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Bears shuffle practice squad as Turenne returns

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The revolving door on the Bears' practice squad was spun around again.

Cornerback Woodny Turenne has been re-signed to the practice squad. He takes the place of guard Johan Asiata, who was signed back for a second stint on the practice squad last week.

General manager Jerry Angelo frequently shuffles players on the practice squad so he can get a good look at more than the eight players teams are allowed to carry at one time.

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So Brad are you Saying GM Jerry Angelo is doing the Practice Squad Shuffle???

You had to know it was coming.

Cry-ton, you suck!! Stay off this blog! It's better to remain silent and have people think you're an a$$ than to type away and remove all doubt!!


I thought it was funny. More importantly, it would be nice to find out what the bears had to say about DeAngelo Smith before they let him go. This was the cornerback selected in the early 5th round by the cowboys but they couldn't squeeze him onto the 53 man squad. I think they were hoping to get him on the practice squad. Dallas fans were real upset with the Dallas move on their blog. He has yet to sign to the practice squad with any team after being cut a couple of days ago by the bears (after a 2 week stint). Any thoughts on this player? I think that the bears are going to be in the market for another cornerback that has the potential to start next year. It would be great if they could find him before the next draft.


I can't decide if your post is ironic, hypocritical or douchetastic ...

As far as the ARTICLE (you know the farking thing we just read?) is concerned, that has to be a hard life. These practice squad guys don't make jack and they're constantly being shuffled in and out. Even if one works out, how do you have ANY loyalty to a team that constantly catches and releases you? Answer: you don't. Sure you're grateful for the opportunity but the minute you make it and can move on you would.

If Angelo wants to evaluate people, try using the draft (which he sucks at) or maybe training camp when you have 80 farking players. The practice squad should be used to DEVELOP talent not be a revolving f'ing door of castoffs.


I've been curious about how the practice squad thing works.

Brad, I could see where you might want to avoid talking about specific players, but generally speaking how do the Bears, or other NFL teams handle compensation for practice squad players?

For example, are they all paid the same? Is it possible that a team would make moves on the practice squad to enable multiple free agents to make living expenses? Does a player have to be at least on the practice squad to work out at the team's facility? Anything you would share about this subject would be more than I know.

Woah, woah, woah Da Coach. That criticism of Angelo not knowing how to draft may have flown in the past, but with the talent he's brought in these last couple of years I think he's been doing the right things.

This year alone --> Knox and Afalava. Low draft picks who are starting/contributing immensely. Great finds and we only had a few picks this year as you know.

Last year --> Matt Forte. Every team wishes they had one. He can do it all. Earl Bennet, solid player. Zack Bowman. Kellen Davis showing some things. Bringing Hanie in deserves recognition too.

Year before --> Olsen, Beekman (not bad, should be starting) Payne, Graham etc.

And yeah, you've got a bunch of players in there that didn't work out but still, Angelo's getting some good players on this team.

Not exactly surprised by anything Angelo does anymore. We let go a rookie CB with potential, so we can sign a journeyman LB with no skills and no apparent potential outside of special teams.

Of course, no matter how many guys we keep specifically for bolstering special teams, the ST unit has yet to put in an outstanding game this year. In fact, they've been maybe a hair better than average.

Maybe one day the Bears coaches will explain why they are so scared or so unwilling to train talented rookies and young veterans - who are hungry and have potential - to handle ST duties. With maybe one or two really outstanding ST vets to lead them? That way, we could actually KEEP young players with potential, instead of watching the Bears draft 4 DB's every year, and whiff completely on 3 of them.

Is that really Mike?

Anyway I would not call guys who have played 3 nfl games great finds just yet.

The Safety play for the Bears has been the weak point of the secondary.

Matt Forte is decent but their are much better backs out their, his very good for the Bears system, but you will not find him in a power running game.

Zack Bowman is still injury prone and has 2 career starts and has already been hurt once this year. Which allowed Vasher to start, and that allowed the Packers to win a game they should not have won.

You will notice the Bears recievers suddenly got a lot better when Cutler got here.

Olson has not lived up to his potential so far and Beekman and Payne are not starters. Being a starter does not also mean you are good. It just means you don't have anyone better on the team. The first thing Angelo did in the offseason was look for Beekmans replacment. So how good do you think was. Not to mention for some odd reason they do not like Graham.

Tripper you know everyone hates you, right? I mean your a Packer fan, you love Favre and you bash guys like Tony Parrish for no reason. The only person I see acting like an A$$ is you. In fact you are acting a lot like Brando.

They are late round picks and they contribute but none of these guys are stars and all have a limited game. Every other team in the NFL has players just like these that they draft every year. It's finding the special players that seperate the Good GM's from the bad GM's. Briggs would be Angelo's lone star to date, Tillman is solid but he is not a star. Hester is a great weapon and the jury will remain out on him until the end of the year. Just like these other young players. So far I see a lack of Blue chip talent and even if you include all these picks he is still below the league average over the last two years.

Forte was great in year one, but year two looks a little different so far. Chris Williams is not exactly standing out in a good way is he. Not to say he won't but given Angelo's very bad draft history and make no mistake it is bad, and he has already admitted he has not gotten the job done. Oh and by the way Olsen was drafted 3 years ago not 2, so including him seems very non-Mike like. Cause Mike would know that and Mike would not say that. Unless your a different Mike? Also you said the Bears only had a few picks this year. Actually they had 9 draft picks, which is a lot. In fact lots of the guys you list where not drafted in the last two years. You basically have only listed four guys from the last two drafts. One of which is not playing all that well, another has been average at best, Knox has stood out and Bennett has been decent. So four players in two years is considered good by you? Their is no way you are the good Mike. He knows this stuff.

Currently the Bears are in third place in the north. So I will wait to see how the team unfolds this year. Right now they look average, and their numbers suggest they are average. But in the NFC there is a lot more bad then Average. Are you still mad because I busted you telling a bunch of lies? Why do you post here, you don't talk about the Bears and you add nothing to the conversation. You sure remind me of Crazy Brando, who I once again destroyed and humiliated.

How could it even bother you what I said, it's a small non- offensive joke about the Super Bowl Shuffle. That actually upsets you. My god what happens when you get parking ticket? Do you just start shooting people?

Yes, JA has been ok lately but.....We would not be having OL problems if he knew how to draft. Think of all the misses to get the few you mentioned. Dang we should be in the SB quite often w/o all those misses. Lately, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but still where's the OL? Maybe thats a good thing though cause when we went to the SB we had no drafted Oline either.

I am assuming all that you asked is true Da Coach, I would like to know a little more about the players we never see making it to the team as well.......hard life, but better than Plax right about now.

Well the Lions beat the skins so maybe not a gimme again. Should be a win but not a gimme anymore.

Cry-ton....there you go again....blah,blah,blah,blah, are the most boring person alive. All talk with no substance. You don't know jack about the Bears so shut the hell up and go back to Packerland where you belong!! If any of us "true" Bear fans want your opinion, we'll give it to you!!

Hey Creighton, yes it's the real Mike or the "good" Mike as you have dubbed me. And yes, it looks like we're going to be locking horns once again. But before we begin, a side note:

(I'm willing to bet the very second Kevin Armstead sees this a permanent smile will overtake his face like that of the Cheshire Cat's as two of his most ardent detractors are going at it. He will then spend the entire week prancing around in joy in his custom-made Chicago Bears leotard.)


C-man, I've never had it out for Angelo like you. I thought he always did a decent job bringing good players in (we did make it to the Super Bowl a few years ago) however I felt that Lovie was totally clueless on how to use his players. Just look at all the ex-Bears having success elsewhere. Lovie either tried forcing everyone into his Cover-who? or gave the reigns to his treehouse pal "crazy-eyes" Boob Babich until he drove the defense deep into the ground. So no, I don't fault Angelo for the team's shortcomings over the past few years, I fault the head coach.

As for the current squad, our receivers look like the real deal. Knox, Bennett and Hester are all Angelo picks and the three of them are 2nd only to Arizona's WR threesome in yardage. That's pretty damn good. Would they have done that with Orton? Of course not. But Cutler's doing his part and they're doing their part.

The line sucks, so Forte's going to have some trouble running the ball. Not his fault. He's still doing a great job blocking and catching and I would still tab him as a top 5 RB. Who would you choose over him Creighton? Mendenhall? :P

And don't know about you, but I like the secondary. Despite the fact that the d-line is worthless (even with the great Marinelli giving them super powers) and need the blitz to help them out, the guys in the back are doing a steady job considering the situation.

I'm not calling the current squad perfect by any means, but we do have some pretty good players thanks to the GM and I think these guys can square off with any team in the league. If you don't like the work Angelo is doing Creighton, then notify Bill Holland and he'll get right on the phone with all of his imaginary friends up at Halas Hall to try and acquire Albert Haynesworth.

And no, Brando had nothing to do with the above post even though you devoted a healthy portion of yours to tearing him a new one. Then again, it wouldn't be a Creighton rant without that now would it?



Creighton, I don't think Angelo looking for Beekmans replacement was necessarily a knock on Beekman. I think Angelo sees Beekman as more of a center, and wants to groom him as an eventual replacement for Kreutz, who won't be around forever. The signing of Frank Omiyale allowed Chicago to move Beekman over to center. A lot of fans don't realize this, but Josh Beekman was a guard for most of his time at Boston College, he only played center for three games as a senior. He needs the reps at center if he is gonna eventually replace Kreutz, now he can get them. Yes I agree Omiyale hasn't looked very good so far, and I still feel if he continues to struggle Beekman should be moved back into the starting lineup at left guard. But, IF Omiyale can start to show some improvment over the next couple of weeks, it would be more beneficial for Chicago, especially in the long run. If Omiyale can develop into a left guard, and Beekman could develop into the new center, along with Chris Williams, Chicago would have three young/long term starters on their line that could stay together for awhile and build continuity, the key to great line play.

Also Creighton, Chris Williams has not looked as bad as you say. Look who he's been up against. Two of the leagues better pass rushers in LaMarr Woodley [Pittsburgh] and Patrick Kerney [Seattle]. The result, zero sacks allowed. Yeah, part of it is Cutler's ability to escape the rush, but no one metioned that when Ryan Clady was having his great rookie season with Cutler last year.
Chris Williams is gonna turn out to be a very good tackle for the Bears.

As far as Graham goes, the fact Bowman went above him on the depth chart only proves Angelo has just added depth to the roster through his drafts. Yeah, Graham was a starter last season, but you have to remember, last season Bowman was only a rookie, Graham had a season on Bowman so he would naturally be ahead of Bowman last year. Bowman simply came on in his second season, again, that doesn't mean Chicago doesn't like Graham, the depth just got better with players like Bowman getting healthy and developing. Watch out for D.J Moore next season. Creighton, like it or not, Angelo has brought in a lot of young talent on this team GO BEARS!!

Mike, couple things.

First, your opinion doesn't mean that much to me. I like to hear your thoughts on the Bears, don't get me wrong, but not enought to get up and dance.

Secondly, it's nice to see that your not trying to be so much of a Creighton wanna-be, like you have been for the last year or so. I mean I like Creighton myself, but not enough to actually try and blog just like him like you have. Dude, I can't tell you how many times you mention the guy in your blogs. Stuff like, me and Creighton think this and that....dude, be yourself.

And Finally, Mike, when are you gonna come to grips with the fact Chicago's d-line has gotten better. Your theory of the great blitz makes no sense. The Bears have 9 sacks this year, 6 from the d-line, 3 from others. Dude, thats more than half from the d-line. The d-line is on pace to have 32 sacks by the way, I'm counting, are you? So far, its the blitz theory 3 vs the Marinelli effect 6. Mike, as always, GO BEARS!!

I'm sick of people knocking Angelo's drafts.

The Bears have been a very successful franchise, especially over the past four years, off of the strength of their draft picks.

The only players brought in via free agency who have had a major impact were Muhammed, Tait, Jones, Garza -- and if you must for one year -- Reuben Brown and Fred Miller.

The rest of this team, sans Urlacher and Kruetz, are Angelo products via direct picks, or trading player and draft picks.

Do they have a lot of "superstars" No. But how many do most teams have? You could argue that teams like the Giants and Eagles have had no more than two at any given time, and they have been the best teams in the NFC.

How many "superstars do the Saints have? And how many of those were drafted?

How many do the Patriots have that were drafted?

Fact is, Angelo has done a solid job of drafting role players who have contributed to the success of the team -- even if they are no longer here.

That would even include taking Kyle Orton, who was key to landing Cutler.

Are they going to have the best players at every position? No. They simply need guys who can hold their own and make plays.

That is what Angelos picks more often than not, have done in recent years.

I slightly disagree with the d-line debate I believe the sacks are a direct result of the offenses we have played against and the so-called weakness of the secondary. Most of the Bears sacks have come when the opposing Qb has to look for the second and third check down and thanks to Adams and Harrison no where to step up in the pocket. Conclusion secondary staying home and covering better causing the sacks. So it is actually a team effort but Adams/Harrison and the secondary deserve the props.

Who are these thriving Bears elsewhere in the NFL? Gage and Chris Harris is about it. Even guys who got better contracts after the Super Bowl are either with their 2nd team after the Bears or are without a job. Benson is working harder but for how long? Not many RBs thrive in Chicago without the spector of Walter Payton and fan expectations. Only football fans will call a guy a bust after his first season. When your first round picks don't pan out then who's fault is that? Columbo rehabbed for 2 years here and no one expected him to come back after what he went thru. When your first round pick isn't up to snuff it usually works against the team because they have so much money tied up in a guy that they refuse to pick up adequate replacements. Your hands are tied when you put too much money on a player and he isn't good. Plus we have an unwritten rule around here that we've got to give a guy with a better draft status a better opportunity than a guy who wasn't higher. Who do you think looks bad when a first round talent can't beat out a free agent? Coach Smith can care less about draft status. His boss is the guy who gets questioned about it. Coach Smith believes in the chain of command. He believes that a coordinator runs the offense/defense and a head coach is the figure head who brings it all together. Him calling plays for the D shows that he allowed others to do their jobs and he had to live with the results. And with Babich still around to run LBs his coaching them can't be questioned. He's getting the most out of bench players with the highest turnovers due to injuries. He just didn't work out as a coordinator. Drumming that now is a dead issue.And with Grossman being thought of as a bust doesn't it speak well of coaching that they actually got to the Super Bowl with him. Not being a stud or a good player isn't always a coaching problem. Rex had too many knocks against him coming out to begin with. Drafting him was a mistake. Go down the line at the number one picks that we've drafted over the years and it isn't good. Guys who even ended up in the slot that we traded away for are starters on their teams. People want to give Angelo a pass this year because he got Cutler for his 2009 draft pick. Everyone wants to forget that he might've stunk it up. In 2011 with our next first round pick what do you expect him to do with that?

For Kevin--

I agree that the d-line is looking better so far this year. But that doesn't mean Mike's point about our voluminous blitzing isn't relevant. It's not always the blitzer that actually gets the sack, even where the blitz was necessary to get a sack. And the Bears blitz, like, all the time. Let's get it more consistently from the front four.

That said, so far I'm heartened by the d-line. Keep it up, fellas!

Good Afternoon Bear fans, it is nice to read your comments everyday, you are definitely real fans.


No one gets every draft right, not even the Pats. However I agree on two things, Orlando Pace needs to get better, Cutler is doing very well I believe he is responsible for pretty much winning the games on his own with the defense. He has 36 of Chicago's 57 points. While Chicago doesn't need a perfect team to win think about this....We don't need balance to win, we need to just win. I don't care how the Bears win as long as they do. Balanced teams have not won games always. Orlando Pace should be cut by next year sooo do we draft another left tackle or do we go to free Agency, another tackle is a free agent from the St. Louis Rams. Do we draft offence or defense? A dominent DE? or a LT? Who stands out in College as a pass rusher? Do we replace Tommy Harris and draft or go to free agency for a DT? So forget the past and try to remember we need a better team to get Jay 4-7 SuperBowls before the end of his career.

Please give me some ideas on the players we shoulld have going foward. We have a young team but we will need to bench some players soon because of age.

I really want to see us in Miami again
Chicago Bears Fan since Jim Harbaugh's first snap.

ok here we go, you done it now.. :)

very successful franchise?? Since the Fu when? Oh you mean in 85 and 06? ok and 63 ok and before 63 as well. Alright good point idc the Bears have been a very successful franchise every 20 years or so...... Once in that 20 yrs or so under JA Can't count this year yet like alot of people try to do lolol. (even me)
The future looks so bright we all wear sunglasses right?

but regarding sacks.....we are better than last year and progress means alot the way we played last couple of years (which directly ties into the Successful franchise theory)

Kevin A., Mike, & Creighton: good battle guys, it looks like you all have the BEARS winning the game easy over the Lions this week, no concerns there Huh!....LOL
Look to continue to bash Angelo draft picks is something that can be debated until he is gone, and sure there are a lot of busts like Okwo and Bazuin to name a few, but the guy has done well in bringing in players who help us Win games, this fact is hard to dispute. Players like Bennett, Knox, Bowman, Olsen, Forte, Beekmsn, Alfalva, Payne and Manning are helping us WIN games, and to me this is what its all about. Just two weeks ago Brad had us on here talking about the BEARS record without Brian in the line-up it was 0-7, today that record is 2-7 instead of 0-9, some of this is due directly to the players listed above, and those are Angelo's guys. I want these guys to step up also, hopefully some of them will become Pro-Bowl caliber players to keep us in the hunt for the playoffs and Superbowls in the next few years. To me Angelo has made us relevant in the league again and is the best GM we have had since Vanisi left, as a Bear fan I've got to give the guy a passing grade (B) to this point. Remember, this is the guy with the balls to bring in Jay Cutler...I'm not running him for Mayor of the city, but give him some credit the BEARS are a team we all enjoy watching critiqing, and bloging about...I remember when we had a chance at Bradshaw, I sure don't want to go back there again.....Go BEARS

Since we're talking about Angelo, I'll add my 2 cents.

I think Angelo's about average in terms of his scores in the draft, and as somebody pointed out, he's probably made better decisions in the middle rounds than in the 1st round; meaning he's not picking pro-bowl-caliber guys in the 1st round, but he's picking solid contributors in the middle rounds.

The pro-bowlers he has drafted are Briggs, Harris, Vasher and Hester; not many, and only Harris is a 1st rounder. Angelo also has his share of Michael Haynes, Michael Okwos, Dan Bazuins, Cedric Bensons, Mark Bradleys and Rex Grossmans.

The Bears tend to stick to their draft picks, and a host of middle rounders, including Payne (5th), Graham (5th), Bowman (5th) and Anderson (5th), are contributing to the team, but I think it would be difficult to say whether the Bears would've been better off picking somebody else in their spots.

One thing I do question is the lack of O-linemen picked early in the drafts, Chris Williams being the only exception. He also failed his shot to select a franchise QB.

So all in all, I think Angelo's score on drafts is not good, not bad, about average.

But his legacy will always be hitched to Jay Cutler. He was lucky that he had the best trade bait at the time in Orton (4th rounder), and all will count on winning a lot, posibly a SB with Cutler.

By WRD on October 2, 2009 8:31 AM
"What, ho! Who exactly are these thriving Bears (latin name "Ursus" of course) elsewhere in the NFL?"

Good day, Sir William!

So you named Chris Harris, Justin Gage and Benson. Yes, they're doing quite well for themselves. But did you also forget the following?

Thomas Jones, pro-bowler.
Bernard Berrian.
Brendon Ayanbadejo, pro-bowler.
Lousaka Polite is one heck of a FB if you ever watch the Phins.
Moose did pretty well last year. Good blocker.
Same with John Gilmore, good blocker, solid TE.

Also, it's ok to use the name of the person you're directing your comments at. Unless of course you believe that us lowly subjects aren't deserving of names. Whatever, it's you feudal system not mine.

the phins are 0-3. Might as well sign everyone that Detroit dropped after they went 0-16. Who should we have dropped for Gilmore? Ayanbadejo wanted starter money to be a special teamer. He was already established on special teams and that's why we got him in the first place. Berrian caught the same number of passes as first time WR Hester and we didn't overpay Berrian like the Vikes did. Which fan wanted Moose who was too busy throwing QBs under the bus? Everyone knew that Jones was a good RB but Angelo dumped him to get his prized pupil Benson to the head of the class. We only drafted two of those guys and someone thought highly enough of his "potential" to grossly overpay for him. Like I said, where is the 1st round pick that we couldn't coach in all that, MIKE? Gilmore was a lower round pick wasn't he? Why is he gone and not Davis? I said that the higher the draft the more likely we will keep them.

Some good points some irrelevant points. Somethimes in the draft there are teams ahead of you who will block or have the same needs as you do the trick is plan B I think Jerry is always looking for that diamond he doesn't have to pay right away. But he does need to continue to address the trenches he now has good skilled players now he needs to protect them.

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