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Vet CB Rod Hood just glad the Bears were still interested in him

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The Bears might have been runnerup for the services of Rod Hood the first time around, but they look to be in position to land the veteran cornerback in time for the regular season.

Hood was released Monday by the Cleveland Browns and he expects to sign a contract with the Bears today a little more than three months after the team had him in on a free-agent visit. The team had also investigated Ken Lucas as a possibility.

``I like the Bears, I like coach Lovie [Smith] and I like all the coaches,'' Hood said. ``I had a good experience when I was there and I don't need to know why I didn't sign there the first time because I had a good feel for everything about them. I'm just glad they were still interested in me.''

Hood can provide insurance as starting cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman have yet to appear in a preseason game as they work their way back from injuries. The Bears have been going with former Pro Bowl performer Nathan Vasher and Trumaine McBride, and Vasher doesn't appear to be the same player any longer and McBride did not play well Sunday night at Denver, missing a couple tackles and being beat by ex-Bear Brandon Lloyd for a catch near the goalline.

``I've been a starter in this league but all I am looking for is an opportunity to go out there and compete,'' Hood said. ``Wherever they can use me, I am willing.''

Hood is entering his seventh season in the league, spending the last two years with the Arizona Cardinals, where he started 15 games last year. His first four seasons were in Philadelphia. He's got good size at 5-11, 198 pounds, and is someone the Bears obviously targeted following his release from Arizona after the Cardinals signed Bryant McFadden in free agency. He wound up with the Browns but sounded relieved to be out of Cleveland, which comes to Soldier Field for the final preseason game Thursday.

``You know what, from growing up I have always been told when you can't say anything good about something, don't say nothing at all,'' Hood said. ``It is a blessing for me to be able to come to a team of this sort. I learned one thing when I was over there, it was when Teddy Atlas came to speak to the team. He told us about surviving and winning. The two words are similar but you can't have both. If you're just surviving, that gets in the way of winning. It was one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard. Other than that, I don't care to go into it.''

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Well lets hope that he can add some interceptions to the Ds record because we need as much help in the depth as possible especially with our vets being as frail as they already are.

Mcbride is mchorrible. He and the Bears need a McDivorce. He couldn't even hang with the scrubs. Whatever happened to Woodny? He hasn't played or suited up in 2 games. If these young guys were better I'd be a little nervous bringing in a vet who didn't make the cut with Cleveland. The guy started 15 games for the Cards and practiced against 3 good WRs and might have shown what he is made of. If he was just a cap casualty then that's another thing. Kevin put your positive hands on him and get us going with him.

Hey Brad have your read that article by Rick Reilly about Pat Bowlen and memory loss? Looks like Jay may not have left Denver the way people think. I know ever sense Cutler has arrived in Chicago he has been no problem, and the way he goes about his buisness has been what I excpect from a top talent QB who wants to win. It has always seemed strange to me the way things unfolded and the whole Cry Baby moniker which seems ill deserved. After last night I was sure the only cry babies I saw where Bronco fans. But this article really sheds some light on things. You know Jay origanlly said he called them back and Bowlen actually said he did not remember him calling. Later the Broncos issued a realese that was worded differently. Then last night Jay said he didn't unintentionally call him back which I thought was a strange thing to say. Throw in the fact that Marshall said Bowlen agreed to trade him but then Bowlen said he never said that. Smells like a big story, it also sounds like McNugget and Ellis may have pulled a fast one on the poor old guy. I always liked the way Bowlen did things and this whole offseason is so strange for a guy who has been as smart as he has.

Here is a link for anyone interested:

You gotta scroll down a little to the title To short for a Collumn

Brad, can you please tell me what happened to Woodny Turenne? He was playing well at CB for us at camp, and looked good in the preseason opener at Buffalo? He seems to have simply disappeared in the last two games with Hamilton, McBride and Rudy Burgess taking the snaps at CB in the second half. Thanks for any info.

Given his recent "success," I would take any player that doesn't fit Mangenius' team concept. The guy is an even bigger ego than Belichick, with none of the success or credibility.

Hood is no superstar by any means, but if he can cover and play special teams, he can take the place of McBride, Hamilton, Burgess, or even Vasher. Nate still has not looked very good in game action. Not sure what they are waiting for. Our depth at CB should be very clear by this point. Tillman and Bowman, both injured and not playing. Graham, decent but not looking great at this point. Moore, a promising young player who could turn out to be a stalwart on special teams, and Hood, who will be good enough for a 4th/5th CB...

We need to get a chance to watch Bowman actually play more than 1 game at a time. If he can make it through 16 games, it will not only qualify as a miracle recognized by the Catholic church, but it will go a long way towards making our secondary viable.

We know Tillman will battle, but how effective is he going to be early in the season? He obviously will lose strength, quickness, and flexibility with shoulder and back trouble, and it will take time to get up to speed. He is either going to knock himself out of the lineup early, or be largely ineffective. I still think you put him on the PUP list for the first 6 games, and let Bowman and Graham start. Let him get healthy for the stretch run. We will need him in November and December more than in September and October. We should be able to score enough to be in most games, so having one CB is not going to make or break our first month and a half of the season.

Do the smart thing, and put Tillman out of harm's way for a few weeks, so he can rehab and get his strength back. Then when he hits the field on November 3rd, he will not only be fresh, he will be 100%, which is more than you can say about any player in November in the NFL. He will be playing faster and hitting harder than what opponents will be ready for at that point in the season.

For once, let's play for the long haul, and not for Week 1. Manning, Bowman, Graham, Moore, Hood, and maybe Vasher to start the year in coverage will be sufficient to at least get us through the first 6 weeks. If we can get anything out of Tommie Harris, all the better, but the ends appear to at least be pressing the pocket, so we should be able to get some pressure. We will need to if we want to take Rodgers off his game, which right now is pretty impressive. He is dialed in like Brady 2 years ago....

What I thought was strange was in the after game interview (or during?) Jay said `I don't know who were going to get' (WR) That surprised me, as he was saying the Bears were def. looking at WR pickup. Did I hear that correctly?

WRD, I understand what you're saying about Rod Hood, but I'd like to think that any vet with starting experience would be a HUGE upgrade to Trumaine McBride. McBride's gotta go, period.

I'm sure gald Joe Felicelli is not the Bears coach!

Randy - I heard him say that also and it did jump out at me enough to rewind the DVR and play it again. It was during the game. I wouldn't read to much into it though--in the context I think we was meaning it to say he doesn't know who among the players in contention he is going to get to work with during the regular season. I think the we in "who we're going to get" means who the offensive unit will get to work with, not who they are going to add to the team.

It will be interesting, I think, to see if Jay displays any pubilc pouting if he doesn't get Devin Aromashodu after he's publicly let it be known that he likes him. It would be a good test for Jay to see if he can keep his mouth shut and not question the decisions of the team. My gut feeling is that Aromashodu won't make the team--but I hope I'm wrong about that.

I'm also interested to see what will happen at the fullback position. I really like Jason Davis, and it seemed like Will Taufoo did really well the first two games then sort of dissappeared in the third.

aaron rodgers may have a field day against the secondary. the season can get shaky fast with the volitility we have at CB. what has happened to graham? he was a solid replacement last year. agreed, if bowman can last even 4 games, it will be a miracle!


Well, there are some rumors are that the Broncos are looking to get rid of Brandon Marshall.;_ylt=AukBxLWQHToH.dK9.I3wTxaA2bYF?urn=nfl,186482

With his recent childish behavior his trade value's gone way down, the Broncos may be willing to only get a 2nd-round or 3rd-round pick to get rid of the guy. The Bears gave up a lot of picks to get Cutler, what's another one to land Cutler's favorite target?

Why was Hood cut from the Cardinals, and now the Browns? All I care about is if he can tackle! If it wasn't for Piso flying around the field in Denver making plays, the 1st string DEF would have looked suspect. Our DB's are so out of place and couldn't tackle the ocean from the beach. Seeing (I think) Mcbride in one of the 1st series make a horrible arm-tackle attempt by flailing thru the air out of position on a Broncos TE Scheffler...does not bode well for fan confidence in our defense!!!

Joe I agree about Mangenius, but I know the Eagles have always known when to get rid of players, he had 1 good year in Arizona but last year he regressed. The Bears defense should be a benifet to him as the corners play a shorter zone. He is solid against the run as well which fits the Bears scheme, he is a solid 3rd corner or a decent second corner.

Bill Lovie often prefers Athletes over football players aka the Al Davis rule. Thats why he is so obbsessed with Manning and Hester. Woodny Turenne is not very fast and Lovie is probably holding that against him.

Randy and Mac, gosh are you talking about Marshall being traded, I believe I have been saying for most of the offseason that the Broncos will trade him. If they wanted to keep him he would have a new contract, nobody keeps a top reciever on the roster and lets there contract expire. The only reason they suspended him for so long is they don't want him making it worse and lowering his trade value. I don't know if a second round pick will do it, but if does you gotta do that, the value would be amazing, cause it's not a steal it's an out right mugging. One thing to consider is that in terms of his character Jay Cutler has always been good at keeping Marshall in line in the locker room. He has called him out before, when he did Marshall got it together. Marshall may be an @$$ but he is not stupid, he knows Cutler is a big huge meal ticket for him because his numbers with Cutler are amazing.

It really would be insane to reunite the Colorado connection. But it will be tough to do. I cannot imagine the Broncos want to put Cutler and Marshall together and watch them put up massive numbers together.

I was wondering if he meant it that way as well.
and I feel the Broncs are looking to trade Marshall now, certainly interesting as he is trying his best to get traded and I really don't blame him, what surprised me was the ESPN guys were on Marshalls side.

Jared don't worry T. Harris will kill Rodgers (NOT)

Yeah We need vets at the Corner spot, certainly can't be worse than what we have and Hood started alot of games last year. Not sure what his problem is though. All in All a good signing

The Bears will be better than anyone thinks. They may not look it in the first couple of games, but they will by November. Mister Lovie's job is on the line.

Even with the poor outings by McBride recently, I would still be happy with the CBs we had. I don't know how much better Rod Hood, a guy who's been cut twice this off season, will be than the pieces we already have, and whether placing him ahead of Moore and Turrene would be beneficial in the long run. Excluding McBride, we already have 4 potential starters in Tillman, Bowman, Graham and Vasher. Hood is insurance, and perhaps not a bad pick up, but I believe CB is not the Bears' weakest position.

This signing adds depth to a position that has been decimated by injuries. I just hope this doesn't also mean Charles Tillman is gonna be out a little longer than Chicago orignally figured. The recent bad play from starters Nathan Vasher and Trumaine McBride probably had a little to do with Chicago bringing Hood in also.

As far as Hood, he was an undrafted free agent out of Auburn in 2003 to the Philadelphia Eagles. By 2006 he had developed into one of the leagues better nickle corners. Hood then went to the Cardinals and became a solid starter. Hood was then released this off-season so Arizona could bring in free agent Bryant McFadden of the Steelers. Hood will never be a pro bowler, but he can give a team some solid corner play. He does have nice size at 5-11, and also gives the Bears a corner with starting experience. Its a nice pickup for Chicago. And as far as Hood not making it in Cleveland, I wouldn't read into it to much. Cleveland is a bad place to play corner, Browns head coach Eric Mangini believes putting pressure on the quarterback starts with tight pass coverage. I disagree, it starts up front [pass rush], you can't expect a corner to be able to shut down a receiver on every single play, not gonna happen. In Chicago's scheme, Hood could be a little more effective getting help in coverage from the safety and not being expected to shut a receiver down on every play. I would still like to see Tillman and Bowman come back, but Hood does add nice depth. If Bowman continues to have durability problems, and Tillman is worse off than Chicago first thought, cornerback is hands down Chicago's #1 need going into the off-season this winter, but thats another subject for another blog, hopefully Tillman and Bowman will be alright GO BEARS!!

Good Move Lovie! If our defense improves like our offense we can win the division! We also could use another linebacker who can rush the QB! Our front line looks suspect, Dusty's injury hurts our depth.
We have a fair front line at best because we can't stuff the run or generate a consistent pass rush. let's hope our star defensive players are motivated by a charged up offense and have career years!
I'm excited about our chances with Jay Cutler but I would be even happier with a solid front 4 who has the ability to put pressure on the QB and take away the ball. Yes I know I want it all! let the games begin!

Kevin A, Tillman said he does not believe he will be ready for the first game of the season. Thats really bad news, if we had 4 potential starters MOMO we would not be bringing in Hood. Hood is being brought in for the Packers game, at least I think he is and I hope Hoke can get him back to his 07 form, but he does not have a lot of time to do it.

Things just got really bad, Brads buddies over at SI just picked the Bears to win the North. Thats the kiss of death right there, I am pretty sure Harris's leg will fall off, Jay Cutler will be shot by a crazed Bronco fan sitting in the window of a book depository, Matt Forte will quit football to teach english to reptiles in the Jungles of South America, and Greg Olsen will move to Hollywierd and join a production of the Rocky Horror Picture show. This, because I hammered Dr. Z? He is gonna make everyone suffer cause he thinks he can predict football with math. Had to go put the SI Whammy on us, well thats ok cause Aaron Rodgers is on the cover, so HA double whammy on Green Bay thats worse than the madden Whammy, he is sure to be hurt by week one.

I am going to go find a Voodoo Priestess and have her put the super whammy on those clowns over at SI. Who do they think they are? They got some nerve, they're not even a real sporting magazine, they are a bikini mag pretending to be a sporting mag.

Now to try and save the Bears, I must speak with Jobu.
Oh great Jobu, Bears, they are sick. They cannot hit Quarterback. Running back they hit very much. But Quarterback, Bears are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from Bears. I offer him polish sausage, Beer. He will come.

Saw this `somewhere else' and figured it needed repeating...

Cutler completed 7 of 10 passes for 85 yards, hit six different players, and was 3-for-3 for 33 yards on third down, the last a tricky, clutch throw that found Matt Forte just across the goal line for a 17-3 lead with 19 seconds left in the first half. This could be magic. . . .

Now that was a pretty incredible drive!

Creighton: Nice job bringing out the Jobu reference. I would like to offer him pizza, Old Style Light and a cheesecake.

Now please tell me why McBride has not been cut and why they may keep him. He can't tackle, he can't cover, he can't play. Please cut him.

Neckbeard if you want a new name make it "McBrideSUCKS"



You have too much time on your hands. Although I have to say I got a good laugh out of your last post.

Time to trade with the Donkeys, I know Vasher has no trade value but maybe him, Steltz and Hillenmeyer plus a number 2 next year would get Marshall.

JA pull off one more big one like you did with Cutler. Then for sure the next mayors job would be yours and who knows even a senate seat or in a few years the presidency?

Certainly a statue or two for the pidgeons to perch would be in play.


Are you trying to tell me Jesus Christ (Rod Marinelli?) can't generate a pass rush?

Creighton, not only did he pick us to win the north he picked us to be in the superbowl and lose to the pats. also great major loge reference.

Now Da Coach, don't go starting a holy war in here.....

Anytime Major League references can be brought into daily conversations, it can't be a bad thing, unless it is Major League 3.....

We can only hope that the SI cover shot is worse than the pick, so Rodgers has more trouble than we do. I guess we'll see opening night....

I am also surprised McBride is still on the team, but my guess is they give him the 4th game to "showcase" his skills to try and catch on somewhere else...I can only hope that is the case. I see Steltz the same way. I would be ok with Payne, Afalava, Manning, and Bullocks as the safeties, and Tillman, Bowman, Graham, Hood, and Moore as the corners. Certainly nothing to write home about, but we aren't going to be any better with the guys we would have released....If Tillman is not ready to go this Thursday, we will need an extra CB for a few weeks, so we can hang onto Vasher if need be. If nothing else, he can return punts...

Joe F., guys like McBride and Steltz are still on the team because the Bears likely need bodies to finish out the 4th preseason game, not as a "showcase" for other teams. We already know that the real starters on the team aren't going to be on the field for more than 1 quarter's worth of plays. There's nothing else Steltz and McBride can show anyone. They're both awful, slow and overmatched in the NFL, period. Wish them well though...

McBride gets his final shot against the Browns, if he plays bad there the only reason they keep him is because of injuries.

By Da Church of Da Coach on September 2, 2009 11:37 AM

"Are you trying to tell me Jesus Christ (Rod Marinelli?) can't generate a pass rush?"

Ahhh Rod, I like him very much, but he no help with Sacks.

Yes Dahli I have had to much free time, I am taking a break form the boards for awhile again, be back on the 12th, unless something major happens. Think about this in terms of recievers, I don't know if they will be able to trade for Marshall, but as it stands. Olsen could be good for 800-1100 yards, he looks great and Cutler loves him, please no Chris Colinsworth comments. Clark should be good for 400-500 yards, and Forte for for 300 to 600 yards. Most teams cannot say that about those positions. After them you have Bennett who does not need great seperation to get the ball because of Cutler, if he gives you 500-700 yards, thats awsome, then you have Hester he should get you between 500-800 yards as well. Thats 3700 yards at max with just those guys, that doesn't include 3rd and 4th recievers. Will he do that with just those guys? Maybe not? But he will come close. Yeah we need a reciever, but we have a mismatch at 3 skill positions on offense this year and that is pretty good. In a 2 TE set every team in the league will have to cover 5 legit recieving targets on the Bears. That is tough to do, plus it makes it death to blitz.

By the way now that Brando knows I will be gone he is sure to pop up, have fun with him.

Guys, I went to Lalos in Des Plaines for lunch and I ate something spicy..I'm going to the bathroom. Try not to miss me.

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