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DT Marcus Harrison removed from NFI, will practice this afternoon

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Defensive tackle Marcus Harrison was removed from the non-football injury list and will practice for the first time when the Bears take the field in 45 minutes.

Harrison was placed on NFI last Friday when he arrived at training camp overweight at 322 pounds, and with a body-fat percentage that was unacceptable to the team. He failed his physical, and was put on NFI until he got in shape.

Coach Lovie Smith said Monday that Harrison was getting close, and the player said he hoped to be back on the field by Saturday. Well, that timetable moved up for him, and it's a good thing after he missed five practices over the first four days of camp.

Harrison is in the mix to start at nose tackle next to Tommie Harris but will have to work his way past Anthony Adams and Dusty Dvoracek.

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That was quicker than I expected. So when motivated, Harrison is capable of impressive feats. I am still very bothered that when he had an opportunity to crack the starting lineup, he got sent to the corner for not following the rules. But now he has a lot of catch-up work to do, and my guess is Marinelli will welcome him back with a lot of extra conditioning work and drill work to get him up to speed. Hopefully this is the lesson he needed to be taught, and we will start seeing a more mature, professional athlete in Harrison going forward. Good luck knocking Anthony Adams out of the lineup though. he does nothing great, but does everything like he is supposed to, so it's not like you can wait on him to make a mistake. You have to flat outplay him, and that is no easy task.

Considering the tenuous health of Tommie Harris, and the inexperience of Gilbert in the NFL, we will need Harrison to be a significant contributor at both DT spots, and even with that, we will probably need Izzy to move inside to help out. If they all stay healthy, there will be some nice talent hitting the street in September. If not, we will burn through this group in a big hurry this season, and every week will seem like an eternity as we get pushed around at the point of attack.

Joe, I don't think it was an impressive feat as much as it wasn't as big of a deal as it was made out to be, as far as Harrison's weight gain and then loss. You gotta figure the guy just had surgery on his knee in may, so it isn't like he could workout a lot this summer, he probably had to rest the knee, so weight gain was to be expected. Also, Marcus Harrison is a lineman, their usually not in the kind of shape as a linebacker or defensive back. A db or lb could have surgery, then sit a month and not gain weight the way a larger man like Harrsion would. The fact Harrison is already back this quick proves he probably wasn't that overweight, I think he'll be fine GO BEARS!!

322 is awful generous, minimum of 362 if you've seen him, better keep him away from Coyote Canyon.

Hey, Brad, how about a blog regarding what these physical exams consist of? Body fat percentage seems kind of strange as a criteria. Does having that problem mean the player is more likely to get injured, won't be able to sustain effort, is likely to have heart problems or what?

Guys get real motivated, real fast when they have to do belly busters all day for free! Harrison, I'm sure, has learned a valuable and lesson and the lesson will continue. I expect to see nothing but good from this kid from here on out. This may have been the best thing to happen to him as he will not want to go there again! Go Marcus, Go Bears!

He had ortho Kevin, besides do you know what you do if you know you can't be as active and you know you have to be around a certain weight? You eat less. This guy started eating more, Steve is right 322 is real generous. He is 350 if he is an once. You don't get in shape in three or four days. I think Lovie and the boys just realized he would fall further behind doing his private workouts that he would if he was doing the grinder.

Well, at least he didn't resort to taking water pills(masking agents) to get his body weight in-line like some other athletes we all know !!

Go Bears !!

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