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Sources: Vick's trip to Chicago for charity work, doesn't involve Bears

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Multiple league sources say that Michael Vick came into Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Tuesday night but that has visit has nothing to do with the Bears.

Vick is believed to be in town to take part in some type of charity work related to the time he spent in federal prison for his role in a dog fighting ring.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said when camp opened that he believed strongly in Vick receiving a second chance in the NFL. The Bears made an effort to bring in a fourth quarterback already after Andrew Walter was released by the Oakland Raiders, but it doesn't look like Vick will be in play for the Bears. To get approval, the club would have to go through so many layers at Halas Hall, and nothing is in the works at this point.

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Yeah right, the perfect alibi. He's meeting with the Bears, no doubt in my mind. This is a Perno guarantee. Lovie is doing a favor for Dungy I'll bet.

It would make sense if Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman still occupied roster spots, but they don't. Vick deserves a second shot but I think the Bears are smart enough to know that that shot is not in line with their fan base. This is one instance where the fans know best.

So, a bankrupt, broke, out of work, convicted felon is flying around the country to do work for charity? Not that I think he'll wind up with the Bears, but I'm not buying it.

The prevailing thought was that Seattle was the most likely destination for Vick, as they have nothing behind Hasselbeck, but by the same token, we have nothing behind Cutler. Hanie showed promise in garbage time last preseason, and Basanez played for about 10 minutes in Carolina, but no one has any idea whether they can get it done in any extended action.

That being said, I would rather re-sign Chad Hutchinson, Henry Burris, and Craig Krenzel before I would bring Vick in. He couldn't learn the west coast offense in Atlanta, so they shrunk the playbook, and he still couldn't manage to throw the ball with any consistency. He has a cannon, but no aim...

Not to mention that 2 years of not playing probably have hurt his athleticism and instincts, so it's not like he jumps in as the Madden video-game-like freak he was. There are questions as to whether he can still do that.

Lovie, for the love of all that's holy, walk away....we don't need this. Unless he can play free safety, walk away....

Good thing you don't have the job then Joe, no way I ever want to see any of those guys in a BEARS uniform again. As for Vick, I don't see the BERAS bringing him in because they believe in Hanie, if they bring in Vick, Hanie immediately drops to third string and would not get reps needed to develop. All this is doing is keeping his name in the media, I do believe he'll be back and I hope he does not go to a team that plays us, he will come back and haunt some team, just don't let it be Chicago......Go BEARS

Hate to disagree with you Joe, but at this point in time I would take Seneca Wallace over Vick any day. Actually I would take Wallace to back up Jay any day. Go Bear! Go away Vick!

BFD. Is there someplace you can call to get taken off the news list for Mike Vick? You know, like that number that let's you register to avoid solicitation calls at home?

Vick is not going to have a role in any meaningful football game this year. Therefore I don't care who signs him, what he does, or where he goes. Even if JA has a brainlock and Vick DOES sign with the Bears, the media is only going to sit and watch so they can make a daily report on every detail of how and where he sits and watches.

Spare me. I am ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

There's no way we'd waste our money on Vick before signing a WR, unless Vick becomes a WR.

Vick will sign somewhere, but not here. I think my brain would've exploded last season if I knew we went from Orton/Grossman to Cutler/Vick.

Tony Dungy is full of it. Why would any team in the NFL sign a guy who will bring them a ton of scrutiny? Why would any team sign a guy they have not even looked at? He has not played in two years, he has not been in OTA's, he has not been in mini camps, he has not been in training camp. Talking to him does not show you where his skill level is at. Nobody even knows if he can still play. Yet people keep saying he will get signed by a team who has not even looked at the guy, and nobody has looked at him.

The only charity Vick is concerned about is the please give Vick millions of dollars to bring nothing but problems to your team charity.

If the Vikings are not looking at him that tells you something. Jackson is like Vick light and is hurt, Vick fits their offense, and would have a ton of support in the running game. But even they are not looking at the guy.

Still I would love to see the North with Cutler, Rogers, Stafford, and Vick. That would be the most QB elite division in the NFL and every QB actually fits the team. Talk about fun games to watch.

I agree about Senecca Wallace over Vick right now, totally agree with that.
I'd imagine the Titans are getting close to dropping the sale tag on Vince Young as well, so there is an option there, and I have said for a while he needed out of there and a new start somewhere else. That being said, Chicago's fans are too rough on QBs, so this probably isn't the place. There are a lot of fringe QBs that could fit in. Pennington might be moving out of Miami at some point.
hmm...Call Testaverde.

I know there's a joke in here, I'm just too drunk to arrange the components (I am wearing my #18 jersey and standing on the bar in Iowa City as I text...)

Let us scatter them on the floor and all give it a try!

-Michael Vick
-Humane Society
-Chicago quarterbacking (see History Of)
-Euthanasia of dogs (see History Of Chicago Quarterbacking)
-Caleb Haine!
-Brett Basanez!
-Andrew Walter!
-The sighting of a quarterback at O'Hare Airport
-The lack of sightings of a quarterback at Soldier (or, if you will, Soldier's) Field
-The Oakland Raiders (always good for a set-up line)
-That stat they always threw up about Chicago Quarterbacks during Brett Favre's tenure
-Oh, let's just say it together: Jonathan Quinn!

Now, let's make something along the lines of "How many South Carolina governors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None! South Carolina's governors screw in Argentina!" Something like that.

What, I have to get down off the bar now?

I see that there are a lot people that lack football knowledge on this comment page. No wonder your teams sucks!!!

Yeah, he doing charity work alright, where in Lovie's office? I'm sure there keeping things a secret in Halas Halls. Ever since the Cutler deal, I wouldn't know what Angelo will pull out his hat this time, but don't be surprised if there is news of Vick probably coming to Chicago. I can just see where this so called charity work is going.

By pro-Vick!!! on August 12, 2009 10:57 PM
"I see that there are a lot people that lack football knowledge on this comment page. No wonder your teams sucks!!!"

Well correct me if I am wrong, but the animal abuser and rampant gambler did what for Atlanta.

Lets see QB rating 75 over 6 years, passing yards 11500 over 6 years, CMP% 53, wow he really is average. The guy is a wildcat QB and that is all he is. A run first QB, who has been overrated his entire career.

But hey at least he loves killing animals, the one dog that he drowned with his bare hands? Well you gotta love that, thats a high character if ever their was one. No issues their at all. You know what they say about people that love to torture animals? They are one step away from torturing people. To bad the AFL is not around, he would be a star in that league.

By the way wouldn't Lovie have to be in Chicago to meet with him? Lovie was at TA all day and night that day.

Vick would play great in Chicago... especially in the winter.

Remember his last appearance at Soldier Field?
122 yds Passing (13/32)
36 yds Rush
2 Sacks
0 TDs

One does wonder why this "charity work" is being done in Chicago. Is there no need for charity work in his former teams' or his own back yard? I cannot really see the Bears having the slightest interest in Vick, but the trip to Chicago is at least curious.

Well, let's see, the guy has thrown 71 TDs (52 Ints), has a full 4 years of starting experience, has played in a number of playoff games and won a couple of them, and has a couple of pro bowl appearances. His completion percentage of 53.8 is lower than even Grossman's at 54.2, but his QB rating of 75.7 is a few points better than Grossman's and Orton's, and the worst record he led his team to was a 7-9 finish in 2006. That's the year he also ran for 1000 yards.

Now, aside from the character thing, which is pretty big, and the likely 2-years worth of rust, I find it unlikely that any team would seriouly think that Vick cannot help them; perhaps not as an immediate starter, but as a viable backup that you can win a few games with, and maybe even a starter in the long run. I don't think anybody's overrating him at this point. It shouldn't surprise us that teams would be looking into the possibilities of acquiring Vick, of course taking into consideration the cost, the reaction of the fans, etc.

pro-D!ck!!!: "I see that there are a lot people that lack football knowledge on this comment page. No wonder your teams sucks!!!"

... says the guy who apparently has never been on a New England Patriots message board.

// Dumbest, homerist farktwats I have ever seen come from Boston. PERIOD.
// Still can't deny they've had a great run of it despite hte CAWKHOLES who make up their FAHKIN fan base.

According to Kevin Seifter on

1. Who is Cutler throwing to?
"It's plainly evident that tight end Greg Olsen is already Cutler's favorite receiver. The two have a clear connection both on and off the field, and offensive coordinator Ron Turner has spent the offseason working on ways to maximize Olsen's size and speed.

Tight end Greg Olsen has emerged as Jay Cutler's favorite target early on.
The unspoken reality is that none of the Bears' wide receivers are close to Olsen's level right now. Devin Hester and Rashied Davis are the team's only receivers who have caught more than seven passes in their NFL careers. But Davis appears to be no better than No. 4 on the depth chart and might not make the team."

Please be true on the Davis note bc I really don't see the benefit of keeping him on the team. I could be wrong though.

Only in America.................................

NEWSFLASH!!! Mike Vick signs with Philly!!!

Vick: "Man, for years I always thought they were the Philadelphia BEAGLES ... Imagine how disappointed I am!"

Wow, the Eagles signed Vick. Now there's a team with some balls.

If Vick seems to have lost a step, are they going to drown him?

By Da Church of Da Coach on August 13, 2009 10:17 PM
NEWSFLASH!!! Mike Vick signs with Philly!!!

Vick: "Man, for years I always thought they were the Philadelphia BEAGLES ... Imagine how disappointed I am!"

It actually makes sense if you think about it. Andy Ried's sons have massive problems and Ried probably feels the need to save someone because of this. Probably gives him some kinda hope that his kids will be ok.

Anyway football was officially played last night, and the Bears play tommorrow. There is probably more to talk about than Vick, or at least there should be. Can't wait to see the defense. TO is out for the game, I guess he is still affraid of Urlacher.

Hey, Tim, nice, jaded sarcasm. However, considering the cats that are " dropped off" at my place and left to fare for themselves, drowning is not always the most cruel treatment available.

Hide your beagle, Vick's an Eagle.

The Beagles roflmao loloolo

actually you all know I am for second chances - I raise Beagles but I would give him a second chance, I just would lock my dog fence. (Beagles) now if I raised way!

Hey, if the Beagles use Vick on Wildcat, and sometimes fake that wildcat and use him at wing as well, I got to tell you he does have ability. They might have a good plan there,

Mike Vick is a puppy killing felon.He should not have been let back in the NFL.I dont suppose the NFL commissioner owns a dog? HE knew what he was involved in.Thats unacceptable as a parent and i had to let my son know that Mike Vick is not a good person. He[my son] asked me why and i told him why he said Vick should still b in jail and thats my 11 yr old.He is not a good role model and should not b playing football.Period.

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