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Bears fill out practice squad with OT Jim Marten, former 3rd round pick

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The Bears will fill out their practice squad by signing offensive tackle Jim Marten.

A third-round pick from Boston College in 2007 by the Dallas Cowboys, Marten was claimed off waivers last season by the Oakland Raiders last season and was inactive for 14 games before appearing in the season finale on special teams. The Bears have been watching Marten for a while as the club put in a failed waiver claim for Marten a year ago.

Marten cleared waivers after being cut by Oakland on Saturday, and the Bears finally got their man. Marten is the third lineman to join the practice squad. The Bears also signed center Donovan Raiola and guard Johan Asiata to the eight-man developmental squad. The team is carrying eight linemen on the 53-man roster.

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What about Freeman? I know we've got plenty of LB depth but we could have at least let this guy develop on the PS this year and challenge for a spot next year with Pisa, Williams and Roach all becoming FAs. This guy was supposedly a steal in the 5th round and would have been a 2nd or 3rd rounder if he didn't get hurt in college. I would much rather have him than any of the three no-name O-linemen. I do really like Baldwin and Clermond on the other side, though. Does anyone know if Freeman or Rideau have signed with another team?
The only reason I can think of why Aromashodu made the team over Brandon is that JC personally picked him over BR. After all, Brandon had a much better pre-season and even before the pre-season was listed as the No.3 receiver on the team. I hope he makes a team somewhere - he deserves it. Meanwhile, "the other Devin" better do something this season to justify his roster spot.

I cannot imagine that Marten would be a better backup than Cody Balogh!
Marten doesn't know the system, and has been cut by the Raiders! You kiddin' me....the Raiders, whose O-line looks like 5 Metcalfs in one line...come on!

Not a bad signing for the practice squad. Marten has only been in the league for 3 seasons, so the guy could still have potential. Marten does have nice size at 6-7 310lbs, and a pretty good wingspan. In college he was known for being exceptional at using his hands to block. Chicago does have to think about developing a young tackle. Right now Chicago has Pace, a stop-gap, a very big/good stop gap, but a stop gap none the less. Pace is probably not gonna be around for more than 2 more seasons, so youth is needed at the position. Not saying Marten is gonna be the answer, but you never know, some players take a little longer to develop. There have been a lot of linemen in the NFL that have took a couple seasons to develop, so maybe. And the potential is certainly there in Marten GO BEARS!!

I don't know Marten, but don't have a problem with trying somebody else. Balogh is huge, but just doesn't have the feet. I thought Louis really did outplay him.

Balogh reminds me of that Drouge(sp?)dude that they got from Mizzou a couple years ago. Guy showed a lot of promise, but just wasn't quick enough to stop NFL edge rushers.

I kind of wonder about Freeman too, but at the end of the day he may not have even been the last linebacker they cut. It happens sometimes, great college players don't always have what it takes to make the next step.

It just seems to me that they should have a tailback on the practice squad.

Biggsy: I like the Marten pickup for the PS but we need some answers on why they gave up completely on Marcus Freeman? Not even the PS? Why???? He didn't show alot in the preseason but neither diBiggsy: I like the Marten pickup for the PS but we need some d Roach! This team cannot draft. We may have one person contribute this year from the draft. You know they are not going to play the WRs and DJ Moore showed absolutley nothing in preseason, he should have been cut before Freeman!!! Gilbert showed nothing and Melton is on IR. Nice draft!!!!!!!!!!

Steve K. The draft is all about Cutler this year, the other picks are only gravy, and we have something to show already with Afalava, who will defintely contribute. I also expect to see Gilbert get some time at end, hopefully his presence can push Anderson into playing both the run as well as rushing the passer. As for Freeman, he did not make a push in camp and show physical skills to wait for by keeping him. He could'nt be better than Jamar Williams, who I think is going to get playing time this year.

My response to the other article in the times on the defense, is it's true we are not the defense we used to be, that is because it's time for new playmakers to emerge. I think Payne is close to breaking through as an All-Pro candidate, he tackles well, can cover, and seems to be getting better every year. Bowman and Graham are both solid contributors at corner, while the jury is out on Manning who showed improvement at the nickel. This BEARS defense will gain noteriety when teams have to gameplan around someone else other than Brian, Briggs, and Harris......Lovie is coordinating so we will get an idea of who he thinks his playmakers are this season....Looking forward to beating on some Pack azz next Sunday.....Go BEARS !!!!! Want some! get some!........

Why did the Bears pick this guy, Marten, up?

Let's see....old news flashes...

"The Dallas Cowboys selected Boston College offensive tackle James Marten with the 3rd pick in the 3rd round (#67 overall) that they acquired in their trade with Cleveland."

"He’s been called tough, well-schooled in technique and very intelligent at his position. He’s James Marten, one of the top offensive tackles in this year’s draft, and he talked to’s Ed Thompson in this exclusive interview about the skills he’ll be providing to an NFL team very soon."

"Ed Thompson: I think one of the things that jumped out at me about you was the fact that you spent a little bit of time during your first year at right tackle, shifted to guard for two years and then finished up at left tackle your senior year. In a four year span, that’s a pretty diverse set of perspectives and skill sets on the line."

There is a lot more on him (mostly good) at..

And finally...why did they get rid of Marten....he couldn't break into the 53 man squad because there wasn't any room for him. They placed him on the training squad...and then...on sept 6th 2008...this is what happened....
"Marten, the Cowboys' third-round pick in 2007, gets the boot to make room for wide receiver Mike Jefferson."

They need wide outs for tony Romo more than they needed this player at that time.

I guess this tells us they are happy with Peterson and Wolfe at running back behind Forte.

I liked this kid a lot coming out of college, and he has the size we are looking for on the outside. If the players we have develop like they are supposed to, this kid could be solid RT depth for us in the future. If Pace gets hurt or retires after this year, we move Williams to LT, and Shaffer moves into the RT spot. We will need a new swing tackle, and Marten played both sides and guard.

The Bears seem to like these slow-footed tackle projects as a general rule (Droege and Balogh are both cut from the same cloth). hard nosed, tough, but can't handle the pass rushers on the edge. Marten at least has the pedigree to hold up in pass protection, and we all know how much Jerry likes those B.C. grads.....

I think this is an outstanding signing for the practice squad, considering how weak the market was for good players to develop. Freeman isn't getting any calls, so he will be out there if we bring someone up to the active roster. We are going to need to change over our offensive line the rest of the way over the next 2-3 years. Garza, Pace, and Kreutz are all going to hang it up or move on in the near future, so we will need 3 new linemen. Omiyale and Williams appear to be solid fixtures for the next several years, and Beekman is likely the heir apparent at center. But we will need a RT, and a RG. Not sure I trust Asiata (our new Tyler Reed), but I bet J.A. drafts a guard in the next draft to push/replace Garza. Williams, Omiyale, and Beekman is not a bad left side, and Shaffer is probably good enough on the right. If he doesn't work out, you have Marten and probably some draft picks to develop behind him.

Joe don't forget about Louis. In watching him play, he may or may not have the size and strength, but he definately has the feet. It's actually kind of impressive to look and consider the list of players he beat out. They must like hime because he didn't really have that much of a "Draft Status" card to play.

Good call MS. I keep forgetting about Louis. I think I kind of wrote him off when I heard about the potential charges being filed against him in the offseason, so I tend to forget he made the team. I would be ok with an interior of Louis, Beekman, and Omiyale going forward. That is a pretty solid trio, at least as far as footwork, size, and a little bit of nastiness...

I am curious about the Bears giving up on Freeman so quickly also. They never seem to give up on draft picks that quickly; if anything, they seem to hang on to them too long waiting for them to show some development. I seem to recall JA saying something along the lines of not even being able to begin to judge a draft pick until after their first full year on the system. Maybe there is a story here we don't know about. Like he refused to hustle on special teams or wasn't learning the playbook like he was supposed to. It will be interesting to see if he catches on anywhere else.

What happened to Kevin Malast .I know he was cut

Steve wrote:
"This team cannot draft. We may have one person contribute this year from the draft. You know they are not going to play the WRs and DJ Moore showed absolutley nothing in preseason, he should have been cut before Freeman!!! Gilbert showed nothing and Melton is on IR. Nice draft!!!!!!!!!!"


Let's look over the recent drafts for the Bears....
1) 2009 Cutler is equal to the 1st and 3rd round picks. Afalva (sp?) shows promise. The entire draft of new players are 3rd rounders or less.

2) 2008 Chris Williams is looking good. Do you think Forte was a miss? Bennett could have good too. Steltz well... Bowman if healthy is vg. Kellen Davis shows promise.

3) 2007 Olsen is a stud. Missed on the next two (Bauzin and Okwo) but Wolfe and Payne are ok. Beekman is fine. McBribe is clearly just a STer.

4) Hester is horrible and we should trade him for a bag of used footballs. NOT. Manning is a vg returner and still has promise in the backfield.

This team has around 35 of its 53 roster coming from the draft or rookie free agents. That is better than the league average.

A review of the players drafted by the Angelo who start:
Forte, Hester, Bennett, Olsen, Williams (Chris) for the offense and
Brown, Harris, Briggs, Bowman, Tillman, Afalva (sp) and either Payne or Manning for the defense. That is 12 of the starting 22. Please point out a team that does have more.


2009 draft...
You forgot Knox. Knox looks promising. Would like to see him replace Hester.

Bears draft history...

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