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Bears-Lions injury report

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Here is the first injury report of the week.


LB Lance Briggs, foot, DNP-
DE Alex Brown, left ankle, DNP-
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, rib, DNP-
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, right knee, DNP-
DT Anthony Adams, knee, LIM-
TE Desmond Clark, rib, LIM-
RB Matt Forte, knee, LIM-
DT Tommie Harris, knee, LIM-
DL Israel Idonije, knee, LIM-
LS Pat Mannelly, arm, LIM-
LG Frank Omiyale, ankle, FULL-


DT Sammie Lee Hill, ankle, DNP-
S Kalvin Pearson, quad, DNP-
RB Kevin Smith, shoulder, DNP-
DE DeWayne White, hamstring, DNP-
DE Cliff Avril, hamstring, LIM-
DT Grady Jackson, knee, LIM-
CB Eric King, shoulder, LIM-
LB Ernie Sims, shoulder, LIM-
QB Drew Stanton, knee, FULL-

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Hey Brad is it Lance's toe again, I know it says foot, but I thought he had a toe problem every now and then? I could be remembering wrong.

But hey thank god Omiyale is ok, wouldn't want Beekman out there, nope that Omiyale is something else. Something special.

OMG Harris has a knee problem? When did this happen?


So nice to have you back. Say did you "man up" on your bet about Angelo trading for Cutler at the home opener? No? Too bad. Manhood -- for some is overrated. ;)

I love how you think Omiyale is awful and how much better Beekman is. Last year, you were ragging on Beekman and St. Clair and how awful they were. So who do you like at OG?

What you didn't say that??? Don't believe me? Figured.

Here is your post on day 2 of the 2008 draft where the Bears just drafted TE Kellen Davis with the 2nd of the two 5th round picks. The other 5th rounder was CB Zack Bowman. The title of Biggs' post was "Comfortable with Metcalf, Beekman or St Clair at left guard?":

"By Creighton on April 27, 2008 1:56 PM

Ummm no, not cofortable (sic) with 2 bad career backups and a second year guy who wasn't allowed to dress last year because he was so bad. But hey we got a new TE."

Question, Creighton when did you become such a big Beekman fan?

Hey Brad,

How about reminding us what the acronyms are each time you report the injuries. It becomes a brain teaser each week. about letting us know on the injury report of the opposing team, whether the player is a starter or not. It would save time in looking it up to see if that injury is important or not.

I was ragging on the pick od TE when we 2 already, but now then seeing Davis play like that, but at the same time you have to go back and see who was selected after Davis - we mighta got someone else that was even better than Davis? But I like Davis alot after seeing him play for the first time.

Briggs, how serious???

After watching that last drive 3 times last night on NFL Replay, I am extremely impressed with the entire offense/play calls. That was some very impressive sh..!
The play calls were great, the execution was great, it was like we saved the best for last, which I feel Ron does. He saves those plays for that game winning drive. Hester looked great as did Williams. Watch Williams on that last drive. He looked good when we had to have him.
Roach/Afalava (sp) alright, they can play :) woah, nice play Al!!
I did not think Roach play was all that great untill I watched it again.

Cutler is a gamer he turns it up 10 notches when we need that game winning drive!


While you putting in all the requests from your fans, how about having you do our thinking to. It is too much pressure for me to go to another web site and looking to see who the starters. I really want to do the least amount of reading and thinking they sure do tax the ol' noggin'

Thanks a bunch. Nap time now this has been too much effort for me.

MD Actually that is Brad's job, keep us on his website. That would be $$ lost for us to go to `the competitors' web site. And really I don't care to go there as I like Brad's and the Sun's Bears news just fine. (Do I get a free pass Brad?) %)

I don't really understand Beekman not starting but who was it that graded out great last year and we all hated on him? Garza. So who knows maybe Omiyale is grading out great as well. Kool! Our Guards are grade A. -they just don't seem to be Grade A to us as we are naive NFL fans wtf do we know??

I can see them wanting Beekman as Olin's replacement - but not at the expense of our Running game this year. Maybe draft a top Guard next year? hmmm thats an idea! Draft an OG! If JA would just do that, then that would be great.

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