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Bears announce they have reached terms with LB Tim Shaw

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As expected, the Bears have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with linebacker Tim Shaw. It is conditional on him passing a physical.

Brian Urlacher has been placed on injured reserve. It's unknown if this will prevent the team from pursuing free agent Derrick Brooks any further.

"Derrick's been a great player for a long time in the league," said coach Lovie Smith, who was Brooks' position coach in Tampa Bay. "He's a linebacker who's available. We're looking at all available players right now. Derrick would be a part of that. There's no more than that right now. Looking at everyone that's out there available."

Smith also said the focus of the Bears might be on help on special teams. That could be where Shaw comes into play.

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what wise man was that who said Cutler will make u remember Grossman. Or mabe Ron Tuner turns every QB to Grossman.Go Orton, Grossman!!!!Free Cutler or free Tuner!!!

If you really want to help special teams teach them how to tackle. They kept trying to strip the ball and tackle high, gave the packers return game an extra 10-15 yards on every play.

Sign Pro Bowl LB Derrick Brooks and slide Lance Briggs to MLB. Derrick Brooks proven knowledge and experience on/off the field is something you can't teach & brooks has a SUPERBOWL RING with the Tampa 2. JA and Lovie sign him now please!!!!!!!!

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