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Omiyale gets start at left guard, Forte to sit out contest

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.--Reports of Frank Omiyale's struggles were, well, greatly premature.

The free-agent pickup will start at left guard tonight, the Bears just announced. He has been running with the first team for most of the last week of practice starting with the Family Day practice last Saturday at Soldier Field.

Omiyale will not be blocking for running back Matt Forte, though. The team announced that Kevin Jones will start at running back. Forte has not been ruled out, but it's expected that he will not play if he's not starting. The coaching staff wouldn't run Forte behind the backup line.

Israel Idonije will start at under tackle in place of Tommie Harris. Al Afalava will be at strong safety with Kevin Payne at free safety.

The minor hip injury Greg Olsen has will keep him out. Olsen was running on the field before the game and should be back at practice this coming week. Desmond Clark will start in his place.

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wow thanks for another great season see im from florida i have been a bears fan my whole life i eat,i sleep, this team george halas must be turning in his grave once he saw the performance tonight ive never seen a team that dont care and has no potential i know its pre season but when its the real season they are in trouble .i finally seen some one worse than grossman CUTLER,HANIE,AND THE HIGH SCHOOL QUARTERBACK IM GONNA CALL HIM BERNAISELIKE THE SAUCE .hey lovie if your calling the plays i have a high school in my town that has your number my high school team can beat the bears see we do it right in florida if you havent noticed wow im embarrassed to say im a fan thanks kenny 386-503-7437

well it looks to be another 9-7 season heading are way the 1st team pass pro was sub par at best. The need for a veteran wide out is there more than ever the pass rush was not there . the only two bright spots I saw was the starting linebackers and robie gould . don't reserve your rooms for miami. Trying to sell everybody that cutler will make this receiving corp better is just drinking that same kool aid the cubs have been serving use for ever after 25 years of being a dye hard chicago fan i'm just sick of seeing the same thing one or two dominat years and then alot of mediocore mixed in between. mark my words no better than 9-7.

I hope no one lose their head thinking that Cutler is bad after this game. I hope this was a one time thing but he did remind me of Rex like Joyner said. So did Basanez. Really Basanez looked worse than Rex. This guy was going against 3rd string talent and you couldn't tell he wasn't a rookie. This was also a chance for me to try out my WOW! DVR which I used to replay even silly stuff like Olsen digging in his nose. I won't get too worked up about anything I've seen but I will at least start paying attention to Alfalava. That guy had a great game.

Boy the D sure put a big ole turd on the field tonight. None of the QBs looked that good but what the heck it's only the 1st pre-season game.

I am worried about the offense. The defense I wasn't worried about that much, Jauronimo was running a gimmick offense that you would game plan and adjust for. He must be desperate this year.

Wow Shane....

The Bears first pre-season game with ZERO game planning and your already throwing in the towel. Geese.... If they look like this vs Denver then we should be worried but not after the first glorified practice of the season.

Dacamase.... The starters bailed when the score was notted 3-3. Sure the pass coverage was soft but we were without (3) DB's that were slated for prominent roles during OTA's (Tillman, Bowman and Manning). The run D was solid. The LB's looked to be the best group on the field. It was nice to see Afalava step up. He looks like the real deal and if he continues playing like he did las tnight he will start opening day. Manning could stay at NB while Al and Keving become the starting safety comco.

BDS.... I'm with you. Even though they didn't install a gameplan they should have looked a little better doing the basics. The O-line looked good. Not great but Pace and Williams were solid for the most part. A little soft run blocking but pass blocking with the starters was good.

Go Bears !!

Guys, These games mean absolutely nothing, other than 4 more opportunities for the owners to bilk the fans.

Pre-season games are not a good indicator of whether a team will be successful during the regular season. Look at the beloved 85 Bears as an example. They were 1-3 in the preseason then damn near went undefeated and won the S.B.

When the starters left the game it was 3-3. We didn't lose any of our top players to injury. Sounds like a decent start to me.

I still dont get why Beekman did not start at LG. Omiyale did not look good. He looks too tall and thin to be inside. Yeah they signed him to big contract, but if Beekman is out playing him then oh well. You figured that they woulda learned from the Cedric Benson fiasco that a player with a big contract is nothing more then a player with a big contract. Not only that, the whole OL looked terrible. Dont give me this, "we didnt game plan against them" crap. Run/pass blocking is fundamental people. They got tossed around.. And I have no idea why Kreutz is starting anymore. Hes getting plowed every play. Let Beekman play center if need be. Once again, these idiot coaches are showing they have no clue what to do or who to play. Please bring us Shanahan or Gruden. Someone..who knows how to run a team.

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