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Tight end Fontel Mines out for the season with torn ACL

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Fontel Mines will miss the season, a source close to the player said, after an MRI revealed Tuesday that he tore the ACL in his left knee during a drill in practice Monday. Mines was running a route in the flat when he got tangled up with safety Craig Steltz and went to the ground.

``It's part of the game,'' he said. ``I have to live by that everything happens for a reason saying right now. It's tough. It's disappointing.''

Mines signed with the Bears as an undrafted free agent from Virginia in 2007. He spent most of the last two seasons on the practice squad. It's unknown if the Bears will sign a tight end as they have Michael Gaines and Kellen Davis behind Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark.

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I feel bad for Mines. Wasn't he a UDFA who beat the odds and made the team back in '07? I have a feeling he'll get an injury settlement and be let go.

Tough break for Fontel Mines. I doubt Chicago signs another tight end though. Chicago will probably go into the season with four tight ends on the 53-man roster, Olsen, Clark, Gaines, and Davis. We know Olsen and Clark are locks, and Gaines should be safe, Chicago signed him for his blocking ability. And I've been hearing a lot of good things out of camp on 2nd year tight end Kellen Davis. I can't see Chicago cutting Davis in only his second season, unless he totally bombs during the pre-season, but I doubt that is gonna happen.

Im betting the Bears will go with 4 tight ends and 1 fullback on the 53-man roster. Myself, I'd go with three tight ends and two fullbacks. Chicago doesn't use a fullback all the time, but the position is still utilized. It be nice to have two true fullbacks in a game, especially if your starter goes down. Although, tight end Michael Gaines can come in as a fullback if needed.

Starting fullback Jason McKie is adequate, but Id like to see an upgarde at the position. Chicago needs someone who is strong at the point of attack as a blocker. I hope rookie fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou can show something during the pre-season. This kid can block, the 5-11 250lb fullback has blocked for two 1500 yard backs the past two seasons at Cal. I realize he probably won't be ready to contribute as a rookie, but I'd like to see Chicago keep him around on the practice squad for a season and maybe he'll be ready to challenge next season for a starting spot. Matt Forte would benefit from a fullback that could pop someone at the line GO BEARS!!

That's unfortunate for the guy. Although he didn't have much of a chance with the Bears to begin with, you hate to see this happen before a guy gets to show his stuff in a game, regardless of if you're a 4th stringer or a 5th. Good luck to Montel on his speedy recovery.

"Im betting the Bears will go with 4 tight ends and 1 fullback on the 53-man roster. Myself, I'd go with three tight ends and two fullbacks. Chicago doesn't use a fullback all the time, but the position is still utilized."

If they keep (4) TE's and (1) FB what other psotion's will be effected ????

My assumption is that they keep the following numbers:
QB: (3)
RB: (3)
WR: (6)
TE: (4)
OL: (8)
DL: (10)
LB: (6)
CB: (6)
Safety: (4)
Specialist: (3) Maynard, Gould, Mannelly

That's (53) players without a FB.... They could always tweak the roster by keeping (2) QB's or (5) WR's or (9) D-Lineman but we have serious depth concerns in those areas so it will be intruiging how the roster shakes out.

I think if we keep McKie we will only keep (3) TE's but my gut tells me all (4) TE's will stick and McKie will be dumped. The TE's can all share the "H" back duties and Will Ta'ufo'ou can be optioned to the P-squad in case we need a legit FB option during the season. I can't phanthom only keeping (5) WR's because we have No idea how this group will perform. WR by commity is esential this year and the more bodies available the better.

Definetly going to be some tough decisions for Lovie and Co. ....

Go Bears !!

Tough break, good guy. Probably wouldnt have made the team but assume nothing.

I am not sure where they will trim back, but I think we will still have 6WR and 4TE when all is said and done. My thinking on the depth chart is:
QB (3)

RB/FB (4)

WR (6)

TE (4)

OL (8)

DE (4)

DT (5)

LB (6)

CB (5)

S (4)

Specialists (3)

That leaves basically one spot for Steltz, McBride, Hamilton, the loser of the Freeman/Roach spot, Melton, Toeaina, Reed, R. Davis, A Peterson, or any other guy to fight for. If I had to guess, the last spot will be a CB or S, especially since the rules outlawing the wedge are in effect, lessening the need for larger players on special teams. If we don't carry a fullback, I see the extra player for that spot being a DL, as Harris will likely not make it through the season, and we will need depth there.

We are pretty well set, and hopefully the extra work for some of the fringe/excluded list will make them desirable enough to get something for them.

"but my gut tells me all [4] TE's will stick and McKie will be dumped."

Anonymous, you bring up some nice points in your post. But theres no way Chicago is gonna go the entire season in a double tight end set, which they would have to do with no fullback on the 53-man roster. Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner still utilizes the fullback position. McKie will probably stick unless one of the younger fullbacks [like Ta'ufo'ou] comes on, GO BEARS!!

You are not going to see 4 TEs and no FB. Half our TEs can't block to save their life. Davis need a mysterious injury to stick around another year. Youth can't always be served and potential isn't always the way to go. Hey, how about Vick being signed by Phillie?

FONTEL get better my dude it was suppose to be your year.... tight ends we nned ya...=(

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