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Harris had knee surgery in March; J. Williams, Mines leave practice injured

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Tommie Harris unraveled the riddle Monday afternoon after sitting out another day of practice at Olivet Nazarene University.

He's all suited up with nothing to do on the sideline because he's coming off knee surgery and has a hamstring injury. Perhaps tired of dealing with inquiries wondering why he has not been on the field for a week, Harris revealed that he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his bothersome left knee in March. The procedure was done in order to see why it has continued to plague him, and the good news is he said they found on scar tissue. Harris originally had arthroscopic surgery on the knee in January 2008, six months before his $40 million, four-year contract extension.

"I had surgery in March so I didn't get a chance to do a lot of stuff that the teammates were doing, so they're far ahead of me so I'm really just starting to catch up,'' Harris said. "I would love to be out there, but I do so much in the weight room and all the training and all the other stuff that you guys don't see. The hardest thing is, knowing how political this business is, and having to wear pads and sit on the sideline acting like I'm going out there and different stuff like that, but it's a bit frustrating but I'm going to hang in there and just see how it plays out.

Now, Harris says he is on the sideline because he suffered a hamstring injury. That is the kind of thing that can happen when a knee isn't right--a player can then be plagued by muscle problems with the hamstring or quad. Lovie Smith had said Saturday that Harris would practice today.

"I have confidence in myself -- a lot, in my knee, my whole body. I've been playing on one leg and everything. I can play this game, I have confidence. It's a mentality, and that's the hardest thing to go out there and to know, to get your mind ready for a practice or different things that you're used to just going out and having fun. I'm just hanging in there.''

Israel Idonije filled in with the first team at the under tackle, and coach Lovie Smith was vague about a timetable for Harris. He made it clear he wants to wait until his former Pro Bowl performer is healthy, and they need him in September more than they need him in August. But with the pattern of rotating hamstring and knee injuries--remember he had hamstring surgery in December 2006--it's fair to wonder if Harris has the time to get his body right before the season.

Harris' injury wasn't the only one of concern. Linebacker Jamar Williams left the field with a left shoulder injury and tight end Fontel Mines was taken off the field on a cart after suffering what appeared to be an injury to his left knee.

Check back for more details soon.

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Superstar paydays and second string performance are all that the Bears have received since Tommy got paid. What a waste of payroll.

Can't we just go and get "Baghdad Bob" out there so Lovie doesn't lose any more of the enormous amounts of credibility he's already lost. Saddam's regime has fallen and I'm sure the guy doesn't have much else to do. Press conferences would be much more informative and amusing and we'd just all assume he's pretty much full of shiat.

"Tommie Harris - Allah praise his name - has no bum knee. He was extremely strong today and has been sacking the quarterback while wearing roller skates. Allah-willling he will have 30 sacks this season by week 8."

"Rex Grossman is our quarterback and allah be praised for blessing the city of Chicago, in fact the NFL for such a miraculous player."

(at halftime 2 years agao in Green Bay) "No that is untrue we are not being beaten by the likes of infidel cheeseheads. We are simply absorbing their puncishment with our bodies. We shall release upon them tenfold what they have given. They are not winning 23-0 they are losing with all of their might! Allah-be-praised as Kyle Orton will smite them with help of all that is navy and orange!"

So, in December of 2006 Tommie suffers the initial injury. Then, after allowing for a reasonable recovery period, say 12-15 months even 18 months, and the Bears staffers require an additional 9 months to discover there exists a lingering scar tissue problem. wtf!!! Unbeleivable.

So a few observations.

1. Tommie, good effort last year b/c its sounds like he trained and played well in spite of this problem.

2. Who exactly is supposed to be overseeing this stuff; we all know this 3-technique spot is 'mission critical' to Lovie's cover-2 and they can't discover this problem and do this surgery until March? Sure explains why he never called Warren Sapp!

3. I think they've had a great off season in many other respects but this is clearly not good. Now they've put themselves in a position with a choice of bringing him back quickly and what? Putting him on PUP and hope you can save him for 2010. Can you really trying to bring him back for 2009 knowing all of this history?

4. 2010 - Draft a 3-technique - oh ya thats right - make that 2011 draft a 3 technique - better yet, in 2010 find a scheme that isn't predicated on one guy being a stud.

Holy Cow... this is just never ending with him. Maybe he should just retire because his body seems to be saying, "stop playing football". I highly doubt he ever comes back to be an impact player. Plus he had a major hamstring tear in '06. Car wont go anywhere if the wheels dont work. Glad JA shoved 40 million into him.. Good investment. Plus he gave him the extension right after he had the hamstring surgery. Wonder if Tommie came back too quick in '07. He was playing well, but he started suffering the knee issues then. He hasnt been the same since that knee issue came up in the middle of the '07 season. Better hope Jarron Gilbert can be the playmaker at the 3 spot.. Or maybe shift Anthony Adams into the 3. He has great quickness and is a better run defender then Tommie anyway... First Peanut goes down and now this... good grief... Cant worry about it anymore.. The season opener is coming fast. If Tommie is not healthy, put someone in there who is. Putting Tommie in there willl only hurt the D if he cant hold up..

Surgery in March? I'm no mathemetician, but that was 5 months ago. Arthroscopic surgery usually means you are back to full speed in 6-8 weeks tops. It has now been more than double that time, and he still can't go. The article says you can have quad or hammy issues after a knee surgery, and that is true, but Tommie is probably getting all kinds of treatment from the training staff. Doesn't any of that treatment involve stretching?

Sorry, but until he gets back to a 7-9 sack season, and 16 games, he is going to get flak from the fans and media. You don't collect that kind of paycheck and not get exposed to criticism. Nate Vasher doesn't complain, and most are harder on him than on Harris. Tommie is likeable, and very media-friendly, but that doesn't matter if he can't play on Sundays. No one gives a rat's a@@ about the excuses. You think the other linemen are happy with the fact that they are going through Marinelli's Hell drills while Tommie is sitting it out? All of these guys are competitors, and they will not like that he gets his job back as soon as he graces the field with his presence.

Look, we all know that when healthy, he is among the most disruptive DTs in the league. But we also know that when the sentence is started with "when healthy," the player is usually not healthy....

Sad to see Mines get hurt, but that hopefully will end the annual experiment with him. I am much more concerned about Jamar Williams. I think he could be the only real threat to Tinoisamoa on the strong side, and will likely be our special teams captain....

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.

He's hurt? Really? No kidding? I would have never guessed that.

So he had Harrison had ortho on their knees this off season. Tubby is practicing but Harris is in limited practice, as in he doesn't practice. He says he had no scar tissue but yet he still has a knee problem. So the question is, if they found no scar tissue what did they find?

By the way if you just look at Harris when he first got here and look at him now and last year. You can see he is heavier and less tone. His workouts are very limited, leaving him out of shape and weak. Well out of shape and weak for him. Good luck to the big guy but he has a degeneative knee so put two and two together. I bet that knee is arthritic, which would explain the limp pre hamstring.

By the way nice post Joe F.

Hey Brad what happened to Harris taking plenty of snaps and looking pretty good? Ooops. So how come Rod has not laid his magic hands on Harris and healed his knee?

And how many of us voiced concerns about Harris and his knee MONTHS ago, even though we're not privy to inside info and have day jobs that demand attention to other things? If we mere fans were concerned, why wasn't the team? And if the team was, why didn't it do anything, like sign someone who can play the position well or change defensive schemes to suit the healthy personnel they actually have? As DougR suggested and as I've been saying for a long time, this is what can happen when you build a defense that requires certain players to perform great. If they get hurt or have bad days, the whole defense falls apart. Why not devise a defense that's more team-oriented and that would not be so susceptible to injuries?

an off topic talking point: according to Larry Mayer on Brandon Rideau isn’t the only unheralded wide receiver performing well in Bears training camp. Devin Aromashodu is also turning heads, starting with the ones that belong to Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

Receiver Devin Aromashodu is emerging as one of Jay Cutler's favorite targets. Whenever reporters have asked Cutler about any Bears receiver, he invariably has mentioned Aromashodu. The quarterback also has talked up the 6-2, 201-pounder in meetings with Turner

I personally have never heard of the guy but could he be one of the reasons they're not going after a veteran?

Harris didn't really seem to be the same after he got hurt in that home game against Minnesota in 2006. Gayle Sayers pointed the finger at Lovie for his blind confidence in Rex, who couldn't shake his slump of constant interceptions that put the defense on the field most of the game. The defense got ground down and it appears perhaps one career has been shortened. The Legacy of Wrecks.

Now I see why the team was so upset at Harrison coming into camp ovberweight, they wanted him to take pressure off Harris while he rehabbed under the radar. good thing they picked up Gilbert, with him and Harrison we have some solid potential if Tommy can't get his health inorder. Sorry to hear about Williams coming off the field today, the word out was it was going to be hard to keep him off the field this season. Injuries have a way of making potential become a nighmare for teams.Here is a poptential playmaker we need that may not be able to stay healthy enough to play and help the team.

As for Hanz's point on Aromashodu, we will see! This reminds me of the Rideau issues the team had two seasons ago, in order for him to make the team we would have to carry six wideouts at a minimum, and that would include cutting Rashied Davis who is a special teams stand out, I won't make a judgement until we see some live action in pre-season, but I would say this guy has Mt Everest to climb to make this years team...Good Luck.....Go BEARS !

A. March Surgery - thats right after the draft

B. Tommie's big contract - wasn't that right after his injury - incentive's him when they new a comeback was unlikely or very difficult (and btw, if he makes it happen, more power to him)

C. 1st draft pick, we all expect WR or S - they go DT

D. 2nd draft pick, we expect S, they go WR, b/c etc etc etc

E. When you continually draft poorly across the board - it puts excessive pressure on the few times you 'hit' - T.Harris isn't the problem, D. Bazuin, cutting Tank Johnson, brittle D. Dvorcek, etc, not watching M. Harrison eat, etc...

I love being a fan of this team, but I hate it also. If Tommie Harris was my date; I would have dumped her a long time ago.

So now we have a great QB throw to WR who wont be able to get open - always at the alter with a bride with a beard

I knew something was up last march when Tommie Harris couldn't even participate in any of the walk-throughs during the early OTA's pre-draft. Thats why I had an idea Chicago was gonna take an under tackle early. Had Chicago kept their 1st rounder, I still say they would have tooken either Peria Jerry or Ziggy Hood. The good out of all of this is they did, Jarron Gilbert 3rd round out of San Jose st. The 3rd round isn't early early, but it was Chicago's first pick. And so far coming out of camp, everything I've been hearing about rookie Jarron Gilbert has been positive. This kid needs to come on big this year, hopefully he will. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on him saturday GO BEARS!!

If the scope found nothing (IF that is truly the case), then the next thing they must look at is the vertebral segments where the nerve to the knee comes from to see if it is impinged. Basically, if the part (left knee) is fine, then the coordination and control of the part must be hampered. Coordination and control of all parts of the body is the brain's responsibility. And it communicates to all parts thru the nervous system.

If the vertebrae are misaligned and stuck in that misaligned position, then the nerves emitting from between them must be damaged. This is called a vertebral subluxation, or just call it a "bone on a nerve".

Tommie Harris likely has a vertebral subluxation in his upper neck, and mid lumbar vertebrae. If he gets them adjusted by a chiropractor, he should be good to go within 6 weeks for good.

FYI.... I am a chiropractor, and I have seen these problems in many patients, and they are pleasantly surprised ( and elated) when their knee pain dissappeared within weeks as their body healed itself once communication was restored between the brain and the knee.

I should probably write the Bears. Mr. Biggs, how do I contact the team regarding this issue. Not that they haven't tried it, but if they haven't I would love to help. Same thing goes for Urlacher's neck and low back pain, and Tillman's shoulder and back, and Bowman's hamstring. All this is helped and prevented in the future once the vertebral subluxations are removed.

I can't help Lovie Smith's stoicness however. Sorry.

Go Bears!!

By Creighton on August 10, 2009 4:33 PM
Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.

You just don't quit do you? Imitating me and writing songs again you nutcase. What's a matter Brando did your mom get a restraining order against you freak? Keep it up though I can't blame you for wanting to be me since youre own life is so sad and pathetic.

On to Harris. This guy worries me. And I'm talking about both his knees and his head. He has been a walking injury liability sense he was in college and now its like he's body is in decline and just getting worse and worse every year. Oh but wait why should that matter Lovie went out and got Rod the Magnificent so now everything with the defense will be fine. Yeah we'll be better than the '85 team sense Rod is now in charge.

By Hanz Zimmer on August 10, 2009 5:23 PM
an off topic talking point: according to Larry Mayer on Brandon Rideau isn’t the only unheralded wide receiver performing well in Bears training camp. Devin Aromashodu is also turning heads, starting with the ones that belong to Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

So now were pinning our hopes on career practice squad players? Wow I guess reciecer really is that bad. It looks to me that no one is even talking about Hester anymore and thats not a good thing when he's supposed to be your #1.

I think all there trying to do is nurse him thru his last year with this team. They resigned Idonije, drafted Harrison last year and Gilbert this year. So this will be the last year Harris will be here and are just trying to get as much mileage out of him as they can. Hoping Marrinelli can find a gem out of those three at the three technique tackle.

So what is wrong with Harris' knee? Why is it being treated like a secret? Does that mean it is either not repaired or not repairable? What is the truth of this man's health? Given the critical role he is supposed to play in the Defense the Bears owe fans a straight answer...

It is troubling to see the injury to Bears players like Harris (and Urlacher last year) being so misrepresented.

By Kevin Armstead on August 10, 2009 7:58 PM
"I knew something was up last march when Tommie Harris couldn't even participate in any of the walk-throughs during the early OTA's pre-draft."

What? Dude everytime I said to you he was hurt, you where like Harris is fine.For over a year I been telling you his leg is still messed up and you claimed he was fine because the Bears said he was fine.

By Creighton/Brando on August 10, 2009 9:15 PM
"You just don't quit do you? Imitating me and writing songs again you nutcase. What's a matter Brando did your mom get a restraining order against you freak? Keep it up though I can't blame you for wanting to be me since youre own life is so sad and pathetic."

Dude let me help you out. If your going to pretend to be me, then stop using a link. When have I ever used a link? Anyway keep trying. By the way how is the sex change thing going? You finally get it done or do you need to sell more cookies? Just keep selling your cookies and you will get there. Soon you will be the red light districts most popular attraction. Your name will be in lights. "Tonight only Brando the half Monkey boy transsexual"
"and his mom doing the dance of the yellow rain"

Once again you loose. I like that pick of your Mom on your link, it just screams inbred. But really you should get her a better rob, something with color. By the way I need another box of Thin mints. Oh snd try to get to excited because replyed to your post, last time you you ran out of lotion and gave yourself a nast burn.

If they were really worried about Harris, the Bears could've drafted Fili Moala in the 2nd (pick 49) instead of trading down for a couple of rawer linemen, Gilbert and Melton. He went a few picks later to the Colts and will probably be their starting 3-technique under tackle this year.

oh boy...


There are more than one round in the NFL draft. You can definitely find a quality player in the second and/or beyond. And next years pick fulfills our trade obligation. So in 2011, you can have your precious 1st round pick again.....

Now, with Tommy, I KNEW we should have waited to pay him. I said it BEFORE he was extended. When healthy he is a top tier DT. But I don't think he will ever be healthy again. I am tired of the excuses for him. Either he plays this year or get rid of him. Period.


Idle speculation seems to be runnimg rampant today. I am curious to see what happens in Saturday's game regarding starters. Obviously the top players will not play a lot so that younger players can be assessed a bit better in a real game situation,but even that is misleading because the opponent is doing the same thing, which means they won't be facing the top level competition.Still, the first quarter should give a clearer indication of where the Bears stand, both in the quality of their play and the extent of their injuries.

Rod Marinelli is seeing what Lovie hasn't.
Idonije is a great player and has All-star potential.
He will start at tackle and have a great year.

Can you say, time to trade Tommie Harris and get something for him. How about to the Cardinals with a 3rd round draft pick for Boldin or to the donkey's for Marshall. Yeah, I know it hurts the D but lets face it Tommie is becoming a liability and still could bring decent value in a trade. Tommie is also not only physically comporimised he has some challenges with his head as well, as evidence of his immature comments and being suspended last year.

I say trade the Tommie.

I imagine the Bears would probably love to trade Tommie Harris at this point to unload his large contract, but I really doubt they woudl be willing to find a willing partner at this point.

The Bears made a mistake giving him the extension they gave him. Why would any other team want to own that mistake?

Oh, and while I'm commenting -- Da Church of Da Coach - very funny stuff with the "Baghdad Bob" stuff. It gave me a good laugh.

I understand the frustration Bears fan's have that Tommie isn't healthy. He's frustrated too.

But, I'd like fans to remember he's a human being who gets hurt. It's not like he took his big pay day and then decided to blow out his knee for the fun of it. This man has played his *ss off, thorough pain many times. So where's the love? It's the same haters that got on Mike Brown many a time.

How many of you backseat GM's would have the balls to cut him now, and move on? Probably no one because you know that if he does get healthy your whole defense will look so much better that you look up one day in the Super Bowl.

JA know whats up too. You think he dakes a DT first in the draft this year if Tommie is healthy? There were other needs available and he went DT for a reason.

As long as Lovie mans the captains seat,,Tommie will go nowhere..Im sure Lovie will find a place for Adrian Peterson again. Trust me.. Lovie will have 3-4 players on the roster that will be useless for the season.

Creighton. Why Hello and Hello to all. Should I say hello to myself 20x over again. Well you know Im am everybody else that makes fun of or does not agree with Creightion. Yeah like I have time for that!
Just to let you know Creighton I do NOT want to be you, be like you, or even look like you.
As far as copying you HA! I wouldnt copy off you if you were taking a first grade math test!

Creighton if you can fit your head through the door, dont let your ass break the door on the way out.

Ohhh boy I loose? Loose to What???? I loose brain cells reading your post. So yeah you are right I did loose, lost about 100 brain cells trying to figure out what you are trying to write and what your point is.

I think Tommie when healthy is and incredible under tackle, but the "healthy" part is the problem with a 295 pound tackle. Maybe now some of you will see that I was right, that a undersized tackle who does little against the run and cannot hold up to the constant pounding of double teams is not comparable to a two-gap tackle who has the size to hold up against the run and often times solid short area quickness to go along with it. How good would Vince Wilfork look in a Bears uniform right now, what a great choice the Bears made when they chose Harris over him. I don't want to hear any crap about Wilfork not fitting into "our" system, that is garbage, you either can play at a high level or not. I certainly hope Tommie plays at the level we once all witnessed him at, but we CANNOT expect that these "smaller tackles" like Harris can do what they do for any length of time, anyone who does think that is naive. Yes, bigger tackles get injuries but because there bodies have such gurth they can handle the constant wear and tear for a more extended period of time. Do any of you remember how long Ted Washington and Keith Traylor were in the league. Both of them played 15-16+ season's. Do any of you really believe that a guy like Tommie Harris can withstand that type of time frame? This gave the Bears a great lesson, that when you are going to pay a defensive tackle big time money, he better be able to consistently stop the run, and he better damn well be able to hold up to the constant double teams and pounding involved!!!

I don't get you guys with the doom and gloom! This is football. Players get hurt. If Harris can't go, someone will step up to plate. Stop crying over spilt milk already!

Look we need to rest Harris because we have been resting him. He did not participate in OTA's, was not around Halas hall much during the offseason and Training Camp is not for training. He doesn't need to trade. He needs to rest, this will make him more effective this season. If he doesn't workout. doesn't train, sleeps a lot, then he will be inshape for the season. Don't you understand? Resting equals being inshape. Harris is fine he is so good he doesn't need to workout, exercise or train to play in the NFL. He can play on one leg and be the best player in the NFL, just as long as he doesn't workout. Hahahahahaha oh god the smoke they blow up at the Hall of lies is so much fun to read. I am waiting for them to say his leg injury is a good thing because it makes him better.

We always planned to have Izzy play inside thats why we asked him to slim down to 265. Smart move. Our starting 265 pound DT. Hahahahaha. Won't hurt much in the Pass, but the run defense is gonns suck.

Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again.

Harris himself is saying that this is a make-or-break year regardless of his contract situation, so, let's hope the motivation is there, let's use him sparingly (unlike last year), and keep him fresh, healthy and effective. It's also a blessing for the younger guys who will get a lot of reps in practice and games.

I can't see Harris being much of a value in a trade, so we might just have to make do with what we have. Was it a good idea giving him the extension? Maybe not, and this team does seem to have a tendency to hang on to the wrong guys for too long, players and coaches. (You have the Mike Browns and the Chris Harrises and the Ron Riveras who you wish you could've held onto longer.) I don't think JA's doing a very good job, but that would probably be true for the GMs of 2/3 of the teams in this league.

You have to be smart, and play the hand you're dealt with the best you can. And that means rotating the guys better. Whoever's playing for the Bears, I'm rooting for. Go Bears!

Creighton, according to most of your post, one of the Bears players is either hurt or a bust, so whatever. And Creighton, you know I'm right. Heck, I bet by mid-season you'll be bashing Jay Cutler, I can almost guarantee it.

Not that it matters Creighton, but go back through the archives, pre-draft. Harris not being able to go through simple walk throughs is why I kept going on about Peria Jerry being a possible 1st rounder for Chicago. Oh well, it should be a fun season arguing Bear football with ya again, GO BEARS!!

Bill: "I don't want to hear any crap about Wilfork not fitting into "our" system, that is garbage, you either can play at a high level or not."

Yeah because - god forbid - we talk about things like defensive strategy and 1-gap vs 2-gap schemes. We'd hate for Bill's simpleton grasp of defense to be shattered by people who know what the fark they're actually talking about.

In related knews Harris is turning into what is referred to as a "coach killer". When the guy is healthy and firing on all cylinders he's a force that drives the defense. You can't get rid of him and yet you can't count on him. He might as well be wearing a #7 and holding dog fights.

As fans we have three hopes ... 1) Harris miraculously recovers when Rod the Savior lays his hands upon him, 2) Gilbert makes a rookie impact, or 3) someone like Anthony Adams goes from middle-of-the-road descent to holy-chr!st-he's-a-monster terrific.

// As far as checking archives I believe I was the one who said unless Marinelli is a surgeon he's not helping this defensive line, but I digress ...

so what kind of dirt does harris have on lovie and/or angelo? they had to have realized that his knee problem was the "real deal" before they signed him to a "real deal". therefore, i'm calling BS! he knows something about someone, so they just stuffed a wad of cash in his mouth to keep it shut. tommie harris will do nothing more for the bears than hobble in the way of a healthy player who could develop into and actual force (izzy, gilbert, adams, etc).

PS i'm sick of hearing how he should, "revert to ProBowl form" this year. the guy's broken...used up...over.

Sorry to dissapoint you Anonymous but I do know what I am talking about. What did you think, a simple two gap versus one gap concept is extrordinarily advanced or something. A guy like Wilfork in New England, Williams in San Diego or even Pat Williams in Minnesota can ALL play in our one gap scheme. The fact is that even and up the field one gap scheme like ours only requires short area quickness which big guys like Williams and Wilfork still possess and therefore would play great in our scheme. The difference is in the fact that Tommie Harris could never replace someone like Williams or Wilfork simply because he CANNOT SUSTAIN the double teams, and get's shoved down the field versus the run. Let's put it into simple terms for a moment, if it is 3rd and 12 and Tommie Harris "IS HEALTHY" than he is guy you would want in there, but the other 80% of the plays in the NFL are not like that, and they require where you need to either sustain a double team to free your other players or simply take a consistent pounding all 3 downs in order to make steady plays down in and down out, Tommie is too inconsistent to give the nod. Problem for the Bears in general is that it's all about the pass, and if a guy is too undersized and cannot handle the pounding than is it really worth having him simply for 3rd and long plays? Don't get me wrong here Tommie when we all saw him at his best made some amazing plays in the backfield against the run, but the problem is they usually took place in the early stages of the game, or when we had a substantial lead and he could simply pin his ears back and just go. Bottom line is that bigger more dominant tackles make more plays than Tommie at all levels, including tht run, pass and sustaining double teams to help let the linebackers behind him fly around and eliminate run lanes, and this Tommie does not do, Period!!!


First, I accidentally left the name blank so it came up as "Anonymous" so I apologize if that seemed misleading.

Second, Lovie Smith has BUILT HIS CAREER on what he's done in Tampa and St. Louis. His PHILOSOPHY is that they need a great undertackle to make the defense work.

If someone came to you and said "Hey Bill, you've done well as a musician but you need to change your underlying philosophy in order to be great!" ... What would you think? Better yet, what if this person knew about 1000x less about music? Would you listen?

The penultimate of the Cover-2 is Warren Sapp, right? Can we at least agree on that?

So of the 3 guys you mentioned lets see who is more like the PROTOTYPE for Lovie's scheme ...

Warren Sapp 303 lbs ... 438 tackles, 96.5 sacks in 13 years

Vince Wilfork 325 lbs ... 260 tackles 7.5 sacks in 5 years
Jamal Williams 348 lbs ... 309 tackles 13 sacks in 12 years
Pat Williams 317 lbs ... 492 tackles 18.5 sacks 12 years
Tommie Harris 300 lbs ... 143 tackles, 24.5 sacks in 5 years

Lovie BELIEVES in his scheme and why shouldn't he? He has a job that only 31 other people in the entire world have. Would you get to the pinnacle of your profession and then suddenly change your philosophy? You realize the three guys you listed could play accross from Harris right? But they are NOT UNDERTACKLES.

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