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Gibbs praises Bears deal for Cutler, sees bright future for DePaul

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By this time Saturday night, Jay Cutler's work will be done in Buffalo.

The Bears are expected to play their starters into the second quarter and Lovie Smith might be eyeing about 20 snaps or so for the first unit. All eyes will be on the new quarterback in his debut, and it is an entirely different team with Cutler, not just a different offense.

"This might be the perfect fit,'' said retired Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks, Friday morning on the Mully & Hanley Show on 670-AM. "Here you have a very talented quarterback that's coming to a place that plays great defense, I know because I've been there. I've had my nose bloodied a few times by that defense. So you would think this will be the match made in heaven. You got a guy that's going to make a bunch of plays on offense and in reality the greatest place to play quarterback is what? It's a place where you have a great defense. And you don't have to make it happen all the time yourself, but you certainly may think that. I would say Chicago made a heck of a move here and I think [pro personnel director] Bobby [DePaul] and and everybody else in the organization should be applauded.''

DePaul began his career in the NFL under Gibbs on his coaching staff in Washington 20 years ago. General manager Jerry Angelo identified DePaul as a point man for the Bears in the Cutler trade because of relationships he had with those in the Denver front office. Gibbs says DePaul is someone who has a future as a general manager.

"First of all, Bobby did a great job for us,'' Gibbs said. "He first started his coaching career there with us and it's been great to see him go on and do great things. He's dedicated, he's smart, he understands players.

"He's got a great background from a standpoint that he coached, he ran a lot of the administration stuff with us when he first started coaching but he had a burning desire to coach and now he's been in player personnel. We talked a number of times the last four years that I coached and I think that Bobby is certainly somebody that can fill that role and will get that opportunity.''

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By Brad Biggson August 14, 2009 8:26 PM |
"All eyes will be on the new quarterback in his debut, and it is an entirely different team with Cutler, not just a different offense."

You can say the same thing about Denver tonight. My god Orton 3 picks, and that one 5 yard pass that hit the ground between two defenders? Who was he throwing too? That was the 9ers, that was the 9ers second team defense that picked you. He made one of the best offenses in football look really bad and it was all on him. What a world of suck. NBS must have exploded with glee. Two quarters they let him play and he kept looking worse. Kevin A, and Brando that his your guy. I can not wait to see Cutler, I hope the defense is good. There going against a no huddle so we should get a good idea of what they can do.

Anyway good old Joe, he was one heck of a coach back in the day but he should have stayed retired and played with his cars. His heart was never in it when he came back.

Payne at Free Safety? Maybe it just might work. But ultimately what are the Bears going to do with Graham, not for the next few preseason games, where is he going to land?

Graham deserves a shot at a starter spot somewhere in that D when Tillman comes back where will Graham fit?

Personally, I like him at Free Safety with Payne at Strong with the Afalava kid as backup at Strong Safety. Graham has the speed and tackle well, why not?

Payne played well at Strong last year but at Free he did not excel, he seemed a little lost and does he have the speed and coverage ability to handle the free spot?

Looking forward to tonight.

Knock it off with the Orton bashing, Creighton. Orton was on the Bears, and therefore should be in the Hall of Fame. There's nothing wrong with interceptions. Like fumbles, they add mystery and excitement to the game.

Hahahaha!!! NBS where are u buddy, come on let's hear a lil' Orton bashin....come on....don't hold back now, kick'em while he's down. Orton goes to third string by the end of the preseason...u heard it here first. ALSO, CREIGHTON.......don't think that we've forgotten your promise. Make sure that you are at that know the one, and make sure that you do as promised, otherwise you will be banned from posting on this site under Creighton, Brando, anonymous and all of your other postings. Go tonight baby....who cares if it is preseason.

I watched Orton last night and am glad the Bears have Cutler. I never was an Orton basher, but did think Grossman was a better quarterback and gave the Bears the best chance to make the Super Bowl again.I suspect Cutler will get them there the way Rex did and hopefully not have the same result. I will also look forward to seeing how Grossman fares in Houston and wish him well, as I did Orton. In fact Orton was not that bad last night except for the interceptions. He mostly threw the ball very well, as usual on mostly short passes, but the way the game started, he looked solid.I still think he will have a good year at Denver, but avoiding stupid plays is a necessity for that to happen. It is early, and I think he'll shape up and be the game manager he was in Chicago.Cutler's deep ball threat will definitely be a major factor for the Bears. Go Bears!!!

Payne at FS and the Rook at SS is cool with me.

It is the first pre-season game so it is the perfect time to let Afalava get some reps with the 1'st team against competition at real game speed. I wouldn't mind seeing Graham their as well but Lovie wants to get a long look at Afalava. Can't really blame him because we need Graham at CB more now with doubts surrounding Vasher and both Peanut and Bowman out with injury.

Too bad for Kyle. I liked his work ethic (post binge drinking) but he will never be a legit, starting caliber QB. Simms will open Denvers season as the starter.

Can't wait for kick off. Go Bears !!

Creighton think about it. Orton often played decent football for the Bears. Not great, but decent. He goes to a team that is supposed to already have a good offense, good receivers, a rep they earned when they had a good quarterback. He stinks it up.

What does that tell you about the potential of the Bears offense that was mediocre with Orton, but now has a pro-bowl quarterback?

With the injuries in the defensive backfield,the new guys should get some interesting game time. I'm more optimistic than most because I think the Bears will control the clock, keeping the defensive linemen fresh for solid pass-rushing, which will make the D.backs a lot less vulnerable. I think their problem last year was that opposing quarterbacks had all the time in the world for their recivers to get separation or come back from a route and get open.

At least it's not the bears in the tim tebow derby. can't belive they do'nt wind up going with simms. I think the trade eroded Ortons confidence and he alredy could'nt be accurare past thirty yards


Any talk about the Bears trying to get a guy like AJ Feeley for a future draft pick - sixth? Feeley could move into the backup QB role. Eagles have Kolb, Vick, and McNabb. It appears they will try to move Feeley. I think it would also be beneficial to have a veteran presence on the sidelines for the times Cutler struggles. Any word on other veteran QBs that may come available?

Creighton, laught it up with the Orton stuff, but just remember right tackle Chris Williams. I hear he's looked really good so far in camp. Creighton, I like ya, but I'm still gonna let you have it if Chris Williams pans out. Don't forget all the negative stuff you said about him. Even one time saying stupid $hit like he was lazy because he could only do 21 reps on the bench, talk about nit picking at its pessimistic best. Creighton, you give me a hard time about being optimistic and supporting the Bears players, well no $hit, I'm a Bears fan. Your just as bad, only your the opposite, your totally negative toward a lot of Chicago's players. The only difference is, when the players I support pan out, I can enjoy me a good Bear game. When a player I like doesn't pan out, big deal if I supported him or not, I'm a Bears fan. You, when a lot of the players you bash pan out.......silence. But when one of the players you bashed is a bust, you get to come on this board and say "look at me, I'm so smart and I told ya so!!" Creighton, guy, not impressed. Like I told ya before Creighton, I'm not into the whole fair wheather fan thing. Hell yeah I supported Kyle Orton when he was a Bear, that was my teams quarterback. What, you think I'm gonna bash him all week and then turn around sunday and root for him, to fake for me there buddy. Big deal I was an Orton fan, he was the Bears QB, who did you expect me to root for!! I mean, Creighton, you really proved me wrong with Orton, yeah, getting on a Bears fan for supporting his teams QB, you the man Creighton. Also, Creighton, Josh Beekman has been looking pretty good in camp, he's another player I'll be keeping a close eye on tonight. You should to buddy.

Creighton, I can prove your fair wheather fandom, and I'm gonna do it this season. Actually, you already have when you said I'll support Jerry Angelo when he gets Jay Cutler. See, everyone remembers the pink panties comment, not me, I remember the fair wheather fan comment about supporting Angelo if he brings in Cutler. Jay Cutler is the man, he's gonna be a heck of a QB for Chicago. But Cutler will struggle at some point during the season, its to be expected, he's gonna force some balls he shouldn't, his receivers have little experience, and its gonna take time for Cutler to get Turners system down. When Cutler struggles or has an off game, I guarantee you'll be on hear bashing him. When Cutler has one of his 300-400 yard games, you'll be saying "I told you guys he was good." Fair wheather fandom, not impressive. Jay Cutler is the leagues best young passer, he's gonna make Ron Turner a head coaching candidate by seasons end, I guarantee it. Also Creighton, remember all the negative stuff you said about Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner, I'll also remember at seasons end. So GO CHRIS WILLIAMS!! GO BEEKMAN!! GO TURNER!! GO CUTLER!! [even when he has an off game] GO ANGELO!! and GO BEARS!!

By Kevin Bumstead on August 15, 2009 8:49 AM
"Knock it off with the Orton bashing, Creighton. Orton was on the Bears, and therefore should be in the Hall of Fame. There's nothing wrong with interceptions. Like fumbles, they add mystery and excitement to the game."

Yes Orton is very mysterious then. Maybe it was his ankle. Hahahahahaha.

I told everyone last year that teams would adjust to Orton after the first half of the season once they had enough film on the guy. They did it to Rex in 06. Most people said said it was his ankle, "cough" Brad Biggs. I said he does not go through his reads and goes right for the primary reciever in the play. He did not check down once last night, just turn and fire like he always does. My god the 9ers where dead last in takeaways last year, they where playing bend don't break most of the game and they where giving him the flats. They where literally not defending the flats and he managed 3 picks. All of them bad reads just like he did last year. This was not the recievers, this was him. But that throw late in the seconf half was one of the worst I have seen a QB make. What was it 7 yards? He had a ton of protection, he takes the snap, does a quick three step drop, turns to his right and fires the ball into the dirt between two defenders. The thing is I don't even think there was a reciever on that side of the field. Who was he throwing too?

Where are the big mouth Denver fans who have been talking smack now? Where is Ortons army of supporters who gave me **** all last year because I said the guy was a bad QB. Where are the morons who said we should not have traded Orton for Cutler?

By the way Simms looked way better than Orton. There have been rumors that he has looked better all camp but that McNugget is pushing Orton because of the trade.

Orton is who we thought he was, trade bait to a Dumba$$ team with a Dumba$$ coach for a much better player. I am an Orton basher and a donkey hater so looks like g00d karma to me! Cutler will look like the stud he is tonite!Go BEAR!

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