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Source: Dvoracek to miss season with torn ACL in right knee

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Based on his past, it cannot come as a surprise to the Bears that Dusty Dvoracek will miss the 2009 season after tearing the ACL in his right knee Saturday night against the New York Giants.

That does not make it any easier for the team when it comes to a position where there is no such thing as too much depth, and it certainly can't lessen the blow for the affable and hard-working Dvoracek. A source close to the player confirmed the injury to the Sun-Times Sunday night.

Dvoracek finished on injured reserve in each of his first three seasons. He underwent foot surgery as a rookie in 2006 after the Bears selected him in the third round from Oklahoma, where he was teammates with Tommie Harris. He rebounded to win a starting job at the start of the next season following the departure of Tank Johnson but tore the ACL in his left knee in the season opener at San Diego. Dvoracek returned as a starter last season but couldn't make it through the season as he suffered a torn biceps in Week 13.

He was in a competition with Matt Toeaina for what will likely be the final spot on the 53-man roster for a job. Toeaina held that position last year when he was the sixth tackle the club kept. Anthony Adams and Marcus Harrison are in the mix now to be the starting nose tackle.

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Man is this guy snake bit, just a shame.

I feel bad for Dvoracek, but some guy's simply don't have the physical makeup to play in the NFL, Dusty's one of them. The sad thing is, Dvoracek could have been a pretty good player. He looked good the other night vs the Giants, and the guy came to play whenever he was on the field. But, the bottom line with Dvoracek is, four straight years on IR, its time for Chicago to part ways.

Chicago will be fine at nose tackle, cornerback is the position of concern on defense right now for Chicago. Both Anthony Adams and Marcus Harrison will give Chicago a nice 1-2 punch at the nose tackle position. Adams is a very good player with a high motor, and the ceiling is sky high for big Marcus Harrison.

Now we should get a better look at Matt Toeaina, who Chicago has at the under tackle position. Toeaina looked good as a rookie and made the team last year, so hopefully the guy can come in and contribute this season.

I see Chicago had rookie Jarron Gilbert at defensive end the other night. I was hoping Gilbert could come in and give Chicago another player to man the under tackle position. In college, Gilbert was more effective inside at DT leading the nation with 22 tackles for loss. But if the coaching staff thinks he will make a better end, so be it. Myself I'd like to see him at the under tackle position, but right now its Tommie Harris, Israel Idonije, and Matt Toeaina. I would also move Idonije outside to end, but obviously Chicago likes him at the three technique. Its gonna be interesting to see where everyone ends up by sept GO BEARS!!

That's sad. What stinkin' luck. I feel for the guy, and I hope he has a strong heart because something like this, 4 years in a row, would totally wipe me out. I don't know about his football future, but I wish him the best.

Dusty is on IR....and the sun rises in the east, women are complicated, Brett Favre is coming out of retirement.....some things never change...

I was thinking the same thing. Gilbert outside, Melton inside...I just don't get it.

Now that Dusty is out, Toeaina becomes part of the rotation at both tackle spots. If they want to slim Gilbert down and make him a DE, I am ok with that, but putting Melton inside is just plain stupid! He is a 260 lb kid who doesn't even know how to play DE yet, and they are going to make him a DT? We give all kinds of playing time to Baldwin and Clermond outside, who have zero chance of making this team, and put the two developmental players we draft in the opposite positions from where they should be playing. And did anyone else think they look out of place because they are so short and stout for defensive ends? Not everyone short can be Dwight Freeney or Elvis Dumervil, and they are certainly not the exception to that rule...

They need to stop moving people around, and realize that players struggle with learning multiple positions as they are getting used to the NFL game speed. Melton should be destined for the practice squad, but someone will take a chance on that athleticism and sign him to their active roster. So they will need to keep him on the team, or be ok with letting him go to another team. If they drop him, Anderson and Toeaina make the team. If they keep him, that means Ogunleye, Brown, Harris, Adams, Harrison, Gilbert, Idonije, Melton, and Anderson/Toeaina are your 9 if we go that deep.

You hate to see a guy get hurt, but anyone surprised by this needs some professional help. Dusty is just one of those guys who can't do it in the NFL over a 16 game season. He plays hard, but doesn't play smart. Good players find ways to protect themselves, and get the job done. Playing with reckless abandon doesn't do you any favors in the NFL. Good luck to him in whatever career he moves on to, as he won't be back.

Dusty, if you're reading this, ignore the clowns above me that somehow want to blame you for your injuries. It's just bad luck, but you are a good player. Just rehab and come back next year. You have a lot of football left in you!

Toeaina has shown some fire in limited appearances. i'm hoping he can keep that up for a 16 game season, b/c he could surprise this year.

glad to see the starting DEs take it up a notch...with the forever "?" over Harris' head, we need all the push from them possible.

Bear Down!

Man that's tough. Every time the guy actually played he was a Mongo type that says "da Bears" through and through.

Hard to explain. From everthing out there the guy works hard at being a well conditioned athlete and plays hard on the field. I think sometimes it's just luck and sometimes players either have, or don't have, an innate talent towards keeping their bodies intact.

Joe and Kevin, you make a fair point, but I disagree with you both on Melton and Gilbert. It was pretty obvious when the Bears drafted those players that they were exceptional athletes that were still looking for their best position on the football field. They were always going to be developmental projects. The coaching staff should be using this, their first, preseason to get a feel for where they will best fit in.

We do need to see both players stand out on special teams this year. If they get any meaningful reps on defense, it will be a bonus.

Kevin A. & Joe: I have to disagree with you on your assessment of Gilbert at DE for the BEARS. The team has been playing small at DE for a long time, and we need a player who plays the run well with some size that can be stout on the edge. From what I saw in the game Gilbert showed a lot of promise in that area, he reminds me a bit of Reggie White, in that he has that unique combination of size and speed, that can create havoc rushing right in the QB's face while drivng the O-Tackle into him and impacting throwing lanes. I'd say let's keep and eye on this move, he could be setting us up to be soild up front, with Adams, Harrison, and Idonje playing tackle along with Harris the playing time will be shallow for gilbert at Tackle, but he could be a mjaor upgrade at end over Anderson, who after three years still can't play the run well at all, Gilbert in a rotation with Big Paw Brown and Wale might be something special this season.
As for the comments about Melton, the guy is a hustler who will run from sideline to sideline, some of the hustle plays he made Saturday, shows he might be a good replacement for Dusty in the middle, if he can learn to push the pile he can be helpful in this role. I saw this Burgess kid get a lot of time this week, and he looked like he had the balls to come up and play receivers on the line of scrimmage some. Brad: What has he looked like in camp, and where is he on the depth chart. I did not see Turrene on the field was he injured, or was this part of the plan to get Burgess some game action.

I truly feel bad for him. Nobody plays harder then he does, but 4 years at Oklahoma no doubt beat him up. He is one of those guys you would like to see come back and have a great year, but the bears will have to cut him loose I would expect. Heal up Dusty...

By Fazsha on August 24, 2009 9:49 AM
"Dusty, if you're reading this, ignore the clowns above me that somehow want to blame you for your injuries. It's just bad luck, but you are a good player. Just rehab and come back next year. You have a lot of football left in you!"

Goodness it is bad luck but maybe if you make a wish to the magical fairy princess she can use her good luck magic to heal his bad luck. Moron. Maybe if I tug on my ear and do a little dance that will bring the Bears good luck and they will win the super bowl. Stop the stupid, Dusty was an avid power lifter in college, power lifting is dangerous for athletes because it puts to much pressure on the body. There is a reason at the NFL combine they don't ask guys to max on bench and stick with reps of 225. Becuase they know there is little chance of injury. His coaches have asked him to give up power lifting most coaches hate players power lifting. It's to hard on the body. You are seeing the affects of it on Dusty. He is breaking down. Last years injury was a real good sign of the problem.

Kevin what did I tell you about Dusty, and you ignored it, I told you the same thing about Bradley and you ignored that too. By the way if they can put Hester at Reciver and Manning at FS again, why are you surprised at them moving Gilbert to DE? They asked Izzy to gain weight last year and played him more at end, then they asked him to loose weight and now are playing him at DT. Does anything shock you at this point? Wait till they move Cutler to WIL position, and start Steltz at QB.

Dusty, it is time to hit the dusty road. Dudty simply cannot stay healthy. He is the defensive lineman version of Mike Brown. I have waited year after year to see Dusty survive a full season. He simply cannot. The bears need that spot for a more productive player. By the way, everyone should read a new book release called A Conversation with Uncle Wilford: An Anatomy of a Gang. An absolutley great book particularly with all the gang violence going on in Chicago.

Dusty it is time to hit the dusty road. This guy is the defensive lineman version of Mike Brown. He cannot stay healthy. The bears need the roster spot for a player who will be more productive. By the way, everyone should check out a new book release called A Conversation with Uncle Wilford: An Anatomy of a Gang. This is a great read particularly with all the gang violence in Chicago.

Brad: I was just on the Bears page and Larry Mayer says that Rashied "DROPS" Davis is a lock at receiver. WHY??? We know Hester and Bennett, but wouldn't the team be better off keeping some size like Aromashodu and Rideau and then keep Iglesias and put Knox on the practice squad.
Who cares how much Davis plays special teams, he really sucks at receiver. Don't Aromashodua and Rideau play special teams?

Our offense looked about Dusty.


Wasn't he just fined $7,500 for a late hit on the QB in Buffalo as well? Some guys have the worst luck. Dusty, it was nice knowing you...

Sorry that Dusty was injured, it will be a long way back after another injury particularly as big as an ACL.

Good luck Dusty, the effort when you did play was appreciated.

Joe you are a fool this guy didnt get hurt because of the way he plays . Yea That BO Jackson he could have been player if he just new how to "PLAY SMART " Idoit

It's time to part ways with Dusty Dvoracek. He is not fit to play in the NFL. He is simply taking up a spot on the roster and there can easily be someone else just waiting for a chance to play. Dusty seemed like a great player but unfortunately life is not fair. It was nice knowing you. Hold on hold on. Maybe we can put Dusty Dvoracek, Tommiew Harris and Nathan Vasher as a trade package for Boldin or Marshall!!!!!!!!! Just a thought!!!!!

Does Dusty still have to pay the $7,500 fine?

First, while not at all unexpected, I'm sorry for Dusty Dvoracek. He was a very intense player and would I'm sorry he can't stay healthy. Unfortunately, I look forward to the same from Zach Bowman and the Bears had better be prepared to play the season without him and maybe even without Charles Tillman (though I sure hope not and I have a lot more confidence in Tillman being able to stay healthy).

I'm glad Jerry Angelo finally learned not to draft players with injury problems in college. I don't know if Dusty was one of those (I don't follow college ball and don't know his college injury history), but with players like him, Tommie Harris, Zach Bowman, and Mark Bradley it's about time Angelo learned his lesson. It doesn't matter how good a player is if he can't stay healthy.

What a shock.

I have to disagree with whoever compared Dvoracek to Mike Brown. Mike Brown only broke down at the END of his career, and had at least 4-5 seasons as a complete game changer on D. Oh yeah, and is still probably a better option than most of the safeties on our roster.

Dusty Dvoracek denies report that he is out for season

By Vaughn McClure

Bears nose tackle Dusty Dvoracek said a report stating that he is done for the season with a torn right ACL is ``wrong' although he declined to discuss the specifics of the injury suffered in Saturday's exhibition against the New York Giants. The Bears would not confirm nor deny the report by the Sun-Times.

Players in the locker room, including nose tackle Anthony Adams, talked as if they had already been informed that Dvoracek is indeed out for the season.

``It's bad any way you look at it,'' Adams said. ``I feel for bad for him and pray for him. It's tough man. Words do it a disservice.''

Dvoracek exited the lunch room wearing a protective sleeve on his right leg but walking under his own power. His agent, Bill Johnson, was unaware of any final determination on Dvoracek's status.

First, learn how to spell. Secondly, one freak injury, I will grant to bad luck. Two, the case can still be made. When we are staring at his 4th straight season-ending injury (2 ACLs, a torn bicep, and a broken foot), I think a reasonable csae can be made that his style of play caused his myriad of injuries. Bo Jackson had one freak play which destroyed his hip. Before that, he was relatively healthy. There are other cases where a freak injury starts repeated injuries in the same area, such as with Mike Brown, where his lower legs just started giving out aftre repeated injuries.

Dvoracek has torn both ACLs, and his bicep in the last 3 years. That has a lot to do with playing style. The trenches are a nasty place, but Bruce Matthews managed to play nearly 20 years without any significant injury. Guys play year after year at the same position, and everybody gets dinged, or hurt. But rarely do you see a case of what we are seeing with Dusty, where he has 4 straight years of catastrophic injury.

I will buy freak chance once, and even twice, but both legs, a bicep, and a foot injury in 4 years does not speak to protecting yourself as a player. The reason guys like Warren Sapp were able to play for so long without major injury is that they learned how to be aggressive and smart, protecting themselves while they did their job.

Lovie/Dusty are denying the report now, claiming it's just a sprained MCL. Who to believe? Guess we'll have to wait till Wednesday to find out for sure.

Creighton, nice to see you attacking people for having a different opinion and reminding everyone how only you are right about the Bears 100% of the time.

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck."

Are you sure Creighton?

"Bring Cutler here. Look man I am willing to take on for the team. I am jumping on the grenade, you need to support the sacrifice."

Okay...But is there a specific date you had in mind, Creighton?

"First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Come on, Creighton. Nobody believes you'll actually go through with it. You're too much of a sissy who simply talks a big game. Right?

"I am a man of my word. If you want the time and place it's at the same place you got that quote from. I already listed it. You know you want to see it."

Well alright then Creighton. I guess we will then see you in all your glory at the Steelers game. Remember, You're a "man of your word." So let's not dissapoint and I hope against hope that your fat, cheesy-poof loving a$$ has at least been to the gym once this summer.

Man up, Creighton. Man up.

By It's Time To Man Up on August 24, 2009 4:21 PM
"Creighton, nice to see you attacking people for having a different opinion and reminding everyone how only you are right about the Bears 100% of the time."

Actually he attacked everyone else, I just stuck for some people. His post.

By Fazsha on August 24, 2009 9:49 AM
"Dusty, if you're reading this, ignore the clowns above me that somehow want to blame you for your injuries."

See when he called everyone else clowns he was insulting people. He had it comming. Then you attacked me for defending people on this board. So what does that make you? You and this guy are the ones attacking, haven't you learned yet Brando, I am a counter puncher.

The you called me several names in your post because I have not done something on a date that I said I would do something. Even though you yourself point out that date has not happened yet.

Then you said this
"First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

See I can tell you are not a guy Brando because you don't see the common loop holes that any real man making a bet like this leaves himself. Now at the Bears vs. PIT game which I am going to I will do what I said I will do. Just not the way you imagine it. First the pink panties that say spank me on them will be worn, around my left bicep under the sleeve of my Cutler Jersey. I will paint my body Orange and Blue but I never said how much of body. I think the fingernail on my right middle finger will be orange and the one on my left hand blue. As for the tatoo, I am getting a non-permanant tatoo about the size of a penny that complies with what I said and it is being placed in the right corner of my forhead where my part lands. Not what you dreamed of is it fruit cake? But it complies with what I said. You loose, hahahahahahaha. Deam on you wanted to see me in panties, you are so gay dude.

Oh as for working out, I try for 5 days a week, sometimes I only go 4 times a week last week only 3 my knee was a little sore. I do cardio every day, but I quit running for the most part about 2 years ago, I mostly bike. I try to go for 20 miles a day on an incline of 5 to 8 for 50 min. I have a different workout with weights than most, but it works for me.

Mon, Chest and Back, 5 sets of bench(free) 12-15 reps, 4 set of incline Hammer strength 12-15 reps, 4 sets of Decline Hammer strength 12-15, 5 sets of cable rows 10-12, 4 sets of wide grip pull ups 6-12 reps, 3 sets of close grip chin ups 6 reps. 8 sets of verious exercises on a power wheel for core work.

Tues, Legs, I will spare you the details, sense nobody cares.

WEN, Arms, All standard, 4 sets of dips, skull crushers, push downs, and pull downs, 5 sets of easy bar curls, 4 sets of dumbell preachers full extention, 3 sets of dumbell hammers, 3 sets of cable curles, 8 sets with the power wheel.

Thur, Alternate leg day, mostly lunges and body weight exersises, hindu squats. If my legs are hurting i skip this day. Which is starting ot happen more and more. Old age, it's a b****.

Fri, Shoulders, 4 sets wide grip pull ups, 4 sets seated dumbell shoulder press, 3 sets each front and side lateral raises, 3 sets dumbell shrugs, and you gueesed it more work on the power wheel.

I am no body builder but I am athletic and I still climb, swim and dive when I get the chance. If any one else likes working out give the program a try, the arm workout is pretty good.

I was 228 when the sumer starte Brando, I am down to about 215, my lean body mass actually increased. I am trying for 205 but that is really lean for me, I doubt I will get there. Maybe I will get lucky and get stomach flu. You should try working out sometime Brando, it's a lot of hard work but it is fun. Oh sorry I forgot, you hate fun. Now you know why I am always hungry. Which reminds me, soup time. Non fat low sodium home made chicken soup, blah it's like eating a wet chicken breast with carrots. Mmmmmmmmmmm and a salad. Maybe even some high fiber triscuts.

You've been on a role lately making some pretty good points about the Bears, but I guess it's inevitable that eventually you'll say something stupid. Coaches hate powerlifting? Are you kidding me? They really hate the bench press and squats? Geez, throw out the deadlift and replace it with the power clean and that's about all you'll see in a football weight room, pro, college, or even high school. I know that even you know this, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just got too excited about slamming someone else's opinion that you forgot to flip the little switch in your brain that checks to see if you're making any sense. Or maybe you really do think that football coaches don't want their players doing bench, squats, and power cleans. In which case, no bother responding. I know you're just going to say something like this:

"You moron! Don't ever post here again! If you knew anything about football you'd know I'm never wrong and you're just a *#$@! And now here's something I found on the internet from an obscure website to prove me right! You @*&$#!"

My 2 cents on the tackle situation: I hope Angelo adds DT to the list of things he'll be looking for when teams start making cuts. Maybe Toneia is the answer, but it couldn't hurt to look. I agree that Gilbert at tackle makes a lot more sense than putting him at end. The Bears are going to need somebody to spell Harris or replace him when he breaks down. Frankly, I've never seen why they think Idonije is a good fit there. Sure, last year he batted down a few passes, but that was only because he couldn't get any penetration so he did the smart thing and jumped in the air. That's great when it works, but I'd rather he be collapsing the pocket. I think Harrison next to Adams is the best option. Melton needs to go straight to the practice squad. If someone else grabs him fine. Let them spend the two or three years it will take to get him up to speed.

Creighton....... Wow. You must be lonely.

Hahaha! Looks Like Creigh(Baby) is back! LOL

If it does in fact come out that he tore his ACL then one must wonder if Dusty ever used Steroids... Not accussing him of anything, it could very wel be just an extreme case of bad luck but it is widely know that Steroid use/abuse has dire consequences on the body ie... Bosworth and Mandaritch.

Just a thought. Hopefully it is not the case and Dusty will be fine in a few weeks

Looks like Dusty's going to get scoped Friday to see what the damage is, though why they can't tell from an MRI seems a little odd to me.

The Bears website reported this about an hour ago:
"Bears defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery Friday to determine the severity of the right knee injury he sustained Saturday night against the New York Giants.
Dvoracek has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL, but he may also have suffered a torn ACL. If that’s indeed the case, it will be repaired during the procedure by team doctors Gordon Nuber and Mark Bowen, and cause Dvoracek to miss the entire season. If his ACL is intact, he will be available to play in 2009."

I really like this guy. I don't know why. I mean, he has a high motor and that usually means that a guy is overachieving-which I don't like. That means that he will eventual suck without talent. Talent should mean a lot and he does a lot for what his talent level is. I can't blame this latest situation on the Sampson syndrome because he got hurt just as much when he had the long hair. If he is out for the season then I have to admit that they can not bring him back next year. He can't blame it or Bartman or goats. He's just cursed.

Sometimes people are great players , but parts of there bodies just get tore up and injured and theres nothing we can do about it. It s sad, but sometimes our bodies are just no cut out for all the poundage involved. It s the worst thing. I think Dusty was a great player , but to much on his body.

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