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Bears inform special teams standout McClover he is leaving

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The Bears will release linebacker Darrell McClover, a special teams standout who was signed two weeks ago. If the team needs special teams help down the line, it's possible he could return.

The club has also informed linebacker Mike Rivera he will be released.

I expect rookie fifth-round pick Marcus Freeman to be released, but no official word on that.

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Dumb move to get rid of 4 phase special tema guy and Keep a guy like Mcbride only 3 phase.

this is really funny! all of you people whining about practice squad players getting cut. If you all had any brains you would be a coach your self but no the coaching job you get is playing madden ten on xbox. And just so you know conerback is kind of important and s/teamer while important does not get first consideration.And for you people crying about B.R getting cut there is a big difference catching passes agianst 3rd or 4th string corners and starting corners. nothing against B.R but if he was so good he would of been picked up last season or the one before and he was not. having him or not is not going to make or break the bears season relax. I am a huge bears fan but it is hard to tell if you people are fans or not. Some of you dont seem to have any sense at all. you talk like you are some pro but you never seem to see the bigger picture. And this is being nice about it!!! crapton you should never write any of your thoughts down at all let alone speak them. You are just the kid of person or fan if you can go that far that should be the tackling DUMMY on the practice field. I personaly would love to be able to hit you all day long maybe you might be good for somthing. And at least you would shutup or cry or somthing usefull.

Mat, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Another hard-to-understand cut. The Bears' special teams have not recovered from letting Brendon Ayanbadejo go; why would they cut another good ST player? Maybe they think they have good enough ST players already. If so, I hope they're right.

In isolation this cut makes no sense because we could use the 7th LB over another DL or DB. But as Biggs wrote we have 38% of our team on the DL or DB. That is a reflection of the lack of confidence in the players and skills of the CB, Safeties, NT, DE.

We have confidence in our QB so we can go with 2 instead of 3. Or 8 OL instead of the 9 of last year.

But keep in mind if McClover was all that great then he would not have been around for the taking since his contract expired in Feb.

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