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UPDATED: Bears waive Trumaine McBride; claim CB DeAngelo Smith

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The Bears will not wait for Trumaine McBride to recover from a sprained right knee.

The veteran, who had the second-most special teams reps on the team last season, was waived/injured today, the club announced, to make room for cornerback DeAngelo Smith, who they claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Browns.

A league source said the Bears are seeking to make an injury settlement with McBride, who will be out four to six weeks.

Smith is the second ex-Browns corner the Bears will kick the tires on. They signed veteran Rod Hood at the end of preseason after Cleveland cut him.

The Bears put in a claim for defensive end Turk McBride on Wednesday after he was waived by Kansas City. However, they lost out as Detroit, which sits atop the waiver wire process by virtue of its 0-16 record last season, also put in a claim for him.

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Interesting. A lot of us thought the decision to keep eleven DB's on the roster wasn't based on merit, but a desire to stockpile mediocre bodies at a position Lovie and company always fret about, but never seem to actually fix.

Well, I guess if McBride is getting dumped after ONE week, then coaches must feel he must not actually have enough talent to merit keeping around for a month while his sprain heals? I mean there are only TEN other DB's to pick up the slack, right? But wait, some of them are beat up, and not so good anyway...

Gee, maybe we could cut a few more guys at other positions, then we could carry 13 or 14 DB's?

Note to Bears management - 8 good DB's are better than 11 marginal ones.

I'm pleased that the Bears are actually taking action: benching Vasher in favor of Bowman, dumping McBride finally,etc... These moves are swift and decisive, versus say, the incredibly late benching and dumping of Adam Archuletta, Rex Grossman and so and and so on.. Way to go Lovie. Now bench Omiyale; Beekman is better at guard. BEAR DOWN!

Uh . . . did anyone see how good the Browns starting CBs tried to bring down AP last week? We picked up a guy the Browns waived? Good thing we don't face AP and the Queens twice a year . . .

DeAngelo Smith was a great prospect coming out of college. I trust the Browns talent evaluation ability about as much as I trust Angelo to draft us starters. Smith was a ballhawk in college, is best in zone coverage, has Free Safety experience, is a multi year starter, has special teams experience, and has taken multiple interceptions to the house, and is aggressive to the ball. He looks better (has to prove it) than McBride in every fashion. I wonder cringe if Smith takes the field to cover a 4th receiver next year, like I do when Vasher and McBride step on the field.

Of course I am biased, I wanted us to draft him in the 4th-5th round (he went early 5th, to Dallas)

Brad do you know if the Bears are looking at DeAngelo Smith as a corner or a safety? He played both in college.

Yeah that makes sense. I guess it really wouldn't matter where he can play on defense until and unless he shows Toub enough to get on the field for special teams.

Thanks for the info.

If the Bears would have listened to the advice of the fans of this blog they would have made the playoffs last year. Now that they are listening to us they are starting to make adjustments MUCH faster than they ever have. Dump McBride - check, bench Vasher - check, bigger O-line - check, Move Briggs to MLB ...

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