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Another Lovie coaching friend fires on Cutler, Mora adds on too

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At this point, it's fair to wonder if Lovie Smith shares the same viewpoints as his mentors.

Tony Dungy stepped out this spring and was critical of Jay Cutler's leadership ability, and now Mike Martz, another close friend to Smith who lobbied hard for him to get a head coaching job, has piled on.

Martz and Jim Mora Sr. made pointed remarks about Cutler's postgame press conference Sunday night at Lambeau Field after he threw a career-high four interceptions in a 21-15 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Bears were 0-for-3 in the red zone and spoiled an all-around defensive effort. Cutler strung together a series of cliches and said miscommunications were partly to blame for the turnovers.

"When I saw that postgame press conference last night, I thought he looked completely immature,'' Mora said on the premier of The Head Coaches on NFL Network Monday night. "He acted like he didn't even care."

What's much more disturbing from the Bears' standpoint, however, is the criticism that came from Martz, who suggests the team is not handling him properly.

"He just doesn't get it,'' Martz said. "He doesn't understand that he represents a great head coach and the rest of those players on that team ... somebody needs to talk to him."

Smith remains close to Dungy and Martz both. It's difficult to imagine they would be critical of the marquee addition to the organization--the replacement for Sid Luckman six decades later--without knowing Smith would be understanding and accepting of their evaluations. Dungy called Cutler's makeup into question before.

"We'll see about his maturity level,'' Dungy said in a teleconference announcing his addition to NBC's coverage in early June. "That's what I would question. And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver ... that would concern me as a head coach. He can make all of the throws, but quarterbacking is much more than just making throws."

Cutler can come across as being brusque in press conferences to uninterested and it's fair to say he was short Sunday night. What Dungy and Martz saw gave them reason to be concerned beyond the mistakes on the field.

``Having always handled my postgame press conferences in a professional way, I'm an authority on these types of things,'' Mora joked, referring to his "playoffs" rant that has become a popular beer commercial. "I just didn't think he was very professional, very accountable. I could give him a tip or two.''

It's going to be interesting to see what Smith's take on the situation is Wednesday. His new quarterback continues to take fire, and this is more friendly fire.

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Who cares what these losers say. Cutler is our franchise QB. Mora had Manning and Martz had Warner. What would they like the Bears to take back Orton or Grossman? I like the fact that he gets in players faces and tells them how it is. Why is everyone over analyzing every little detail? After a loss he was short....No S#$%. Why would he want to chat after that? Give the kid some time. It was one game. I myself want to see him succeed and be our QB for the next 10 years. Does every fan out there forget how Shi##y our QB's have been?

On another note our WR coach needs to coach up his players. No play is ever over with Cutlers ability to throw on the run. Clark knows better and Knox needs to learn how to run routes. Coach them up DRAKE.


Nice, Lovie's finally acting like the bum we all thought he was.

Pin it on the new QB, but don't surround him with the talent he deserves.

Its nice that he's flaming on his former Pro Bowl QB, after having defended the likes of Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, and those not worth mentioning.

Maybe we have such a hard time getting stable QB play, because we don't bother to stockpile offensive Talent.

Late Round Rookies & Undrafted FA's are the way to build a Arena Football

You don't get it do you? You obviously were not paying attention to how this game could have ended. There is no future for Bears as long as their "franchise QB" plays the way he did last Sunday. He reminded me of Jamarcus Russell.

Jim Mora, calling someone elses post game comments immature? He doesn't know diddly-poo!

I'm a diehard Bears fan for life but Cutler has always come across as an a@#hole. I love the Bears but I'm just saying our franchise QB is a jerk. At the end of the day it is what it is. Go Bears!

Can't seem to understand the critics, first they don't want him to get to excited talking to the media, and now they do. He made a few comments regarding his recievers during camp and he gets bashed, he takes the approach to tone it down some and to not put any blame anywhere, since it is a team sport, and he gets bashed for that now. These so called experts just need to leave the kid alone, it seems as if they are trying to get into his head more than his opponents are. Give him a break.

Cutler can't blame Eddie Royal for Sunday night's interceptions, so it looks like its time for Infant Jay to start screaming again at Juaquin Iglesias.

How do you give up two first round draft choices for a guy who has always refused to accept the responsibility that goes with being a franchise quarterback?

I'm a diehard Bears fan for life but Cutler has always come across as an a@#hole. I love the Bears but I'm just saying our franchise QB is a jerk. At the end of the day it is what it is. Go Bears!

These coaches need to shut the *^*&^*6 up. Just because he doesnt say things in the way you think he should... so what. Dungy is an idiot who won a SB because the coach he was playing against was dumber/inept/clueless then he was. Cutler is a fired up guy who wants to win. You can tell that he internalizes things. Thats on him if he does that. You can tell by watching him that he has a huge desire to win. He yells on the field... good. Did football somehow lose the "getting after people" part?? Maybe if Lovie got after some of his players, they would respond. I like watching a QB yell at his line and WR's. Most if not all of them need it. Outside of Forte and Olsen, that whole offense could use a major face lift. Cutler's WR's and TE's were cutting routes off all night which led to missed TD's and turnovers. If I was Cutler, I would be PO'd too.. His reaction in the press conference was, "Wow, this team is worse then I thought". The O-Line is terrible and the WR's have no experience.. Earl Bennett will be solid, but hes still learning the NFL speed and tempo. God please give us Shanahan.. he will make sure that Cutler has a legit WR and some O-Line.. Lovie is a joke as is his OC.

They remain close friends...good, ask Martz if he wants a Off. CoOr. job we sure can use a NFL experienced guy. Then he can talk to Cutler if need be, but those WRs are not without blame.

I'm a diehard Bears fan for life and I feel Jay Cutler is just being bashed by people that feel the need to belittle someone else to make themselves try and look better. Where are Mora/Martz?? nuff said!

You know Lovies friends have a strange way of showing him respect. Dungy has a problem with Cutler but no problem with Vick?? Martz is a chump and always has been.

It's like Ozzie said, when you play good and your fat your a big strong guy, when you play slow your a fat slow player.

Same with Cutler, oh he lost, he is immature, when he wins he will suddenly be mature. You will hear Martz and Dungy both say well Jay has really matured this year. Has Martz ever watched some of his own press confrences?

I have never seen a press confrence where the player or caoch did not throw out a half dozen cliches, please anyone try and find one.

By Tomk4054 is a moron on September 15, 2009 1:53 PM
"You don't get it do you? You obviously were not paying attention to how this game could have ended. There is no future for Bears as long as their "franchise QB" plays the way he did last Sunday. He reminded me of Jamarcus Russell."

Why and how does he remind you of Russell? Please break down both there games and there strenghts and weaknesses. Ever top pundint in the NFL has compared him to Elway but I guess you know more.

The meatballs are out in force today. DAR DAR DAR, Bring back Orton, and his rocket arm, look at that great pass he made, he meant to do that. Maybe Butkus will return and play in the Middle again and perhaps Ditka will be our TE. Da Bears, Sausage, beer, Da Bears.

What do you want Cutler to say? That the o-line had the resistance of a brown paper bag? That the receivers had oven mitts on and untied shoelaces? That the running game had the push of a toy poodle?

Anyone else notice the pocket shrinking faster than Kanye West's popularity on almost every play? How many times was Cutler flushed out and forced to run for his life?

The guy made some terrible decisions, but so did everyone else. He took repsonsibility and also indoctrinated the whole offense with "we" like he should have. Let these clowns talk. It will only motivate Cutler and the entire offense to perform better.

Look at how Cutler tossed the TD play to Hester and a few of the passes to Bennett. This guy has the ability to put the ball within centimeters of where it needs to be. He'll be alright. He needs to settle down and realize that the checkdown will be his best friend in an offense where he won't have much time to settle his feet.

Hey NeckBeardSucks, did you catch the Denver game LOL? To think, Orton's weak, inaccurate arm was actually an asset for once.

The only folks Lovie needs to talk to is the Media (which now includes Dungy, as well as Mora and Martz if they want to make quotes to anyone who will listen). Cutler is a passionate guy, and he actually cares that he couldn't get the job done on the field. The fact that he has to parade in front of a bunch of monkeys with microphones and pens who analyze his every word 10 minutes after the game is over is a setup for disaster in the first place (Mora will concede that one). Lovie needs to let the Media (and his boys) know that if they're going to criticize anyone on his team about their disposition after a loss, then he'll no longer allow the media access to those players via press conference until 24 hours after a game, once the sting wears off and the emotion passes. Who WOULD want to answer questions like, "So what was going through your mind when you threw that interception at the six yard line?" I think at that point Cutler rolled is eyes and said he didn't see him, but the look on his face was not one of apathy, it was a look that said "You're an idiot for asking me that question". It probably would've been better if he actually said what he was thinking.

First of all Biggs, Dungy and Martz calling out Cutler for not being a polite friendly guy may not have ANYTHING to do with something Lovie said to them. Maybe they think that because they are friends with Lovie that they know what he is thinking but really, NO ONE knows what Lovie thinks about Cutler or about anything else for that matter. I think it's dangerous for you to make those assumptions. Lovie is already under enough heat from the fans and media after the GB loss; why keep fueling the fire? I think they are talking because they are being paid to talk. No one cares what they think. especially martz. and ESPECIALLY Jim Mora. I for one think it's good that Cutler will get in the face of those who make mistakes. that's what leaders of football teams do. of course none of us are used to that because we haven't had a real one in our life times (somehow i doubt there are many folks that watched Luckman that spend alot of time on a blog). Let's be honest people, Lovie has little to no involvement with the offense besides personnel. he does not care what's happening on that side of the ball as long as they are not turning the ball over. Biggs saying that martz and dungy are just relaying what Lovie is saying to them privately, seems like a stretch to me. NFL network please fire Jim Mora. there is no bigger joke in sports media. wow, More thinks Cutler is a jerk! I can't believe it! That's so unlike Jim Mora to b****h about something that is COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS. seriously guys, who cares? GO BEARS.

It was nice to see Jay getting in the faces of the receivers and offensive linemen. This is what leaders do, have you ever watched Brady, Warner, Manning get in the face of their receivers, lineman? I have. So the naysayers need to shut the ---- up! Cutler is a very good quarterback who had a bad game.

Now people crying about his press conference! Give me a break. I hope he stands tall and continues to do what he does, no need to change yourself for a bunch of screaching knitters at the factory.

I would like to thank the media and the fans for backing the Bears into a corner. Nothing motivates a player or brings together a team like disrespect. I say Cutler not only turns it around this season but does so this weekend, against the Steelers. Come next monday he will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Oh and lets not forget they were playing the GREAT Aaron Rogers. The media loves him so much they are already getting his HOF bust made. New from NFL films, "The Greatest Preaseason Ever - Aaron Rogers and the 2009 Packers". Go Bears - stick it to the media, and dont come around trying to get on my band wagon next Monday.

Hmmm, I wonder what McMahon would have to say to criticism like this. My guess is either a hand gesture or something that wouldn't be fit to print.
Sort of along the lines that Urlacher had taken with the media in the past. Perhaps Cutler should take the same, "I'll show up for the media but I'm not going to be nice about it." attitude.

If Lovie is sympathetic to these thoughts and he's using his friends to get it across he's more of a Gump than I thought he was. All that's going to do is get Cutler to go FA when the time comes.
But from my perspective Cutler's answers are the exact kind of non-answers Lovie coaches his players to give. And the press doesn't like them because they have nothing to work with so they make up stuff.

Martz and Mora, come on now, you have to be kidding! Two of the biggest jerks in coaching! Next your going to tell us that Phillip Rivers thinks he acted immature and T.O. says he talks too much. Who is more immature than Jim Mora Jr., take a look at home daddy.

I don't care for any of these guys.

Martz is an absolute lunatic.

Mora is a washed up blowhard.

Dungy is just running his mouth.

I thought Jay handled the press conference very well. Jesus. WTF. It's the media and the angry Bronco fans causing all this nonsense.

They told us we got a franchise quarterback. I just didn't know the franchise would be closed on Sundays.

They're criticizing him for his post game press conference now? Give me a break. No matter what he had said or done they would have found something to complain about.

As far as his performance in the game, it was the first game with a new QB, new receivers and an o line with 3 new players, and it looked decent in the second half against a good defense. Not great, but decent. I'm going to give the offense some time to work together before I declare that it's a disaster. Who knows, maybe Cutler will never work out in Chicago, but I can't tell that after having only seen one game--and neither can they.

At this point it is only fair to ask why you presume that Dungy and Martz are friends of Lovie.

Losing Brian Urlacher is bad for the Bears. Not because your defense will be worse, but because your "franchise QB" now has a excuse for your inevitable failure. Look for him to attempt to pick up the slack now that the Bears D is down.

Most interceptions this season, bet on it.

I actually agree with what these coaches had to say. You can tell Cutler is in dire need of an attitude adjustment. Heck if the whole trade fiasco didn't tell you that, then nothing will.

Cutler acts like a baby when things don't go his way. That's not the quality of a leader. That's not the quality you want in a QB.

Give this dude at least one competent receiver before we say he is just horrible. He is use to his receivers making things happen when he is in trouble and have not learned that he doesnt have it here in Chicago. He will have to learn to throw the ball away.

Matt Jones!

What would we be saying if the Bears defense had stopped GB on that last drive? We'd be talking about how, after an ugly first half, Cutler and the Bears offense finally got things going after halftime. Cutler led the Bears to 3 scores in our 4 second half possessions, completing 9 of 13 passes for 150 yards with 1 sack, no INT, and a nice TD throw to Hester. The protection improved and the WRs made some plays. If we can see more of that passing game this year, instead of the constant pressure and ridiculous decisions that we saw in the first half, then we could be in for a great season.

One bomb to Jennings, one slant to Knox, and the whole story changes.

MATT JONES? What could it hurt? I am so tired of the bears doing stuff half as... bring in a QB and not a number one rec?

i think cutler handled it professionally.i mean you just came from a lost to a rivial a game we should of won but like cutler said it was the communication that got the turn which qb in this league would not feel like cutler did but hey he still said we just need to practice and get better he could of said get me a receiver out there so dungy and martz shut up and let lovie run hes team.Go Bears.

Come on Biggs. Since when is a talking head able to talk about what is newsworthy and it can't be of his own chosing? Jay Marietti was a dip and that doesn't make you a dip by association. None of you guys disagreed, openly, with him until he wasn't around anymore. Or was on his way out the door. I don't think that those guys who get paid to jump on a player did so because Coach Smith agreed with them. If they had came out and said that it was okay that Cutler spoke only in cliches they would've been accused of taking it easy on Cutler because Coach Smith is their friend. You can't be friends and be taken seriously if people think you will play favorites. Dungy, Mora Sr. and Martz are doing what the media is supposed to do. Jump on. And what I read into Martz statement about Cutler is that Cutler needs to be talked to about what he did in his first press conference after losing his first game. He didn't allude to a repeated thing with Cutler that hasn't been corrected. Journalists are suppose to be able to read. All I see from a lot of journalist is the fact that they twist what they read into a negative. Then you guys wonder why no one wants to say anything to you. Can't twist cliches,huh?


Shut the f**k up, dude. IT WAS ONE GAME! Go snuggle up to Neckbeard and McDaniels - damn!

Cutler wears his emotions on his sleeve. So does Ditka, and Singletary, and Buddy Ryan.

Cutler has excellent skills and could probably use some mentoring from a coach. I hope Turner is up to the job - if he's not - I think Shanny will be the next head coach of the Bears.

And remember, if the fans and the media can't be patient with Jay, who's to say he won't bolt for wherever Shanahan ends up next year?

The guy really deserves 10-games and a decent reciever before we can even begin to judge him.




I love the trade for Cutler but guess what? The criticism is somewhat accurate. Cutler looked like a young qb who was having problems controlling his emotions. And what is Cutler? A young qb. And young qbs sometimes have problems controlling their emotions. He needs to watch his body language on the field and especially give generic humble answers to the media. Because of his reputation everything he does is under the microscope and blown out of proportion. Just give a whole bunch of boring interviews and play well and the media will be describing how much he has matured.

Unfortunately, I think part of his problem is he developed some bad habits at Vanderbilt and Denver. He has always been in a situation where if he doesn't make spectacular plays, his teams lose. It has always been on him. The team wins, its because of Cutler. Cutler doesn't play awesome, then his team loses and his mistakes are magnified. I don't think that is a very good way to develop a quarterback. That is what really stinks about Sunday night's game: if they would have held on, everybody would say that Cutler was just like Roethlisberger and gutted out an ugly win in the second half. The bitter loss led to the bitter interview...

Cutler had a bad game and the Bears almost won! Did you see the TD pass to Hester and the Bomb to Knox? Orton could never make those throws. Cut Jay some slack; he will be fine. It's the first game!!!

Btw, he did not have any protection in the first half. A couple of those picks were because the receivers were not coming back to him while he was scrambling; it will take time for them to get that worked out.

I don't care if he is an A-hole to the media. Media think they are more important they they really are. QB's need to have an edge.

Keep the faith in Jay; he is going to be great!

Orton still SUCKS!!!! Even an idiot like Creighton can get laid once in his miserable life!!

I am an avid fan of the chicago bears, but after attending the bears-packers opening season game in Lambeau, I can truly say without guilt that the bears season has already been written. From the plays that Cutler was trying to make when the bears are a running team to begin with and the way our secondary is still in the same shape as last season where if a receiver can get to that level, the secondary will always be beat. This has been a consistant issue since the bears made it to the superbowl. And other teams know this. And how good with the front line be when good running back like AP or MJD hit that line and breaks thru, who’s to stop that. In my opinion, we are done and can write off this season before suffering anymore watching games that just breaks our hearts. I am one fan that is not afraid to admit this and I am pretty sure that their are other Bears fan that can understand my feelings to this season

I tend to agree with Creighton. Dungy endorses Vick and is critical of Cutler? Are you kidding me??? I am not a Dungy fan since he was with the Viqueens and I still think he's given too much credit. You give any of the coaches in the league the players Dumgy had and most if not all will win the Super Bowl. Why is this guy so revered? JEEEZ, the first game is tough and everyone acts like we made a mistake trading for Jay Cutler. This is INSANE!!! Give them some time already. As for Martz, what the heck does he know about being a head coach? He's in the booth for a reason you know. And Mora, c'mon, was he such a brilliant guy that he can sit back and criticize anyone? Let's just keep our cool and let these guys work through the problems. If anyone really thought that Jay Cutler would instantly and magically turn us into world beaters, they just don't know what they are talking about. The Bears are much better off with Cutler than with Orton. I like Kyle, but Cutler is the real deal!

I like that our QB get's in the faces of our team and gets on them for running crappy routes...which was most of the reason for those 4 interceptions. Look he's not going to call them out in the media but we all know Devin Hester was the only reciever who played well the complete game. I like that Jay Cutler is a jerk I don't want him to be this nice pushover QB...the Fact that he has fire and is going to hold people accountable let's me know our recievers and line will get better throughout the season. As for these couches they are dumb of course he was short after a loss what do they want him to do break down whine and cry for 30 minutes...he did what he needed to do calm the city down and focus on the next game and improving once our recievers run better routes we will be a WAY better team.

This is scary -- I am in agreement with Creighton about Cutler and his post game interview.

Did Cutler have a good game - Duh no. He was terrible at some key times. But it is not all his fault. This is a team with 5 new starters to the offense -- Cutler, Bennett, Pace, Omiyale, and Williams. Six if you count Olsen but I wont count him as he has been a key part of the offense for the past two seasons. However when we went into our trips package and inserted Knox we have 6 new starters and 2 second year players (Hester and Forte). That is not insignificant when all of your skill players -- save Olsen -- are new and the OL is 60% new.

Tom Thayer during the game said it best they were running at preseason pace in the 1st half.

Yes, they have to improve the line play. Yes, they have to get Forte more involved. And of course they can't have four picks in a game -- two of which were just as much on the receiver as it was on Cutler.

Remember the past -- oh say last season -- if we had four picks in a game we were toast. We were in this thing until the final minutes.

To quote the other Kevin (A) -- GO BEARS!

By NeckBeardSucks on September 15, 2009 9:26 PM
"Orton still SUCKS!!!! Even an idiot like Creighton can get laid once in his miserable life!!"

Thats true NBS and your Mom was exceptional. Now go crawl back in the hole you came out of. You add nothing ot the conversation. You don't even talk about football looser. You are in love with Orton, you must be, thats the only thing you ever talk about and you follow him obsessively. You and Orton have a very cute Bromance going. I finally get your name. No wonder you have been so upset sense he left. AWWWW NBS Loves Kyle. How cute. Does his beard tickle?

Now for some real insight.

Guys I think this is all Lovie's doing. Two of his closest friends hammered Cutler for no reason. The only purpose it serves is to defend Lovie. How many coaches in the NFL can skip the playoffs 3 times and keep there job? This goes back to the begining of the offseason. First Lovie says Orton is his guy. But then Angelo says not so fast "we see what you fans see." Angelo was open about the QB position and said he wanted to upgrade it. But Lovie clearly did not want to loose Orton. Then there was Angelo and Lovie disagreeing about Manning as the starting FS. Guys in Five years we have been to the playoffs twice, that is not a good thing.

Why would two of Lovies close friends suddenly jump on Jay and start blaming him for the Bears problems? You have to admit the timming is strange. First when Lovie looses Orton Dungy jumps on Cutler, which was both out of character and a surprise to everyone.

Then after the first game of the Season Martz does it. Why? The only purpose it serves it to blame the Bears problems on Cutler instead of Lovie.

Next, why has Lovie not once defended his QB? Turner has stuck up for him multiple times but not his head coach. I don't know any head coach that would let someone attack his and not defend him. Lovie defended Rex and Orton.

My thought is Lovie knows his butt is on the line this year, and he is mad because this team is not built to win this year. Everyone thinks it is because we got Cutler, but new QB's need time to adjust to a new systems and new recievers. Lovie new what he could do with Orton, he does not know what to do with Cutler, because he is a defensive coach. From what I have seen from Lovie he never likes to take blame for much of anything, he never took the blame for the Babich move, he has fired how many position coaches sense he has been here? I think like 12. Guys he hand picked, he is always mister we win as a team and we loose as a team. But with Cutler its we win as a team and we loose its his fault.

I think Angelo is looking to the teams future with Cutler, Forte, Williams, Olsen and Hester. Currently his best young players are all on offense. Again Lovie is a defensive coach and the defense is old and banged up. Goon is gone after this year, Harris is a shadow of himself, Tillman has injury issues, and Urlacher is aging and slowing down and will only be around for a little longer. The team had a lot of needs on offese and defense this offseason. Angleo decided to address the offense with Cutler, Pace and Omiyale. But did little for the defense. How do you think that made the defensive minded coach who was taking over play calling feel? Look at the garbage Angelo brought in on defense all those awful DB's who are now all gone.

I think there is some infighting at the Hall and I think Lovie may be looking for a new job. The Bears are close to 20 million under the cap right now. Goon is gone next year, and Harris will miss a ton of bonuses. The Bears are going to have a lot of money to use if they want. There are a lot of top of the line Head Coaches out there who will be looking for a job and the Bears have the money(9 million) to buyout Lovie's contract.

Lovie has his friends defending him, Lovie has his friends trying to make him look good at the expense of Cutler. If the Bears do not get into the playoffs, Lovie is gone. Lovie knows this team is not a contender, to many new players on offense and not enough talent.

I am calling it right now. Brad mark it down. Say good by to Lovie at the end of the season. That is my big pick of the season.

Before anyone says anything just ask yourself why Lovies freinds are attacking Cutler and why Lovie has not defended him. Cutler did not say anything wrong at the post game. He said the same thing we have heard QB's say over and over for decades. It makes little sense for Martz to attack him.

Urlachers a wimp...vashers obviously lost about 34 steps...clark is inj.McBride is inj.Cutlers throwin panic INT's like hes down in the superbowl. In the first game. and i didnt see a run game.hmmm sounds familliar. put d manning in at corner...sign brooks and hope for best. Start throwin to Olsen and rb, fb more jees... sound familliar? LMAO

"From what I have seen from Lovie he never likes to take blame for much of anything, he never took the blame for the Babich move, he has fired how many position coaches sense he has been here? I think like 12. Guys he hand picked, he is always mister we win as a team and we loose as a team. But with Cutler its we win as a team and we loose its his fault."

I agree. As for the rest of Creighton's post, he might be right as well. Lots of speculation, of course, but who knows? Makes a certain amount of sense.

Yeah, it's always Lovie's so called friends. Wonder whats up with that? and it does make little sense for Martz to say that.

We were in the game, and yes our D did it again! Let the game winner get behind them! I would think this would have been worked on like big time but apparently not.

It's the first game! And people are acting like they waNT cUTLER TO FAIL! We need Cutler, back our QB!!!

with 1:11 on the clock, Jay did not look like a confident QB (leader) ready to take his team into field goal range with no timeouts...his body language and facial expressions said that pick #4 was coming b/c he had already checked out...that's very discouraging, although i think he will bounce back next week and shred the steelers. olsen will emerge.

maybe jay needs to watch the 2007 replay of brian griese marching 97 yards in 57 seconds against the eagles to see that last minute comebacks are possible...grow up cutler, you're the face of a franchise now...

I don't know what others saw but I saw recievers not finishing routes, in the wrong place and Olsen being double-teamed most of the night. I didn't see Forte I did see McKie drop one I did see Bennett drop two critical, I did see a pass interference not called. I also saw Cutler running and his recievers not having a clue as to what to do. This was one of the worst orchestated games I have seen. It had no rhythm in looked like chaos. I saw Omiyale miss three blocks in the middle of the screen on a TV replay, I saw Garza get run over again. I hope the staff is better than this if not this will be a long season.

MD Kevin --

Be careful what you wish for or at least have a better memory.

Last season, Denver had their division basically sewn up. All they needed to do was win one of their last 3 games. Sorry folks, couldn't do it. Blown out by Carolina, beaten (at home) by the Bills and annihilated by the Chargers in the finale.

The Bears had to win their last four, but went 3-1 with that "subpar" QB Kyle Orton, who BTW played hurt the entire second half of the season, but never once said it affected his play.

In the NFL, it's all about the wins, baby.

Cutler's NFL Record: 17-20
Orton's NFL Record: 20-11

Orton wasn't pretty, but he did put up Ws. Cutler is pretty, but until he at least hits the .500 mark, you might consider tempering your expectations somewhat and your lambasting of Orton.

Say what you will about Orton, but so far, he has been more productive than Cutler.

I don't get the criticism. The guy throws 4 picks in a tough loss and you expect him to be happy and say "That's just the way it goes, I need to make better plays". Who cares if he says "We" instead of "I". How many times did the receivers stop on their routes? Should he have said, "I should have expected the receivers to stop running their routes and adjusted my throw. It was my fault."? And, no not all the picks were the receivers' fault. But he didn't get a lot of help. Did the naysayers watch the game? Cutler is misunderstood. He is a fiery competitor who doesn't like it when things don't work the way they should and he shows it. Oh, no. So he gets on people for their mistakes. Big deal. At least he doesn't blame people for his mistakes! It would be nice if he wasn't so intense, but I don't think that makes him an A-hole. An A-hole is a guy like Rivers. The whislte was blown on a false start. The opposing d-lineman fell on the ground and knocked the o-lineman into Rivers. So what does Rivers do? He screams in the opponents face and throws the ball in his direction because he thought the opposing player didn't stop after the whistle. When in reality the the guy was pulled to the ground by River's own lineman. ESPN the magazine is all over Cutler, because he yelled at Iglesias for continuing to catch the ball with one hand after the coaches repeatedly told him to use two. Good! He should call Iglesias out. People are just looking for a story and trying to find a reason this was a bad trade, because that is more enticing to the readers and viewers.

Turner needs to go. His Offensive play calling has sucked since he started with Da Bears. The Bears should have started that game running the ball until the offense got into a groove. The media sucks, they always ask the most stupid questions. If I were coach I wouldn't allow any more post game interviews with Cutler.

Jay Cutler is very cocky. The thing that people need to understand is that Cutler isn't shaken by the poor play nor should he be. He is ready to take on Pittsburgh and have a good game this weekend. I am glad that we finally have an arrogant quarterback on our team. I don't believe that he said anything bad about anyone. He just short with the reporters. How could you be all cheery after that game?

Agreed Deputy GSH etc..
The Offense looke terrible, but what gets me is Housh played pretty durn good, Maybe we do need a quality Vet WR! The Oline looked lost as well, I would like to see Beekman get back in the game, as the Oline just simply did not get the job done neither did the WR. Forte who??

And what is this Cutler bashing all about?? With all the crud going on with other players - with the ENTIRE offense looking stupid! Lovie's friends are calling out Cutler?? Geez - Cutler actually looked pretty good when compared to the rest of the offense! lol


You called me out about Cutler vs. Orton. Fine. Nice stats too. Just a minor problem. My posting never mentioned Orton. Didn't criticize Orton.

So what's your point? What am I missing???

I don't get it. Dungy said that the jury is out when it comes to Cutler's maturity. Ditka said it too. What reason would Ditka have to say the same thing as Dungy. If you asked more talking heads about Cutler they would take the same approach. Even Steve Young said that there was a reason he got traded and also brought up his past. What friendship does Ditka and Young have with Smith that they would question Cutler to make Smith look good. During Sunday's game they asked Dungy a question about whether or not Cutler would come back in the game and he didn't say anything negative about him at that time. I've seen other former head coaches who have said that Cutler had a lot to learn and they may be right. Let's be real. We only know his stats and that he was a pro bowl QB. How many of us have actually watched more than 2 games he played in? Dungy didn't say that Vick was better than Cutler or anything like that. He said that he deserved another chance to play in the NFL. I read an article recently from S.I. and an NFL player said that almost every player polled wanted Vick back. Let's not twist Dungy's meaning behind his Vick and Cutler remarks. I'd be honest and say that I haven't seen too many games that Cutler has played. I've seen more of Rivers and if he came here instead of Cutler I'd say that somewhere along the way somebody is going to kick his butt because he is a jack@$$. I don't know Cutler enough to know that. We can see that Rivers is a jerk, but his fans love him. If Cutler wasn't my team's QB and saw some of the ways he has carried himself when the going was tough during the games I would not be impressed with him. I'm talking about his demeanor. During the Denver game it looked like he wanted to cry. I know he wanted to win that game. And I can see why he would want too. Same as the Sunday night game. I can see why his emotions got the better of him. But it's not all good. You have to harnass that emotion better. If you think he did then you are just accepting him just because he's our QB. You are the same guys that said that Tillman lost us a game because he couldn't control his emotions. He got physical with a guy who had stomped another player earlier. Why is Tillman's emotions less considered than Cutler's. Before anyone feel the need to call me anything because I don't agree with you you have to understand that I would love for Cutler to be the guy that leads us to the Super Bowl. He should be the best QB we've had in a long time. I know he isn't as bad as this past game. None of you guys can make a promise that he will be anything special. I can't defend him like you guys want to. I'm taking a wait and see approach. And crossing my fingers that it turns out ok.

I saw a QB that had no clue what to do with pressure in His Face. There was a reason the fans in Denver where not all that upset when he left. Look I am a Beas fan and been one for the last 40 years. I been a fan longer then most of you lived. It's about time some of you kids just Shut ___UP. You think this Cutler guy is that good, well you need to look at what he's done. Very little in the game of football. Thats a fact. There is a reason this guy hasn't had a winning season since high school. You people keep dreaming. Orton was a winner. He won with worse talent around him! I don't see anyone here that rembers the bums catching the ball or should I say dropping the ball last year. Yeah Kyle is the BUM. So what are you for being so F----- Stupid?

I love living in the age where everyone is a know it all. I think a lot of people are jealous of Cutler's arm. The Bears will make it in to the playoffs, less can be said for the liklihood that Dungy's former team or the Broncos playoff chances. The Bears have a fairly tough schedule in the beginning of the season. Cutler will prevail.

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