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NFL slaps $7,500 fine on Dusty Dvoracek for hit on Buffalo QB

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Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek has been fined $7,500 by the league for a late hit on Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick last week.

Dvoracek was penalized 15 yards on the play, which was a 19-yard completion to wide receiver Felton Huggins on third-and-10. That turned it into a 34-yard gain for the Bills.

Afterward, Dvoracek said that referee Scott Green told him he was not fined for a late hit but for helmet-to-helmet contact with Fitzpatrick. Dvoracek was adamant it was not a late hit although replays on television seemed to show he took two steps before hitting Fitzpatrick.

A league spokesman said the fine was for "unnecessarily striking the quarterback late."

Hitting the quarterback late remains about the surest away to draw the attention of the league office and because the players do not receive game checks until the regular season starts, it cost Dvoracek to play in the preseason opener.

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Dusty Dvoracek never became the nose tackle I thought he would be for Chicago coming out of Oklahoma. Mostly because of durability problems [three straight seasons on IR], but he is solid. Dvoracek was leading the defensive linemen in tackles before he went down last season, he's a good run stuffer. Chances are Dvoracek will make the team, he's a good player and will give Chicago good depth. Especially at a position like defensive tackle where Chicago needs depth. Now if they can get 16 games out of him is another question? When its all said and done, I doubt Dvoracek starts at nose tackle this year although.

Marcus Harrison will probably end up as the starter at nose tackle for Chicago. Harrison would be my choice. I like his size, 6-3 310lbs....okay maybe 320ish, for the position. Also, Harrison seems to get the push Chicago needs from the position inside. Marcus Harrison with his ability to push the pocket would be a nice complement to go along with Tommie Harris. Now, hopefully Harris is back on track as far as health? We'll see tonight.

Angelo has sat Chicago up pretty good for the future as far as the defensive tackle position goes with players like Harrison and rookie Jarron Gilbert. I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback on rookie Jarron Gilbert. Gilbert might not be ready to be a major contributor early, but I bet by mid season you'll start to hear his name more and more. The one thing Harrison and Gilbert have done, is added nice size inside for Chicago. The 6-3 320lb Harrison flanked by the 6-5 290lb Gilbert would be a very intriguing combo inside for Chicago, it should be fun watching them both develop GO BEARS!!

Dusty is hurt again Kevin. Something about his knee. Don't know if it's major though. As for Harris, he looked awful against the giants, he was getting pushed all over the place. Like said he is done. Adams, my guy who you never mention looked good again though.

Gilbert is going to ride the bench tis year Kevin, he has a ton of talent but he is just too raw to be of any real help. He will get his work in during bloout's. Harrison looks to be the number two in my book or the number 1 at under tackle. Wait could it we get two good size DT on the field this year, oh my stars and garters.

By the way, the game, see this is what happens when they just don't make stuff up on the sidelines. OMG play action, who new and I believe thats what a wide reciver screen that works looks like. I know it's just preseason, but OMG what a freakin arm, what a play maker.

You know there was a moment in the game where you could hear a pin drop, and then Hester looked back and pulled up and missed getting the most awsome TD and you actually heard the pin hit the ground. Cutler did it while rolling, are kidding me? I don't blame Hester for pulling up a little, he didn't know.

Hester went past the Orton Barrier, then the Rex Barrier, and then went 10 extra yards and was like "well the play must be over cause I am all alone out hear and nobody can throw a ball this deeeeeeeee oh craaaaaaaaaaaa****************** move move move move, oh man if Jay was mad last weak, I am dead this weak."

At least we got to see them open up the offense a little. As for Mr. Football stupid Hester, I am so 100 percent sure he is not a WR now. To bad the Bears had to mess with his head and keep running around going he is a number 1 wr. Cuase thats what he needs more pressure. He should have been allowed to play the slot which is a much more natural position for him then flanker and then been allowed room to grow. But now, he is ruined.

They should move Aromashodu to split end, Bennett to Flanker and dump Hester in the Slot, he doesn't even deserve that spot as it should go to Rideau but that will never happen.

Not impressed with D that much. Brown had a really good night, but ever sense the Giants lost there starting recievers they are a one dimensional team. They have lost 4 games in a row because of it. All the Bears had to do was stop the run, and they are good at doing that and they did just that. But the secondary was not tested, and the open field tackling was bad again. Not to mention the Giants where missing there starting guards and the Bears DT's did little to impress. But Brown and Goon looked really good, Browns body lean has really improved. Oh and god please do not let them put Manning at FS.

Earlier this weak I made a joke about using triple TE's, and the Bears went out and did it on Cutlers TD pass. A trip TE set, awsome. It's a diverse offense, and Cutler literally scares other teams. Forte looked great, Jones not so much, you get them one stud reciver, improve the secondary and under tackle position and you are talking about a Super Bowl contender. Only thing is where are they going ot get all that this year. Plus health is still a big concern.

Pace, Bowman, Williams, Harris, Tillman, Jones, are all health risks right now.

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