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10 points to ponder from a game the Bears should have won

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Just rolled in from Green Bay and want to get some reaction to the wild season-opening loss up. I won't call it rapid reaction because nothing after the three-plus hour commute back from Lambeau Field is going to be rapid, but hopefully it will make a little sense. We can continue the discussion through the day. For starters, Jay Cutler Twittered about two hours ago, maybe when I was winding my way through Sheboygan, "Rough start to 2009 season. 15 games left, plenty of time left. We will get better, I promise you that." Sounds just about like what he said in his press conference afterward, verbatim. On to our 10 points before the head meets the pillow:

1. Cutler couldn't have been much worse. The guy who drew rave reviews in preseason for making plays on the run and being accurate when he was on the move was, well, terrible. As veteran Packers reporter Tom Silverstein said after the game, "Brett Favre was back.'' He made those types of interceptions. Just didn't look to play with much poise, especially when the game was so close. It's one thing to make bad decisions trailing big. The Bears were never trailing big.

2. Middle screen? The middle screen to Matt Forte inside the 10-yard line begged the question, how about throw the ball in the end zone? You know, sort of like John Shoop got beat up for three-yard passes on third--and-eight. Eight yards from the goalline, throw the ball in the end zone. Ron Turner called it a great play by defensive lineman Johnny Jolly. I agree. The call left plenty to be desired too.

3. Thought the defense played hard and fast. They were really flying around, and the pass rush was alive (although we're guessing Allen Barbre isn't the right tackle much longer). But Rodgers was sacked four times and he didn't get forced into the bad picks. Granted, Rodgers has far superior receivers and he's worked with his guys longer.

4. While we're on the subject of the defense, which played well enough to win (67-yard interception return to the one-yard line set up the Packers' only touchdown before the 50-yard Greg Jennings bomb), it still has to hold Green Bay at the end. The Packers got the ball on their own 28 with 2:35 to play and the defense needed a stop to win the game. Didn't happen.

5. Greg Olsen? So much for Olsen breaking out, at least in the opener. Press box statistics show he was targeted six times and had just one catch. There was definitely one drop too. Without proven threats outside, defenses are going to be able to pay attention to him.

6. Speaking of someone catching the ball, we threw out six catches for 72 yards for Earl Bennett. He had seven for 66 and Cutler targeted him 13 times, or more than one-third of the time.

7. The most disturbing thing about the Bears being 0-for-3 in the red zone looking for a touchdown? Those are your core plays. Football teams only call what they are best at near the goalline. Nothing the Bears think they are best at worked.

8. OK, so you want a silver lining? Looked like the lines played pretty well on both sides. Thought the run defense played pretty well, and Matt Forte would have had a better night had the Bears had a better rhythm running the ball.

9. Nice to see Johnny Knox involved. That's something the offense needs more of. He just blew past Charles Woodson. Solid effort for him in Week 1 because the fifth rounder from Abilene Christian is making a big jump.

10. Final point. This was a maddening game for the Bears. They turned the ball over four times, didn't get a single takeaway, and they should have won this football game. They found a way to right the ship in the second half when they held the ball for 19 minutes, 20 seconds, and they simply couldn't finish off the Packers. There were plenty of blunders, the fake punt was ridiculous. Cutler was downright bad. But through it all, the Bears were right there and they should have won. Had they pulled it out, the Packers would have to feel even worse than the Bears do right now, and I know that might be hard to imagine. Hopefully, this made sense. We'll tackle some issues some time after the sun is up.

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Not so sure about #8, Brad. While Ogun looked good, it was against sub-par competition. I liked what I saw from him, and hopefully he can do it again against better players.
And where was Tommy Harris? I didn't see him penetrating or eating up double teams.
As far as the the offensive line, Omiyale got worked on several plays. He needs to lock that down or make way for Beekman. And the rest need to get a little push forward rather than backwards when pulling on those sweep plays.
There were a few things to like an be optimistic about, but I'm not sure the line play was one of them.

Broncos fan here.

Chicago needs to calm the f down. You have a goldmine in Jay Cutler. You saw flashes of his brilliance last night. If anything, the guy just tried to hard.

Cutler has an amazing heart and you will see his talents take off.

Just get off his back. He's going to deliver for you all.

There are no moral victories weather you lose by one pt or 20pts.The Bears held true to form since the superbowl loss every1st game they seem to lose a couple starters and it shows the glaring bad decisions that have been made by this administration . Look at the receivers who have left and found sucses and their qbs are not francise qbs. How long are they going to keep vasher out there I understand about trying to keep the players who were injured on a play count but didn't grahm start some games last year. After the first game of the preseason I wrote on this blog that the Bears would go 9-7 or less and I am sticking by that . I would say that we probably lost pisa and urlacher for the year and mcbride for six weeks and clark for two . Remember there are no moral victories the winners don't make excusses and in the nfl it's not just one game especially in our division . one game can mean the diffrence between the outhouse and the penthouse, don't make plans for the playoffs.

The DL played well, both at getting to the passer and shutting down the run. A lot of our blitzes were effective, too (especially the DB blitzes). The invisible man out there, though, was Tommie Harris. Maybe I missed it, since I wasn't focusing on him, but did he make any plays?

The offensive line did not play so well. Especially in the first half, Cutler kept moving around because the protection kept breaking down. Some of that was bad calls on the playcalling or the protection schemes (on one play Cutler identified the corner blitz before the snap but we still let him come untouched and blow up the play), and some of it was on the backs (like Wolfe getting hurdled), but a lot of it was the OL. A big part of Cutler's improvement in the 2nd half was because he finally had a pocket to stand in. The Packers D was also controlling the line of scrimmage in the running game, getting a lot of penetration, especially on first downs where we kept getting stuffed. Our most successful runs seemed to come on 2nd & long when they weren't expecting it.

Knox had a nice play on the deep ball, but he was uneven. He doesn't run the slant well (as we also saw in the preseason on a Basanez pick) - we missed Aromashodu (or Rideau) for that type of play. And even on his big catch, there's no way that he should let Woodson catch him and force him out of bounds - that should be a touchdown. Instead we had to settle for 2 points.

This is an offense that could improve a lot as they spend some more time together. Several times Cutler & the receivers didn't seem to be on the same page, especially when Cutler was moving around and extending the play (as on INTs 1 & 3). Hopefully with a little more time together they'll get a better sense of what they should do and Cutler will get a better sense of what he shouldn't do, and when Cutler leaves the pocket the fans of the other team will be the ones who get nervous.

The Bears better draft MORE Vanderbilt receivers, because it's painfully evident TVJC (tunnel vision Jay Cutler) only has eyes for Earl. Oh, wait. the Bears don't HAVE any draft picks. I'll say it for the umpteenth time: QB is over-rated. The Bears won the Super Bowl in the 1985 season using FIVE (look it up). The Packers won a whole ONE Super Bowl with their deity at QB. Sooooo much is made of the Bears not having a great QB. Okay, so what? Do the Vikings have a great history of linebackers like Chi? Does Detroit have a legacy at running back? MAYBE one. The Bears are what they are. They run. They play D. Cutler looked like the beginning of the (FILL IN THE QB NAME) era in Chi. He's certainly one thing Orton isn't: a friggin baby. Oh, and Orton's 1-0 right now. Looooooong season with this dipwad. Many long seasons w/out the draft picks.

I agree that Cutler played bad (who wouldn't), but that last interception was not his fault. Knox inexplicably cut off his route early leading the INT. I'm not that concerned with Cutler. In many respects this was a worst case scenario starting game. A new QB playing with inexperienced receivers, who showed plenty of inexperience, against a defense that they had never seen.

Olsen didn't get the ball because he was mobbed every time he left the line of scrimmage. Watch the tape. That should have left other guys open, but again I think the receivers displayed inexperience. They really looked confused a lot.

Running didn't work that well because Turner was too predictable. You have to mix outside and inside rushes. He'd call ten consecutive outside runs and then ten inside ones. And it just didn't seem like he used play action nearly enough. I give some of the blame for turnovers to Turner. The receivers were struggling, the line was struggling, Cutler was struggling, and yet he was calling pass after pass in the first half.

Finally, get Zach Bowman on the field and Vasher off. Vasher didn't play too bad until the last play. What was he thinking? That coverage was inexcusable.

Can we now just stop all the talk about Jay Cutler begin a franchise quaterback--until he at least wins a game. Does anybody realize this guy--for all of his supposed talent--has never even been in a playoff game?

Heading into this game I was more worried about the defense than the offense. Man Cutler stunk it up out there. It was like having Rex back. Granted he was running for his life half the game, and the recievers didn't seem to be on the same page on alot of plays. I was surprised Vasher played as well as he did, but not surprised that he was the one to lose it for us in the end. And I don't know what that fake punt was all about, or the reason for challenging the call. We sure could have used that timeout. All and all a very frustrating game to watch. I guess a positive note would be that Green Bay is thought of as superbowl contenders by some, and we were in it the whole game. Next week will tell us where we really stand.

Well, let me be the first to congratulate you on another great article. You are the best on the Bears, that's for sure.

I think the game was more about poor coaching than poor play. There was always a chance that Cutler would over react to his first "real" game as a Bear, and he did. Still, he played much better in the second half, aside from the disastrous pick. It seemed like the chance to catch his breath at half-time helped him play with more control.

However, the coaches really screwed up this one. Aside from Marinelli, who had the D-line ready and rollin', the rest were awful. Ron Turner - Garrett Wolfe left in to BLOCK? Dink and Dunk passes? Jon Hoke - please explain how Vasher is in the game on the Packers last scoring drive? This isn't the old Vasher, this is the 2009, no-cover version. Lovie Smith - fake punt? It wouldn't have hurt to sit Cutler for one series, either, to let him get under control.

I had serious reservations about our coaching staff after the cuts were announced. Those reservations are not going away after this one.

Honestly I would rather have lost to the Packers than to any other rival team, but we should have had that game. We need to get a better receiving core out there or else we'll be seeing more of what we viewed last night. I really don't need to have another Grossman experience here when all the rave was about getting rid of him and Orton and what we landed with was another Grossman (great strength in his arm, but poor judgement, and too quick to throw the ball, and maybe even too arrogant to either throw the ball out or go down with the hit instead of the int) Get Cutler at least one experienced WR and if he continues down this path for the season we will know what we ended up with.

Go Bears.

I still think Jay Cutler is gonna be a good quarterback for Chicago, its just gonna take time. Cutler needs a little more time to work with his wideouts to get in sync. On the bright side, you gotta like the rapport Cutler and rookie receiver Johnny Knox are starting to build as a down the field combo. Knox is turning out to be a heck of a deep threat, in time, he could be something special. Earl Bennett could develop into a pretty good receiver as the season goes on also. I say give Hester, Bennett, and Knox time, they could turn out to be a pretty good set of wideouts for Chicago.

Chicago needed to get Matt Forte involved a lot earlier than they did. They should have came out and fed Matt Forte the ball early and often. Keeping the ball on the ground would have cut back on the turnovers also. With Cutler and the receivers needing more time to gel, I think it would have been a lot smarter to run more than pass.

I admit, I got caught up in the Frank Omiyale hype last summer. It might be time to take another look at Josh Beekman, I think he's better. I still think Josh Beekman could be primed to have a breakout season as a starter if given another chance. Just an opinion.

The defense looks pretty good. The injury to Urlacher is a bummer. All I'll say about Nathan Vasher is Bowman and Tillman need to be the starters. I loved the play of Tinoisamoa during the pre-season, but I wasn't big on the Bears signing him because of durability concerns, hopefully the guy is alright. The one year deal they gave him was a smart move on Angelo's part, just to see if the guy can hold up. Roach didn't look bad coming in, he's also under contract for one season. The loss is a major downer, but I still think this team could be pretty good, its just gonna take a little time for Cutler and his receivers to gel. Win or loss, I still say GO BEARS!!

Frustrating loss for sure. I disagree that the offensive line played well Brad, Omiyale got thrown around consistently and the line got beat by the defense every time they tried to pull and run wide. They looked too slow to be able to run a sweep. I thought Chris Williams looked good though, but the left side of the line just killed them which forced Cutler to run from the pressure way to much.

The injuries to their linebackers are going to cause big problems and if Urlacher is going to be out for any length of time I wonder if any thought will given to moving Briggs to Middle LB and playing Jamar Williams at WLB?

As bad as Cutler played I still like the way his receivers responded in the second half after not having much success in the first. The Tight Ends though were taken out of the game by Capers defense and Ron Turners inability to adjust to his double teams. I thought Turner forgot to use some swing passes to Forte and never got Forte involved in the game enough. I'm just not a Ron Turner fan and in fairness I hardly ever think he calls a good game.

Cutler threw 4 picks and threw into multiple coverages when he scrambled almost all night. I guess he was just nervous and didn't see the field well against the Packers defense. I wonder why? Is this a failure of preparation by Cutler or Turner? They didn't seem to have an answer for the many blitzes and how come he failed to dump off a pass to his running back when scrambling? He constantly went downfield and even throwing back across the field on a few occasions in what looked like panic throws. That has to stop. Cutler did play better in the second half but that last interception killed any chance to win. I know Knox should have cut inside Al Harris on that play, but the bottom line is he wasn't open and Cutler should have thrown the ball to someone else or just throw it away.

In listening to Tony Dungy after the game he said that we'll see what Cutler is made of by how he plays next week vs the Steelers? The mistakes he made are preventable but Turner needs to give hime some different hot reads for the blitzes he'll see again and get Forte more involved.

Just like a typical Bear fan to blame the decisions of the coaches as opposed to the execution of the players. The only thing that rolled the Bears way was the dreaded defensive line. Cutler came out and choked plain and simple and the WR’s didn’t help very much by cutting off routes and failing to find gaps in the defense. This game has always been about taking what was given. Long passes that extended the defense was what worked but that was impossible to execute with Omiyale being slapped around on the line. No one opened running lanes and the team that gets off the bus running abandoned the run and forced Cutler into throwing sounds like Denver last year. Offensively this was a shamble when you look at what could have happened. The Bears went 0-3 in the red zone provided no opportunity to put points on the board where blitzed backed to Lake Forest. Now once and for all I hope Jerry Angelo understands that it is a tandem of receiver and quarterback that makes an offense flow and not one or the other.

Whoa there,

Were we all watching the same game?

Here's my points:

1. Two of Cutlers picks were a direct result of Johnny Knox laying down on routes when he was being defended by Al Harris. Those aren't on Jay.

2. Armstead, Knox looked horrible most of the night.

3. Cutler does not have "tunnel vision" for Earl Bennett. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE CATCHING PASSES AND RUNNING PROPER ROUTES. Colinsworth mentioned it several times during the game. Did anyone see that?

4. I counted 5 drops by receivers.

5. Yeah, Cutler forced the ball. He did. 2 of those picks were definitely on him.

6. I had flashbacks to the Atlanta game last year where Chicago's D "Robbed Peter to pay Paul" by bringing guys from the secondary to help against the run - which left them completely out of position for the opposing pro-bowl QB to destroy the Bears.

7. The Bears need David Patton or Marvin Harrison. They are slow, but at least Cutler will have a guy that can run routes, catch passes, and won't just lay down or run the opposite direction of the playcall and cause INT's. That was ridiculous.

Brad I disagree with point #8. It seemed as if Cullen Jenkins was in the Bear back field all night, in fact he was there so often that I thought he was playing full back. The next time that Omiyale blocks Jenkins will be the first, Kreutz looked pathetic, also Tommie Harris was non existent.

Dave - Broncos fan & Kevin A.: I couldn't agree more.

Cutler came out and was trying to do to much. Once he settled down you saw two beautiful deep throws. He threw some great intermediate throws, over coverage dropping the ball to the WR. He threw the quick toss to the sideline when Hester wasn't covered closely for a nice gain and did the same to Bennett.

The best thing though was HE WAS IN CHARGE ON THE FIELD! He was getting in the faces of OL and WR's. I know it puts off some fans, but in the end the guys on the field want the QB to be in charge.

Once the WR's get in sync with Cutler on what he's going to do when a play breaks down it's going to be very hard to stop the offense. I sure wish the "fans" wouldn't be so quick to find fault. If you watch this guy you see he plays at a different level then we've seen.

OK for guys who are not paying attention. It was not a fake punt. Mannelly counted 12 guys and thought they had a free play. No one else seemed to know that and Wolfe didn't expect it. Coach Smith had them review it because with Mannelly saying he saw 12 it was a move that was needed. Mannelly is a 12 year vet who thought he made a heads-up play. Bending over and looking under he directed the play to Wolfe. If it was done earlier it was a free play. Since the player got off in time it was a blunder thought up by a player who thought HE knew better. That's the kind of play you go for when it's the 3rd or 4th game and everything is clicking. That was all on Mannelly. Cutler's game was a real mind game. He was trying much too hard to do great things because he knew that everyone in the NFL was watching and he wanted to do well. He played with too much anger and you can't do that. You have to channel aggression. He didn't. You can blame the WRs if you want to and say that they let him down but I can't throw all these guys under the bus because I'm thinking that the QB is the only one who is right. You can not throw to a diving d-linemen. Cutler had jitters and Collinsworth said he told them that. It showed. After the half he calmed down. His screens to Bennett in the 3rd quarter looked better when they weren't too high and he was able to do something after the catch. Cutler has to compose himself. He did everything in this game that the naysayer wondered about. You guys called Joyner wrong for suggesting that he would remind us of Grossman. He did. Ditka and Dungy wondered about his maturity and he did throw fits and balls right to opposing players. Usually after a dropped pass or something that didn't go his way. I'm not knocking Cutler to get any satisfaction. I didn't enjoy watching this game fall apart. My team lost. I don't hate Cutler. I just think that a lot of people have unrealistic expectations for him and they are applying pressure that will affect him. I've said it before that fans have a way of making players play great or awful. Cutler looked bad because of the expectations of Chicagoans and what he tried to do to facilitate expectations. He will be fine but will fine be good enough? Anytime a guy does well someone wants to bring them down to earth. So what Wale played well against a rookie. He did what he was supposed to and fans still take that away. That's the kind of stuff that have guys like Cutler crapping at the table. The Bears are going into games with who they have. Win or lose. Don't bring what we should have or who we should have into the equation because it really serves no purpose.

We actually played very good aside from the Offense line and Jay.
Omiyale should be benched and let Beekman back in! Goon looked better than he has since he's been here, he didn't do that good against subpar RT last 2 years. right? The Oline looked like they were way over matched! If we get any kind of game from them and Jay we win easy.
For the Cutler naysayers, cmon, I think 1 game is not enough to judge a QB in, and jump up and down hollerin, I was right - I was right...a lil early for that BS guys.
Our D looked VERY good! Think about it, they overcame 4 int!
I didnt understand our Ofeense game plan either, Turner had a couple great calls but overall w/o that Oline - tuff game by Ron good game by Rod

While Cutler looked pretty awful at times, I will reserve judgement until much later in the season. I still think he can come back from this. All QB's struggle at points in their career - Manning has had 6 pick games, and Roethlisberger has had bad ones too. What's critical is how he responds. He no doubt needs to exhibit better control over the game, but let's face it folks - he is still quite young and (relatively speaking) inexperienced. It takes time to develop a team around a QB, and we are only in year 1, game 1.

What's most disconcerting to me are the injuries the Bears sustained last night in the LB corps. Surgery for a dislocated wrist is very bad news, and usually lands guys on IR. Let's hope that's not the case for Urlacher, but it's quite possible. A sprained PCL, especially one that puts a guy out of the game, usually is a torn PCL, which means he's probably done for the season. Roach did play well in the 2nd half, but we need to get someone off the PS or the street soon.

Good points, Brad. I thought Cutler looked too soon and too often to Bennett. He needed to spread the ball around more and at least hit Forte and Olsen wiuth pases on occasion.The pass rush was a big improvement over last year. I have confidence that Cutler will come back strong and eliminate most of his stupid mistakes. A little more help from receivers would have helped a loy as well, because clearly there was confusion on their parts when Cutler got chased from the pocket. They has to be better understanding between the receivers and the quarterback.

Cutler Quarterbacked The Team To A 2 Point Lead, With 1:18 Left On The Clock. Coach Smith's Hand Picked Defenseive Calls Did Not Protect That Lead. We've All Watched This Before. If We Really Need A Jersey Nimber To Assign Blame To? Nate Vasher's # 31 Fits Much Better, Than Jay Cutler's # 6.

Stop the Cutler rips.. He played bad. It was the first game and he was trying to hard. How bout this Ron Turner.. slow it down and run it more in the 1st half. He was way jacked up and needed to just calm down. Plus the O-Line just sucked. Sorry, but it did. Frank O'by-the-way was terrible. I swear I was watching Terrence Metcalf again. How does 604/315 get knocked around like a 2 year old. Outside of the Giants pre-season game, #68 looks like a waste of $$$$$. Beekman needs to start next week. Beekman may not be the road grader type of OG, but he holds his own. #91, did he play? Oh yeah... he was making tackles 6 yards down field. The time has come for Tommie Harris and Nathan Vasher to just go away. Trade them... something. Here is the kicker.. How in the hell does Mannelly get the idea to fake punt? Up by 2.. on the road,,, backed up deep in your end.. yeah lets run a fake. And the end all.. Lovies great call on D. I coulda told you that Rogers was gonna try the long bomb. Especially when Vasher lined up alone out there. Once again,, 100% pure coaching issues here. All this pre-season hype... and now #54 is hurt,,#59 is hurt,,#31 and #91 are no longer starter quality.. And the steelers are coming to town.. Their front seven is gonna kill Cutler and Forte unless the O-Line figures it out.. Very unhappy with the "deep and talented O-Line we are supposed to have". Doesnt matter people.. as long as the idiot trio (JA/Smith/Turner) are calling the shots.. we are doomed. The lack of a veteran WR was obvious. 6-10...

I take issue with the title of this article "...a game the Bears should have won." I hate it when bitter fans use that phrase, especially in a case like this one. Both teams made plays and blunders on both sides of the ball. Granted the Bears were more obvious blunders - 4th & 11, Cutler's 4 int's - but lets at least recognize that the Pack was basically missing a right guard the entire game, had as many if not more dropped balls and Rodgers did not play well either. I don't even want to get into the ref calling a HUGE bogus illegal contact penalty against the Packers D late in the game. When it comes down to it, at the end of the game Rodgers made a play to win the game - Cutler didn't. The game was hard fought, as we expect from this rivalry. This article should've been called "10 points to ponder from a game the Bears COULD have won, but didn't".

Ok oK... Culter was amped up to start the game that did not help. to compound the issue the recievers had no idea what they were doing out there! They could not even line up onsides. gimme a figging break. usually if collinsworthless notices something like that it is not a subtle problem.
The offensive line Looked like a JV team playing a varsity team. Hey, there are some real issues with these WRs zigging when they should have zagged, quiting on routs, what the heck..they looked like they were running around blind folded.
OK.. coaching staff.. it is one thing to tell the media that you are fine at the WRs position.I get that. But don't lie to yourself!! I guess if i was practicing against our secondary(Vasher) all training camp i would come to that conclusion too.
If i was culter i would be upset. After he got his marbles put back in his head after the horrid first half he lead the bears back into the game with the lead. Then the fake "fake" punt gave the packers 3 points. I sure Culter was thrilled about that.
Bottom line Hester is a #1 WR on our team.. it seems he is the only 1. Cutler tried way too hard to please in the first half nuff said.. got his stuff back together in the 2nd. and got stabbed in the back by the special teams and WRs that cannot finish routs... At least we really know what we got to work with now at WR. These WRs need to grow up fast..

estevenj nice post, I saw exactly what yyour are talking about.

Brad a couple things you missed, Des Clark pulled up on his rout in the endzone which would have been an easy TD. He just stopped and started waving his arms.

On that middle screen, Turner actually called a good play, if Williams sells it instead of jogging away then Jolly goes after Cutler and it's an easy TD. Jolly made a really good play.

I felt both of those plays should have been easy TD's.

The Packers offensive line is bad, I said it a couple of times this week and even pointed out that the right side was weak. That team is so beatable.

Why not mention both of Lovies wasted challenges? I am not going to put that on Lovie but someone upstairs in the booth needs to take there head out of there @$$. Someone needs to be telling him not to challenge those plays.

Where was Forte? We couldn't run the ball to save our life and we didn't try to run all that much. What happen to the bus? Did it break down again.

Teams are going to over, under Olsen every game.

That GB defense has made every QB they played in preseason look bad. The Bears O-Line was getting ripped on the left side. Omiyale is bad, he is a leaner and got exposed.

What was Cutler looking at last night? How many TE reads did he make. He seemed to be looking right all night, Hester was wide open for a TD and Cutler never looked his way.

Brad I notice you don't mention Wolfe getting jumped over and giving up a sack.

Brad with Urlacher out for the season should the Bears go get Brooks or Zach Thomas? If I have to watch Hunter at the MIC, I am going to be sick.

The Bears should go get Matt Jones, if he screws up cut him, if he behaves we have something. We need a reciever that will pull the safety away from Olsen or else he is doubled all night.

Brad Miller is so happy that Cutler had a bad game. He is all over it, and he is all over Ortons Junk calling the imaculate deception a great play by Orton to give his team a chance.

Well the good news is that Cutler has gotten his worst game out of the way. Only up from here. Turner's play calling ability has always been pretty hit or mostly miss. Why would a team that gets off the bus running com out and pass pass pass. Why wouldnt you get your star running back involved early to take the pressure off of your quarterback. All it did was set jay up for failure. It did seem that jay was trying too hard at times, but i like the way he responded in the second half. I think if we come back next week a little more balanced, with recievers commiting to routes, Jay settling down, and the o-line giving Matt some room, that we'll be ok. And hopefully we get Brian and Pisa back soon and start Bowman ahead of Vasher. And I agree on starting Beekman ahead of Omiyale. Well as a positive Bear's fan I am looking forward to next week. GO BEARS!

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Difficult loss to accept, especially now that the injury reports are out. Season ending for a dislocated wrist, this can't be wrapped up in club so Brian can play? We had good play for the most part in the secondary, still need playmakers to step up and generate turnovers for the team to score from. I thought the play calling needed to be get the ball to Forte and play off of him, looked to me like Turner put the game completely in Cutler's hands and he did not deliver last night. What was really interesting was the disconnect between Cutler and his receivers on the scramble drill, they wide-outs were mostly stopping in the open areas, while Cutler who actually did see the receivers was leading them to open spots on the field. this adjustment will come over time and should eliminate itself as the season goes on. That's why I felt we should have used Forte in the run game as well as in the flat against the pressure we saw from the 3-4. We will need to make this adjustment against Pittsburgh on Sunday to have a chance, you know what Tomlin will do after seeing the film from this game, he will make the Bears beat them by throwing the football, we will need to get the ball to Forte in open space and allow him to go against the secodary for yards, once this works it will slow down the penitration and give Cutler some time in the pocket. Thought Bennett played well in the game and showed he can be a reliable possesion guy. Hate losing to the slackers in any game, but was encouraged by what I saw. We will have to play harder now trhis season with Brian being out, its another reason why development of younger playmakers is critical to the improvement of our defense.

While I realize 1 game does not a season make, yesterday was pretty bad.

I remember stating after the trade it was the WORST in team history. I also remember being the only person on this blog to be so negative (my apologies if there were other dissenters, I just remember all the drooling). As of today, I don't look so crazy (I was called a few not-so-pleasant things for making my statement). Then again, at least we got Johnny Knox for our 2 firsts, KO and a third :-)

4 INTS by trying to force the ball! Getting picked off by a DT is ridiculous. Stop me if you remember the last guy in town who had this profile.

Chicago is not for gunslingers!

BTW, KO is 1-0, albeit by a freakish play.

I'm not so sure how well the defense played. They were very well rested the entire second half. When Green Bay finally stopped trying to throw the ball in the second half and just ran, they moved down the field pretty easily. They ran right thru the gut of our defense, too.

Also, Green Bay's defense looked pretty good. They were on the field a lot during the second half, but still made plays. Their linebackers seemed to be everywhere and did an excellent job of holding our TEs in check.

Also, what's with all the ripping on the WRs? Never heard it was the receivers' fault when it was Rex or Kyle throwing the ball. But now that it's Cutler, all of a sudden it's the WRs fault? Something smells bad here.

Also, the media is reporting Urlacher is out for the year.

Play calling was killing me all night, and at the end of the game it was the worse. You could see the Bears slowly marching down the field and knew they were trying to get a last score and run the clock out.

But it was idiotic. There was waaay too much time left on the clock, obvious that GB would get it back with over 2 minutes left and all three timeouts. and at 1st and Goal from the 5, who amongst us thought they would actually throw the ball on 1st or 2nd? Of course not. was the idea to run off 20 more seconds from the clock?? stupid at that point. and of course the inevitable 3rd down misfire by cutler and a field goal, to go up by 2 points with 2:30 on the clock.

So the idea is to hope our defense can stop them from getting 40 yards and into field goal position? we rest the whole game on that? I mean, it's not the worst strategy, but to play for that and not really go for the touchdown at the 5, to run the clock out instead of going for the kill? please

and then the best call of the night is the packers, at 3rd and 1, going for the bomb. They were smart enough to know that at that point, they really had two plays to get that yard, they could waste the first one. But the Bears were too dumb to see that, and so they throw all the D up to the line to stop the short play and Rodgers just goes right over there head. Awful defense there, awful play calling.

Oh, and not going for 2 after the touchdown earlier? Pretty much same decision as late in the game: cutler can't get it in. But maybe if they had been up by three there on the Packers last drive, maybe the Pack would have settled for a field goal to tie instead of going for the win? Oh .. no ... sorry, i'm talking about the Pack, not the Bears. They would have gone for the TD anyway ...

Well, with all the negative things happening, the injuries, the turnovers, Ron Turner, the fake punt going awry, Ron Turner, it was a very close game, which means, a lot of things went pretty good too.

The D really showed up, and put decent pressure on the QB. To anybody still saying Rod Marinelli is just a coach and will not make a difference, well... Although I would've started Bowman (he was in on ST), and was surprised that Vasher got the start, I thought Vasher played well. Sure there was that one play at the end, but you held one of the best passing Os in the league to just 184 yards in the air (including that 50 yarder), and the game shouldn't have come down to that play in the first place. Lovie calling the shots on D is great.

The O needs tweeking. We all knew the inexperience at WR was going to show, and the Bears decided to stick with the young guys anyway, which I don't think was a good decision, but we'll have to live with those rookie-ish mistakes. Cutler going long to Hester and Knox is great, and Bennett as the possession guy will work (sorry for doubting you Earl). The receivers need to understand that, unlike Orton, Cutler is always going to be looking down field for the big play, and will not use Forte and the TEs on short routes as often, and Cutler will extend plays better than Orton, so the receivers can't give up on a play as soon as they used to. That will come along. The O line looked a bit slow, and the TEs need to block better.

There were 12 guys on the field. Mannelly saw it, and if he could've gotten the snap off in time, it would've been a free play, so I don't think that was that much of a bad play; just didn't work.

And then there's Ron Turner. Besides the fact that most of us watching had no idea what he was trying to accomplish continuously throwing the ball to begin the game against one of the best pass Ds in the league, he keeps saying he's going to give other RBs their reps and proceedes to give Forte 89% of the carries, which is worse than last year. He's going to kill Forte.

Having said that, let's not get jumpy.

Urlacher out for the year? Ouch...

The offensive line was terrible. So were the receivers. Compared to those units, Cutler's bad play was minimal. Many of us have been urging the Bears to get at least one proven NFL receiver for months; I have as soon as they got Cutler. As a couple of people have pointed out here, at least two of the receptions were more the receivers's faults than Cutler's.

But what to do about the line? On paper it's a lot better than last season, but instead it played worse. No run blocking and the Packer D line was on Cutler almost every time he dropped back. And for those of you who want Beekman back at guard, forget it. He's not a good run blocker, and he's too small to play guard. He was signed to back up Kreutz and eventually take over when Kreutz retires, not to play guard. For the future, the Bears need to start drafting offensive linemen with their early picks or this problem is just going to get worse. We can blame Cutler and the receivers all we want -- and they did not play well, especially the receivers -- but if the line can't block, no QB or receivers will be able to succeed.

The people I'm most upset with after this game are the Bear ownership and front office. These cheap jerks, despite having over $20 million in salary cap space, refused to sign free agent receivers who are clearly better than any the Bears have, because the Bears don't have one receiver who's proven he can play well at the NFL level. There's no excuse for going into the season with no proven receivers, and this game was an example of what we can expect in the passing game where the receivers can't even run routes properly. Same for cornerbacks, where the Bears have obvious injury problems with their starters, forcing Nathan Vasher onto the field in a critical situation where he gave up the winning TD. I've said it before folks, we really need new ownership. Chicago is one of three major U.S. cities. Its major sports teams should be spending as much as anyone in order to acquire quality players. Being cheap should not be an option!

It's official the Bears are talking to Brooks. Of course Angelo feels his Wide Reciver draft picks are the best in the NFL. We will probably be stuck with Hunter in the middle. Hey Kevin A, why don't you tell people the Bears record without Urlacher.

I want to know what the Bears are going to do about the Gap between Omiyale and Kruetz? Which is like an express tunnel to Cutler. Omiyale is a leaner he leans on ever play, he was off balance all night and Jenkins just side steppen him and let him fall all night.

PIT is going to Blitz that gap all day long, and Harrison and Woodley are going to kill Williams and Pace. I would like to know what we will do to stop PIT from getting to Cutler, Hampton will be all over Kruetz and those Packer Ends can play.

PIT's O-Line is also bad so maybe we can get to Big Ben.

I hope to see Tillman and Bowman start next week instead of Vasher. I think next week the Bears Offense steps it up a little, but I see the defense taking a big step back.

I think the offense just needs some time to gel, timing was off all night. They will eventually get a little better. Still need a real reciever who knows what he is doing, to many times the recievers are looking lost.

By the way some people where questioning my opinion of Chris Williams, claiming him to be a great player. While i had stated he had not started a game in the NFL yet and that I thought he did not look that great. Well how did he look last night? Not very good, not very good at all. In fact he looked bad

Man what an opener!!

In the first place, they outplayed the Pack and should have won this game. However, if it were not for Urlacher it would not be that big a deal. The Slackers are supposed to be a playoff contender, on their home field. On paper the Bears would not be expected to win. But they could have and should have won.

If you look at both teams, the one with scary issues is the Packers. They were supposed to be this offensive juggernaut, but the Bears defense all but shut them down. Had it not been for turnovers, the Bears defense may have given up, what, 7-10 points? While scoring 2. The pass rush had Rogers flinching at his own shadow. The Pack is supposed to have questions on defense and answers on offense. Oops.

The Bears are supposed to have questions on offense and answers on defense. That's exactly how it played out last night. Cutler stunk it up in the first half. No question. Whatever the record NFL "metric" was for pucker factor by a quarterback, he broke it. As long as he get's over it, I have trouble worrying about that for one half of a sixteen game season. It shows he cares is what it does.

The main problem in the second half is that the Bears offense has not "gelled". That is something to be expected with so many new faces, and something that will improve with time. The O-line is still working it out. Most of those picks came because the play broke down and Cutler thought the receiver was going to zig, and the receiver thought the quarterback was going to zag and the Pack has an very experienced secondary. The big picture here was that Cutler was on the loose with a strung out defense, and there were open guys that he missed. That is a fixable problem.

The Bears mistakes can be fixed by more game experience, film study, and practice. They can do that. The Pack's problem is that too many of their dudes are consistently getting beat in personal matchups.

I like the Bears problems better. Except for the Urlacher thing.

last night game didn't really surprize me at all.
lets face it the offense looks exactly the way its always looked
jay cutler didn't look any different than rex grossman or kyle orton.

the offensive formations the bears run are simple to figure out. in the past everybody would say ohh rex doesn't understand the playbook or orton doesn't have the arm for it

I just think that at the end of this season the coaching staff will be gone.

ohh another point in his press conferance jay cutler said this
"they are a lot of football players in THAT looker room" and he was talking about the bears.

cutler knows he's the man in chicago, so unless we get to the superbowl it's bye bye lovie hello shannahan

Cutler was pretty pathetic and yes the receivers and D Clarke did not finish routes that cost at least two of the four interceptions.

Doesn't anyone now believe that the Bears truly need a veteran receiver. Bennett had some flashes and Knox may be the real deal but he also was not on the same page with Cutler a few times.

Bad coaching you bet, Lovie's challenge of the 12 men on the field was suspect, play calling in the red zone, etc.

Some positives (D line) but lots of negatives.

Now that Urlacher is done for the year here is the opportunity for Cutler to show himself as the new team leader and win games with the offense and his arm. But in doing so he will need to pull his head out of his --- and make better decisions because his decisions in many instances cost the Bears the game.

D line was good, linebackers OK, Cb's spotty and the free safety play was pathetic at least twice during the game when play action faked the jock off of Payne and he was beaten deep, the last one the game winning touchdown. Payne has to realize you just do not get beaten deep in those situations, he was 15 yards behind Jennings because he bit on the play action.

First, I'm not mad at Coach Smith. There is plenty to look forward to this season. The "D" played well but, as sometimes happens, even to the top CB's in the league, Vasher slipped on that last touchdown. Stuff Happens...!!!Green Bay has 2 of the top rated CB's, so how do you explain the Knox bomb and Hester's TD? Had the Bears won, that would have all been water under the bridge and GB's armchair (press) experts would be the ones calling for their coaches head. But, this is a team with a new QB, WR's, RT, LG and LT that are new to the team and the scheme. Getting "old" players "killed" in
preseason isn't smart, contrary to what Singletary does in SF with rookies. Man, get a clue...!!!

My only worry is that the Bears offense will face the 3/4 defense, being manned by (much?) better players, a lot more this season. Ron Turner should(?) be able to better prepare for that reality now that he knows what his PLAYERS are "capable" of when facing the 3/4. The Broncos 3/4 they faced in pre-season should have been a BIG hint. The Packers coaches certainly thought so.

Hey, after we get stomped by the Steelers' 3/4, I'm sure that we'll be able to handle the Browns' 3/4. I only hope that Cutler is still breathing after that game.

estevenj: Agree.

Our receivers are just not good enough, as evident last night. Also, what happened last night with Clark? He used to be so reliable. Why was Wolfe in again? Please keep our best weapon Forte on the bench. Turner is horrible.


I am from Illinois but living near Denver; a Bears and Broncos fan. Jay Cutler is not a leader...he throws his little fits. He is an immature brat. I was so disappointed when the Broncos traded him to my other team. Yes, he has talent but he in inconsistent. He has NEVER been to the playoffs.

I think before we applaud the work of the d-line too much, we should remember that this is the first time anyone has seen the d-line perform under Marinelli -- at least in a real game scenario. Everything in pre-season was window dressing. Teams will make adjustments to Marinelli's scheme and the true test of how well the Bears d-line is playing will come 3-6 games into the season.

That said, I thought Mark Anderson, who had pretty much disappeared the past two seasons, had a pretty solid game. Still, no Tommie Harris, no Israel Idonije and it looked like the few times Green Bay actually committed to the run, they were able to rip off consistent gains.

On the O-line, I think they are going to have their hands full with the Steelers. Orlando Pace is going to need a lot of help. And while the Packers have a pretty athletic group of linebackers who were making life hell for Cutler, the Steelers' group is probably better.

Well... guess the silver lining is that this regime has now been exposed for what it is, A JOKE!!!. Failing to draft for needs,, failing to have a legit veteran WR to help out Cutler..failing to shore up the FS position...failing to draft OL..An OC who has no clue on how to call plays.. a HC/DC who puts the worst cover corner on the team in at a critical time and then leaves him out there alone!?! OC who puts Rashied Davis in at WR on 3rd/goal at the end of the game?? Rashied friggin Davis?? This staff is just clueless. Hester was having a great game... he vanished in the 4th QTR. Put him in motion on that 3rd down.. packers could not cover him at all... Lovie is done... good riddance.. take that idiot OC with you.. phone... dialing... Mr. Shanahan? Are you there? 1-800-please help the bears??? Anyone... !?!?

As a packer fan, I fear what Cutler will bring to the NFC North. He was only as bad as his inexperienced receivers last night. This guy has some great football in him, you'll see. I'm sure I'll be cussing him for years. Sorry to hear about injuries, tough break guys!!

I agree timo, we should never ever have figured that GB would not get that 40 or so yds, we didn't even seem to try to go for the TD - It looked like Olin was yelling at Cutler for that very reason as well.

I felt the red flags were alright as it gave our guys a chance to rest,
A good Coach does not just use those red flags cause he thinks he will win that argument people. There are other reasons as well.
Thats what I felt Lovie was doing.

GB is a very good team and we almost pulled it off even with the 4 int. How can youse guys be so angry and down?? I am the pessimist and I feel pretty good about the game. Cutler will be fine our D played above expectations, look out Pit! Everyone felt we would get our Clock cleraned but hey we did pretty good all in all. Look for us to get Brooks as well.

1. Get Derrick Brooks. It would send a msg that the Bears are serious.

2. Move Briggs to MLB. Have Brian play the Lawrence Taylor position.
The Bears apparently were planning on blitzing more with Brian this year. Moving Briggs to MLB is the obvious solution.

3. Why does Forte appear slower?

4. Cutler is a hyper guy who is always looking downfield to make something big happen. We criticize him but we want him to be like that. We are as much to blame as him. He throws the deep out as well as anyone - ever.

When you have a QB having trouble getting settled, you need to help him out in the plays being called. Get more runs and short dump-offs called. That's on the offensive coordinator. You need to sit him down and get him re-focused, which is where your Quarterback Coach should be doing his job... and don't get me started on the Receivers coach. Finally, speaking of receivers... it would have helped to go and get some in the off season, because the ones you have aren't very good, it seems. So, that's on the head coach and GM. (and those paying the salaries...)

I know it's the players that have to go out there and make the plays, but the coaches and management need to place them in a position to do that, and I didn't see that last night from the Chicago Bears.

As a lifelong Packer fan, I really enjoyed watching Chicago stumble around out there, last night. I'm old enough to remember when it went the other way.

However... I will say that I was sorry to see Urlacher go down for the season. He's a warrior, regardless of the team he plays for. It seemed like after he went out, the Pack started running the ball effectively. I don't think that was a coincidence. he elevates that whole defence when he's in there.

The Bears "should have won this football game"? Are you kidding me? Typical Bears fan, only plays the 'what-if' for his team. What if Aaron Rodgers hits a wide open Donald Driver in the first quarter for a TD? What if the phantom illegal hands call on Al Harris isn't made in the 4Q? What if Mason Crosby makes his 52 yard FG attempt? The only thing keeping the score close was the defense, especially the d-line, and mainly because Allen Barbre is way overmatched.

Lovie learned a lot about the "prevent" D and the cover-who? from last years Atlanta game? soft pre-season really helps those bodies stay healthy huh? Bring in Cowher!

Ron Turner and his coaching staff are awful. Why do the Bears stick with him? Rod Marinelli shows what a difference coaching can make. Why does the Bears organization tolerate this horridness from Ron? Why isn't the media more vocal about it? The playcalling is terrible and predictable. Let it be known that Lovie Smith may kill his career for not canning Ron Turner.

Dan Dierdorf had a great line during a MNF game years ago toward the end of the Mike Ditka era:

“The Bears have the trifecta – their old, small and slow.”

We’re not there yet but we’re closing in. The point being that the window has closed on Lovie and this regime.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t like the scheme and I don’t like this team.

Ask yourself this – do you really think this team can win the NFC…and Superbowl?

Time for wholesale change. The longer we wait…the more painful this is going to be.

I hope all of these Urlacher enablers finally see that he has seen his best days and that he is only a piece of what he used to be. He is actually done and has been for awhile.Measure him by the same bar that every other player is measured...Performance not old stats. As for Ron Turner's play calling why would you not try to punch the ball in the end zone to ensure that Green Bay had to go for a touchdown, that way maybe Vasher would not had to bite on that play and there would have been some safety help ( where is bump and run smash mouth football)? Also, with a runner like Forte why is he not used on screens and more on the outside? All this inside the tackle stuff is pounding this guy to death. No imagination when we need it on offense and a pass rush that is quite weak as a unit. Hey Lovie open your damn mouth sometime. I am sick of you with your lips sealed staring at the clock. Get vocal so we at least know you are not just on the sideline to throw red flags.

I hope all of these Urlacher enablers finally see that he has seen his best days and that he is only a piece of what he used to be. He is actually done and has been for awhile.Measure him by the same bar that every other player is measured...Performance not old stats. As for Ron Turner's play calling why would you not try to punch the ball in the end zone to ensure that Green Bay had to go for a touchdown, that way maybe Vasher would not had to bite on that play and there would have been some safety help ( where is bump and run smash mouth football)? Also, with a runner like Forte why is he not used on screens and more on the outside? All this inside the tackle stuff is pounding this guy to death. No imagination when we need it on offense and a pass rush that is quite weak as a unit. Hey Lovie open your damn mouth sometime. I am sick of you with your lips sealed staring at the clock. Get vocal so we at least know you are not just on the sideline to throw red flags.P.S Brandon Rideau was the best receiver on the team. What a goofy decision to get rid of him especially with all of these short guys.

Packer fans who are upset at the title of this article, what do you expect? This is a Bears blog, so of course everything is going to be slanted toward the Bears' perspective. I'm sure you and your team's websites felt exactly the same way about the Packers last year after losing to the Bears in Chicago.

JPCZ, I also predicted several months ago that Cutler would have a bad game early and someone would freak out and call it a bad trade. I said it before and I will say it again - this trade cannot be evaluated for several more years. Claiming that the sky is falling and this is the worst trade ever after one game is ridiculus.

DagoT, how do you count the Bears using 5 quarterbacks in 85? You must be using funny math. McMahon and Fuller were the only real qbs. Tomczak was only in briefly for mop up duty, Payton and Buford made passes on trick plays - you cannot count these three as quarterbacks. Nice try trying to shock people into believing that the Bears don't need a quarterback to win because, well, they had 5 people throwing passes in 85...

Bad game by Cutler and the receivers. Tough week to try to show improvement, even without Palamalu. Other than the Vasher td, I was happy with the defense. We'll see what they can do with the injuries. Hopefully the kickoff team is better next week, too.

I got a question, where was the play action, thats a Cutler strength?

Also who gave the long snapper the right to audible a play?

But aside from poor coaching and game planning, the offense had no idea what that defense was going to do. 2 bad challenge calls. A QB who seemed a little shocked and freaked out. Terrible recievers. An O-line that looks really bad. A defensive secondary that is bad, Vasher had one nice play and like 4 bad plays including giving up the game winner. Your MIC and SAM are out injured.

I have watched the game twice now, and if you watch it in slow motion you can really see a lot of problems on every play. Pass blocking was brutal and that includes the RB's, run blocking was even worse. The Bears have a rythem offense and Capers disrupted it all night. Capers called a great game for thre defense, you can blame Cutler or the recievers or the line but the fact is the whole offense was knocked out of wack.

Some the things that stood out the second time I watched is, Cutler is forced out more than I thought. Omiyale looks like a tree getting chopped down. The recievers did not know where to go on any plays but go routs save maybe Bennett who was the only reciever comming back to help Jay. This includes the TE, Clark really looked lost at times. Cutler called some hot routs that the recievers never adjusted, that happened several times. Colinsworth pointed it out. The recievers did not no where to line up. The O-Line did not know who to block. Most of this is a coaching problem. The Bears offense had no idea what to do against the Packers defense. Also unfinished routs by the recievers is some the worst football you can see. There is no excuse for this, Drake should be gone he is a horrible WR coach. Lovie and Turner have taken a step closer to getting fired.

As for the defense most of the pressure came against the right side of the Packers line, I have been pointing out that, that would be there weak point sense the third game of preseason. If I saw this then you know every DC in football saw it. I would not be sold on this line just yet, both GB and PIT have very bad lines, but we don't see many lines with talent this year. Vikings and Atlanta will be a test of the defensive line, BAL is decent and so is SF, not sure about SEA line yet. Philly might give us trouble there too.

I hope Cutler is tough enough to survive his first season in Chicago. An immature, unpolished young talent with tremendous potential is facing world-class expectations but he's not going to develop very well with the Bears mediocre offensive coaching staff. As for me, I'll be praying for a bus-sized meteorite to hit Halas Hall during Angelo's next staff meeting, and hopefully Turner and Drake will be stargazing up on the roof at the time...

Domino49 said, "Getting "old" players "killed" in preseason isn't smart, contrary to what Singletary does in SF with rookies. Man, get a clue...!!!"

YOU get a clue! Mike Singletary's team upset the reigning NFC champions on the road, and he did it with almost no talent. The Bears have far more talent than the 49ers, yet they failed to beat a team that won only six games last season. Lovie Smith allowed his offensive and special teams to come out totally flat, I expect because he's now so involved in the defense that he has no idea what's going on with the rest of the team. And Smith's soft pre-seasons and practices have not prevented the Bears from suffering major injuries to serious players, but they have prevented the players from being ready for the hitting of the regular season. Meanwhile, Singletary's team was well prepared and looked it. If you gave Mike Singletary this team, he'd win a Super Bowl with it. I live in San Francisco, and every time I see the 49ers play, Singletary looks better as a head coach. I'd dump Smith and take him without even thinking about it, on attitude and style alone.


"How can youse guys be so angry and down?" Because if the defense played well, the offense was supposed to be a given. The poor play of the offensive line is inexcusable, and the refusal of the cheapskate owners and management to get at least one legitimate veteran free agent receiver is downright criminal after getting Cutler. I knew our receivers were weak, but in my worst nightmares I would never have imagined them to be this bad. Cutler will NOT be alright if the Bears don't get some receivers who know how to play football.

It's Lovie Smith's fault that the offense and special teams played so uninspired; he's obviously so involved with the defense he has no clue what's going on with the rest of the team. How he could allow the offense and special teams to come out so flat in this game is way beyond me, but he's got to go, the sooner the better. I'm beyond sick of his soft everything (camp, practices, defenses, attitude, etc.). He should go meditate somewhere if he wants to be mellow, that attitude has no place in football.


I agree with you. Exactly right. The entire offense was out of position, out of sync, and did not execute.

There's a book on Dom Capers - he's been in the league for a long time. He definitely did something to disrupt the Bears offense, but the adjustment should have come much sooner than halftime.

But this is also the answer to your question as to where the play-action pass was. The Bears could not consistently block long enough for a play-action pass to develop. Furthermore, I'm not so sure those receivers would have known where to go anyways.

To paraphrase Chris Collinsworth:

"These young Bears receivers are just killing Jay Cutler."

I have another question:

What happened to the screen pass to Matt Forte?

And as for the knucklehead who asked why no one called out the receivers against Orton - we did. But the fact is, Orton couldn't make the type of throws that Cutler could. Watch the tapes if you've got a DVR. You'll see. Less is expected of receiver that just runs short, remedial routes because the QB is so inaccurate at long range.

Grossman played with better receivers. But they were paycheck players that didn't want to go down the middle and get jacked by safeties (Berrian and Moose).


How many games has Turner offense played exactly like Sunday night? A bunch of 3 and outs early, defense keeps game close. Offense finally takes head out of u know what and has a change to win but blows it. That's the Turner offense in action!!!

Cutler was bad. But Turner certainly didn't help him with his lackluster game plan and bone headed calls on the goal line. When Cutler was getting pressured early, isn't that when you switch to the run, or a screen pass? In my mind, the loss is more Turner's fault than Cutler's. I guess we'll see if the Packer defense is so great when they play next week. Part of me suspects that it won't look as good.

Not sure if I can handle 15 more games like that one…

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