briggs up the middle, this is something they have done for a long time. Well Briggs and Urlacher but Brian is out so Hunter has to do it.

Every team uses the Corner or Safety blitz. If your blitzing a safety you generally are brining 8 players. Thats your we need to get the f### off the field blitz. But Lovie generally does not blitz 8 all day he usually brings a dog, then gets into 6 and 7 man blitz packages, brining up the safety on occasion.

You don't need to bring 8 against Seattle, at least not all the time. With Wallace in there you just don't want to let SEA break contain. Hit them early and silence the crowd and the Bears will win. Let it stay close and let the crowd get involved and the Bears will loose. This game should be a blow out.

Anyone who thinks that Bill Holland is writing stuff like that needs to get their head checked. Whoever wrote it needs to get their head checked. hmmm. Who would pick on Bill Holland when Bill isn't even posting lately?

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