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Outside view: Lovie under pressure to win running the defense

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--It's always interesting to get the take of outsiders when they swing into town for a visit to training camp.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports was in last week, and he's been covering the league for a long time, enjoying an extended run at Sports Illustrated before jumping into the Internet world.

Silver previews the Bears' season and draws the conclusion that while Jay Cutler mania ia gripping the campus of Olivet Nazarene University--we didn't need Silver to show up and tell us that--the defense will be the key to a playoff run for this outfit. Silver focuses on the shakeup on the coaching staff where Lovie Smith replaced his position coaches at all three levels of the defense, and ultimately put himself in charge of the whole thing by adding another hat as de facto defensive coordinator.

"Bears coach Lovie Smith obviously agreed, initiating a staff shakeup that resulted in his seizing control of the defense. It was a bold move, and it may turn out to be a career-defining one for a man who is far less secure than he was 30 months ago."

"At the start of the offseason Lovie told us, 'This is my defense. I'm gonna run it. If you want to point a finger, point it at me,' " recalls middle linebacker Brian Urlacher(notes), a six-time Pro Bowl selection. "I think it's great. Lovie's calling the plays, and that means we're gonna play fast, take the ball away, get to the quarterback and be physical."

Silver asked Smith point blank if he regretted running off former defensive coordinator Ron Rivera following the Super Bowl run in 2006. Rivera went to San Diego where he was the inside linebackers coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator there during the middle of last season. He received some credit as the Chargers made a miraculous turn around to overpass Cutler and Denver and win the AFC West.

"That's not what this is about," Smith said. "We went in a different direction. It's been good for Ron and good for us."

The latter part of that statement isn't convincing - the Bears had the league's third-worst pass defense last season - but Smith, who became a hot coaching candidate after a successful stint as the St. Louis Rams' defensive coordinator from 2001-03, insists he has no regrets.

"Just because I'm calling defenses now doesn't mean we had a problem [at coordinator]," he says. "I'm disappointed with what we've done, position-wise, the last couple of years, and it hurt taking Bob away from the linebackers. When Ron was here, believe me, a lot of it was by committee. So when we play great defense this year, don't give me any credit - give it to the group."

Smith will likely play it pretty close to the vest during the preseason as the play caller. The Bears will mostly use their vanilla base defense, not wanting to show Green Bay any wrinkles in advance of the Sept. 13 opener at Lambeau Field. Stay tuned.

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Smith doesn't need to worry. If by some miracle the defense plays well this year, no one is going to credit him with bringing about the improvement. It will likely be the offense that gets the credit, as teams become predictable trying to keep up. Smith's cover-2 is basically a version of the "prevent" defense, predicated on taking away deep passes and creating turnovers. In order to succeed, it needs a lead to protect, or at least ball control that keeps the other offense off the field for long periods and out of rhythm. Wherever it has been effective—Tampa for a while, St. Louis for a year and a half, Indianapolis now and then—the offense either scored lots of points (St. Louis, Indy) or controlled the ball for long periods (Tampa). So forget the coaching; the cover-2 is an illusion, especially when it seems to work.

I agree except our D was pretty lethal the SB year, only untill we played the Colts did our prevent strategy kill us, I mean thats Manning! u can't `prevent' Manning - u have to kill Manning with a shot to the head - so to speak.
We need a Harris and Url to make those special plays and then the cover 2 is fine.

I think that Smith did put himself on the hot seat when he took over calling the defensive plays, how can you say otherwise? Lovie is keeping the same scheme and calling the plays, if the defense fails, he has to take the blame; now whether or not that results in a new coach is another thing. If the defense winds up in the bottom third again, I wouldn't be surprised to see the heads roll and that might include Lovie as well. I think a more likely scenario is that he would be given one more year to turn things around defensively and then the 2010 would be a make or break season for him. Ultimately, taking over the defense makes him culpable and the first one to point our fingers at should it fail. That being said, I think demoting Boobitch back to linebackers and taking over was the best coaching move Lovie has ever done and I can't wait to see the results this season. GO BEARS!

Not sold on Lovie as the top dog of the whole team as head coach but have been impressed with some of his defenses of the past.

Maybe we keep Lovie as D coordinator and bring in a great head coach next year, someone that can make halftime adjustments etc.

Cowher, Gruden or Shanahan might be a good fit?

The 2006 defense changed totally when Tommie Harris went down. If they don't have the horses up front it won't matter who is the coach. It will be interesting to see if Marinelli is as good as everyone says and if he can turn that line into a force.

dahlillama; are you serious, Gruden a great coach? The guy took a top tier team and shook it up a bit. He had a polar opposite view of coaching than did Dungy. Dungy doesn't yell and is a nice guy. Gruden is a douche and only screams. Granted it was enough to push Tampa to a SB victory, but Dungy got there too, after he rebuilt another shatty team in Indy. Did anybody even watch the SB game against the Colts. Riveria is the one who was calling the plays, and his inability to adjust is what killed us. He was afraid of Manning and was therefore weak against the run. Adjust your scheme, the weather was horrible and our offense at the time couldn't play from behind and that's exactly what happened. Well I have faith in Lovie, he turned this team around and I still believe he can bring us that 2nd SB victory. Bear Down!!!!

Good posting, but be careful what you don't ask for. Imagine the Bears up by 4 points playing Minnesota with about 1 minute in the game the ball is on Minnesota 35-yard line and its 3rd and 6.

What defense would you play? Let me help you cover 2 ( Generic version of the prevent) the reason one would play a cover 2 in this instance is because the first down means nothing; they still would have to go 70 yards for the lead/win.

What I am trying to convey is that the Bears do not play cover 2 all the time; they play it when it is beneficial. So please stop blaming our failures last year on the scheme it was a combination of things part coaching (slightly) but mainly our players were not playing with the same intensity of 2006.

How else can you explain the same scheme that produces 5-6 pro-bowlers in 2006, and none in 2008 mind you we have the same players.

Let the season play out before we get more of the missing Rivera talk, As most Bear fans know Rivera should have been given a head coaching gig by now, so let's not beat this dead horse to death. As for Lovie and the defense they do need to show improvement, and while last year the complaint was they were on the field too long due to the offense struggles, they may have another issue in being on the field a lot because the offense is putting points on the board. With cutler being able to throw the ball, an offense predicated on ball-control may not be what we see this season. I expect this BEAR offense to score at least 24 pts per game, cutler should be good for 1 extra TD and FG per game, with orton we scored around 23.5 a game not a big difference, so defense is the area to focus on in pre-season, play makers are needed to take the ball away and intimidate receivers and backs coming over the middle. I would like to see Jamar williams in the mix also at strongside with Pisa, time to get all the athletes on the field and get after people, I'd love to see a LB come off the edge like Wilber Marshall used to on a quick blitz to create a turnover. We have plenty of size on the d-line if Marinelli can get it done with them the D will improve, but they are the key to the season...Go BEARS !


Yeah I guess you could call Lovie's cover 2 a prevent defense. Unless of course you actually read the story. When Urlacher says, "Lovie's calling the plays, and that means we're gonna play fast, take the ball away, get to the quarterback and be physical," he obviously is expecting to lay back and just keep the ball in front of him?

I get really tired of seeing the Tampa 2 being called a "prevent". A prevent defense is designed to take advantage of long field with a short clock and "prevent" the other team from hitting a long pass play or big play ending out of bounds. The defense in theory will allow the offense a 10-15 yard play in the middle of the field because the clock is on their side. The Tampa 2 is supposed to be a fast aggressive scheme that is nothing like a prevent.

The Bears haven't been playing a prevent the last couple years, they have just been playing mediocre to bad defense. The players have not made enough plays and the coaching staff has not been pulling the correct strings. That is why Lovie has taken the reins back and brought in essentially a new defensive staff.

The defense Lovie Smith wants, and used effectively in '06, is a very quick and fast reacting defense. They are continually trying to put the offense in a position where they can attack. It forces the offense to be extremely conservative and very consistent. The offensive team can move the ball if they are willing and able to make 3-5 yard plays, one after another, on first and second down.

The theory is that the offense will not be able to do that and wind up in a 3rd and 8 where a very quick defense will make several big plays a game. This works really well when the defense has a lead to work with. That is another really good point in this story.

Yes of course the league makes adjustments every year, but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with a 4-3, Tampa 2 type defense. The Bears just need the coaches to teach it, the players to execute it, and the right person pulling the right strings during the game. I don't think they have had any of those since '06.

Mr.Phataz is absolutely right....I still remember Urlacher screaming at the bench after Manning completed another 3rd down conversion because Rivera was to scared to blitz. Rivera's vanilla D in that game was more of a ball-dropping coaching job than Rex's fumbles.
I'm glad Lovie is taking charge of the D again, It seams the whole team became complacent after 06'.

The two biggest problems the Bears have had on defense ever since the Superbowl year are pass rush and tackling. The pass rush gets most of the attention but I also remember during a game someone came up with a stat that showed the Bears having the most missed tackles in the league. How many times did the Bears D have a team in a 3rd and long only to allow a qb (after having all day to throw) throw a pass short of the first down then have the receiver make a defender miss the tackle and run for the first down? Actually, you could go back to the Superbowl against the Colts. I really had no problem with the game plan (make Manning dink and dunk, force turnovers)- it was the execution that was terrible. If the Bears get some pressure from the front 4 and especially if they tackle there would be a very good chance the Bears would have won that game. Manning's short passes (and Addai and Rhodes' running) would not have mattered if the Bears tackled. That game seemed to be the start of the problems on defense that continued all through the past two seasons.

I know that Lovie doesn't want to have too physical of practices and have a ton of injuries, but I do hope that tackling is emphasized this camp.

You forgot what Gruden did before he got to Tampa: he took a lousy Raider team and made it into a contender, going to the AFC Championship game one year. The first year he was gone, a really lousy coach used the team he created to get to the Super Bowl. So Tampa was not Gruden's only accomplishment. I wouldn't say he's a great coach, but I'd rather have him or Shanahan than Lovie Smith, and I'd rather have Cowher than any of them.

The problem still with Lovies style of D is that it by nature is not set up to stop the run. He and JA will admit that. When you go with small/quick DT's.. you put yourself at a disadvantage. Yes the DT's can shoot gaps and what not, but draws and counters will take that away quick. Any D should be set to stop the run first and foremost. Im fine if one of the DT's is a smaller/quicker guy, but his partner should be a 330 lb run stuffer. I said it before, why not tweak this D and put a huge run stuffer at NT and then shift Tommie around to create mismatches?? Green Bay knows about this.. they killed us attacking the DT's by running that double lead bubble play or whatever the hell they call it. That is why the 3-4 is making a huge comeback. The down 3 are big 2 gappers. The linebackers then attack the run. Its a great D that lost favor for some reason. Back in 2006, the O was tearing it up getting huge leads. The D was then in pass rush mode the entire game. The last 2 years, the O struggled and games were closer. Teams ran on us and the D was exposed due to its foundation flaws. Until the DT spot is adjusted, this D will continue to struggle. Look at Indy last year..The same D we run and they got shelled in the playoffs. Time to adjust Lovie,, or at least get bigger inside..

I am so tired of hearing how good Rivera is. This guy have not done anything for his new team. That is why no one want him as a head coach

I think what Lovie said is both clear and honest. Obviously a team's success is attributable to offense, defense and special teams all doing their jobs as players, and to the coaches all working together and communicating what they see that the others might have missed, regardless of what their specific coaching designation happens to be. Not placing blame or credit on any single area is simply good sense. Obviously a defense will look great if the offense totally controls the clock, and an offense will look great if the defense and special teams always get the ball back to them quickly in good field position. that seems to me implicit in what Smith said.

No offense to Ron Turner, who I think is a good coach, but....

How awesome would it be to have Shanahan come in as OC next year and install his scheme. He was getting max performance out of Cutler in Denver while plugging in anybody to rush for 1200 yards. Imangine what he could do with Cutler and Forte. Anyone remember a certain #7 and #30 that played under Shanahan in Denver? Yeah I said it.

It's too bad I don't see Shanahan ever coming back to football unless he's the head coach, but I do think he'd be tempted to come work with Cutler again. He and Lovie would be a good compliment to each other.

Lovie needs to go back to a texas h.s to coach he should get off the bus running ! the bears will implode with him again same as the last 3 years!

He needs to become a drill sergeant. or a leading officer in the academy where they're relentless and will take no bull from any of the players especially laziness and or ignorance. In my opinion too many players have their heads in the clouds especially with their feelings of entitlement. It sickens me the lack of effort and appreciation they produce. So the coaches need to stop pussy-footing around the issues and start the aggression. Put the kid in the corner and deny him of his ice cream, something!!! Lovie needs to become more like Cower, Tomlin, Bilicheat (except for the cheating part) and just stop taking the crap.

By mike on August 10, 2009 1:03 PM

"I am so tired of hearing how good Rivera is. This guy have not done anything for his new team. That is why no one want him as a head coach"

Your kidding right? Not to say Rivera is the best but he was better than Babich. As for his new team San Diego hired him as a there LB coach, then they fired Cottrell and promoted Rivera to DC in 0ct 2008. Under Rivera the Chargers defense showed noticable improvment and people where talking about what a great job Rivera had done with the defense while the Chargers where in the playoff's.

Hey TDawg, right on! Football is basically about blocking and tackling. If you win those battles you almost always win the game. The Bears' tackling has been lousy the past couple of seasons, at least by my standards. To be honest, I could barely stomach watching the defense, getting as angry as Butkus and O'Bradovich watching one missed tackle after another.

However, I fundamentally don't like Lovie Smith's defense, and Strass pointed out one of the major reasons why. When the Bears played in Pittsburgh a few years ago, the weakness of Smith's defense against a power running game was exposed for all to see. Football is not a track meet and quickness only goes so far. If I were running an offense against the Bears with Lovie Smith's defense, I'd mainly try to run over them. It would behoove Smith and the Bears to get a lot bigger up front, at the very least at nose tackle.

Never liked Lovie, never will. May be a great DC when that's all he has to think about, but have you ever seen a more glazed, stupefied look on a head coach's face come 2nd half crunch time?!? It's truly embarrassing, especially when were playing to a national audience. His idea of second half adjustments is "our plan is sound, and we're not deviating from it", no matter how much they are being embarrassed and out-coached. Have you looked lately at the stats of all the players who "couldn't cut it with the bears" who went on to other teams and blossomed into terrific players under effective coaching? The truth is, my friends, this year we will be ambushed again, and Lovie and company will piss away this season and the the next while he gets his last chance. Only then will Lovie be canned and we can start this process all over again. Being a Bears fan is the definition of insanity: You keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

Working my way through this whole smear, and then I get to this:

"Lovie needs to go back to a texas h.s to coach he should get off the bus running !"

Paco... You're the man.


Lots of great comments here guys.

I think you have to give Rivera some credit. Maybe he does have a larger than normal ego, but he's produced results in the few places he's been. No, he's not great yet, and sure, maybe he has some bad games, but I'm guessing that he will be highly regarded as a defensive mind from here on in.

Was it a good idea to let Rivera go and put Babich in his place? We all know the answer was a big "no." Lovie is understandably defending himself for that decision, but we all know it wasn't a good one. We also know demoting (kind of) Babich to LB coach was not because "it hurt taking Bob away from the linebackers." Come on. We know. But anyway, it's still Lovie's head regardless of whether he takes the defensive reigns or not.

Time of possession was a real problem for the Bears last year. Of the 16 games, I think the Bears won the ToP battle just 4 times. It's a combination of the offense not being able to stay on the field and the defense not being able to get off it, and perhaps we can blame both the O and the D, the scheme and the performance for that. It was a problem in the SB too with the D staying on the field for something like 80 plays and bogging down at the end. The Bears winning percentage is much higher when they win the ToP battle, so, although it's just a statistic and not a goal, both the O and the D have to chip in with better effort and performance to keep the ball.

Go Bears!

Well....knowing the McCaskey clan.. it will take a really really bad year for them to eat the contract and fire Lovie. Like 4-12 bad.. There is enough core talent on this team to prevent that so... (big sigh) we will have to put up with him again. He has to be the most stubborn coach I have ever seen. He makes Coughlin look like a genius. Most coaches would have yanked Rex in the last half of '06. He was obviously struggling.. He did have a great playoff game against the Seahawks though.. Yet dont forget,, Lovie signed off on the trades that lost us Thomas Jones and Chris Harris. Two major starters and two major focal points on the team. Harris was a leader who blossomed into a stud with Carolina. Here is the silver lining.. Cutler is the face of the team and the huge stud QB they never had. Bad year = Cutler not happy = possibility of Cutler gaining the ear of the team owners.. Shanahan anyone? Never hurts to dream!!!!

so, here we go again, whos to blame for our defense the last 2 or 3 years. some blame lovie and some blame rivera and some blame babbich. well, whos really to blame? im gonna tell you whos to blame....ready? it was the offense and ron turners crappy play calling. i know some of you will disagree, but stop and think about it. the past couple years how long was the defense on the field compared to the offense? its a guess but i gonna guess the D was on the field about 70% of the time. wouldnt you agree that would ware out your D? you could tell the D was always tired at the end of every game, and when they are that tired they make mistakes, like the couple of personal fouls at the end of games by peterson. which ultimatly cost the bears 2 frigging games!!! so i think if we can keep the O on the field longer this year our D will be able to become what they once were!!!

I remember the exact same thing, Our D played back and you can not do that against the top QB in the biggest game, you have to kill the QB.

It is what it is guys, we have Lovie and Rod - lets see what they can do, we have no other alternative, Harris? well I like Adams and Harrison myself, Harris is a wait and see player. We have drafted multiple DT since 2006, what is the problem? We can't draft to save our lives - thats the problem.

All we can do is wait untill the 3rd-4th game and see where our D is guys - like last year. Hopefully Rod/Lovie will getrdone, if not we better hope those bombs to Hester work

But - we will know once and for all whats up with the D - this year, and Lovie will be gone if we falter, - hope he's still here next year for all our sakes.

Geniuses here are so filled with Lovie hate that they seemingly forget our wonderful GM who, until this offseason, has been, at best, HORRIFIC in draft 1st round talent and evaluating qb's. He spins, and has an amazing ability to talk while saying nothing. Stop giving Angelo a pass geniuses.....

Now, I think this is a make or break year for Lovie. Lovie has been more successful than Jauron or Wanny, but is seemingly stubborn about his gameplan(refusing to make adjustments, trusts his friend WAY too much, and has a hard time admitting if a player is getting the job done. And if I hear "go from there" one more time, I'm going to lose it. But with all that, We have the second most wins in the NFC as well as our first Super Bowl appearance in 20 years. That means he was doing something right. This is the year he can do it again. I expect a playoff birth and a stepping stone back to the Super Bowl.

If not...

I think he's gone.


Oh BTW, I'm loving the irony of the people who hate Lovie so much while loving Rivera. Do you know where Lovie was before he became the coach of the beloved?

That's right. A highly touted DC.

Irony. Gotta love it.



Who's to blame for the defense?

The D sucked the last two years and it was far more than poor play calling or execution by the offense. How about tackling like Wrigley FB noted, how about discipline on the D, how about no pass rush early or late in games, how about stopping a slant or a tight end on 3rd and 9, nope rarely happened. The D plain and simple sucked for the last two years.

McPhatAZ, when you remember the Superbowl of 06 please remember the whole game. The Bears offense (Rex's pass for a TD by the colts) Manning's totally blown coverage by 30 yards was not a coaching error. I do agree with you that the Colts used the run to wear down the Bears and the Bears overplayed the pass. The Bears could have won that game, after halftime the Bears came out and did nothing, no halftime adjustments, nothing. The head coach is the leader, he needs to set the team up to succeed in the second half and make adjustments. I believe Lovie or his team in the past was simply not capable of making good half time adjustments. Just go back to the big losses of the last few years and the playoff losses prior to the SuperBowl and see.

The Bears may need a new coach, if Lovie fails this year I am absolutely on board for hiring a new one as previously mentioned. If that happens, I really believe that the Bears should consider moving Toub to defensive coordinator or else he will be lost to another team, this guy is brilliant, he could be a great coach one day 3 or 4 years down the road.

I'm always amazed at the conviction that fans have for somethings and then totally never take in another person's opinion. I keep hearing how this guy is stubborn and don't change up. Fans are stubborn. Most of them know it all. So when a head coach doesn't do things that fans like they bring that up. You mean to tell me that Ditka and everyone in between was not stubborn? 2nd best record in the NFC in the past 4 years and you guys feel the need to be negative. No coach in the NFC has winning Super Bowls locked down. No coach in the NFC wins super Bowl to begin with. And none will sniff winning without stability behind the center. Rex was supposed to be the best option. Keeping him in as long as we did let's you know exactly what we had in Orton. And only because he didn't improve are we having this conversation. A few years ago people were wondering the same thing about Eli Manning. He got over the hump and maybe if Rex had gotten more support from fans like he got from his coach he might've gotten over the hump us well. I would hate to see what fans will say if Cutler has two bad games. I keep hearing how so much of this sport is mental compared to the physical and I can see that. I don't care that he didn't get another job until Houston signed him. We had Mike Brown without a job for a while and you can't tell me that he's not better than half the FS in the league. But once you have to rize above being labeled something that's when it gets easier. I keep hearing about half time adjustments and I wonder how do you do that without talent to execute plays to begin with. We used to come out after the half and because we had a QB who couldn't hit WRs and a line that couldn't open up holes against 8 men lines we could not execute. How do you change average or below average. You could've gameplanned forever and somethings wouldn't have changed. Do you honestly think that Orton could change a tide. He was a shallow pool. His underwhelming talent didn't allow anyone to get better. Even Forte who had a good season could've been better with a talented QB. That's why he's the 2nd RB pick in most fantasy drafts but with Orton do you think he would've been that high? I don't see Coach Smith getting fired even going 8-8. And I don't see Cowher, Shanahan or Gruden coming here so we might as well get used to having the coach with the 2nd best winning record for the NFC in the past 4 years. Think any other team in our division would want that distinction?


Lovie has been given some pretty good talent to work with the last few years, particularly D talent. The Bears have missed the playoffs for two years running. Lovie is supposed to be the guru of the Tampa D, the D totally sucked, period end of sentence for the last two years. Last year they win in Houston they make the playoffs, the D totally sucked again and the offense was not so hot either. These teams were not prepared and did not execute well, that is the coaches responsibility. The great record you speak of was with a D that was pretty much inherited by Lovie.

How about the fact that in two seperate playoff games and in how many regular season games the Bears basically come out of half time and do exactly the same thing. Against Carolina in the playoffs they thought they could go without double teaming Steve Smith and he killed the Bears with over many touchdowns and in one game over two hundred yards in receiving. My friends that are not Bears fans would call me and say why were there no half time adjustments to stop Smith he was the only part of Carolina's attack that was killing the Bears. There are many more examples of poor leadership issues, Babich was that a good decision to promote him to D Coordinator?

All I am saying is this should be the year that Lovie gets it done, no more excuses. I believe there are better coaches available than the coaching I am seeing with Lovie. The NFC Championship at a minimun should be what the Bears achieve this year.

I think Lovie has made some good moves as well. I like Marinelli working with the D line and Hoke in the backfield.

But truly I believe that Angelo should get the credit for this years team because he did go out and get some great talent this year with Cutler, Pace and Pisa to name a few.

Maybe I am just jaded because I have been watching the Bears since 63.

He was given talent on D but injuries bit quite a few people over the last two years. Plus they got rid of the D line depth and didn't get anything to replace it. Having a QB that couldn't get more than a 3 and out and turning it over put that D out there to wear down. No, promoting Babich as D coordinator did not turn out well. Just like bringing in Terry Shea. But babich should've understood Coach Smith's philosophy but obviously that didn't turn out well. But another year of Rivera going to every job opening could not continue. Just being a good coordinator sometimes doesn't translate into head coaching material. Marinelli proved that. So has a lot of other head coaches and cordinators. The proof is only achieved when it's tried. Not just because history shows it. People keep saying that there is a better coach out that but who realistically will come here under the circumstances That we've always had. We can't pay to get a top line O coordinators. the best are lining up going to teams that are winning playoff games and already how top 10 offenses. Any guy that is remotely good is going somewhere where he can become a head coach. When have we had a coordinator leave and become a head coach. Not once in memory has a coordinator came and became a head guy. Not since Buddy. And the last D guy was Tobin who had to coordinate for another team before he became a head coach. And no one brings his name up as anything special. Before you can proclaim this a great town to move on to bigger things we have to have at least one person do it within the last 23 years. Do you think that McDaniels or any of those guys from New England could've became a head coach after leading Orton or Rex? He had to go where they've built a winner from the owner on down. Chicago? Let's get real.

Dahli, Angelo should get credit every year when he go out and get better talent. But he should also get some blame when the talent doesn't work out. If you keep getting bare market talent and they don't achieve who is going to get the blame for that? No one blamed Ditka when he was left with a rather ordinary team who lost more than they won. Everyone seemed to understand that ownership didn't plan on spending to keep talent nor did they go out and get talent. Before this year what were the biggest free agent signing that the Bears made? Ted Washington, Keith Traylor, Reuben Brown, Erik Kramer and even Moose come to mind. But how did we get them? Spread out over the years? They have never made this big a splash and yet the fans still don't think that that is good enough. Where are the WRs you ask. Then when they don't win without them we want to give the hook to the guy who didn't get them to do better. Who gives Ditka credit for going out and getting any talent? We all know by now that he was given all that Super Bowl talent. When he did get a chance to get any imput he went out and drafted who again? Stan Thomas? Wendell Davis? Brad Muster? Let's be fair on who should get credit or blame.

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