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Bears to cut wide receiver Brandon Rideau

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An 18-yard touchdown catch from Brett Basanez Thursday night against Cleveland was too little too late for wide receiver Brandon Rideau. He was informed he will be released.

Rideau has four touchdown catches over the last two preseasons, but it looks like he has lost out to Devin Aromashodu and Rashied Davis, who are expected to make the team.

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No one should ever lose out to Rashied Davis. He was a failure at CB, is a failure at WR, and frankly people can talk up his ST skills as much as they want, he doesn't add anything unique to our offense. He is the same size as Hester or Knox but nowhere near as fast and with terrible hands to boot. Some things will never change.

Brad, you are the man, but I dsiagree when you say Rideau's TD catch was a little too late for him, implying that is why he got cut. Rideau's been showing us all how good he is for the past two yrs, and has led the Bears in receiving TDS's in pre season games. Albeit, it is vs inferior opponents at times, but the kid is big and strong, and can play the game. When he got his chance to run with the 1's, he produced. He also did great this year in the OTA's and deserved to make this team, this year. I just feel bad for him, because in the end this is a numbers game, and of course the Bears are going to keep Knox and Iggy over him. I hope he clears waivers somehow, but I doubt he will. Good luck Brandon...

To add to my earlier post, I guess what upsets me the most is that Brandon lost out to Rashied Davis. I understand he did well 2 weeks ago vs the Broncos on Special Teams, but he is a avg special teams player at best. Brandon is a much better WR than Davis is, but Lovie loves Davis, so we all knew this was coming. And on top of everything, Brandon is a better special teams player than DA, so why did they choose DA over Brandon then? Some things never change...

Watch the Bronco's pick him up and trade Marshall to the Jets.

Rashied 'opps it hit my hands' Davis should get cut too (or instead). He's old, and Erik Kramer's ("he knows how to play the slot") comments aside, playing the slot is only useful if you can hold on to the ball.

Davis is obviously one of Lovie's "guys" I can't believe he offers this team more than Riddeau. I guess Lovie and Jerry prefer short recievers w/ no hands to taller guys who can contribute. Good thing Lovie will be fired after a 7-9 season.

I figured it was coming based on all the rumblings..but man, I didn't like it last year and I REALLY don't like it this year. Rideau looked like our best WR most of camp and can we cut him?!?!?!? Seriously, wow.

We don't need to keep 10 or so spots for Special Teams players. This is ridiculous, Rideau is a good special teams player...and if we are keeping AP and Garrett Wolfe, we have two awesome special teamers right there...we then coulda have cut someone else and kept McClover. Our special teams would have been great and we would have a big, strong wideout that can make a difference in Rideau.

I also don't like that we cut Rod Hood. He got burnt a little bit, but he showed great ability versus the run, which is more than I can say for Vasher or McBride. They can't cover OR tackle. I like Hood a LOT better than McBride, and maybe as much as Vasher.

Just another example of Lovie playing favorites with undeserving players. Rashied Davis was horrible at receiver last year, yet they are keeping him over a guy who has done nothing but impress when he has been given a shot.

This team is STARVED for solid WR's and they are letting one go in favor of a special teams guy.

Archuleta, Bob Babich, Nathan Vasher, etc . . . Sheed is just another name on the long list of Lovie's lovable losers list.

Hey guys aren't you being a little too tough on Rashied Davis.

Lets not forget that Davis was quite clutch prior to last year. He actually made some very good catches to win games against the Vikings in the last seconds and of course the great catch in the waning moments of the NFC championship kept possession for the Bears to help win the game.

Remember that last year Rashied was asked to play more than one of the receiver positions which was a mistake by the coaches and his drops were mostly last year. Rashied excels in the slot because of his quickness and has done well except for last year.

Brandon has played against 2nd and 3rd string players in games that really did not matter, the preseason. Rashied Davis has played against the best the NFL has had to offer in real important games, all 16 are real important. I completely believe that Rashied should be picked over Rideau, he has proven himself more capable against better competition than Brandon.

As for Special teams, Rashied Davis is better than OK he is actually quite good and Brandon has not done well in the special teams areas.

Give Rashied a break he has come up from difficult circumstances and has done pretty darn well in the NFL from where he began his football career.

I cannot believe the stupidity of the Bears. Keeping a worthless WR in Rashied Davis is a joke. He plays good special teams? You cannot find anyone else to play special teams? This is why we will always be a skecond class operation Fire Smith and that joke Angelo now

Is dahlillama lovie smith? the nfl is a win now kind of league. u can't bring up stuff people did yrs ago. what has davis done this year? also you have other people to play the slot. in addition to that, cutler loves big wr's. watch rideau get picked up by gb, minn, the lions or even the broncos and excel. lovie smith you are a joke. and im sure dahlillama is your screen name...

We get a QB with great big play ability and we're going to strap him with the likes of Rashied Davis to go to? I'm not a Davis hater and I do think he's a good ST player. But special teams is an acquired technique, and you need experience to get good at it (ex. see Garrett Wolfe). You keep cutting young WRs with potential in favor of currently good ST players with no upside and little value otherwise, you're never going to develop talent, at WR or ST.

Go prove the Bears coaches wrong Rideau. But go Bears!

Lovie's lovable loser bunch...ass Rash Davies to the list.....Rideau will haunt the Bearzzzzzzzzzzz.

Take the emotion out of the decision. Brandon Rideau has never made it in the NFL. He has stayed on the practice squad for three years when any team in the league could have picked him up. He has never started in the NFL.

I truly am not a Rideau hater, I would love to see him excel. I just do not think he will in the NFL. I just believe there is better talent in the NFL at the position Rideau plays and Rideau is not a good special team player. On the Bears, Aromashodu has more upside, has played equally as well, Cutler likes him and he has more speed.

Rashied Davis fits a role the Bears need for the slot (even if he ends up as backup in the slot)and in special teams he is good. Rideau is not going to be a slot guy and he is simply not the best of the bunch in the other receiver roles.

One last comment if I was Lovie Smith (as U suck suggests) why would I Dahlillama call for Smith's head as I have if the Bears do not at least make it to the NFC Championship game this year. If anyone has read any of my blogs I am not one of the biggest supporters of Lovie for a few reasons. Some of the reasons would be the Bears record the last two years (Lovie's poor job of motivating the team) for Lovies poor if any halftime adjustments and for Lovie moving players between positions where they are not truly ready to play (like Rashied Davis out of the slot and Payne to free safety last year) to name only a few reasons.

And how in the hel- can you lose the Atlanta game and the Houston game when either one of those games if won means the Bears win the NOrris division and are in the playoffs.

U Suck look in the mirror because U suck!


Forget Davis, please tell me what Iglesias has done to earn a roster spot besides get drafted. He's going to sit and do nothing all year. In fact, I bet he's inactive for every game. If the Bears had any history of being able to develop a player that wouldn't bother me, but inside I see him sitting on the bench for three years and then getting cut. Rideau could help now. Not a smart move.

I'm not a Davis hater either. But for a team with so little proiven ability at WR to cut Rideau and keep "Dropsy" Davis is really pathetic. This just reinforces my belief that our coaches need to go.

My name isn't really John Madden. It's Jim, but I do play John Madden 2010 all the time. I created Brandon Rideau on Franchise Mode and watch countless hours of his game and practice film. Now, don't get me wrong, I watch the Bears on TV too, so I have that going for me too. Only problem is, over the past two years I've never seen Brandon Rideau play against starting caliber opponents and only in practice games. All in all, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the guys strengths and weaknesses as a receiver and as a ST'er though. Im sure you would all agree with my qualifications. With all of that said, I just can't see why those know-nothing scouts and coaches don't let him play on the Bears. At least let him be the #5 receiver for the spread offense the Bears play. Or maybe the ST mascot! Those idiots at Halas Hall are going to be sad when he comes back to haunt them for the next 10 years playing for...

For real, enough of the fake-incredulity. The dude is a #7 receiver on a team with some skilled TE's and hopefuls at WR. He sucks and got cut. GO BEARS!!!

what a bunch of b.s. !! seems like they have their minds made, so why bother playing the games?? and keep davis ??!!! flippiun b.s. !!!

Boo hoo hoo, we cut a practice squad player. Let's all cry like little babies like we did in the years before with guys like the great Mike Hass and the unbeatable David Ball.

It's time to use our brains (might be tough for some of you but bear with me). The main targets on this offense are the TEs and Matt Forte. They're all solid if not spectacular. Two WRs will see the field for sure, but how many more will be used beyond that? Hester and Bennett are the starters and then Aromashodu figures to be the 3rd guy. Davis, Knox and Iglesias will rarely be used on offense and therefore for them to see the field it will be via STs.

Rashied is more than capable of being a backup receiver and he is an excellent STs guy. He's a great gunner, he's fast, he can tackle and block. Not only that, he's appeared in actual NFL games and he's been with the Bears long enough to know the playbook through and through. Keeping him over Rideau is the best move.

Brandon, I hope you can read this, I want you to know that as a very hard core Bear fan I was really hoping you would make the team. I believe that you are a talented guy and it is sad to see you have been cut again. I feel strongly that you will make it in this league yet. Good luck my friend, I am sorry to see this happen.

You guys obviously have no idea of how to build an NFL roster.

First, as Mike pointed out, the team will already have AT LEAST five other targets ahead of Rashied Davis, if not SEVEN.

Olsen, Forte, Clark, Hester and Bennett will get most of the looks. It is also well known that Cutler like D.A. over any of the other receivers. And frankly, I would much rather see Johnny Knox over either Davis or Rideau in a regular rotation. Better hands than both, more explosive.

The point -- you guys are crying over the loss of a player who would have likely caught less than one pass per game throughout the season.

You think Davis is so horrible at receiver? Don't worry, because he probably won't play the position much.

What he will do is strengthen a special teams unit that was one the top in the NFL. A unit that was equally as important to getting this team to the Super Bowl.

And, contrary to popular opinion, he is good enough to at least be the No. 4 receiver on this team. He struggled last year, but has proven he can come through in big games.

Rideau is a commoner. He does nothing great. That is why he has always been on practice squads.

But go ahead. Shed tears because you didn't get your fourth or fifth receiver of choice.

That position usually makes the world of difference in the passing game.

Couple of things here.. AP made the team on his own merit. Hes a solid backup RB with good hands. He looked much better in the preseason games then kevin jones. Plus AP is a good ST player. Give him a break here. Outside of Forte, AP is the most consistent RB they have. He will be fine backing up #22. Also, Rashied is not a #1 or a #2 WR. Lovie and Co. tried to make him into that last year. Hes a good slot guy and a maniac on ST. Dont forget his incredible grab at Atlanta that shoulda gave us the win. Davis never said he was the #1 guy.. Putting someone where they dont fit is the coaches fault.. not Rashied's. I wanted Rideau to make the team too.. but the point is,, he has failed to stick with anyone. Aromashodu is very young and has alot of upside. Knox is a blazer who hasnt even begun to see his true talent. I disagree keeping Wolfe. Hes small and slow. Not the typical speed demon RB you want out there on 3rd down. A good ST player yes, but with Jones out they had to keep him. Interesting that they cut Buenning and kept Lance Louis. Louis looked good in what I saw of him. Hes outa place at T, but would be a stud G if he plays a year or 2 and bulks up a bit. Bottom line people,, this is it. We gotta get behind him and root em on. Packers are coming.. time for some whoop a$$.... GO BEARS!!!!!

The people who blast Lovie Smith simply are reactionary. The Bears have had the #1 Special Teams in the NFL the past several years if you consider all phases of the game -- kicking, returns, blocks, coverage, etc. That is why the Bears also have the #2 best record in the NFC the past four years. Special Teams actually wins games for the Bears whereas a #5 or #6 receiver don't win games for anybody. Smith is a fine coach and barring a complete meltdown (which the team has never done under Smith) he should be around for years to come and I believe will eventually win a Super Bowl.

Roger I agree with you. I keep seeing people say that Toub is a great coach and the only great coach on the team and should be a head coach candidate because of it and it blows my mind. He benefits from the Bears actually thinking that Special teams isn't an afterthought. We actually ask that the roster is complete with guys who can play special teams so that could help Toub. But fans see the results and don't see that it's an extention of the team's philosophy. They love to beat up on Smith and it's annoying. The hardest thing to do is win consistently in the NFL. And it's even harder without a very good QB and skilled players. The fact that we've gone to the Super Bowl with a QB who did what Rex did is astounding. Fans here like to discount everything. Look good in preseason it's just preseason. Look bad in preseason it's the harbinger of doom. You can not win when the fans have the attitude that they can do it better. We have to criticize everyone on their job because we always feel we can do it better. I'm sorry but I can't drive a cab better than a cab driver. I can't take your order like they do at McDonald or any restaurant. I can't be a police man nor can I be a political leader. A lot of us can't but it doesn't stop us from criticizing. I could not do what Angelo or Coach Smith does because I don't have the knowledge or the time to do what they do. I do cable and I can tell you everything that I know about it. And that doesn't mean that I can tell you everything there is to know about it. Note the phrase. I don't know everything about even my job because there is always a circumstance that comes along that is my first time seeing it. You can't see what goes into this team all the time. All you can do is argue the results. And over the last 4 years we've been the 2nd best in the NFC. Teams that had better stability at the required positions have not even accomplished what we have. I think we're moving in the right direction.

If we lose a playoff spot because of the coaching staff taking Davis over Rideau then all of these praises of Brandon will prove correct. But keep in mind that Rideau has had 5 chances to be make NFL teams and both the Browns and Bears have seen other WRs that are better than him.

He missed his chance this preseason when he had a prime opportunity to make the team and could be get open enough to have the QB throw to him. In short, he choked. He is a one dimensional player -- ball catching -- when you need to get open, block and play special teams. None of which he does well enough to stick.

Get over it fellow Bear fans. I wish Rideau well. He seems like a nice guy.

Davis had a bad year last year. Let's give him one more chance this year. He is one of those players who can really do some great things but he needs to be used in the proper way.

Brandon, have your agent get you to either the Broncos or Dolphins. I would love to see you in orange and teal. Go Bradon! Anyone who agrees with this cut really has little knowledge and can talk about R.D.'s special team strengths but the bottom line here is the Bears have made a mistake. Hey, it is not the first time my favorite team has screwed up.

Unless Brandon Rideau has off the field troubles that aren't exposed this was a very bad decision by Angelo and Coach Smith. This kid is a player. He remind me alot of Marcus Robinson. Remember it took Robinson a couple of years to break in with the Bears and when he did we had a 1400 yard receiver. I really feel sorry for Rideau because he was the best receiver in camp but yet he won't have an opportunity to make plays for the Bears. It's sad!!!! Rashied Davis is very average. He drops alot of balls. Rideau is a big target in the red zone. Rideau if you read this, I wish you the best and no that real Bears fans like myself don't agree with you being waived, but God will open another door for you. The only way I won't root for you is if you become a Packer. Unless you know this guy was injury prone, had bad character,Coach Smith you dropped the ball on this one. What could this guy done differenly to make the roster. You keep Mcbride, Rashied Davis, Bullock on the roster over Rideau give me a break!!! Worse decision in years. Rideau I wish you well!!!!

Diito, Dallas. My sentiments exactly. Rideau is a big target with good hands who would be perfect for slant plays like his most recent touchdown showed.

I thought Lovie would be great for the Bears when he came here because, inter alia, he wouldn't elevate pet players over obvious better choices. He's lost a lot of my respect by losing Rivera for Babich and Rideau for Davis.

Kirk and Dallas,

Get over it.

First, this guy is not Marcus Robinson. Not even close. Robinson was just as tall, but 30 lbs heavier and much faster than Rideau. Rideau is closer to Todd Pinkston, only Pinkston could actually run. He also can't block very well, and he is weak on special teams.

That is why the guy has been on practice squads his entire career. If he was so great, he would have been picked up by another team after last season, instead of land on the practice squad, since he had such a solid camp. He wasn't. He once again made the Bears practice squad.

And guess what? In spite of his talents, he may not even make an active roster this time around. He has been in the league since 2005. People know who Brandon Rideau is. Someone who plays well against second units in the preseason.

Emotional, irrational Bears fans -- you know, the ones who need to claim they are "real Bear fans" -- are up in arms, but anyone with any sense knows this move makes sense, when you consider that, 1) yes Dorothy, special teams do matter 2) unless you run a run-and-shoot, most No. 4 or 5 receivers never see much action on offense.

They could have cut them both for all I care. Why? Because neither one will be a primary receiver. The guys who will START won't even be primary receivers on this team.

But if you must keep one, you might as well go with the guy who can play special teams very well, and who has demonstrated he can perform adequately as a WR against players who will actually play in NFL games.

I wish him well. But this is hardly the worst decision in years.

Packer fan here.

This Rashied Davis discussion kind of reminds me of a player that we have on the Packers. His name is Jarrett Bush. He's a cornerback and he couldn't cover my grandmother.

99% of Packer fans hate his guts and think he's the worst player on the team but every year he keeps making the squad. The GM says he's the best Special Teams player they have.

The Packers just gave this loser Jarrett Bush a 1 million dollar signing bonus and a 4.5 million contract for 3 or 4 years.

There is just certain players on every team that make it every year and nobody can figure out why.

The reason Brandon Rideau was cut because the bears have no proven receivers on the team and he wasn't able to contribute enough on special teams. the last 2 games I watched and saw Brandon fly down the field on ST and come nowhere close to making a tackle or at least throwing he's body into the pile. We gave Hester the #1 slot because of his running ability with the ball in his hands... could be special but he's not proven. Earl Bennett was very fortunate/lucky to have Cutler as his college QB... only reason he's a stater is because of his fimilarility with Jay. In my honest opinion DA and brandon should be the 1 and 2 based off there training camp and pre-season performances. Have hester, bennett, knox, take turns in the slot. Keep Davis for His special teams play.... Iglesais should be assigned to practice squad to develope, he won't even see the field just like bennett didn't see it last year. The have bigger targets on the outside and speedy receivers for slot position roles would give the Bears the a decent group of young receivers, knowing that most of the Bears passing game will be going to forte, olsen, and clark anyway! I'm not going to bash my team due to the tough choices made for a 53 rosters. I wish Rideau the best! Just look at the receivers cut and couldn't make it on the Bears roster who is starting on other teams.

Are you high or something !?
What clutch catches did Davis make last year? How many, compared to the clutch many he's dropped!
pass the Bowl you bogarter!

I think some of you may be getting it the other way around. There's no question that our RBs and TEs are great receivers. But a big reason why Forte and Olsen led the team in receptions last season is because (1) the WRs weren't good, and (2) the QB didn’t have the arm or confidence to go long or thread the needle, leading to a ton of check downs. (2) is not the case anymore, and we want our WR corps to be better than last year so that Cutler will have guys to throw to down the field.

4 WRs caught balls last season and at least 5 saw the field as WRs, so saying the #4 or #5 WR is not important I think misses the point. We're 1 or 2 injuries away from #4 and #5 seeing extended playing time at WR, possibly needing a big play with the game on the line.

Rideau has good size and good hands, two aspects that were missing in the Bears attack in recent years. Plus he's made plays throughout the last two pre-seasons. It simply bewilders me how the Bears don't see value in that. I hope another team scoops him right up this year.

Also, I don't quite understand the argument and excuse in favor of R. Davis that says he was used out of position last year. It doesn't have much to do with catching the ball, and last year statistically WAS his best year. He dropped 1 out of every 7 catchable balls thrown to him last season, and followed that up with very little this pre-season. And by the way, Garrett Wolfe led the team in ST tackles last year, not Davis.

Having said that, I hope Davis just turns into a monster and makes the pro-bowl as a ST-player this year. Go Rideau, Go Davis, Go Bears!

I just have to get it off my chest! I am so sad and actually in mourning about the final roster without Rideau. I've been waiting day by day for the final roster to come out like Charlie from the Wonka movie... just hoping that Rideau would make the team. I wish I could see & hear what the coaches are seeing, that I don't see. He's got speed, size, great hands and play-making ability, and better than their other options...even Hester, honestly. Why do I feel like I'm going crazy? What does Rideau have to do to make a team somewhere else, where does he go from here?

Momo --

None of that is any reason to keep Rideau.

First, Olson, Forte and Clark will STILL be Culter's primary targets. That has been the case the entire preseason as well. Did you know see who got the ball during that drive against Denver?

Second, Culter's arm strength will likely mean more passes for Hester. It won't mean going down the bench and putting in the four and fifth receiver for kicks and giggles. Again, based upon how the lineup shapes up now, Davis could very well be the No. 5 receiver on a team that throws heavily to its RB and first two TEs.

Third -- you are right. FOUR WRs caught passes last year. T Not five. Not six. Four. And the bottom two caught only 40 passes combined

Last year in fact, half of that time, Brandon Lloyd was inactive. What does that tell you? An injury may not play a major role in dictating who gets passes. In most cases, the team was only using its top three receivers. And you can't say that elevated Davis, because he was already starting.

Point? The team doesn't throw to its 4 and 5 receivers very often. In fact, the 5th one doesn't even play in many cases.

if they play, they will most likely play . . . special teams.

Fourth -- Davis dropped a lot of balls. That is why he is not starting. That is why he never even played with the first unit. But he can still play special teams. Very well. And he is still a decent enough receiver that you can call on him in a pinch, and have a reasonable expectation that he will play well. You remember the drops, but ignore the big plays he has made in the past. He's a solid No. 4 slot receiver.

Rideau? He would have played mediocre special teams while rarely seeing the field.

Fifth -- so what if Wolfe led the team in ST tackles? What does that have to do with Davis? God forbid you have more than one player who excels on special teams. You may end up have the top unit, which is always a terrible thing.

Get this through your head. Special teams matter. They matter more than the fifth receiver on a team than uses its TEs as primary targets. That is why Davis is and should be on the team.

I hope that the Bears will eventually come to their senses, cut Rashied Davis, and sign Rideau. He is 6 inches taller than Davis, has much better hands, and I believe that anyone can learn special teams so that value really doesn't matter. If they don't come to their sense, he WILL catch on somewhere else and I believe 2 or 3 years down the road that the Bears will regret not keeping him. If not, I hope that he has a good career elsewhere. Only time will tell.

Northside Joe:

Yup that is me, bogart Dahlillama.

Here are three great catches he made off the top of my head. Against Atlanta last year from Orton for a touchdown pass to take the lead with I think 11 seconds left on the clock. You remember the Bears lost that game or maybe you don't remember because you were too stoned.

Then there was the winning touchdown against the Vikings I think 2006 when Tommie Harris forced a turnover in the waning seconds and Rex Grossman threw a touchdown to Rashied Davis of some 30+ yards in the Queendome no less. Do you remember that Joe, say it ain't so Joe.

Then Joe, last but certainly not least in the NFC championship game in the closing minutes the Bears needed a big play on third down to retain possession and put the game away since they had a lead and did not want to have to punt. A 25+ yarder from Grossman to Rashied Davis kept the ball for the Bears and essentially helped to secure the NFC Championship for the Bears. Big catch in a Big Game and the whole the whole time you were inhaling on a big joint?

Joe, wake up and smell the coffee, it is morning and the Sun is shining, the Bears are going to win the Superbowl this year and we are going to catch Osama Bin Laden. Yeah right!!!

I will never understand this love-fest for Rideau. Never. I could've sworn that it was him and another guy whose name escapes me that fans were so sure that they were superior to everyone else last year. Mike Hass.. that's his name. That other guy is where now? And Rideau was a practice squader who was free to sign with anyone else who had seen the film of him making those spectacular catches in preseason that fans here seem to live in the past about. Every team has seen his film. No one wants him. But that doesn't stop fans who feel like he is head and shoulders better than everyone from not seeing what everyone else sees. The guy isn't good. Like someone else says he's 27 and 30 lbs lighter than the guys you want to compare him with. He's not even a veteran with playing time. Your buddy Bobby Wade had to take a pay cut because the team that signed him when he was free for the 3rd time didn't think he was worth what they were paying him. Gage is the only other WR out there who is better than when he was with us. And without a good QB like he had with the Titans he didn't develop enough to keep him here. By all means hold onto WRs with potential now that you have a QB who can complete all the throws that a developing WR needs to see. It's scary to read that someone is sick that Rideau isn't here any longer. Scary indeed.

Hey Anonymous, thanks for responding to my post. Although I don't quite see how what you're saying refutes anything I posted. Either I was unclear with my writing or you just didn't get it. I won’t repeat my earlier post, but either way, we will probably never agree on this one, and I would agree to disagree.

But I will say that, I don't understand the reasoning that WRs #3 and #4 that caught 40 passes, which is something like 70 passes thrown their way, is not that important. That's like an entire game’s worth of offensive plays. And I would be willing to predict that injuries will take a toll on 1 or more of the WRs before the year is out, so again, the backups will need to be contributors, and we’d be better off having Rideau in the mix.

Also, perhaps I was vague on this but I never said ST weren't important and will not "get it through my head" because I do not agree that keeping Davis is more important than keeping Rideau. We both agree that Davis is a good ST player, and he seems to be at the right place at the right time, but it’s not like he’s not making all the blocks and tackles by himself, and I don’t think he is irreplaceable. Which is kind of what you’re saying too; Davis alone will not break the Bears strong ST play. Others will have to try hard too, but will be able to. On the other hand, which of Davis’ big plays as a WR would other receivers not be able to make?

What’s done is done, though, right? Go Bears!


First off, for the record --

Only one player the Bears cut was claimed on waivers -- Jason Davis.

In other words, other teams didn't see much in Rideau either. I'd be shocked if he has a job opening week.

Second, I wasn't clear. The Bears, after Lloyd went down last year, didn't even bother throwing to the No. 4 receiver. He was out five games, registered no catches in a fifth, and caught only one pass in two other games, one for three yards.

For the games he was out NO OTHER Bears receiver caught a pass besides Davis, Hester and Booker. That would include Rideau, who wasn't even deemed worthy to dress.

The point? The No 4 receiver is not a significant offensive threat, and the No. 3 isn't much of one either.

And frankly, Rideau, given Knox's play, may have been the FIFTH receiver, and I almost guarantee he would have at some point in the season. Knox will probably over take Davis at some point.

Simply put, the odds that Rideau would have played any major role in the offense were slim to none. He may not have even dressed.

So if you are going to have someone essentially serve as a minute part of the offense, you would hope that player can play a major role on special teams. Why? Most likely, they will see the field MORE on special teams than on offense.

Rideau has shown little ability on ST. He's slow getting down field, arm tackles, and plays tall.

Davis, on the other hand -- who as a WR has shown he can actually get open against first unit DBs and make huge plays in the clutch -- is a former DB who gets down field quickly, reads lanes, and explodes into ball carriers.

Davis -- unlike Rideau, actually has value as a receiver and ST player, and has demonstrated as much in the past.

In the end, you are upset that the Bears chose to keep a player who -- for all his flaws -- has been a major contributor to the team, over a career practice squad player who may very likely have played in his final preseason, given that no single team has deemed him worth of a roster spot -- let alone a spot as a rotation receiver -- over the past FOUR YEARS.

If Rideau catches on someplace and turns into great receiver, then you can come back and throw it in my face.

But if I'm a betting man, I would place money that Rideau's next snaps will be in the UFL, CFL, or in front of his TV playing Madden.

The Bears didn't think much of him, and neither has anyone else in the league. I doubt that will change.

Hey Idc, thanks again.

I fully understand your point. Absolutely valid. We agree to disagree. I believe Cutler will make receivers that didn't see the ball much during Orton's tenure really count. If Rideau catches on somewhere, I might mention it but I won't throw it in your face because I'm not a "throw it in your face" kind of guy.

But I'm all for underdogs and would now love to see Davis have a monster year. Prove me wrong Davis! Go Bears!

Brandon Rideau is a football player,,
hands like Jerry Rice
physical as T.O.
built like Andre Johnson
gallops like Randy Moss
high school basketball rebounder
high school football quarterback
can throw the option too another receiver

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