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Haley looking to collect ex-Bears wideouts in Kansas City?

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--The Kansas City Chiefs brought in one ex-Bears player Bobby Engram to join another in Mark Bradley this offseason.

And according to our friend Bill Williamson over at, ex-Bears wide receivers coach Todd Haley kicked the tires on yet another ex-Bears wide receiver this morning.

David Terrell.

The first-round pick from 2001 never amounted to much in a Bears' uniform and then his career flamed out in Denver.

Looks like two ex-Bears receivers will be enough for Haley now. Williamson says the Chiefs are close to signing Amani Toomer to a contract.

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Watch them have great seasons!

No, no, they won't.


I loved Terrell's TD celebrations! Too bad there weren't many of them.

Bobby Engram was the best out of the three receivers mentioned. Mark Bradley had that ability to make a big play, but he couldn't stay on the field long enough to really help the Bears. As for David Terrell....I won't even go there. Hopefully Chicago will have more luck with their current crop of wide-outs. I like what I'm hearing about Earl Bennett in camp right now. Hopefully a year in the system and working with a QB like Cutler will help get Bennett going. I think this years top three receivers will be Hester, Bennett, and Davis. The fourth receiver will be either Rideau or one of the rookies, I like Kinder myself.

Brad, I like the tid-bits your giving us out of camp, keep up the good work. I especially like what I'm hearing about fourth year guard Tyler Reed. The guy has spent the last three seasons on the practice squad. As a fan, its hard to tell how a line prospect like Reed is developing. The only time we really get to see Reed is during the pre-season for a couple games. Reed was a good run blocker coming out of Penn State. Now I hear he's coming on as a pass blocker. If the guy is ready to take that next step, hopefully Chicago gives him a chance. He's got nice size at 6-5 305lbs, and some versatility I see he's getting reps at both center and guard. In the end Chicago needs to get their best 5 blockers on the field, and then of course the best of the rest for depth. If Reed can show something during the pre-season, I say give him a spot on the 53-man roster GO BEARS!!

Can someone explain why the Bears will not give Matt Jones a try? I know he has had some trouble in the past but I think an organization like the Bears could have an positive affect on him and I hope he has learned a valuable lesson. This guy has experience, is 6'5 and runs a 4.3 forty. Your thoughts Bear fans?

I think the depth chart will read
4-Davis or Knox

if Bennett can produce enough he'll stay at 2 but rideau can play and be a fit in 2 with his size and Bennett has above average speed so he can play the slot with Knox getting in from time to time. I know Davis was out of position last year but he dropped too many soft thrown balls from Orton and Rideau won himself a spot in the preseason but the coaches ignored him even with all the injuries and bad play that they endured. the top 3 won't change barring an injury all that's gonna change is the spots in which they play. I wouldn't mind if the wildcat formation the bears have included Wolfe as well as Hester who is running it already. What do you think?

WTF? Is this like "Major League" in the NFL?

Hale: "Here's a list of guys we'll be bringing into camp this season."
Scout #1: "Some of these guys are way past their prime."
Scout #2: "Some of these guys never had a prime!"
Scout #1: "David Terrell? I think this guy is dead."
Haley: "Well cross him off the list then!"

By Da Church of Da Coach on August 4, 2009 11:31 AM
"WTF? Is this like "Major League" in the NFL?"

Mark Bradley: I play for the Chiefs.
Mayor Mark Funkhouser: Here in KC? I didn't know they still had a team!
Mark Bradley: Yup, we've got uniforms and everything, it's really great!

I was thinking the same thing Coach:
Todd Haley: Chiefs, they are sick. They cannot catch football. Run the ball they do very much. Pass ball, recievers are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from recievers. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

By DagoT on August 4, 2009 6:13 AM
Watch them have great seasons!

Proven fact Pigs actually don't fly.

By DOC on August 4, 2009 10:31 AM
Can someone explain why the Bears will not give Matt Jones a try?

Do you actually think Matt Jones is a good player? Aside from his bad habits. He plays split end which is good, he is big and fast which is also good. But the good stops there. His numbers are average, he once went 8 weeks without a td which is really bad for a guy who is suppose to be an endzone threat, plus he had problems staying on the field. He is a high risk character who brings with him a minimal reward. 2 TD'S last year is it really worth the risk with him?

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