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Passing fancy II: From one ex-Bears quarterback to another

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--It's only fitting to follow a post on Erik Kramer with one on the quarterback who won a playoff game for the Bears the season before Kramer set franchise records.

Steve Walsh led the Bears to an upset victory over Minnesota in the Metrodome in 1994. In the last 18 seasons, Walsh and Rex Grossman are the only quarterbacks to lead the team to victory in the postseason. Nowadays, Walsh is beginning his adventure as a high school football coach, having taking over a longtime successful program in West Palm Beach, Fla., at Cardinal Newman.

Hopefully his emotions will be more in check before games this fall. He recounts his pregame ritual of vomiting prior to games.

"It became a locker room joke," Walsh said. "After a while, as the season wore on, they were like, "Hey, did Steve throw up yet? OK, good.' "

Another ex-Bear quarterback Jim Miller attended Saturday's evening practice and will be here for the practice today as he tours the country for Sirius NFL Radio. Miller is also doing work with Comcast Sportsnet and he taped an interview with Jay Cutler. Kramer said he may visit training camp to touch up on things in preparation for calling the Bears' preseason games on Fox-32.

Practice today is scheduled for 3 p.m.

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uh...did anyone else notice McNabb throwing up in the huddle on that last SB game drive? and also MISS TO on that last pass that was the decision maker for the game? just wondering, bc I did. If the Eagles would have just paid TO the money instead of treating him like a 2nd string WR and being tight ar$$ They would have won 2-3 Super Bowls as McNabb/TO was possibly the \best QB/WR combo - better that Manning/Harrison Brady/Moss - too bad we all had to miss that happening.

Not to excuse TO for being a loudmouth on his contract negotiations, which as total BS and stupid of TO but hey, NO MONEY NO TO! which is what he was doing forcing the Owners to trade him,,, he was the best WR at that time and he was being paid Chump change....How could we extend Url, who has done squat last 2 years... and the best WR in the league be shunned and embarrased by no renegotiation, well, the Eagle owners have not been back since have they?
We really need Url/Harris this year not to flop or we are going no where as well. We all know that, it's really not the WR, Its the D, will they show this year? or will it be another Kramer year? So in my opinion Url needs to drink a nice cup of shut the f... up and let his playing do the talking. (and stupid vikes too - can't wait for that game!)

I saw that practice last night - and I can say this - its going to be a very entertaining year. Very entertaining. And while, we might here a lot of people questioning the WR issue... don't bother. There isn't one.

Olsen, Bennett, Hester, Clark. It all looks good. But sooner or later, maybe this year, maybe next. You'll all be adding Knox to that list.

And btw ... that was the first time I'd done that and it was freakin AWESOME

youse guys are extremely lucky, as I was talkng to an ex- in SC and she said she goes to watch the Panthers practices, only 30 mins. away. I live in Indianapolis - so Da practice would take a special long trip. and I might like Manning but watch the Colts practice??? why???
The strange colors, no Growling Bear...must I go on?

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