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Bears make claim for DE McBride, but miss out on him

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The Bears missed out today when they put in a waiver claim for defensive end Turk McBride, a former second-round draft pick of the Kansas City Chiefs.

McBride, who didn't fit the Chiefs' new 3-4 scheme, was cut loose and the Bears turned out to be one of three teams that placed a claim for him. He was awarded to the Detroit Lions, who are first in the waiver system by virtue of their 0-16 season last year. The waiver system will be based on current standings after Week 3. The Bears wouldn't have gotten McBride had Detroit not been involved, any way, as the Jacksonville Jaguars also put in a claim for him, and were ahead of the Bears.

McBride was a left end in Kansas City last season, and is a natural fit for the Lions and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, who was with the Chiefs last season. He may get thrown into action quickly with Cliff Avril a little banged up. The Bears would have had to waive a player to make room for McBride.

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This is typical of the Bears!! Obviously Tommy HArris isn't doing his job and they need more linemen to fill in and rotate with him. Jerry should have gotten Albert Haynesworth when I told him to but now it's too late!! Tommy Harris is worthLESS!

Bill Holland,

Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about.
McBride is a DE. Tommy is a DT. Do you know your football?
Secondly...I tip my hat off to the Bears whenever take pick up a possible good prospect when you least expect it. It means that they are always looking to improve the team. So...even if McBride was a DT to compete with tommy, I would still call that a good move.
They obviously saw an opportunity to improve their pass rush on the ends....and with age setting in on both starts, the Bears were looking ahead for their eventual replacements.

Couldn't we have just sent them a 7th rounder?

Val this is the real Bill Holland. I don't have any idea who would be using my name, but I would not make such a stupid statement. Brad, is there not a way when people post to notice that this is not the REAL person posting?

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