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Bears inform veteran offensive lineman Dan Buenning he is cut

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The Bears have informed veteran offensive lineman Dan Buenning, who they traded for at this point last year, that he will be released.

This move likely increases the chance that seventh-round pick Lance Louis will make the team. Louis was used at left tackle during training camp and preseason but probably projects as a guard.

The Bears have also informed center Donovan Raiola, a college teammate of Buenning's at Wisconsin, that he will be placed on waivers. There is a chance Raiola could return on the practice squad.

UPDATED: The Bears have also informed fullback Jason Davis he will be released.

UPDATED II: The Bears have also informed defensive end Joe Clermond he will be released. He could also return on the practice squad.

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Surprising, but certainly not earth-shaking. Jason Davis has also been told he is being let go, but we all knew only one FB was going to stick.

Does this mean they are going to consider Beekman the backup at all 3 interior positions, and Louis the second guy off the bench inside? That would make this group pretty flexible, and might allow us to get by with fewer of them. Louis could also be the 4th TE if we need someone in short yardage...

Backups: Shaffer, Beekman, Louis

8 guys should be able to get us through game week...

I will be interested to see if we pursue Andrew Walter since he is being let go in New England....There should be some pretty good players hitting the wire today. Keep us posted Brad!


What's happening with Gaines, K Davis, R Davis, Petersen, Woulfe and WRs?

I actually agree with this move.

The third QB and 8th lineman are generally the most worthless roster spots, because neither generally see the field much.

That is why l liked the Louis pick, because he can serve as an blocking specialist on KRs, or a TE or FB on goal and short yardage situations because of his athletic ability.

In the meantime, they can develop his skills as a guard.

And yes, it means Beekman will backup all three interior positions. But he has played them all before, so it shouldn't make a difference.

Both Buenning and Fred Miller last year were Maytag repair men.

the only problem with louis is that he might be facing felony battery charges.

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