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Bears cut veteran cornerback Rod Hood

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The Bears have informed veteran cornerback Rod Hood he will be released three days after the club signed him with durability concerns plaguing the defensive backfield.

This greatly increases the chances Trumaine McBride and D.J. Moore make the roster.

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I don't think that's really fair to him, given he was thrown into the fire without knowing most of the playbook, or how to play with his teammates.

I just hope this means the team is going to look to acquire Chris McAllister, or have noticed another veteran they like was cut.

So does the guy even get a paycheck from the Bears for being on the roster for three days and playing in one preseason game? At least he gets a nice Jersey out of it.

I don't think it was a fair move by the team considering the guy really hasn't had time to learn the playbook or his team mates. I realize he is a veteran but the team could have given him a few more games. I just hope they have something in the works for an even better player at this position. Passing teams are going to carve us up. We need help and pronto.

Are they really going to keep McBride?????

He was lit up as a member of the Browns and more of the same happened last night. The fact that two teams with little depth in the secondary let him go speaks volumes.

Come on Brad, you are the news. Without you the CST should shut down the presses. If you ever go to the Tribune I am switching allegiance to the Trib.

Tough profession this, and I don't know how much evaluation they could've done on Hood, but this close to the season I don't think you gamble on an unknown with a roter spot. I'm sure if somebody goes down at CB, the Bears will be dialing up his number.

Hood was never in the plans. The Bears only brought him in so they could play him last night and not risk an injury with one of the players they knew they were gong to keep.

but really, we gotta keep McBride??? McPlease...

McBride can't play from what little I've seen of him. Hard to understand this cut,, because it's hard to believe that he's not better than McBride.

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