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Dvoracek done for the season with a torn ACL

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Lovie Smith announced after practice that Dusty Dvoracek had surgery this morning to repair a torn ACL. The team had said previously that he had a sprained MCL in his right knee and further tests were needed to evaluate the injury.

The Sun-Times reported earlier in the week that Dvoracek would miss the season with a torn ACL.

This marks the fourth consecutive season Dvoracek will be placed on season-ending injured reserve.

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Brad your super powers are astounding, you once again used your future vision to diagnose an injury to a Bears player, that the Bears themselves openly admit they did not know. Yet not only did you know it was not a sprained MCL, but you new it was a torn ACL. It's almost as if the Bears lied to the public for no reason at all. I think they are trying to make you look good Brad.

Remember when you did it with Chris Williams? How well I remember that day. The famous, he is hurt but he is not hurt, he has a minor back strain, oh wait it's a herniated disk but not the same disk that he had herniated in college. But i thought you said he didn't have a herniated disk in college and that his back was fine. No we didn't.

Brad why do they lie abbout this stuff? Whats the point? The truth always comes out.

I don't normally think/say this, being a regular reader of your blog, but I AGREE WITH CREIGHTON. What do the Bears as an organization have to gain by masking injuries when the simplest of leaks can lead to the truth? I can understand Chris Williams being a more justifiable injury to mask, since he was (wrongfully?) drafted in the first round, but who are you trying to surprise by delaying Dusty's injury?

sad end to his bear career. just couldnt put together a single healthy season. Hears to Gilbert and the future !

You can easily understand Dusty wanting to deny this could happen to him again, and the club enertaining his wish to do a thorough exam before coming to a final conclusion, especially with Dusty being a trooper and well liked all around.

Let's not put too much into this.

Good luck Dusty. Losing you is big. Go Bears!

ahhh....brad good for you you finaly siad something taht I AGRREE WITH so i will congradulate you. anyway brad why did the bears lie???? my mommy tells me taht lies make baby jesus cry. i now taht staley da bear would never lie to me, right brad? rember wehn ANGELO LIED ABOUT CHRIS WILLIAMS WHO WAS HURT???? oh how i rmember taht day sense taht was another day when i was right (man i am alwys right)

but you guys now me old crap-ron...just trying to be posative...

p.s. ohhh how i love Rasahrd Mendenhall....he is teh best player to ever play the game sense i say so ansd everyone nows taht i am allways right ans i only give facts. brad, why didnt angelo get Mendenhall like i wanted him too? why did he have to go and get that BUST matt forte???

Brando me and Brad didn't agree or disagree, I asked him a question. He reported a fact, the Bears lied about it, and I want to know why Lovie regularly lies about stuff like that. The great thing about blogs Brando is that, they are not meant for people to just come to and agree on everything. They are for people to share there different opinions, and discuss and debate topics. One of the most basic forms of writing is the argument, weather it is to assert, prevail, inquire, or negotiate differences. We are all basically in a rhetorical triangle discussion.

Arlen you have to take most of of what I say with a grain of salt, if I am not clowning around, I am playing devils advocate. You can usually tell when I am actually out to make a point about something because it is usally spell checked, unlike most of what I type.

As for Mendenhall, Brando he looked pretty good against Washington. As for Forte I gladly admited I was wrong about him. However we did have a bet about Forte, that I won and you agreed never to post if i was right. Jones and Turner where the better rushers last year.

By the way I don't know if anyone has noticed but certain pundents, critics and scouts have been talking about the Bears DT position today. They all are saying it looks thin. Isn't that what I said a few days ago and got jumped on for it. Some people on this board will never learn.

Oh and Brando stop being mad because Arlen agreed with me, he is not the first and won't be the last.

Sorry about Dusty, now to move on.

I agree with Creighton: How could anyone think the Bears' DT position is not thin? And I don't care what Lovie says. Dvorcek out, Harris a major question mark who most likely either won't finish the season or won't play very well, maybe both. They have a decent nose tackle in Adams, but Harrison is totally unproven. (I think they should get Harrison to lose weight and play under tackle.) The under tackle position is a mess because the Bears have been relying on Harris, despite his serious injuries. Among other things, they got Idonoje to lose weight to play end, now he's back at DT but will be too light for that position. So yes, the Bears seem very thin at DT. Now let's see them prove me wrong this season!

Is Simeon rice still looking for a gig? He could probably play three technique at least on passing downs. In the cover two it really isn't all that different than the end, you just line up on the tackles inside shoulder instead of outside. On passing downs you really just need someone to get off the ball fast and collapse the pocket by penetrating into the backfield.

Defensive lineman Israel Idonije has been sitting out the last couple practices with a sore hamstring. Its gonna be interesting to see sunday night, if Idonije is still out, who will get the second team reps at the under tackle position. It will probably be rookie Jarron Gilbert. I like Gilbert for the position, if he gets a shot, hopefully he can come in and show the coaching staff something.

As far as Chicago being thin at the defensive tackle position, no kidding. I had an idea last off-season something was up with Tommie Harris when he couldn't even go through any of the walk throughs during the OTA's. Again, thats why I felt Chicago was gonna take a player who could play the under tackle position early had they kept their first rounder, maybe Peria Jerry or Ziggy Hood? Speaking of Hood, he's leading all defensive linemen in the pre-season in sacks with 3. Freaking Steelers! You gotta give em their props, they know their linemen.

The key for Chicago is Tommie Harris. I'm hoping he's just taking it slow during the pre-season and will come on during the regular season. If so, Chicago will be fine. Also, Marcus Harrison will also help Chicago's d-line from his nose tackle position. With Harrison's size and burst, he could be a natural for the position. If he can come on and demand a double team, it will not only help Tommie Harris, but the rest of the line. Its all on the younger guys, if rookie Jarron Gilbert can show something, its all good. If not, and Idonije is out for a long period of time, then Marcus Harrison could move back to the under tackle position. Anthony Adams is a very good nose tackle, and if Matt Toeaina can show something, it might allow Chicago to move Harrison back to the three technique. Hopefully Idonije will be alright, Gilbert can show some promise at the three technique, and Harrison can stay at the nose position, which is probably his best position. I'd rather see a healthy Tommie Harris flanked by big Marcus Harrison up front on the Bears line, this is best case scenario for the Bears.

Arlen, no way was Chicago wrong for drafting Chris Williams in the first, back issues or not. Williams is gonna prove to be a heck of a tackle for Chicago. It does suck he had the injury as a rookie, but if he can stay healthy, he's gonna prove to be a heack of a tackle. Bears starting center Olin Kreutz, a 6 time pro-bowler himself, [and I think Kreutz's knows a thing or two about offensive linemen] thinks Williams has pro-bowl potential GO BEARS!!

Rice does not have the anchor to play DT he is too tall and thin. 6'6 255. Nothing wrong with being 6'6 if your 310 at DT but 255-260 is pushing it at that height.

By the way, watched the Packers again, and you know what? They are not as good as everyone is saying. Yeah they can pass the ball, but that O-Line is not that good, and the right side of the line is weak against a decent pass rush. There defense is also not as good as people have been saying, they are getting all there pressure with 7 men in the box and blitzing the corner, if they put 7 in the box against Cutler will kill them. I don't think Kampman looks that good at all, however thier front three are very stout.

Either way if the Bears get beat because they let Woodson get to Cutler all day then they deserve to loose.

Hey Kevin was that idea YOU HAD about the Bears being thin at DT last offseason a voice by the name of Creighton screaming they are thin on both lines, and every body including you telling me I was wrong about Harris and that he would be a pro bowler? Cause I got a lot of grief for that. If I recall you where glad that the drafted Harrison and said that they would use him at DT last year. I was the guy that told you they would play him at UT because they are thin there with Harris and you told me I was wrong and that Harris was gonna be awsome. I was the guy telling everyone his knee was bad, you disagreed with me. Not cool Kevin.

Why all the damp eyes and long faces for a player who has done absolutely nothing in a Bears uniform except spend his entire on hold career on the IR?

Cant explain it,he is a Bear - he looks like Mongo, he is a Bear, he gave it his all, can't explain why I am concerned about a Bear that reminds me of Mongo the Great.
And Kevin, thats is correct you reminded me about Harris not even doing anything in OTA, We maybe need to sit him the year and if he can't play next year, then he's gone, tonight will be his key game, if he can't do anything again then hey, even Rice could do more, hey even Chris Zorich could do more than Harris is right now.

I wouldn't even comment on Brando, Creighton, all he does is act stupid. He had some good comments there for awhile but its back to the same old crap. No good comments just bs. No need to defend yourself against a person that just makes themself look bad. They can do that on their own.

Dang guy's ok, Goon is weak, The other DE (not sure who starts at this point) really hasnt done much, Harris is incognito, Adams is good Harrison is good but needs to kill this year, hmmmmm\
What can Rod do with this group? One great player and we are the same killing machine. one great DE to make them sit a Right DE that hasnt done didly in well, since he's been here. It really does not take a genius to pickup one great DL player and make the entire line 10 times better. oh, oh we need Harris to play great and we will have the best D! What a load!! Cmon get a player that WILL play great not one we NEED to play great. Like we got Cutler. Rod is good, but what can he do with no great DL players at all?

Alright enough is enough lets paly tonight and see if Harris/Goon should just pack their shoes and walk away. We cant do any worse w/o them. But we will see tonight, hope I am wrong.

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