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Report: Bears made effort to land backup QB Andrew Walter

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Are the Bears content going into the season with two backups behind Jay Cutler who have attempted a total of 11 passes in the NFL?


But the team is not heading toward the regular season without at least exploring options. Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars were not the only team to miss out in the services of Andrew Walter last week after he was released in Oakland. Lombardi writes that "Chicago wanted to sign former Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter.''

Walter is a big, strong-armed passer who has nine career starts with eight of them coming in 2006. His numbers were not pretty with the Raiders but he was playing on some bad teams. Walter chose to sign in New England where his competition for the backup job behind Tom Brady is Kevin O'Connell. Maybe seeing what being Brady's backup did for Matt Cassel pushed Walter in that direction. He turned down his college coach at Arizona State in Dirk Koetter by saying no to the Jaguars. Koetter is the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville and while the Jags' passing game struggled last season after a myriad of injuries on the offensive line, Koetter did quite well in 2007.

Caleb Hanie and Brett Basanez have not done a lot to stand out a training camp that has been dominated by Cutler. Hanie has flashed his ability to keep plays alive with his legs, and Basanez has made the occasional throw. The test for them will come when preseason begins and Hanie is expected to receive plenty of work Saturday at Buffalo. Basanez is the only one with NFL game experience. He threw 11 passes at Carolina in 2006.

Stay tuned.

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wait for a second while i wipe the tear from my eye for missing out on this fella.

3 TDs 16 INTs. We missed out on this one.

I live in the Bay Area, am a Raider fan, and have seen Walter play. I don't see him beating out Hanie. Hanie showed more last year in preseason than I've ever seen from Walter.

I'm with you wrigleyfieldbear, Walter is nothing but a statue, I live around a bunch of Raider fans, and would not have heard the end of it if we had signed him. I think the QB spot is fine with the guys we have, plus if there is an emergency need Griese is still out there available to come in a pinch.

OMG no, why on earth would you even look at this guy?

Brad, everything you said is correct. However, if Walter came to the Bears, he'd have Lovie Smith, Pep Hamilton, the Bear line, and the Bear receivers. He would have to beat out Caleb Hanie with those resources, not the ones in New England. I think it's reasonable to compare him to Hanie based on their respective coaching staffs and teams.

Brad: If Belicheat makes something out of Walter, then he will show more than genius, he'll show us he's an alien....LOL......Not enough fire to make this statue a player.....

Have to agree with Brad on this one. Belichick seems to always year after year pick up some good talent and has done so at the expense of the Raiders on more than one occassion.

Burress this year as a Defensive End, Randy Moss (yeah I can't stand the guy either but he is good) and now Walters.

Yes, Walters was on some really bad Raider teams and yes Walters is not a scrambling type of QB, closer to a statue. But Walters does have nice touch and a very good arm. Lets remember there are a few probowl QB's in this league that are not mobile.

Belichick does not miss often on talent and I would take his decision making over Lovie's any day of the week although he seems to be somewhat of a dic-.

It's the age-old adage...A change of scenery is sometimes best for all parties involved. Many times it doesn't work out very well, but when the move is out of Oakland or Detroit, the only way you can go is up....

Coming out of college, Andrew Walter was probably the best pure passer in his draft class, and was full of potential. The only one close as far as NFL potential is Aaron Rodgers from that draft class. He had the size, arm, and pedigree to be a solid NFL QB. Then he went to Oakland.....a few years later, he is considered damaged goods, but I bet after a couple of years in New England, he rebuilds his mechanics, gets his confidence level back up, and uses Belichick's sports hypnosis to become a guy who can at least compete for a job in the NFL. That's better than a lot of first rounders will be able to say after they get released from their first stop. And Walter was a 3rd rounder, not a first.

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