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DT Marcus Harrison hopeful to be cleared for practice by Saturday

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Marcus Harrison continues to make progress on the side while on the non-football injury list and the defensive tackle is hopeful he'll be cleared for a return by Saturday when the Bears will practice at Soldier Field during Family Day.

Harrison has missed four practices and one mini-practice thus far with Anthony Adams and Dusty Dvoracek dividing the reps at nose tackle in his absence. Harrison reported to camp at 322, 10 pounds above the weight he said he played at last season. It's a combination of weight and body fat percentage that the team wants him to drop, especially after he had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in May.

Some notes from the afternoon session:

The Bears are entering the most difficult days of training camp where their bodies are starting to feel fatigued after five weeks off. The session Monday afternoon probably reflected that somewhat, and quarterback Jay Cutler certainly was not as accurate as he has been, although he did lead the first offense into position for a 53-yard Robbie Gould field goal in the two-minute drills. Some quick notes from the workout:

Lance Briggs, Hunter Hillenmeyer and Matt Toeania all returned to work.

Jamar Williams did a nice job taking on fullback Jason Davis in inside run drills.

Garrett Wolfe gets most of the work behind Kevin Jones with Adrian Peterson appearing to run fourth now in the backfield.

Tommie Harris got plenty of work in all drills.

Juaquin Iglesias and Johnny Knox were both out back deep for kickoff returns but the highlight was seeing defensive end Henry Melton run back a kickoff.

Hunter Hillenmeyer put a good pop on Wolfe in inside run drills.

Tyler Reed, who has worked at backup center and guard, continued to hold his own in individual pass rushing drills. He did well vs. Israel Idonije.

Once again, Josh Beekman was with the first team at left guard.

Nick Roach got more work with the starters at strong side linebacker, sharing the gig with Pisa Tinoisamoa.

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By Brad Biggson August 3, 2009 3:32 PM
"Tommie Harris got plenty of work in all drills."

Gosh Brad that is such an interesting thing to say, Harris got plenty of work??? Another way to say it is that Harris is only doing partial participation in drills. It's August 3rd and you are already covering for the guy. I mean really you didn't even have to write anything about him, but you chose to just throw that out there knowing full well he is only doing partial participation. Thats shady Brad, thats real shady. Try to stay a little more objective. Even Haugh reported on that today and he has his head so far berried up into Bear country that he can tell you how well Lovie is digesting his lunch.

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such NFL instuctional films like "The line of scrimmage isn't another tackler Cedric Benson!" or "NEVER, EVER SIGN WITH THE LIONS!" Today my pal Jimmy and will be talking to you about your offseason habits in today's presentation: Drop the damn fork Marcus Harrison!


Seriously this guy coming out of College had questions about his desire and work ethic. He has a descent rookie year and then comes back out of shape and overweight. Not exactly proving the scouts wrong which is a shame because he's in a good situation to make himself move valuable to the team AND put himself in line for a big payday some day.

yes but brad, waht about staley da bear? he is my best fernd brad ans a littel while ago he gave me abaloon wehn i saw him with my mom. brad we now al teh other loosers are busts (oh except for tahts MY quarter back you FAIR WEATHER FANS WHO DONT SUPPORT TEH TEAM!)

tommy hsaris is abust sense he is allways injured.

makus harisson is ab ust sense he is fat and smelly.

wolf is a bust sense he is small ans i now you loosers are thinking well gee crap-ton sproles ans dunn are small rbs ans theyre good. maybe you could give wolf a chance before you say he is abust and i say NO! do i have to remind you loosers taht i am allways right ans i only give facts???

tyler reed is a BUST ans i dont even no him. oh but i bet kevin BUMstead thinks he is HOF material (hyu hyu i am so funny wehn i talk to myself!)

nick roach? josh beeklman? hunter? all i see are bust busts BUSTS!

why cant these loosers be like MY HERO rashard mendenfall? oh he is just the best player in the NFL right now sense i say so.

but you guys now me old crapton...just tyring to be posatibe...

p.s. the saylors say crap-ton...your a fine girl..waht a good wife, you would be! ahhhh....

Made our annual trek to camp today. My kids absolutely love going, which is very nice because it is a very cheap afternoon - at least until my kids find a million things they want me to buy in the shop.

Based on what I saw at camp today, Melton better find a niche on special teams because he was not impressive. I know when he was drafted everyone said he was raw, but I really did not see much from him. He might be a very highly drafted practice squad player. Jarran Gilbert also did not look ready to contribute much this year. I remember watching Harrison last year at camp and being impressed with him. I was hoping to see something similar from Gilbert and Melton but was disappointed. Ogunleye looked quick. Pace looked awesome. Of course, these are observations from what I could see with my untrained eyes - maybe these players looked good/bad based at that particular moment they were in front of me. I'm ready for the season to get going!

Good grief Creighton.. do you just look for stuff to complain about???? Give it a rest. If you arent ripping the poor bloggers for having an opinion, you are jumping on the Times for camp coverage. It just gets old...

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