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Dungy supports Marvin Harrison to the Bears

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Tony Dungy didn't hesitate stepping out and questioning the leadership ability of Jay Cutler earlier this year, something he wasn't alone in doing, but now he's got a suggestion for the Bears.

Sign Marvin Harrison if you need a wide receiver.

Speaking earlier today on the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN-1000, Dungy said that the former all-pro can contribute this season.

"Yeah, Marvin can play the game,'' Dungy said. "Marvin can get open and catch the ball. Marvin's whole thing is precision. And he's the guy that needs work in a system, you know. I think he definitely can play and I would encourage Lovie to sign him if they had that opening."

Now that Dungy has helped Michael Vick land work with the Philadelphia Eagles, maybe he can make something happen for Harrison. The 36-year-old probably isn't going to jump at any offer but a club with an established quarterback could surely land him. In 13 seasons he has amassed 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns.

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Living in Indy - I hear the fans saying nothing about Harrison, they do not mind he's gone bc he really has slowed down alot. Great WR in his time but way too slow nowadays. He could mentor Hestor and Bennet/Rideou (sp) though

1000% agree with Dungy on this one. Marvin would not only contribute this year but what better player to mentor/mold our young receiver core?

C'mon Jerry, make it happen!!!!!

Even Dungy knows the Bears need another proven NFL vet receiver. Is Lovie going to get one, that is the question?

There are a few decent receivers available if the Angelo gets serious about obtaining one of them, just one, take your pick Boldin, Marshall or Harrison would suffice.

There are a few players on the Bears that could possibly be trade material if needed, maybe Vasher and Tommie Harris if you could land either Boldin or MArshall, it would be worth it.

I'm sick of Dungy's yapping. Now that he's retired, he should go away quietly and stay out of others' business. He's a total hypocrite, supporting the self-indulgent criminal Mike Vick and trying to foist Harrison on the same team he criticized for acquiring Cutler. Harrison is by far more selfish and untrustworthy than Cutler, and he doesn't have the skills Cutler has. Tony: sit down and shut up!

It's a little premature to be criticizing the group we have isn't it.

You could say that the Bears have 2- second year players. Why would you want to slow down their development with another Marty Booker type player. If you wanted to sign a veteran, they had their chance with Amani Toomer or even Torry Holt.

I'd rather live through the growing pains of the guys we got; we didn't spend 3 draft picks the last two years (Bennett(2nd), Iglesias (3rd), Knox (5th) or 3 years invested in Rideau's development to dump one of these guys for 1 year with a slow Harrison.

Jerry, stand pat.

All WR issues aside....what's up with Tony Dungy sticking his nose in every team's business now that he's no longer coaching?

Is he an agent? Is he Don Corleone? What's his deal?

Marvin Harrison certainly will go down as one of the greats, his 1102 catches is 2nd only to the great Jerry Rice. But I just don't know how much his 36 year old legs could really help Chicago this season. As a mentor, he would be a great addition, especially for someone like 2nd year receiver Earl Bennett. But I don't think he would be the quick fix that a lot of people think he would. He's 36, has lost a step, and like the young receivers Chicago already has, would have to work with Cutler to get in sync. Only difference is, Harrison would be further behind as far as play book and working with Cutler to get in sync. I say stick with the younger guy's, give them time, they'll surprise, its just gonna take time. I think Earl Bennett is really gonna surprise some people by seasons end GO BEARS!!

I encourage both Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy to enjoy retirement and the memory of the great careers they both had.

Apparently Dungy didn't watch many Colts games last year.

whoever just compared Marty Booker to Marvin Harrison is a total fool. period.

I like the comment on possibly trading #91 or #31 for a good solid WR. even though we are looking a little weak at CB, cornerbacks seem to be easier to obtain than a good WR.

lord knows I hope T.Harris returns to '06 form say this is the make or break year. and if it goes bad this year his stock will be worth that much less. time to cut our loses and salvage what we can as soon as we can.

I do like our current WR's but it doesnt seem likely that 2 or 3 of them will step up all in the same year. maybe 1, possibly 2. but not all 3.

& for everyone bashing Tony - lay off. he is part of the media now. deal with it.
he has an opinion just like everyone else and now that he's not coaching he has the opportunity to voice it. jeez

& is anyone else happy with Cutler in Madden10? his deep ball seems a little weak...i guess thats a whole different topic...

Relax he was just giving his opinion....

Hub Arkush (publisher of Pro Football Weekly) said that after reviewing the game films of the Buffalo game, he thought that the Bear receivers were not getting any separation. I don't trust him on this issue because he hates the Bear receivers and probably wouldn't say anything good about them if they caught 500 passes this season. But if what he said is even close to being true, the Bears had better get an experienced and capable receiver before the season starts. They can still develop their young receivers, but they will have a really hard time if the receivers don't get open. Jay Cutler cannot create miracles; the receivers have to get SOME separation.

I totally agree with putting together a trade package of vasher and tommie harris. They clearly are not the same players that once went to the pro bowl and have been plagued with lingering injuries in their early careers. Players like them eventually are let go so try to make the trade angelo before they are no longer here and the bears dont get nothing in return!!!! Make the trade angeloooooooooooo!!!!!

i agree that harrison would be an excellent a MENTOR. but instead of taking up a roster spot for him, have tony and lovie convince marvin that his better days are behind him and that an assistant WR coaching job is right up his alley...drake could use some help anyway...

What else is Dungy going to say about one of his former players other than nice things? I remember Indy fans being fed up with Harrison at the beginning of last season. I am more interested in what the group we have now can do than rather than bumping one of them out for over-the-hill Harrison.

Hey, since we're talking about good old Chihuahua face, I've got a question: Why isn't Dungy helping Matt Jones find a job in the league like he did with Vick? He took Vick under his wing, shopped him around to different teams, insisted he was a changed man, and ultimately landed him a spot on the Philly's roster. What's so different about Jones?

Brad, do you think you or one of your associates in the media can ask Dungy about that? Why was he so proactive in helping Mike Vick find a job while he hasn't lifted a finger for Matt Jones? Fellow bloggers, any opinions on that?

As Mike said with helping Vick but not Matt Jones, I couldn't agree more. I guess he is very different than the late Michael Jackson who said, "It don't matter if your black or white." I guess to him it does. Hey Dungy, you got lucky one year, go retire and maybe focus on your family instead of other troubled players. Maybe then all of your children might actually still be alive!

Harrison is to old, now Matt Jones is still available and would be a GREAT addtion to this hodge podge of WR's the Bears have. I have read everything that any1 else has read about MJ and it surprises me that he is still available.....that would be a gr8 move it!

Okay, let me get this straight while I'm still sober enough to read the little buttons on my blackberry as I drive through this thunderstorm while drinking the rye manhattan from my thermos (ah, if only Donte Stallworth had had my thermos that fateful morning!)


To solve the Bears wideout problems, which they have addressed by removing the most electrifying offensive player on their team from his prime returning duties and promptly turned into a pile of mental mush (thanks Ron Turner, for demanding Devin learn the X, Y, AND Z positions when just listening to the guy for two minutes tells you he's still working on learning the actual alphabet...)and the 300th best receiver in pro football, we need to:

-Sign an old, slow "mentor" who will, through some form of osmosis, show younger, faster players how to really behave like pass catchers.

-Sign a drug-addict screwup converted-quarterback from a second-tier hillbilly football university whose 60 catches last season pretty much amounts to his total catches as a receiver, in college and pro. And he's white. Good. Another white receiver. My heart is racing.

-Lament not having signed Amani Toomer. Holy God.

-And while we're at it: we have to listen to the most screwed-up homophobic Jesus-freak weirdo to perhaps ever belong to the screwed-up homophobe Jesus-freak fraternity commonly referred to as the NFL head-coaching ranks? Anybody remember Smiley Dave? You know, the knucklehead who coached the Beloved in the 90's, the clown the McCaskeys would not fire because he went to church with them? Hey Tony, here's a suggestion: go home, get a photo of your dead son (you know, the one who may or may not have been same-sex oriented as rumor has it and who was isolated within your family for being such) and sing the praises of Marvin Harrison to him. And while you're at it, mention the gunshot homicide at Marvin's bar in Philly and explain how, you know, if you're a conservative Christian and all, a little murder here or there is forgivable. Creep.

Okay, have to go. Either that was a road worker I just hit or a really big dog wearing orange. Thank goodness I'm driving a stolen car.


Mike to answer your question about Dungy he is not shopping Matt Jones around because Matt Jones is not a big name. Dungy seems to be looking for lots of attention.

Dahli common man Harris and Vasher have little trade value, Marshall has very good trade value. It's going to take the Bears number two and I would say Gilbert to get it done. Gilbert fits Denvers 3-4 really well and McNugget was know to really like him.

As for Harrison he is a head case, but would only be on the team for a year if they got him. The real problem is Lovie, he would take Harrison, a career Flanker and place him at split end because he will not move Hester the guy he feels is a true number 1. He put Hester there and he is gonna leave him there cause thats what Lovie does, he puts guys in the wrong positions. Harrison would be brutal as a split end. His numbers last year where not bad, 900 yards 8 td's, thats better than anyone on this team.

Still Marshall is out there for the taking, McNugget don't want him, he is a Huge Split End, him and Cutler know eachother real well, he is a WCO reciever. He is a 25 year old 6ft4in 230 pounds Pro Bowl reciever, he is one of the top 3 Split Ends in football. He is the perfect fit for this offense and the best option for the Bears. He is also the biggest need at reciever on this team. 2nd round pick, Gilbert and they can have vasher,we can throw him in for free. Bring on the Colarado connection, that would make the Bears a top 10 offense. Heck send them Hester to, football stupid don't know how to play reciever.

Im sorry but when the QB calls Red at the line of scrimage thats the hot color you got read the safety is cheating up and be ready to run a 9 rout you gotta pay attention up there Mr. Football stupid Devin Hester. Ship him out too and bring in a real reciever, a legit Pro Bowl reciver with who knows how to play the game and does not run a fly rout on every play no mater what is called.

At this point I would even take Jones the coke head.

Mike Vick is a Faaarrrr better player than Matt Jones... face it.. he is the blond at the party to Jones' geeky pimple faced overweight girl... easier to to see some value in him... craig, your comment is less than childish; remember that we are ONLY taking about sports.

Well I Know Tony Dungy has done a lot for the NFL but I think the bears are A OK With who they have. And once they all get in sync there will be no stopping them. We don't need two head coaches, Lovie is just fine with me. I'm write out of the ATL but still a true bear, bull and whitesox fan for life. PEACE

Micheal k.
You are dead right on this one, Cutler is a good QB.. maybe a Great QB... time will tell....

We don't need no help, Dungy go Home, we'll play with who we got, and by God we'll win .....

Dungy is a moron....who cares what he thinks???He dogs Cutler and mentors Vick!?What's wrong with that picture? I bet he didn't shop Vick around here in Cleveland. Here we have the DOGPOUND!

For the right price, we should sign Harrison. Experience is worth it. I wouldnt over pay him, but at the right price this is a positive move. I mean don corleone dungy has said so so it mut be true.

The young Bear receivers had trouble getting off the line of scrimmage against Buffalo that was evident, so therefore, there would be trouble with separation. Not being privy to game film, only television, separation is hard to decipher. I have been a proponent of getting a veteran in here since before the draft. Now, it is almost too late! Hopefully these guys will prove to be capable and all will be well. Olsen will surely help as he will command alot of attention from the opposing D. That in turn should create space for Bennett. Hester needs to learn how to create his own space and not just through raw speed. Would I welcome a veteran, I surely don't see how it could hurt to take a look. FIGURE OUT A TRADE FOR MARSHALL, HE WANTS OUT OF DENVER AND I BELIEVE HE WANTS TO BE A BEAR! GO GET HIM, JA! Go Bears!!!

I'd love to get Marshall, but not at the price of Gilbert. The defense probably needs more help personnel-wise than the offense at this point, and if the defense doesn't improve a lot, it won't matter how well the offense plays. I'd rather trade the second round pick next year and the first the following year than give up Gilbert if there's any chance he'll be a good player.

And hey, while we're at it, the Bears should plant someone in the Denver organization to help their new coach alienate more players who would help the Bears. We could look at Denver as our own farm team!

Everyone that is talking about trading Vasher is on crack!! The team getting him would get his contract and NO ONE is going to pay him that much. He should be the 4th or 5th CB on the Bears depth chart and lets face it; the Bears CBs are not great. Plus teams are going to want to see that Harris can still produce after falling off the last few years. If he starts strong you might be able to bundle him in a package before the deadline. But no one would take either of them now.


I cannot see any teams interested in Vasher or Harris. Not at the money they are making.

All this talk about Hester being "football stupid" is so laughable, coming as it is from people that do not exhibit much knowledge of the game.

I don't pretend to be an expert, but then again I'm not calling the players stupid.

Marvin Harrison is one of the greatest receivers ever and easily a future hall of famer. What he is not is a mentor. Everyone applauds Harrison as a class guy because he doesn't have crazy TD celebrations or the ego that most high caliber WRs have. The truth is that he is just quiet. Very quiet. In Indy, he'd sit by himself on the bench. You know what he did to go out of his way to develop Anthony Gonzalez? Nothing. The guy just goes out and does his job. Nothing more, nothing less. If the Bears are considering him, they should look only at his ability to compete in this league as a WR. Forget his ability to mentor because he has none. That guy was Torry Holt, and the Bears missed that train a while ago.

BearsFanInCleveland: "He dogs Cutler and mentors Vick!?"
I see what you did there ... and I like it!

Well if Tony Dungy thinks that MarHar can play and Vick is rehabilitated it MUST BE TRUE. I mean Vick is an ex-felon (and generally bad guy who enjoys spreading herpes ... like God intended I'm sure) and MarHar is under investigation for murder and attempted murder ... But at least they're not gay, right Tony!?!

When I give two squirts about what this hypocritical d-bag says or thinks, I'll hang myself. (Too soon?)

On a related note, ever since I was a child I would wake up every morning and say "God, I choose not to be gay today" and I follow through with it. So that means I am going to heaven because I'm a good christian, right?

I was very surprised that DH could not get separation - I am worried about our

I felt we might have a shot with the WR we have but Cutler had to throw off balance due to bad OL blocking and then the WR were not separated from their DB - that's not good guy's. Marshall? I was thinking what we would give up as well. Nope Harris etc are over the hill - no value at all, if they had value would we say anything about trading them? and Harris can't even get on the practice field in how many years? - I don't know about a second round cause Marshall is worth a first. Maybe a second and Hester??? Maybe they would be idiot enough to do that after letting Cutler go. lolol give me something to laugh about after we just extended Harris/Url and they are both over the hill, oh yes! Lets grab ANOTHER over the hill player in Harrison, like Dan said Did any of you people watch the Colts last year???

and maybe he can mentor Da Baers how to throw a gun in the trash can and say `I didn't do it' :)
I would much rather have Jones/Plax/ etc... anyone except Harrison - he's slooooow now people

FACT: Dungy worked with Vick because he works to rehab FELONS. Matt Jones, to the best of my knowledge, never went to jail.

FACT: After "1" pre-season game it's too early to judge the Bears, at any position.

Sports writers will say "anything" to to sell copy, just like Fox News. They are not the paid professionals hired by the Bears to judge talent.

I think that the McCaskey family, known to be a little tight with the coin, will detirmine if they need a better product at WR, sooner rather than later. After all, they hired a "FRANCHISE QB" to lead their franchise. I think they know that without a quality WR, 3rd and long will be 3 and out.

Lets show a little patience and see how things stack up after the pre-season. There is a possibility that several quality "veteran/mentor" WR's will be cut by other teams around the league and will have a "current" resume to judge their abilities.

Dungy was right about Harrison to the Bears. Consider this: If "slow" Bobby Ingram and "slow" Hines Ward are still in the league,then "slow" Marvin Harrison (who has 1st ballot HOF credentials) should be able to help the Bears...if HE is interested.

In addition, I had considered Matt Jones but my research suggested that besides his "character issues", he may not still be A) fast, B)able to catch on to the system, C) willing to block and D)nothing more than another "hybrid" WR/TE. Do the Bears (a running team) really need another non-blocking "hybrid" WR/TE?

Very good and varied opinions, the personal attacks offend me and probably others. Keep on the topic at hand. GO BEARS

Why attack Dungy for an idle comment? The man has nothing to prove because his career speaks volumes all by itself.Besides, bloggers have been calling for the Bears to go after a proven veteran receiver, and Harrison is certainly that.He and Hester both on the offense could work out very nicely and give the younger receivers a little more time to develop under the tutelage of a proven pro-bowler.

MikeMcPhillyhowee is absolutely right.

Harrison is not the mentoring type. Not only that, Dungy answers his own question. How is Harrison going to get the reps with Cutler to be a "precision" guy? There isn't time, and even if there was, it would be at the expense of reps for the younger players they are trying to develop. I say Harrison is not a good fit.

As for trading with the Pat's AA affiliate in Denver for a receiver, that's not what you want to do. You trade declining veterans for draft picks with the minor leagues, not the other way around.

Did you see where the Pat's AAA affiliate in Kansas City may not start their developmental pitcher? Brady looks to have re-habbed pretty well so they can probably afford to bring him along slowly.

The comparison of Booker to Harrison is NOT foolish in that it simply suggests that the Bears NOT sign someone whose career is over, it doesn't compare their careers.

While I certainly would be happy to see a credible WR acquisition, I think the Bears better hope for help in the secondary.

The Bears might be able to package a deal to get Marshall. Loved the comments of using the Donkey's as the farm team for the Bears.

Harris and Vasher still have a little value left in trade, not as much as in the past but some. A team like the Donks needs to win right away because their fan base is becoming unruly, the new coach has lost some major credibility and their Defense totally sucks. Therefore, Harris and Vasher plus a 2nd round pick in 2010 or 2011 might get it done.

For those commenting about Dungy's loss of his son and or his sexual indentity, that is simply not cool and in my opinion not welcome on this site. God forbid one of those commenting should experince the same fate with one of their children.

It would be totaly retarded to sign Harrison...

(A) it's getting a little late to add an aged 36-yr slow WR to the mix and hoard reps from the younge guy's you MUST evaluate before the camp cuts start coming.

(B) Harrison would probably give you what Rasheed Davis can and Rasheed may not beable to make this roster with Hester, Iglesias, Knox and Bennett all locks and solid camps so far by Rideau and Aromashodu. It's not like we are going to carry 7 WR's !!

Stay with what you have and develop the chemistry. All these young guy's have shown an ability for catching the ball in camp. Let Jay build a raport with some of the younens and move on already.

Go Bears !!

When did Tony Dungy turn into the NFL version of Jesse Jackson?

Relax Clowns it was One quarter of a preseason game without your stating back or TE . Vasher got beat on one play when the line had zero pressure and Harris didnt even play in the pretend Game . But you fools want to trade them both for a wideout and to prove you no nothing " ITs A Lot Easer To Find A DB than A WR " hey Blind and stupid The QB makes the wide out see Marvin Harrison think he would be hall bound with orton.

I think at this point, any experienced WR would help. Every DEF is going to sit back and bog down our inexeperienced WR core. You bring in a guy like Marvin Harrison, who is a very precise in his routes, would create (just by being on the field) opportunity for guys like Hester, Olsen, and Bennett to make plays. Who have to account for Harrison if he's on the field.

Sign him to a 1 year deal with a team option for the second year. That seems to be very popular these days...Vick and Farve contracts.

It couldn't hurt to explore the idea of signing Marvin Harrison.

Has anyone tossed around the idea of bringing in Mike Shanahan next year and finally telling Lovie "it's been a slice" but…Since Shanahan is a Chicago guy and he's familiar with Cutler. It's just a thought but I think it would be awesome. To me Lovie is NO head coach, maybe a positions coach but not a head coach. At times he just looks CLUELESS!


Hey Charles Rogers is trying another comeback. He should call Dungy and get a hook up. He has been really good he hasn't been arrested sense March and he says he is clean. Sounds like an Angelo special to me, cheap and troubled.

Sad thing is if he actually got his act together, got clean, and was working hard and in shape, he is a crazy talent who would be cheap and greatful. To bad he can't get his act together, or get clean.

Dahli, dude Vasher is on the bubble of being cut by the Bears, that means he has no trade value, Harris is hurt, everyone knows he is hurt and Denver runs a 3-4, Harris is a Undertackle, he does not fit there scheme. Besides you usually don't trade defense for offense.

2nd rounder, and Jones would probably get it done. Maybe throw in a reciver like Bennett. Moreno sprained his MCL so they need a short term stop gap. One thing to consider is that McNugget thinks he is a young Bill Belichick, which means he wants to collect draft picks. Angelo may look into it, he tried to get Boldin. Currently McNugget has Marshall with the scout team, if the Bears wait it out he may get cut. The Broncos say they don't want to trade him but then again they didn't want to trade Cutler.

Marshall is coming off hip surgery and is not happy with the Broncos front office or new system, he has admitted he has not studied there playbook. The Broncos signed Lloyd(yes that Lloyd) and he is currently starting in Marshall's spot.

If the Broncos do trade him I doubt they will trade him to the Bears. The last thing Broncos managment wants is for Cutler and Marshall to look good together while the Broncos crawl through there season. They would love to trade Marshall to a team with a lousy QB or a rookie QB in the hopes that he looks bad and they look good. Don't think the Broncos don't love the fact that Chicago does not have a legit reciever.

FUNNY!!!!!! I am going to tell you bear fans this once more before the season starts... I am also a bears fan but HATE Cutler... or as they called him in Denver (cuntler)... We are going to suck this year because of him. Look at it... Now I start to think of it, maybe he was being a jerk and pretended that the Broncos didn't call him blah blah blah... BECAUSE HE DENIED IT WAS HIS FAULT WITH HESTER!!!!!! and then now he comes back with the BS "Oh yeah, i threw a bad ball" WTF!!!! Did your stupid agent Bus Cock tell you to say that...? I would rather have Ortan here then Cutler...

Cutler Fact: He blames EVERYONE but himself (cause he from Vandy he thinks he cannot be wrong VANDY SUCKS)

Ortan Fact: when he threw the ball and it was picked off, he took FULL blame..

Boy (cutler) versus Man (Ortan)

Long season ahead boys...

Blaxico Burress you are everything that is wrong with our nation. You throw out idiotic political statements instead of using your brain to make logical arguments.

You have a problem with "hillbillies" and conservative christians. Why is it everytime a Christian, Buddhist, or Jewish person says that homosexuality is against their religion (which 88% of Americans agree with and 88% Americans never agree on anything) they are "homophobes"? Dungy forgiving Vick and trying to help him and others is the basis of his religion.

But yet you spit out stupid comments about a receiver being a bad pickup because of his race. My ancestors, Martin Luther King, Jr. and all the black AND white folk that marched with him would be rolling in his grave.

So stick to sports storied and keep politics and race out of it. People have died trying to allow black people the right to be treated with respect. Have some respect for those sacrifices.

See there goes the ugliness. Can't just talk about football you have to bring something else into the equation. Sad. But fact of the matter a lot of announcers and talking heads think that Cutler needs to show more discipline and maturity. In ten passes he threw off his back foot at least 2 times. Run that over an entire game and that's going to be a lot of INTs. Blame the line and a guy who beat his opponent but that's not realistic. I am not expecting Cutler to be perfect and I really chalk this up to being the first game against a team who was on their second game. Guys they had a DT running back kicks. That's a team just playing football without giving too much away. If they told Cutler to throw exclusively to Hester regardless of whatever was going on then that's just a throwaway situation. You guys just want things to be absolutely perfect or you will view anything we do this year as a failure. So then you can put it all on Coach Smith. Cutler is going to grow WITH this team and he won't always be perfect. He will make mistakes but it won't make any sense to cast blame on every one else and not realistically see that he is also part of the problem. Honestly, all the complaining and daydreaming ain't going to get you Cowher or Shanahan or Chucky. If things don't work out and we have to look elsewhere to another head coach you better believe it'll be the last coordinator standing from another team who might not have made the super Bowl. So start paying attention to the coordinators who are on teams with decent records because that's who you're going to get. You are not going to get anyone else. When have we gotten a head coach who was a highly sought out. We got Coach Smith because he was a great coordinator with potential. Maybe you guys don't think that he has lived up to his potential but we still have an excellent record over the last 4 years with a Super Bowl appearance. Tuna didn't even win a playoff game with a good QB and a good overall team so why think that it is easy. Guys keep talking about the games that we should've won but don't give credit for the ones we won that we should've lost. You keep mentioning how we haven't had this and that and yet we've won a good number of games over the time mentioned. And Holt never wanted to come to Chicago because he didn't want to come play in the cold. If that's the kind of players you want then by all means keep praying for guys like Holt. Nothing wrong with trying to get your former players a job. Ditka did it too. Even though he didn't hire any former players when he became head coach at New Orleans.

By Bear Keith on August 20, 2009 2:39 PM
"Relax Clowns it was One quarter of a preseason game without your stating back or TE . Vasher got beat on one play when the line had zero pressure and Harris didnt even play in the pretend Game . But you fools want to trade them both for a wideout and to prove you no nothing " ITs A Lot Easer To Find A DB than A WR " hey Blind and stupid The QB makes the wide out see Marvin Harrison think he would be hall bound with orton."

Zip it moron I am pretty sure you don't have a clue about anything. Harris is a shadow of himself and can hardly practice and Vasher is on the bubble accoring to the coaching staff and may get cut, he has already been replaced by an injured Bowman, you know that right, you know Vasher has been replaced right? I guess not according to your remarks. So yes I would trade a gimp under tackle and washed up back up CB who is on the verge of being cut for a Pro Bowl 26 year old split end. Even Harris said his knee was bad, on the radio today. Oh and as for your remarks about recievers explain Steve Smith please? His QB is Jake Delhomme not really a world beater is he? Or Stewert and Hines Ward in Pitt back to back thousand yard seasons with Kordell and Kordell sucked. How about Calvin Johnson in Detroit? 1300 yards last season and that was with nothing but garbage QB's. Please explain this phenomenon I have discovered? I seem to have found recievers that helped make there QB's better, but according to you that is not possible and I know nothing. Guess QB's can help a reciever look good and recievers can help a QB look good it goes both ways. What do you think the greatest QB, WR connection in NFL history was all Montana. No Rice had hand in it. Just ask Steve Young how often Rice helped him out.

You ever hear of run after the catch? What does a QB have to do with that? You ever hear of a shoe string catch, a diving catch, dragging your feet, a jump ball? All of that stuff is on the reciever not the QB. How about blocking, yes spilt ends block, or knocking down a bad pass? How does a QB help a reciever block or knock down a bad pass. How about seperation, or rout running. How does the QB help with that? If recievers are over rated how come McNabb has been begging for a reciever for how long now? How good did TO make Garcia look? T.J. Houshmandzadeh had 92 catches with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball last year? Please explain how great Fitzpatrick is and how much T.J owes him. Moron!

Dude you got know clue, you come on this blog insult a bunch of people who are just speculating, and then show you have no clue about football. You don't even know who the starters are on the Bears team idiot. Now go crawl back into your hole. Al lyour doing is quoting Angelo, guess what Angelo has been tryign to get a reciever on this team all off season. He tried to trade for Boldin. Angelo often says one thing and thinks another.

Matt Jones has never lived up to the hype just before he was drafted. His drug problems are well known, and obviously teams are either very nervous about him or they don't think he is very good because he has not signed.

That said... how many receivers on the Bears roster have had a season like Jones did last year? If you sign Jones at a very cheap contract all you are doing is cutting one receiver who has done nothing in the league. Maybe - and I emphasize maybe - some of our young receivers will develop but I really do not think all 6 or 7 are going to be good. Sign Jones as one of our 6 or 7 receivers for insurance. If 2 or 3 receivers develop (once again, a big maybe) and are better than him, keep him on the bench. Or cut him and resign the receiver who the Bears released when they signed him - I have a feeling he will still be available.

Everyone needs to just relax-the Bears aren't paying for a top receiver anyway. Do you honestly believed that if the Bears paid money we'd have this bunch? It's like it's always been, pay a little but never enough. There's not any team in the league that wants these receivers.


WOW. BEAR KEITH- way to take that line out of context...
are you saying guys like T.O.,Moss,Fitz are just products of the QB's they play with? c'mon
I will say it again good DB's are more plentiful than good WR's.

1-Like it or not Vasher has lost a step.
2-It seems like Harris is just waiting for his next injury.
or is that just me?

we'll see a little more this Saturday.

First Plz be aware that Tony Dungy was and has influenced the eagles to hire a fellon...Mike Vick should not even b in the NFL.If any of you own a Dog you know what i mean.If Dungy is gonna support a puppy killing,lying fellon,then i dont want his advice for anything anymore and further do not support or like Tony Dungy anymore.Anyone who supports a ruthless puppy killer is NOT anyone to me...dont take his advice...M Harrison i done concetrate on the future plz...

The idea that Harrison would come to Chicago to be a mentor is ridiculous. Every catch a young wr would make would be one that Harrison wants. Mentoring requires selflessness...this is not a trait that Harrison has shown anyone. Hester and Bennett will be ok on the edges, Rideau and Davis can handle the slot, Igie and Knox need time to develop. Davis as a special teams starter will allow the Bears to keep 6 guys.

Brandon Marshall is a great player. He will make the Bears a much better team. He is also someone who routinely beats up his girlfriend. That's not going to play in Chicago. After Tank Johnson and Benson, Angelo is not going to anywhere near character issues, let alone drug addicts, attempted murderers, or wife beaters. Also, Vasher or Harris as trade bait is a joke. You think every GM can't see what we all see about Vasher? He stinks. If anybody out there really wants him, they'll wait until he gets cut (if any rookie were playing the way Vasher is, they would have been cut by now. if Lovie keeps him he's gone beyond clueless). Harris might get you a sixth round pick (didn't the Pats gets Moss for a 4th rounder?), but that's it. It's going to take a lot of high draft picks to get Marshall, and that's not going to happen. And with all the holes on defense we're going to need those picks in the coming years.

`Broncos fans clamoring for a real position battle at quarterback might be disappointed to learn that Kyle Orton remains firmly entrenched as the team's starter. Orton took all of the work with the starting offense all week and consistently played better than backup Chris Simms.'

read this thought it was interesting

Have to agree with partyup on that, Can we really compare our WR to hayday M. Harrison/R. Wayne, Fitz/Boldin Moss/Welker, and alot of others....Da Bears do things on the cheap AND we don't draft worth a crap, if we did don't you think we would not need Harris or Vasher with all the DL/DB JA drafted lately?
And we can say as how our WR thats gone are playing for other teams but how many great ones did we draft say ooohhh in the last 20 years?
Maybe we can hope Hester/Bewnnet will get it, but we will see the real deal this next game against a real team. Here's hoping we left alot on the practice field last week.

It was a Bear coach who said in 2006 that Hester "is not the brightest bulb in the room." And anyone who knows football can see that Manning is not a smart player either, to put it diplomatically. Some players are football smart, most are in the middle, and some are stupid. There's nothing wrong with the fact that we discuss this and I don't see what your problem is.

The more Dungy talks to the less I like of him. First of all he comes out of nowhere to make baseless criticism of Cutler's character (never coached or known him) for what seemed to be for nothing other than headline grabbing sensationalism. Now he tries to sell the Bears on a receiver his own team did not think was good enough to keep. Dungy must think Bears fans are stupid, and he certainly is not acting like much of a fan to Lovie Smith. I do not even understand why Dungy joined the soul selling career of sports journalism, when he was always regarded as a man of such high character, and when it seems like considering what happened with his son, he should be spending his retirement with his family.


You got to give up on the great record comment that the Bears have had over the last 4 years. Try taking a look at the last two years, that will speak volumes as to where the Bears currently are in the NFL. The trend with the Bears is on the downswing the last two years and that was with good defensive talent. The Bears could have and should have made the playoffs each of the last two years with better coaching and more motivated players.

In 2007, the year after the Superbowl the Lions and Vikings swept the Bears. The Bears had halftime leads or were tied in 7 of their 9 losses that year. Points given up in losses in the second half included San Diego 14 points, Dallas 31 points,Lions 34 points (fourth quarter, worst in history of the franchise),Vikings 20 points, Seahawks 13 points, NY Giants 14 points (4th quarter) after leading at halftime and Vikings 14 points. All of these games the Bears were either tied or led at halftime. How is that for this great team that has one of the best records in the league over the last 4-5 years. Last year's losses to Atlanta, Tampa Carolina and Houston were reflective of poor coaching and poor play as was the debacle with Green Bay's blowout of the Bears.

What I firmly believe is that coaching played a big part in the last two year decline and the common rule in business is that the fish stinks from the head. Lovie is the head and Lovie was suppossed to be the defensive guru, defense was suppossed to be his strength. That has not been the case the last two years after firing Rivera.

Lovie Dovie could go either way. He has not shown me he is one of the best coaches/leaders in the league. All I am saying is that if Lovie can take this team to the Championship game this year, great he should continue as the coach but if he can't and the defense sucks again like it has for the last two years then it is time to cut bait.

I really want Lovie to succeed and I do believe this years talent is enough to get to the championship game and maybe the Superbowl with the potential of winning both. If the D shows up like the last two years and the Bears don's make the playoffs some changes do need to take place within the coaching ranks. It is not too far fetched to see a Cowher, Shanahan or Gruden as coach of the Bears.

Creighton you are the Lead Clown. I forgot more about the Bears than you will ever no and to Prove just how little you no you really think so stupid rumor that Vasher is on the Bubble is true. Next thing you no you and the some other fools are going to tell me how the Great Wide outs in Denver will be just as good with Orton throwing the Ball . OPEN YOUR EYES Just watch and Learn from my post and by the end of the year maybe you will no something

What NFC coach has had a great 2 years in a row since 2006 Dahli? It's been a merry-go-round of teams in the playoffs the last 2 years with barely ateam repeating. That's parity. One of the biggest problems that the Bears faced with was that they let every one of their back up D linemen go in free agency. Just like every team that has to pay more for player with success the Bears had to do just that and take more chances on guys who were not as good. Dusty and tommy both didn't finish strong or at all both years. But unlike 2006 we had back ups who were much better. That's where the pressure went. Not to San Diego with the inside LB coach/ eventual D coordinator. We got rid of too many guys like Thomas Jones, Chris Harris and got old too fast and didn't replace that talent with better players. We let consistent guys like Boone go because we thought that guys we drafted like Bazuin was going to be better and we all know how many tackles for losses Bazuin had. Absolutely none. And since we have never had a QB with any real talent or a WR who was a great number one, it's mind boggling that we didn't lose more games. And the reason the fish stinks at the head goes much further than the head coach. For us it goes to ownership. We don't have a number one WR because that was the only way they were going to pay Hester any real money. He had to do more than run back kicks. They made him a WR and that's that. And be a realist: you know that we have no chance at getting any of those guys as head coach. For one they would have to pay them well and then we would have to pay coordinators a lot better than we ever had. You're talking about doubling the amount of money that they are already paying. They know that that won't likely happen. You look at Cutler situation and that is a clear cut situation of saving a ton of money with that trade. Orton made 5 million last year. The number one pick made almost 3 1/2 million last year. They only have to pay Cutler a cool million this year. No 8 million for Orton next year and no 3 million next year for that 1st round pick. Cutler another 1.2 or thereabouts. You're talking 2.2 million paid over two years instead of the 21 million they would've had to pay. Absolute No Brainer. Trading down all those years to avoid paying out and now trding out to avoid paying market value. We will see what happens with Cutler when it's his turn.

What is wrong with you fans being a true bears fan living in indianapolis for a few years now hearing how bad the colts beat the bears when they didn't grossman cost us that bowl but what ever marvin might not be the right person but with a qb and no wr it was a waist of a trade.. Should have just kept orton and built a team offense and get back to that kill em all d that the 85 bears had the bears will indeed when superbowls not one but many...


Good debate and we do agree on one thing and that is the McCaskey's are not the best ownership group in football and they do squeek they are so tight.

They pony up when they have to as they did with Lovie's new contract and Angelo has done deals and given long term contracts to keep key players albeit some of those players have not produced after the big contract like Vasher and Harris as two examples.

Lovie picked his buddy Babich to be D coordinator, that was a bad move and it took two years to get fixed. How did the Bears D do the last two years? They were total B.S., the nucleus was in Chicago to win in 2006 and the Bears have gone down ever since. They have not gotten it done since 2006, no playoffs, combine the last two years and they have played .500 football. It is now time for Lovie to get it done, he is the great D guru, he was hired because of his defensive acumen not offensive knowledge. I stand by my statement that if the Bears don't get to the championship game this year, this year is one more failure just like the last two and Lovie should be sent packing.

If the McCaskey's have to get a coach like Cowher, Gruden or Shanahan they will, it just takes them some time to pry their wallet open. They got Cutler did they not and believe me Cutler will cost a pretty penny to the McCaskey's when they sign him to a long term contract, which they will do.

I hope Lovie makes it and wins the Superbowl this year, I really do. I just question whether Lovie has really proven himself as a great coach and to date, I do not see him as such. I do like the moves Lovie has made this year by him taking on the Defensive play calling and D coordinator role. I also do like Marinelli and Hoke with the D line and D backs respectively. I love Defense more than anything, the Bears history is all about being dominant and nasty on defense. The last two years the Bears D was pathetic and intimidated no team. The players know that they did not perform and Lovie knows he has not done a great job as coach of this team the last two years.

Lets just get that Bears Defense where it needs to be. They do have the talent to be champions, lets see it happen.

Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this debate because you haven't brought my I.Q. or my mama into it. LOL. Still, I feel that we've suffered more from a hangover than anything else. Our best players on D (besides Briggs) have not been paid yet. Everyone else have been suspect since 2006 because of lingering injuries maybe due to gettingpaidititis. People bring up Tommy Harris not emulating guys like Hampton playing through injuries and coming back stronger after surgeries and you know that Hampton was never paid well to sit it out. I'm not going to just come out and say that Hampton wouldn't have come back but his reasons were different. Those guys were not free agents. He was stuck knowing that no matter what he would be a Bear until they didn't need him anymore. He had to come back. Now guys are an investment. "Can't cut this guy because he's going to count 10 million against the cap". Plus these players are so aware that they are a piece of meat more than former player did. They are not going to play without using caution to preserve health. Guys get dumped and traded so readily that they don't have team loyalty. More than 85 percent of the Bears of 85 were drafted by them and the other 15 percent were let go from another team. With no bidding war at that time. That's how we got Mongo. No one else wanted him. Now it's 60/40. That's why teams don't repeat playoff appearances. The best players get paid. Get an injury or just isn't the same player he was before that last contract. Guys let a few years fall by the wayside and man up with a contract year. Look who's got a contract up and I bet you they will have a great year. wale comes to mind. It's like that all over the league we just pay attention to what happens here. And I'm not saying that Babich didn't fail. He and Coach Smith were supposed to share philosophies so he was the best guy for the job. I'm not sold on Rivera because he was abandoning this team during playoff runs and going to every opening for head coaches. It smacks of desperation and those rejections belittle you. I remember Sherman Lewis was so highly thought of as a potential head coach but the few rejections he got made it practically impossible for him to get one. Rivera had about 9. If my wife threw herself at 9 guys and got rejected by all of them and only one let her babysit his kids then I would have to wonder what type of wife I had. Who gets rejected that much? He had to have set a record of some sort. And with Turner still being his boss in San Diego it's obvious he isn't the brain or THE GUY in a lot of people's eyes. Why was he so many fan's idea of the guy when the guys who make the decision doesn't see it. Remember Coach Smith was probably going to Dallas. They wanted him and not Rivera. That's why he got a market value contract and if he was fired with money still owed that will limit what our owners will pay the next head coach. You honestly see them paying close to 10 million dollars for one coach to go and another to come here and THEN pay top dollar for the new guy's staff? We haven't fired a coach since the 70s. Ditka and all the rest had their contracts run out. Once Coach Smith's contract run out maybe those other guys will still be available but I highly doubt it. So embrace what you have instead of downing it thinking that that will get you what you want.

And what I meant by that last statement was that you can wish that they fire him expecting Cowher or Shanahan but most likely we will get someone you won't want in the long run. I really don't see any of them coming here under any circumstances. Not by a long shot. Cutler was available because a first time head coach made one of the biggest blunders in history and alienated the QB who is now throwing passes for the team that appreciates what a great QB is. We would get a head coach ourselves who might do something similar. I just don't see the circumstances lining up with them coming here.

Re the comments about Harrison not being a mentor, specifically the comment about his not being a mentor to Anthony Gonzalez, here's a quote from a recent interview with Gonzalez:

"Him and I were pretty close," he says. "He really helped me a lot when I came in. Marvin helped me understand what it means to be a responsible, professional person.

"Any time you lose a guy who has been around for as long as he was, you're going to feel it a little bit."

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